I’ve seen SO many comments about Ace & Peter reuniting at my party, Kiss (as usual), the R&R Hall and Gene’s comments about Ace & Peter not playing, and more. Last night on the radio show had MANY calls on the topic with many opinions. I welcome all opinions as usual if based in some level of reality and not just blind worshipers one way or the other that drink the Kool Aid they are served. The biggest question I have heard from many is why would Gene & Paul (Gene most recently) continue to talk about what fuck ups these guys are (he hasn’t played with them in over ten years), talk about them being drunk or on drugs (both have been sober for many years now), and say they can’t play at a Hall induction when Kiss has not even been inducted yet (no matter how you feel, that is just INSANE!). The answer is simple. Gene is the ultimate salesman. He prides himself on this, that is no secret. His job is to sell THIS Kiss. Just like it was to sell all the other lineups when that was happening. Explains why he will tell you THIS Kiss is bigger than anything, when in reality they CO HEADLINE tours with Motley Crue instead of HEADLINING arenas in the US. Explains why he takes subtle shots about Ace & Peter doing signing shows, when he and Paul sell signed played guitars to fans after shows. Not a huge difference from what I see? But it’s about selling whatever he is doing and Kiss is doing now, which will soon be a sanctioned Kiss tribute with no original members. And who knows, that might be a pretty good band. Many will say the same old “Eddie is just backing up his friends, only cares about the original band”. Yes Ace & Peter are friends and did an amazing thing playing together for me recently. But I’m more just trying to offer some balance and objectivity as a lifelong Kiss fan myself, who HAS supported and loved all the replacement members and lineups. I simply chose not to support what they have been doing lately because the impersonation rubs me (and MANY others who won’t say it) the wrong way. That’s my huge sin to some I guess, so be it.

The real reason these barbs in the press from them continue at Ace & Peter is because they know the avalanche that would happen if they ever played with them again from fans and the media. Example? I was at the 1996 MTV Unplugged taping. Then they were all about the non makeup lineup with Singer and Kulick. That’s what they were selling then. When Ace & Peter came out for a brief appearance on a couple songs the entire crowd went nuts. From the second they stepped on that stage the electricity was insane, and they knew they had no choice but to go back to that band no matter how hard they were selling the Singer/Kulick band and about to release a new album with them. I felt a very similar energy in the crowd when Ace & Peter walked out on stage together at my event last Wednesday, right down to the ear to ear smiles from every fan and musician in the building! So I see it as a big defense mechanism by Gene & Paul. They know another reunion, even for a song, would ignite a huge fire once again. For the record I do NOT think there should be another original Kiss reunion. For a couple songs at a long overdue Hall induction, for sure! But for a tour, no way. I don’t think ANY of the original members could deliver enough of a high energy show to do the legacy justice at this stage. As I have said MANY times the current Kiss can and should do whatever they want. The fact that it’s not for me doesn’t matter. If you are cool with it enjoy what’s left of it. But the idea of the original band FINALLY getting into the Hall (and I must stress they were nominated before and passed over once already, so NOT a done deal!) and Ace & Peter not being invited and welcome to at least play a song or two would be a travesty to even the most hardcore Kiss fan. I look forward to your comments.

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  1. Eddie, you sound more and more like a jealous ex-girlfriend (or Sammy Hagar). Keep riding the “Ace and Peter are sober and sounding better than ever train”…You signed Ace to his first solo recording contract. You had a run in with Paul Stanley at an art show…but none of it is personal, and you’re being an objective KISS fan??…YEAH RIGHT! What happened to you whole “I’m not discussing KISS on my site anymore” stance?!?!? I’ve been a KISS fan for 40 years. After reading Peter and Ace’s books (in their own words) I’m shocked Paul and Gene lasted as long as they did with those 2 clowns. You keep being a champion for both Ace and Peter. I’ll keep backing the 2 guys that have clawed and scraped through some tough times to keep KISS alive. Get over yourself. Monster is one of the best KISS albums we’ve heard in years! Enjoy it!

    1. Clearly you have NO IDEA of my history supporting Kiss through EVERY lineup. Just keep buying everything you are sold and what the usual talking points are.. And I’m sure the next Kiss album will be better than Monster and all those who just fall in line will say that also..

