The annual nominees for the R&R Hall Of Fame have been released today. And with that usually it’s a day I go crazy and rant and rave about who is and isn’t on the ballot as I have since the thing opened. But I have thought about it and decided I’m done doing that. Why? Not because it has been fixed at all, quite the opposite actually. It is SO damaged and SO clueless and SO disrespectful of real rock bands that it has actually become irrelevant and not worth my time or aggravation. After years of screaming about Rush, Kiss and Alice Cooper, all who finally did go in, I noticed something else, it was forgotten about 24 hours later. I mean it had zero impact on any artists careers. It did nothing to spike sales of albums or tickets. Many don’t even see it because it is expensive to go to and the TV broadcast is now on a premium pay channel. Having attended the induction¬† last year as a guest of Ace & Peter’s it was a really nice moment of course, and of course there are tons of worthy bands in the Hall. But looking at the nominees this year as far as who is on it and who is not even in the conversation after being snubbed for over a decade I realized something. Why get upset? This is NEVER going to change! It is a private club of the music industry snobs and never was the voice of the fans. They have run this thing into total irrelevance in my opinion because they are so hung up on what they think is cool vs what millions of music fans buy and care about. It just doesn’t matter at all in the big picture because the history of who has and hasn’t gone in (and how long some waited to finally get in) just taints it. If you are a real rock music fan and take a step back you just have to laugh at all the obvious bias going on. I get the sense the same people that made fun of me for liking Kiss in high school have all moved to the Hall nomination group. It’s that type of elitist music snob vibe. It always has been but I thought when Rush, Kiss, Alice, etc finally got in the tide would turn and progress would be made. But nothing has changed. Deep Purple, Bon Jovi, Dio, Motorhead, Motley, Def Leppard, Cheap Trick, Journey, Styx, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and COUNTLESS other huge selling and influential acts are still snubbed in the rush to get Green Day, or Sting solo in. I have decided by ranting about it I am giving this thing way too much credit and validity. I kind of thought that all along but actually thought some progress was finally being made. But it is as disrespectful as ever for real rock music and to the millions of fans these bands have. So it doesn’t move the needle, half the artists don’t want to go, most fans can’t go or even see the broadcast, and fans have very little to do with it and THEY make the bands careers! It’s irrelevant to me now and a total time waster. Yes I get it still means something to some artists to go in, and I would never belittle that moment for anyone. But it really has become irrelevant in so many ways to REAL fans of REAL rock bands that sold MILLIONS of albums and INFLUENCED generations that it isn’t worth my time and effort. And I know many will say “somebody needs to start their own Hall”. Heard that a million times, tried and still try to find an interested partner with the resources. Maybe one day. But until then I, or any other real rock fan, shouldn’t acknowledge this joke of a private club. I did for so long because I thought it would help change the tide, but I see that is just not going to ever happen and it’s time to move on. Especially when you consider in the big picture the way it’s done it means very little in the end.

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  1. My take is this. I think what irks everybody is the name. The Rock and Roll hall of fame should really be called the Music Hall of fame. The Rappers are not performing rock and roll. Maiden and Priest are not going to be put into the Soul Train awards in an situation at all. So The Rock hall should just really change its name. Or Perhaps there should be a the Classic Rock and Soul hall of fame. The criteria is at least over 10 yrs as a band. Also. There has to be a competent of tracing their lineage to modern rock. L

    For example. Blondie to No Doubt. Led Zeppelin to Rival Sons. The Rolling Stones to The Black Crowes. Bands that Echo their heroes, and then put their spin on things. I think that Eddie Trunk should let the emotional aspect of the Rock halls eletness just wash over him. Perhaps. Eddie can create a new Rock/Soul hall of fame that has the fans have their say.

  2. If everyone took 10 minutes, picked up a pen, and wrote to these blithering idiots, things might change.

    Here is their address:

    Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Foundation

    1290 Avenue of the Americas

    New York, NY 10104

    It certainly can’t hurt.

  3. Just a few more artists that belong in the hall of fame: Blue Oyster Cult, Ted Nugent, Cheap Trick, Frampton, Megadeth, Slayer, The Plasmatics, Lace, Twisted Sister, etc. The Hall is totally clueless. Rap and hip hop artists do not belong in the Hall of Fame.

  4. I agree 100%. The Rock n Roll Hall of shame is a sham. Not nominating Deep Purple really was the last straw. And after what we saw last year with the hall allowing the E Street band to talk for almost the entire time, I was done with it. They didn’t allow the last performance because they allowed the E Street band to take up the whole show. I no longer have any respect for the RRHOF and no longer recognize it as any validity towards music. The RRHOF is gonna do what it wants when it wants and does not care about the fans in any way, shape, or form.

  5. Eddie,
    While I can understand your need to “move on” from the Hall situation, I must confess there’s a part of me that will miss your “rants” and complaining about how f**kin clueless/stupid they are. Especially, remember that moment on TMS when you gave them the finger regarding Alice Cooper not yet being inducted. Priceless TV! Even my wife said, “wow he really seems pissed”, at which point I chimed in with my own rant “…you’re damn right he’s pissed, and not just about Alice, there’s Deep Purple, and there’s Cheap Trick, and…” Just remember WE THE FANS ARE RIGHT, THE HALL IS WRONG! I can live with that.

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