Hello everyone from São Paulo Brazil. Great to be here for the first time. For info, photos and updates please see my twitter feed and Facebook as it’s easier to post there at the moment while out of the US. Thanks.

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    1. Not many left in the States, either….dwindling by the week. At least they have baseball to watch….oh, right. No baseball to watch either. Maybe hockey will work out for the NY NJ area this year.

    2. Hey Ryan, Yankees 27 times world champs, NY GIANTS -4 time world champions. You have a nice day now sir.

  1. Heavy Metal/Hard Rock music is basically dead. San Paulo is, according to Wikipedia the 7th largest city in the entire WORLD, with over 11.32 million people. 30,000 rock fans is a drop in bucket for a population like that. Glad the fans are enjoying it, but those numbers are like filling Madison Square Garden in NYC, which has around 8.337 million people. I understand that there is less $$$ in Brazil, but it’s nothing to get too excited about.

    Glad you’re having a good time over there Eddie. But I can’t say I’m encouraged about rock’s prognosis.

    1. Rock In Rio does 100K a day. Bon Jovi is the biggest band globally pretty much at the moment I am seeing as well. Love them or hate them, just the facts. Amazing how huge they are around the world, even without Sambora

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