Playlist – 10/11/13

Kiss: Take Me
LA Guns: Never Enough
Montrose: Rock The Nation
Ozzy: Little Dolls
Winery Dogs: Elevate
Y&T: Don’t Stop Runnin
Whitesnake: Slow & Easy
VH: Good Enough
Alter Bridge: Addicted To Pain
Anthrax: Keep On Running
Iron Maiden: Killers
Black Sabbath: Neon Nights
Black Sabbath: God Is Dead?
Pantera: Live In A Hole
Led Zeppelin: Sick Again
Rainbow: Gates Of Babylon
Def Leppard: High n Dry
Alice In Chains: Stone
Extreme: Decadence Dance
John Sykes: Crying In the Rain
Ratt: Nobody Rides For Free
Queensryche: Where Dreams Go To Die
Rush: La Villa Strangiatto
Saigon Kick: What You Say
Slash: Far & Away

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  1. Hi Eddie!! I m Gustavo, from Argentina, San Carlos de Bariloche ( Patagonia ). I have to say that you do is great, really…always think is amazing, I Have 43 years old, and love music, rock, hard rock…I started hear music since 1978/79, when I was just only a child, since the first time that heard and saw videos and records of Kiss !! my life changed…can you imagine that in Argentina 36 years ago… I still have much passion aboutl that,,thanks for you passion and keep the flame of rock High!! sorry by my english, I know is poor, I hope you can understand..sincerely Gustavo..pleasy send my thanks to Ace for all your music, please, bye Gustavo

  2. do we have to pay for the radio playlists too,, come on dont screw your fans
    how can we support the bands you play if we dont know the name and songs..

    1. Pay?? Really?? Do you honestly think a site like this makes money after expenses? Wow! Playlists will be updated when I have the time. As for supporting the bands you can hear my FM radio show FREE about 30 different ways a week. I announce EVERY band I play. So maybe just listen?

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