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scorpions640 The Scorpions have released the following statement regarding reports that their American drummer, James Kottak, will spend a month in a Dubai, United Arab Emirates jail after he was convicted on Tuesday morning of insulting Islam.

“Dear fans, when James Kottak arrived in Dubai on April 3th, he ran into problems at immigrations and got busted. Whatever happened is totally out of our control and we don’t know any details about it at this point. For the concerts in Germany, Johan Franzon, a Swedish drummer, will take James’ seat. Please understand, we keep you posted.”

According to the Associated Press, Kottak was convicted of insulting Islam, raising his middle finger, and being under the influence of alcohol while in transit at Dubai airport.

The Scorpions latest double CD was their first MTV Unplugged which was released on November 29th.


  1. Don’t mess around in Dubai. Didn’t a British couple get arrested there for kissing in public?
    I have zero interest in going there for the reason I could possibly be locked up for something.
    Midnight Express made quite an impression on me when I was younger!
    I was actually just listening to some Scorpions albums for the first time in a while;
    Love At First Sting is better than I remember, Blackout is very cool, but my favorite is actually Lovedrive. It stands up very well and has that bubble gum boobie cover to boot.

  2. Just leave Kottak behind and stop wasting time. Johan Franzon may just appreciate the job and fans of the music enough to not get arrested. A 51 year old acting this way is a lost ’cause and maybe may just benefit from doing time in a Dubai jail. It is never sober people who act like assholes at concerts and sporting events.

    1. Kottak, I saw him with the great Mandy Lion, and the guy is a phenomenal drummer, he is one of these guys that makes the whole band, even the singer, sound better. So your post is very inadequate and fails to grasp the gravity of the situation. Who cares what mistakes this guy may have made to get him arrested, he sure doesn’t belong there. Your post has a vindictive subtext which I find reprehensible.

      1. OK, so he’s a GOOD drummer who is 51 and gets arrested for being an asshole in public. If a GOOD drummer ‘ caused a scene in front of your house, you wouldn’t call the cops? Maybe he’ll use the MANDY LION DEFENSE and when the judge hears that he should let him go. If Jimmy Page shoots 10 people, they should just let him go?

          1. Richman, if it that is indeed you – I would stick with the original monikor that has brought you the love and admiration from the millions of us here at Trunk Nation. You are a polarizing figure and a true original….just like your name.

      1. So the country is goofy but the drunken 51 year old shithead giving the finger to some religious symbol is a freedom fighter. If a drunk guy was in front of your house acting like an asshole and the cops came and threw him in jail for a month would you go protest and say that is unfair or would you say good? I’d say good.

    1. Just like people say we shouldn’t judge all Muslims on the actions of a few, I don’t think you should judge all Americans as arrogant based on the actions of a few either. It works both ways.

      Dana from 🙂

  3. The Middle East. Where it’s acceptable to strap bombs to yourself and kill dozens of innocent people,but it’s not OK to drink a beer. That sounds sensible…….

    1. It is alright to take money from these “terrorists” by playing there. You can’t have it all. If they are so bad then play elsewhere for less or drink and act foolish in designated drinking and acting foolish areas. Remember the JETS fan who punched the female PATRIOTS fan in the face last year. That guy turned out to be an ex-con killer. Don’t feel bad for douchebags. How come the other 4 guys in the band weren’t doing stupid shit like this? There is a difference between DRINKING A BEER and getting arrested in an airport. If he had A BEER, he would be playing to his fans and not in jail.

  4. oh, the idiots who say “no wonder everyone hates Americans”. Why don’t you douche nozzles move to a country like use or any other Islam country. see how long you’d last. you’d be crying to come back here and have the freedoms you do. The “religion of peace” and its treatment of women alone is enough for me to say p*** off Islam. hate me all you want. I am American and could give two s***s less what PC clowns think, especially Islam dip dongs.

    1. You should have done your dissertation in CAPS for effect. The Dubai law enforcement appear to have reacted to the drunk drummers behavior rather than seeking out an American undesirable to mess with ’cause of his beliefs.

  5. are the scorpions that hard up that they have to play in a country that hates jews and christians? that looks at anything from the west with contempt? especially rock and roll ? these islamo facist satan worshipers want nothing more than to kill anyone who will not conform to their evil idiology. anyone who defends these scumbags is just as guilty.remember it takes only a generation to lose our freedoms.

    1. Looks like Kottak isn’t the only one hitting the sauce. You know why the SCORPIONS were playing there? It was a job. If people want to hear their music, why not? I love meeting people at concerts and talking about my favorite bands like LOU REED METALLICA (ouch) and BLACKMORE’S NIGHT (wtf) and that other band with Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer. If a guy from Dubai said “YO WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE SCORPION’S SONG? I’d answer THE ZOO and then we could talk about life and shit untill the show starts, then he has to shut up.

    1. The hits keep on coming. I guess none of us can drive to work unless we own electric cars. Yet again the fault of “The middle east” and the out of control drunkard acting like an ass at an airport is having his human rights violated. What is so dear to people about this guy? If Snooki or one of the Jersey Shore crew got arrested at Laguardia or JFK, it would be comical, but this is some hot botton issue. The guy needs help and has to grow up. If this dries him out, it could be the best medicine he could get.

      1. Its fantastic to know the stupidity with certain ‘Americans’ never runs dry. I love it when someone starts their sentence with ‘I’m an American’ and thus their point is even more extremely valid. Or the guy who finishes his sentence blaming the PC’s for this. Meanwhile we continue to murder at a higher rate than any other country, we beat our spouses, we use guns more than anyone else, we attack our children, we shoot 17 year olds because they wear hoodies, and half of us can’t afford to go to the doctor. But that’s ok, cause we’re Americans. Maybe if I capitalize it all, it’ll be more accurate. Oh and let’s not forget to blame the liberals for all this. When all else fails, blame the left side.

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