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2499059-queensryche-new-617-409 The Todd La Torre version of Queensryche has released a video for the song Fallout, watch it below.

The self-titled album released on June 25th debuted on Billboard’s Top 200 chart landing at #23 and selling 13,659 copies its first week. The album also impacted the Amazon charts where it hit #2 on the Hard Rock and Metal chart and also hit #6 on the iTunes Top Rock Albums chart.



  1. Eddie,
    I spoke to you a few weeks back on your radio show…Dusty from Mississippi…Thanks again for talking to me…very cool being on the radio…my wife and 8 year old daughter got a real kick out of that! I’ve watched every season of That Metal Show since it started…I haven’t always had the opportunity to listen to you on the radio until recently…bought a new F150 and I have a trial period of Sirius XM and love it! I listen to you on Hair Nation and love Ozzy’s boneyard and Octane! Keep up the good work and love tuning in and listening to you on TMS and the radio show…Thanks Eddie for keeping Metal/Hard Rock alive!!!!
    Dusty Hansen(Biggest KISS Fan in Southern Mississippi) 😉

  2. ryche album ia this light is classic ryche.check out spore,fallout n open road,then get the whole album,you will not regret it.queensryche is officially back.hope to hear a lot of new songs played on tour,they are great,todd,scott,ed,parker,n whip,play them please.

  3. This is the real deal right here. The new CD is soooooo good! I knew it was gonna be when i pre-ordered it. Can’t wait to catch Todd and the guys live! RYCHE ON!!!

    1. You are straight up out of your mind. The magic was lost years ago when Tate started losing his mind. This album is Queensryche and is the best piece of work they’ve released since Empire. I am glad to hear their new found energy which wasn’t lost to begin with, just suppressed by Tate. This album is a candidate for Album of the Year. LaTorre hits enough to remind you it’s Queensryche, yet does not compromise his own style. Sorry, not sorry…..THIS is Queensryche, and Tate is just Tate now.

    2. I agree, it’s mediocre at best. I don’t understand all the glowing internet comments on this version of Queensryche. It’s ok, but I’d never purchase or go see them, based on what I’ve heard.

  4. I love love love the new Queensryche CD!! Also, If you havn’t seen them live with the new line up, then you absolutely should! People need to be a little more open minded, and listen before passing judgement!

  5. This C.D. kicks some serious ass and I am very impressed. All you naysayers are a bunch of closed-minded and deaf fools and this is as good as it gets. Tate went off and LaTorre is a perfect replacement.

  6. This is such a fantastic driving album! I had to run an errand for work this morning. The sun was shining, the temperature was just right to have the windows down and the Queensrÿche cranked all the way to the errand and back to the office!

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