Sorry for the lack of updates here. Been super busy with 8 radio broadcasts a week (6 live on SiriusXM). Been some great shows lately including my Alice Cooper Top 20 which debuted today. Tomorrow you lists and Alice Cooper himself calls in. Live as usual 2-4P ET on Volume channel 106, replay 10-Mid ET, On Demand SiriusXM app.

Here is my Alice Cooper Top 20:

1: Billion Dollar Babies

2: Under My Wheels (Killer ’71)

3: Schools Out (’72)

4: No More Mr Nice Guy (Billion ’73)

5: I’m 18 (Love It To Death ’71)

6: Be My Lover (Killer ’71)

7: Ballad Of Dwight Fry (Love It)

8: Is It My Body (Love It)

9: Welcome To My Nightmare (’75)

10: Cold Ethyl (Nightmare)
11: Hello Hooray (Billion)

12: Elected (Billion)

13: Black Widow (Nightmare)

14: Only Woman Bleed (Nightmare)

15: Poison

16: I Love The Dead (Billion)

17: Brutal Planet

18: You & Me

19: I’ll Bite Your Face Off (Nightmare 2)

20: Freedom (Raise Your Fist & Yell ’87)

Been great to be back live Monday’s 5-8P ET for TrunkNation on HairNation as well. Guests this past Monday were Jeff Scott Soto and Bill Leverty.

New podcast this Thursday with Steve Stevens & Orianthi

This Fri & Sat I’ll be in Middletown OH at Land Of Illusion hosting the Bald Man show. This is a killer live rock band fronted by actor & musician Bald Man. After the bands set he debuts his horror film Hellbilly Hollow. If in the area come by. I’m there Fri & Sat nights only.

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  • RobT on

    Being I actually wrote out an Alice Cooper top twenty, I might as well post it here. As is evident, I quite like the original Alice Cooper band so that makes up the bulk of my list as I didn’t try to fit and debate too much with the later stuff but I do like it and would have included more of it if I really wanted to wring my mind out. That being said, I liked the last album Paranormal so I included my favorite tracks from that at the top of the list. If there is any new Alice Cooper in the future, I hope it features his touring band including Nita Strauss.
    20- Lightning Road
    19- Luney Tunes
    17- My Stars
    16-Only Women Bleed
    15-You an Me
    14-Generation Landslide
    12-I’m Eighteen
    11-Long Way to Go
    10-Unfinished Suite
    9-The Ballad of Dwight Frye
    8-Under My Wheels
    7-No More Mr. Nice Guy
    6-Dead Babies
    3-Billion Dollar Babies
    2-Schools Out
    1- I Love the Dead

  • Doug R. on

    I would love to do an Alice Cooper Top 20 right now, but I’m too involved with AC⚡DC at the moment! “Get It Hot!”
    Welcome To My Nightmare…

  • Rocknroll45 on

    Alice Cooper is my favorite artist ever. So many great, great songs. I am actually an even bigger fan of solo Alice than the original band so mine is solo heavy.

    20-No More Mister Nice Guy
    19-Who Do You Think We Are
    18-Wind-Up Toy
    17-Generation Landslide
    16-Pick Up the Bones
    14-I’ll Bite Your Face Off
    13-Former Lee Warmer
    10-Cold Etyhl
    7-The Quiet Room
    6-Life and Death of the Party
    5-Love’s a Loaded Gun
    3-Nurse Rozetta
    2-Roses on White Lace
    1-Nothing’s Free

  • Doug R. on

    I wasn’t going to (short on time) but f–k it 😉 here it is ~
    20. Hey Stoopid
    19. The Black Widow
    18. No More Mr. Nice Guy
    17. Hello Hooray
    16. Enough’s Enough
    15. Reflected
    14. My Stars
    13. Billion Dollar Babies
    12. Skeletons In The Closet
    11. Feed My Frankenstein
    10. I’m Eighteen
    9. Under My Wheels
    8. Schools Out
    7. Life And Death Of The Party
    6. I Love The Dead
    5. Caught In A Dream
    4. Elected
    3. Freedom
    2. Teenage Frankenstein
    1. Welcome To My Nightmare

    Happy Halloween! ● 😉

  • jjtpa15085 on

    The Original Alice Cooper Band is one of my top bands ever! I was in early elementary school when Killer, Schools Out, and Billion Dollar Babies were released and was exposed and listened to those albums at a young age. This was a kick-ass rock band and I still enjoy these records today!

    20. Blue Turk
    19. Gutter Cats vs. The Jets
    18. You Drive Me Nervous
    17. Caught In A Dream
    16. Be My Lover
    15. Teenage Lament 74
    14. Raped & Freezen’
    13. Yeah Yeah Yeah
    12.Under My Wheels
    11. Is It My Body
    10. Dead Babies
    9. Killer
    8. Luney Tune
    7. Muscle of Love
    6. Generation Landslide
    5. Alma Mater/Grand Finale
    4. My Stars
    3. Public Animal #9
    2. Billion Dollar Babies
    1. Halo Of Flies

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