Playlist – 11/29/13

Triumph: Magic Power
Tool: Sober
Europe: Lights Out (Live)
AC/DC: The Jack
Red Dragon Cartel: Feeder
Cheap Trick: Elo Kiddies
Ozzy: The Ultimate Sin
Def Leppard: Woman (Live)
Manraze: I Surrender
Iced Earth: Democide
Iron Maiden: Stranger In A Strange Land
Alter Bridge: Peace Is Broken
Saxon: Dallas 1PM
Fight: Little Crazy
Skid Row: Sweet Little Sister
Kix: Get It While It’s Hot
Red Dragon Cartel: Deceived
Halestorm: Shoot To Thrill
Rainbow: Catch The Rainbow

2 Responses

  1. Hey guys what’s up?
    I was listening to the 104.3 playlist on 11/29/13. At around 1-1:30 am a song was played that had the lyrics “bless me child of god” does anyone know who does this and what’s the name of the song?
    Thanks and peace out!

  2. Hey man what’s up guys?
    I was listening to 104.3 top 1043 countdown on fri 11/29/13, and around 1 :00 am a song came on that was like old sounding head music, with lyrics like ” bless me child of god” . Can anyone please tell me who this was? Song was really cool and like dark.
    Many thanx

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