Wolfgang Van Halen is very upset about online rumors that have implied that he will be the new guitarist in Van Halen.

The speculation, which started less than a month after his father, Eddie Van Halen passed away, imply that that “the VH camp” has been discussing a new lineup that would include the return of longtime bassist Michael Anthony and former singer Sammy Hagar, with Alex Van Halen on drums and Wolfgang serving as the band’s new guitarist.

“This is just a s–tty lie attempting to capitalize on these awful times,” Wolfgang wrote on Twitter. “Please stop with this. Anyone peddling this s–t is not only hurting the fans, but hurting me and my family.”

Born March 16th, 1991 to Eddie Van Halen and his then-wife, One Day at a Time actress Valerie Bertinelli, Wolfgang joined his father and uncle Alex as a member of Van Halen in 2007, replacing founding bassist Michael Anthony.

According to Bertinelli, Eddie never would have returned to the road or recorded 2012’s A Different Kind of Truth, the group’s first album in nearly 30 years to feature original singer David Lee Roth, if it weren’t for Wolfgang. “This brings joy to Ed, and that’s what he wants to do now, just have fun playing,” she said in 2012. “As great as Mike [Anthony] is, this wouldn’t be happening if Mike was still in the band.”

Wolfgang has been working for years on his first-ever solo album, on which he handles all instrumental and vocal duties. Earlier this year, he said he’s prepared for harsh reactions from longtime fans of Van Halen the band.

“Being who I am, I think people at the least will be interested in what my work will sound like, which is very nice. But on the other hand, if it’s not exactly what they want to hear or if I don’t try to sound ‘Van Halen-y’ enough for them they’ll hate me and won’t give me the time of day. I’m fully prepared for a wave of hate when my music releases because it won’t be what people think it’ll be. I’m not trying to be my father, I’m trying to be me.”

additional source: Ultimate Classic Rock

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  • Ray Gillen on

    I admire how Wolf takes no s–t . He`s an intelligent guy and fires back on the idiots who are out of line but chooses who to call out wisely. I wonder how close he was to commenting on Crosbys disrespectful comment ? He probably wanted to but didnt in respect .

  • genesraccoonwig on

    Unfortunately, journalism in America is dead…..instead of checking sources and putting in the work, most run with the story to be “first” in order to sell papers, magazines, online clicks.

    What is truly disgusting is EVH is not even laid to rest and this crap starts without any respect for the family members.

    • Dana on


      As a Journalism major, you are a million percent correct. The “impartial” media died a LONG time ago.


    • Taskerofpuppets on

      Meachum said it best most recently, “ We define before we see”

  • Charles Clinchot on

    I feel bad for Wolfie. Rumors by people seeking their 15 minutes of relevance Last of America’s journalisms died with Walter Cronkite and people should get used to the fact that Van Halen is done.

    • Dana on


      Cronkite has been exposed as being partisan as well, sorry. 🙁

  • Charles Clinchot on

    Well Dana I guess there is no journalism that’s good journalism

    • Dana on

      Maybe, back in Teddy Roosevelt’s time? LOL!

  • Raymond on

    As a fan, I started to fantasize about Wolf replacing his dad in VH and playing shows with DLR and/or Sammy and maybe pulling out some of the club-era songs that never made it to an official release. But apparently I’m not the only one who was thinking that way. I never said anything to anybody. The same day I read this message from Wolf. It’s gotta be hard for him and his family in lots of different ways. It’s probably not his dream to try and replace his dad in VH so I hope everyone respects that. I’m curious what his album sounds like knowing that it probably doesn’t sound like VH.

    To satisfy the rabid fans, maybe some of that old stuff can come out. Maybe some of the jams with Alex and Ed can come out. But we might have to be happy with what we have today. There’s a lot of fun stuff currently on youtube. Who knows how long it will stay there. So listen while you can.

    • Dana on


      To each their own, but in my opinion, Van Halen died along with Eddie. You cannot replace him, nor should anyone try, even his flesh and blood. As others have stated, I can see it as a possible one off tribute, but that is it.


    • genesraccoonwig on

      Exactly Dana – no Eddie – no Van Halen.

      If the guys still want to stay together – great – but call it something else.

    • Dana on


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