Sorry for the lack of updates here. Been super busy with 8 radio broadcasts a week (6 live on SiriusXM). Been some great shows lately including my Alice Cooper Top 20 which debuted today. Tomorrow you lists and Alice Cooper himself calls in. Live as usual 2-4P ET on Volume channel 106, replay 10-Mid ET, On Demand SiriusXM app.

Here is my Alice Cooper Top 20:

1: Billion Dollar Babies

2: Under My Wheels (Killer ’71)

3: Schools Out (’72)

4: No More Mr Nice Guy (Billion ’73)

5: I’m 18 (Love It To Death ’71)

6: Be My Lover (Killer ’71)

7: Ballad Of Dwight Fry (Love It)

8: Is It My Body (Love It)

9: Welcome To My Nightmare (’75)

10: Cold Ethyl (Nightmare)
11: Hello Hooray (Billion)

12: Elected (Billion)

13: Black Widow (Nightmare)

14: Only Woman Bleed (Nightmare)

15: Poison

16: I Love The Dead (Billion)

17: Brutal Planet

18: You & Me

19: I’ll Bite Your Face Off (Nightmare 2)

20: Freedom (Raise Your Fist & Yell ’87)

Been great to be back live Monday’s 5-8P ET for TrunkNation on HairNation as well. Guests this past Monday were Jeff Scott Soto and Bill Leverty.

New podcast this Thursday with Steve Stevens & Orianthi

This Fri & Sat I’ll be in Middletown OH at Land Of Illusion hosting the Bald Man show. This is a killer live rock band fronted by actor & musician Bald Man. After the bands set he debuts his horror film Hellbilly Hollow. If in the area come by. I’m there Fri & Sat nights only.

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  1. Where’s Hello Hooray? that song set the tone for the whole record…it’s a fantastic Who song…Alice and his band really understood English music…it’s at the top of my list….

    A bit of a side note, I am sorry to see Rob not talking to Ed about his goings on…it’s our loss…the fans who saw his rise in real time…he seems to want to reach a much younger audience now, which is understandable…but they weren’t there and did not experience the scene like we did…

    1. Who song? Written by Rolf Kempf and recorded by Judy Collins and Alice Cooper as far as I know. #17 on my T20.

    2. It sounds a lot like a Who song is what I meant..when I first heard it, I thought it was The Who…Roger Daltrey was a big influence on Alice…and yes, it’s on your list…sorry, Doug R….I scanned them and it got by me…you can go back to your Y&T records now.

    3. Y&T? You must have me confused with Eddie! 😉 I mean, nothing against Y&T, but I haven’t listened to any Y&T in over a year! Right now most of my listening is fixed on AC⚡DC!!

  2. So basically Eddie likes Alice’s greatest hits album. Looks like somebody really needs to be schooled (no pun intended) on Alice Cooper. Halo of Flies, Generation Landslide, Public Animal #9, Raped and Freezin’, Black Juju, Muscle of Love, Go to Hell. I thought Eddie liked the obscure stuff.

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