Playlist – 10/11/13

Kiss: Take Me
LA Guns: Never Enough
Montrose: Rock The Nation
Ozzy: Little Dolls
Winery Dogs: Elevate
Y&T: Don’t Stop Runnin
Whitesnake: Slow & Easy
VH: Good Enough
Alter Bridge: Addicted To Pain
Anthrax: Keep On Running
Iron Maiden: Killers
Black Sabbath: Neon Nights
Black Sabbath: God Is Dead?
Pantera: Live In A Hole
Led Zeppelin: Sick Again
Rainbow: Gates Of Babylon
Def Leppard: High n Dry
Alice In Chains: Stone
Extreme: Decadence Dance
John Sykes: Crying In the Rain
Ratt: Nobody Rides For Free
Queensryche: Where Dreams Go To Die
Rush: La Villa Strangiatto
Saigon Kick: What You Say
Slash: Far & Away

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Playlist – 10/04/13

AC/DC: Problem Child
Billy Squier: Whadda You Want From Me
Deep Purple: Might Just Take Your Life
Gary Moore: Shapes Of Thing
Black Star Riders: All Hell Breaks Loose
Thin Lizzy: Emerald
Iron Maiden: Blood Brothers
Judas Priest: Desert Plains
Airbourne: Ready To Rock
Aerosmith: Round & Round
Fuel: Jesus Or A Gun
Fastway: Say What You Will
Iommi: Dopeamine
Lita Ford: Branded
Megadeth: In My Darkest Hour
Metallica: Creeping Death
Newsted: Godsnake
Accept: Hung Drawn & Quartered
Black Sabbath: After All
Blue Murder: Valley Of The Kings
Def Leppard: Die hard The Hunter
Michael Monroe: TNT Diet
Riot: Swords & Tequilla
Scorpions: Coast To Coast
Scorpion Child: Liquor
Skid Row: In A Darkened Room

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Despite not being able to pick any winners in football betting had a blast this weekend in Vegas. Caught Mötley Crüe one more time last night for the final show of their Hard Rock run. The show was so epic had to see it a second night. Ran into Duff McKagan at the show. Great to see him and me, him and Nikki had a great hang backstage after the show. Also had a chance to talk with Vince and Mick for a bit. Seems they all had a blast doing this but were also looking forward to a break. Thanks to the Crüe and their crew for having me. Good to see all the guys and the show was really amazing. Don’t think I’ve ever seen fire used like that in a stage show and the set list was also really strong with the hits and some cool deep cuts.

Checked out Sin City Sinners after Mötley. Always fun seeing these guys. If you come to Vegas go see them for a great time and well played live hard rock!

Headed home tomorrow. Live radio shows Friday on Q104 and Monday on SiriusXM. Don’t forget next book signing is this Friday in NJ at Barnes & Noble in Eatontown 6-8P. Also don’t forget I am also doing Boston as part of the WAAF Thrillogy at Tsongas Arena in Lowell MA 10/25 with Sammy Hagar, Buckcherry & Sick Puppies. Books signed and sold at the venue. Hope to see you for next signings in NJ and Boston. I will also be at the Chiller show in NJ but only on Sunday. And in the middle of all this I will be headed to Brazil to host Monsters Of Rock festival and having my 30th anniversary radio party 10/23 in NYC with The Winery Dogs and many surprises. We are still picking winners so enter on the site. Tons going. Follow on Twitter @eddietrunk

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Thanks to all who came to my signing last night at Book Soup in LA. I was able to finish the signing and catch most of The Winery Dogs set in the valley (they just get better!), then finished off the night with a drink at The Rainbow with some friends. Was good to be back in LA even though it was only 24 hours.

About to fly to Vegas now. Tonight should be a huge signing since it happens just before Mötley Crüe plays The Joint in the Hard Rock Casino! Starting at 6 I will be in Vinyl, the theater right next to the Joint. So if going to Mötley come hang pre show! It is free and no ticket is needed! My books will be signed and sold and i’ll start with a Q&A at 6P. Mötley goes on at 9, and if your seeing The Winery Dogs at Vamp’d tonight they are on at 11. So plenty of time to do it all in Vegas tonight! I look forward to seeing Mötley tomorrow night. Hope to see you in Vegas inside Vinyl inside Hard Rock Casino tonight 6-8 for the final stop of the first leg of the book tour for VOL 2!

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Spent some time last night in Phoenix with my old friend Dan Wexler and John Aquilino of the band Icon who I loved so much I actually signed them for a third album when I worked for Megaforce. They are building an INCREDIBLE underground recording compels that I toured last last. Crazy cool! And they plan on making a new Icon album with the bands original lineup including singer Stephen Clifford. Can’t wait to see how this progresses and the facility is like nothing I have seen before. Hopefully new music from them next year. Hugely underrated band from the 80s.

On very little sleep but flying to LA now. Book Soup signing tonight 7-9 and if I can make it The Winery Dogs at Canyon Club later. And tomorrow should be a massive signing before Mötley plays at The Hard Rock Casino. Join me right next door to The Joint inside Vinyl for a signing and Q&A starting around 6P! Book tour has gone so well. Thank you all for supporting the books an these events. More soon and be sure to follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk

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