    2. Actually Eddie, I’m VERY familiar with your support of the band in the past. You played them back in 1983 when know one else would touch them BLAH, BLAH, BLAH…They kicked you out of mini golf BLAH BLAH BLAH…You’re NEVER gonna talk about them anymore BLAH BLAH BLAH…My point is, you are no longer an objective supporter of the band. You’ve got beef with Gene and Paul and Peter and Ace are friends of yours. How can you say it’s nothing personal? And please stop insulting us current KISS supporters by saying we “all fall in line” like some brain dead zombies. I dont agree with everything Gene or Paul say or do, but THEY’RE KISS!

    3. My only beef as you call it is my OPINION (that MANY others share and few will say) that it is weak to have Tommy & Eric IMPERSONATE Ace & Peter. THAT is all I have EVER said and stand behind! For that simple position 30 year of positives just forgotten about. Sorry, to me being a fan is being okay to have an opinion! So Joe, you are entitled to yours and I’ll keep mine. Believe what you want. I can’t wait for AC/DC to replace Angus with another guy in a school boy outfit, that would be so cool. I mean it’s just a character right? Doesn’t matter right?

    4. That’s not a fair comparison. Kiss is the most unique band in the world when it comes to stage personas. There are 4 separate and distinct personas: Cat, Demon, Starchild, and Spaceman. The personas are NOT Peter Criss, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, and Ace Frehley. I guess in your eyes Malcolm Young is a stage persona as well? Doesn’t make sense.

    5. Total BS sold to you by Gene & Paul!! Nobody went around saying “spaceman killed it last night”! They said ACE! Dime didn’t have a character tattooed on his chest, he had Ace Frehley! So I guess you will be cool with Kiss with no original members and someone else as Star child and Demon? The characters were extensions of the people! The albums didn’t credit cat, demon, starchild, spaceman as the players! Just nuts believing that rewrite of history. Wasn’t a made up interchangeable band, at least not when it started. The way you are thinking is exactly what the current Kiss wants, because they will sell a version of the band soon with no originals, and as per your logic you are on board.

    6. Joe Lerman, you’re entiltled to your opinion, but disrespecting Eddie for his own take on this is not cool. I think if KISS really wants to “cash in” one last time, do an unplugged tour, bring the current lineup, and Ace, Peter and Bruce, pay them fairly and give the fans one final look. The benefit of this fiancially would be amazing and it would support the new movie etc. But the imposter thing that is going on NOW is just wrong wrong wrong.

    7. Gene and Paul did NOT carry the KISS Brand forward..The Kiss Brand carried them!!!
      The Brand was equally built by the original 4. Gene and Paul whine about how they had to work to keep KISS going when it was KISS that actually kept them going and paying their Bills.
      That does not give them any more claim to the Brand then Ace and Peter.
      In fact the only way KISS could kick hind ends these days is if Ace and Peter played with them as they are still Men.. Gene and Paul are Clucking Old Hens…

  2. Hmm, ever think Gene is pushing this out there to generate a buzz? And then when the induction time comes, Pete and Ace may be there? THAT would be HUGE headlines (just what Gene and Paul love and it makes good business sense).

  3. I love Kiss. That being said, the current line up is not for me. I’ve been fortunate enough to see the original lineup several times & have the old concert footage on DVD, so I’m good. As far as the hall of fame, The original lineup needs to represent the band. I would not mind adding Eric Carr & Bruce Kulick, for their contributions to the non make up era. But to have Gene & Paul, without Ace & Peter at the ceremony would be a travesty.

  4. Ahh yes, and now Ace Frehley, has once again said something very insightful and profound on Blabbermouth.net. Ace said that Gene Simmons has no real life experiences because he chose not to drink or get high throughout his life. Ace, on the other hand, has these life experiences because he chose to get high and drunk throughout his life, walking in the footsteps of Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, and others. (this in not verbatim, but close enough) Ok, so hopefully I’m clear on this…. on one hand – clean, sober, strong work ethic, focus on business, makes lots of money, kept band going for 40 years – BAD. On the other hand – drug addiction, alcohol (life experiences), thrown out of band, bankruptcies, foreclosure, sucking off his bandmate, Peter, back in the day, – GOOD. Tommy ain’t got nuthin
    on this guy. ha ha

  5. Even the fact that Mr.Gene Simmons uses ACE & PETER’s persona is evendent enough that the original band will always be what everyone wants to see, hear & so on.With Peter & Ace not being allowed to participate in the RARHOF inductions?? if there is one?? If thats the case then I DON’T WANT EM IN.Gene doesn’t deserve them. ACE & PETER will always be Hall of Famers to the rest of the Music industry THAT MATTERS THE FANS!!!!……………. SHOCK ME

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