Thatmetalshowlogo That Metal Show is back for Season 12 and will be shooting in Los Angeles on the following dates:

-Saturday April 27th-
-Sunday April 28th-
-Tuesday April 30th-
-Wednesday May 1st-

FOR free tickets, please e-mail: thatmetalshow@gothamcasting.com

PLEASE include the following details in your e-mail:

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-Date Requested
– # of tickets requested (up to 2 guests each)
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  1. Frank Priest says:

    How come no one talks about Chris Holmes from WASP and his solo project CHP and the killer band WOOD that he has making special appearances with that just killed it at the House of Blues, best Metal show ever seen!!! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4243876868932&set=t.1639332333&type=1&theater see pics unbelievable

  2. Miles Fisher says:

    Blue Oyster Cult not in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yet? I wrote the Hall a couple of years back advocating for BOC. I know they’re not metal but they do have some very important songs in rock history.

  3. Juliana says:

    Hey guys!!! Will there be any tapings of the show at the end of August or beginning of September!? I’d love to bring friends that are visiting from Argentina!

    Love the show~

  4. Hey Eddie,

    I like to check out bands you guys promote/are fans of and I know Don and Jim are big Ghost fans but don;t they just seem like Blue Oyster Cult with satanic lyrics and halloween costumes?

  5. Laurie Frisbie says:

    Will “That Metal Show” do any tapings in New York City? Please, please, oh please be so. I will be visiting my daughter there the week of August 21, 2013 from Charleston, South Carolina and NOTHING happens here in South Carolina. The Baptist Church still rules and they are bound and determined to make sure they save our souls from going to hell by not letting the devil into the state via metal music.

  6. I watch That Metal Show often, would love to be in the audience when you tape a show, when will the new season be recording? Would also love to attempt to”Stump The Trunk”.

  7. Eddie, check our site. We are an independent family owed apparel biz. We love all things music, instruments, various genres of music and coming up with fresh idea’s for T’s. We would love to send you, Jim and Don some shirts. It would be great if you sported them on a taping but we understand if that’s not possible. One last thing, I too have always fell Michael Schenker was never given the praise he deserved. My first concert was Alice Cooper with The Tubes, and Sha Na Na opened the show. I can’t believe my parents allowed me to go. It was an outdoor event at Anaheim Stadium when I was in the 8th grade! I just turned 50 in June, so that gives you an idea of how long I’ve been listening to Hard Rock and Metal.

  8. Paul Russ says:

    My wife is the biggest rocker or music junkie in the world! She would have been a master on name that tune! Her father owned several record stores in the 70’s & she just grew up with rock n roll!! She has taped and watched every That Metal Show! When will you have the next season so I can take her?

  9. Trisha Stauffer says:

    Just wanted to ask for tickets for your upcoming LA shows. I see we missed April-May 1st. Im hoping they’re more dates. Please advise, Trish

  10. Mark Naylor says:

    Eddie, you should take 5 seconds and ask your guest guitarist what type of rig they are using while in the TMS studio.

  11. Eddie,
    How about Malcolm Young as a guest? I would also like to see Paul Raymond , Kk Downing or Glen Tipton. These guys are the unsung hero’s that keep the rhythm driving hard. Izzy Stradlin fits in there also.
    One more thing has Eddie Van Halen ever been considered as a guest, if so what kind of response do you get from him?

  12. Mark Naylor says:

    Hey Eddie, Thank you for giving props to UFO. Me and my 5 buddies from high school all grew up playing guitar and we were all inspired by Michael Schenker first and foremost. UFO is without question the most under rated rock band in history. Keep talking about them. Maybe one day they will take their rightful place in the rock and roll hall of fame.

  13. Juan Osorio says:

    Hi, Eddie. I´ll be in LA by the end of this month. Any schedule for TMS tapings? Great show. Thanks.

    Juan, from South America

  14. Austin Johnson says:

    How can I get tickets for season 13?

  15. Mark Naylor says:

    Eddie, Please put me on the ticket list for season 13 or even 14. I live in Ca. Not only
    will I wear my licensed UFO shirt, but I will also be the first guest to “Stump the Trunk” with some very good UFO trivia :)
    Thank You

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