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The Todd La Torre fronted version of Queensryche have released a new song called Fallout. Listen to it below.

Queensryche’s self titled album will be released on June 25th through Century Media Records

Queensryche track list:

1. X2
2. Where Dreams Go To Die
3. Spore
4. In This Light
5. Redemption
6. Vindication
7. Midnight Lullaby
8. A World Without
9. Don’t Look Back
10. Fallout
11. Open Road


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  1. I got nothing out of that at all SUCKED!! Round two again goes to frequency unknown!! A true classic queensryche album WORTHY. Of the NAME!! TATE RULES!!

    1. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion Tim, no matter how fucked up it is. At least now we know who the one person is who bought that musical equivalent to Bea Arthur on speed.

    2. Simply stated…you are either working for Geoff Tate or a moron. I was a fan from Rage For Order until Tribe (after which they completely went off the deep end) and this is the best stuff they’ve done since Tribe. Is it great? No. But that pile of steamy shit Geoff Tate put out is nowhere near as good. Look at his band for fucks sakes! Blotzer? That guy sucked when he was with Ratt and appears to have gotten worse. Rudy Sarzo up there dancing with his bass? 100% fuckery.

  2. I liked the guitars. But the song lacked a vocal hook. Haven’t heard anything from this tom really pull me in yet. But I’m still hopeful.

    I think most bands from this era are still a bit shellshocked from the 90’s when they were forced to scrub the more melodic and wider-ranged components from their writing in a failed attempt to keep up with grunge. I wish they’d find their way back. 🙁

      1. You have GOT to be kidding me. First, Geoff’s voice is gone, adios, sayonara. Second, DeGarmo moved on a long ass time ago bro. Seriously, you should move on too.

  3. Its not Rage or Mindcrime (nor am I expecting it to be) – but this is the best song I’ve heard from any version of Ryche in 15 years (essentially since DeGarmo left). Hopefully there is more of this to come.

  4. Bought Tate’s version when it was released just waiting for the Release of this new album… I like redemption better than this song, kinda disappointed so far as I was thinking ” can’t wait for album of the summer” But now I’m kinda on the fence from what I have heard… So far not anymore impressed than Tate’s FU album ( a few songs I actually like )…Tate & the guys need to kiss & make up its not like their getting any younger… Guess well never see another album like Rage or mindcrime:-/

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