Thatmetalshowlogo That Metal Show is back for Season 12 and will be shooting in Los Angeles on the following dates:

-Saturday April 27th-
-Sunday April 28th-
-Tuesday April 30th-
-Wednesday May 1st-

FOR free tickets, please e-mail: [email protected]

PLEASE include the following details in your e-mail:

– Phone #
– Email Address
-Date Requested
– # of tickets requested (up to 2 guests each)
-Recent photo

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  • Jim on

    I watch That Metal Show often, would love to be in the audience when you tape a show, when will the new season be recording? Would also love to attempt to”Stump The Trunk”.

    • Eddie on

      Please keep an eye on Trunk Report and will be posted when determined

  • Richard Jacquez on

    Eddie, check our site. We are an independent family owed apparel biz. We love all things music, instruments, various genres of music and coming up with fresh idea’s for T’s. We would love to send you, Jim and Don some shirts. It would be great if you sported them on a taping but we understand if that’s not possible. One last thing, I too have always fell Michael Schenker was never given the praise he deserved. My first concert was Alice Cooper with The Tubes, and Sha Na Na opened the show. I can’t believe my parents allowed me to go. It was an outdoor event at Anaheim Stadium when I was in the 8th grade! I just turned 50 in June, so that gives you an idea of how long I’ve been listening to Hard Rock and Metal.

  • Paul Russ on

    My wife is the biggest rocker or music junkie in the world! She would have been a master on name that tune! Her father owned several record stores in the 70’s & she just grew up with rock n roll!! She has taped and watched every That Metal Show! When will you have the next season so I can take her?

    • Eddie on

      Up to VH1, thanks

  • Trisha Stauffer on

    Just wanted to ask for tickets for your upcoming LA shows. I see we missed April-May 1st. Im hoping they’re more dates. Please advise, Trish

    • Eddie on

      No news as to when and where we are taping yet. TBA

  • Mark Naylor on

    Eddie, you should take 5 seconds and ask your guest guitarist what type of rig they are using while in the TMS studio.

    • Eddie on

      More of a question only musicians would care about but happy to if it fits in at some point. Thanks for watching

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