Playlist – 1/10/14

Special guests: Frank Bello & Michael Schenker Black Sabbath: Neon Knights Judas Priest: Rapid Fire (Live) Metallica: Broken, Beat & Scarred Thin Lizzy: Cold Sweat Michael Schenker: Lord Of The Lost & Lonely Scorpions: Loving You Sunday Morning UFO: Pack It Up & Go UFO: Hot & Ready Altitude & Attitude: Booze & Cigarette’s Anthrax: […]

Playlist – 1/3/14

Ozzy: Mr Crowley Ratt: Back For More Black Sabbath: Snowblind Van Halen: Drop Dead Legs Red Dragon Cartel: War Machine Loudness: Let It Go Michael Schenker: Wild Wind Blows UFO: Rock Bottom (Live) Rush: Caravan (Live) Dio: All The Fools Sailed Away Def Leppard: Stagefright (Live) Alter Bridge: Peace Is Broken Metallica: Metal Militia Testament: […]

Playlist – 12/27/13

12/27/13 – Year In Review Special: Winery Dogs: Elevate Alice In Chains: Hollow Anthrax: Anthem Avenged Sevenfold: Hail To The King Black Sabbath: God Is Dead Black Star Riders: Bound For Glory Alter Bridge: Addicted To Pain FFDP: Lift Me Up Halestorm: Shoot To Thrill Queensryche: Redemption Red Dragon Cartel: Deceived Saxon: sacrifice Scorpion Child: […]

Playlist – 12/13/13

12/13/13 Priest/Maiden/Rush special: Judas Priest: Heading Out To The Highway Judas Priest: The Ripper Judas Priest: Delivering The Goods Judas Priest: Beyond The Realms Of Death Judas Priest: Dissident Aggressor Judas Priest: Victim Of Changes Judas Priest: Solar Angels Judas Priest: The Sentinel Judas Priest: Screaming For Vengeance Iron Maiden: Killers Iron Maiden: Coming Home […]

Playlist – 11/29/13

Triumph: Magic Power Tool: Sober Europe: Lights Out (Live) AC/DC: The Jack Red Dragon Cartel: Feeder Cheap Trick: Elo Kiddies Ozzy: The Ultimate Sin Def Leppard: Woman (Live) Manraze: I Surrender Iced Earth: Democide Iron Maiden: Stranger In A Strange Land Alter Bridge: Peace Is Broken Saxon: Dallas 1PM Fight: Little Crazy Skid Row: Sweet […]

Playlist – 11/15/13

Hear N Aid: Stars Grim Reaper: See You In Hell Helix: Heavy Metal Love FFDP: Lift Me Up Judas Priest: Hell Bent For Leather Vince Neil: Another Piece Of Meat Scorpions: Blackout Lita Ford: The Bitch Is Back (Live) Buckcherry: Crazy Bitch Stryper: No More Hell To Pay Def Leppard: Let It Go (Live) Rush: […]