Playlist – 11/29/13

Triumph: Magic Power
Tool: Sober
Europe: Lights Out (Live)
AC/DC: The Jack
Red Dragon Cartel: Feeder
Cheap Trick: Elo Kiddies
Ozzy: The Ultimate Sin
Def Leppard: Woman (Live)
Manraze: I Surrender
Iced Earth: Democide
Iron Maiden: Stranger In A Strange Land
Alter Bridge: Peace Is Broken
Saxon: Dallas 1PM
Fight: Little Crazy
Skid Row: Sweet Little Sister
Kix: Get It While It’s Hot
Red Dragon Cartel: Deceived
Halestorm: Shoot To Thrill
Rainbow: Catch The Rainbow

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  • Denise Powell on

    Hey guys what’s up?
    I was listening to the 104.3 playlist on 11/29/13. At around 1-1:30 am a song was played that had the lyrics “bless me child of god” does anyone know who does this and what’s the name of the song?
    Thanks and peace out!

  • Denise on

    Hey man what’s up guys?
    I was listening to 104.3 top 1043 countdown on fri 11/29/13, and around 1 :00 am a song came on that was like old sounding head music, with lyrics like ” bless me child of god” . Can anyone please tell me who this was? Song was really cool and like dark.
    Many thanx

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