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kiss-return Andy Greene of Rolling Stone reports:

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s President and CEO Joel Peresman had to deal with the wrath of KISS frontman Paul Stanley, who has gone very public with his anger over the Hall of Fame’s decision to only induct the band’s original lineup. “I don’t need the Hall of Fame,” Stanley told Rolling Stone. “And if there’s not reciprocity, I’m not interested. The Red Hot Chili Peppers, practically every member was inducted, and virtually all 175 members of the Grateful Dead. Rules need to apply to everybody.”

“I don’t like all the sniping back and forth, though mostly it’s been forth,” says Peresman. “And I totally understand his point of view. What he’s failing to understand is that there are certain acts that are nominated and brought in on their entire body of work, up until the day before the nominating committee meets. They are still evolving bands that are breaking new ground. With KISS, there wasn’t a single person we spoke to that didn’t feel the reason these guys were being inducted was because of the four original members. It’s an incredibly unique situation. I can’t think of another band, outside of Gwar, that has members that are dressed up in costumes. You basically have these new members that are replicating exactly and playing the music that was created by the two other members that are being inducted.”

KISS has invited current members Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer to sit at their table, along with former guitarist Bruce Kulick. “I appreciate how Tommy and Eric have filled in and the way they do things,” says Peresman. “They are fine musicians and I’m sure they’re lovely guys, but they are basically replicating the two members that are getting inducted. How could we have asked Ace and Peter to accept the award and then have other people in their guise playing their music? They probably wouldn’t have even come. They were very clear about that. . .Frankly, I’m really, really happy that KISS are being inducted. It should have happened a while ago. The four of them will get up, accept their award, say what they want to say and then we’ll move on.”

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  1. The nominating committee is Jann Wenner and Dave Marsh and the rest of the liberal scribes who hate Kiss, Deep Purple etc.. Little Anthony before Linda Ronstadt…..hey Mr. Peresman, your committee is a clown show.

    1. Agreed – it is a clown show – so send in those clowns (i.e. Paul and Gene)

      It is more a popularity contest – Rock and Roll means Rock and Roll….not disco, not funk…etc. etc.

  2. This back and forth has been going on for two months now and I STILL see both sides. Nobody could ever argue that Vinnie Vincent or Mark St. John were as important as Ace. But the original members are the originals, they laid the groundwork and created KISS out of thin air.

    Having said all of that, there’s absolutely no reason why the RRHOF couldn’t induct every member of KISS and celebrate 40 years of destruction. They all deserve the honor, originals or not. Especially when you consider that they took the makeup off in 1983 and had a ton of success with Lick It Up, Animalize, Asylum, Crazy Nights, HITS and Revenge. That period alone is more than some bands have had in their whole career!

    1. What he is saying though is KISS was not breaking new ground after ACE and Peter in fact they were trying to catch up with everyone else, trying to copy the Glam look(failed), trying to be bon Jovi (Failed), etc. they were a shell of the former KISS band. Prior to Reunion they were going to try the Grungy hard rock scene with Carnival of Souls, they were breaking no new ground they were spinning there wheels. I know it is a unpopular view point but the R&R HOF got it right.

      1. That right there says it all about KISS in the 80’s and 90’s and today with their current lineup. The HoF can look at it objectively that Paul and Gene can’t.

  3. I cannot argue with Joel because everything he has said is objective and factual. Tommy and Eric are dressed like Ace and Peter and are playing a setlist with Kiss that is primarily music made BY the original 4. I have absolutely no problem with the HOF only inducting the original 4. It’s nice that Joel reaffirmed his position with his latest statement but we (and Joel) need to stop cowering to babies like Paul Stanley who has gone SO far beyond being disagreeable and is an embarrasement, acting like a spoiled child who won’t stop until he gets what he wants. At some point, you have to accept decisions that you may not like but Stanley jumps up and down to the point of ad nauseum. Can’t wait til this is over mainly because of Stanley. He’s become a poster child for the biggest rock star jerk.

    1. Really? Truth? Your biased views on Tommy and Eric S. But what about Bruce and Eric C.?

      Josh Klinghoffer? Newest guitar player in the Peppers. Played on one album. Cliff Martinez? Drummer for the Peppers, played on one album. Tommy has played on two, Eric Singer four, including the highly regarded and commercially successful Revenge. Bruce played on seven Kiss albums, and Eric Carr played on nine.

      Paul’s got the balls to stand up to the inanity of the RaRHoF, and I applaud him for it.

      You all seem to be forgetting Dave Marsh’s famous statement: “Kiss will get in over my dead body.”

      1. original four were equal members rest were employees.
        KISS did themselves no favors with stuff like Hello Kitty dolls.
        Eric and Bruce had little or no real in the direction of band, exception Carnival Of Souls.
        and you could Argue nothing after dynasty is really worthy of HOF status, maybe Creatures but even that is debatable.

    2. Couldn’t have said it better. I think Paul has proven what an uptight, privileged, myopic, spoiled child he has become. If KISS is so good and so beyond Ace & Peter, then take off the makeup already and be a band and not a replica. And quite frankly, Tommy & Eric are good musicians who deserve better than being relegated to inferior musicians. Paul is a hypocrite and he’s just upset that for once he isn’t getting his way. But for all of his bitching, he still insists on attending. Not for the fans, but because Ace & peter will be there.

      1. Amen brother.I couldn’t have said it any better. I also think it’s about the money (isn’t it always with these 2guys?),and the blowback were they to reunite for that one night. As in, there upcoming 40th anniversary tour would take a big hit with people once again clamoring for the original 4. I’m sure they remember what happened back in 96 with the unplugged show…..

        1. What happened back in 1995/96 does not seem so coincidental to me like they made it seem in the DVD Scond Coming that came out afterwarfds and sort of builds a legend around it. I do not think they were surprised, I’d rather like the thought that they knew they had to save an already sinking ship, so the idea of trying it out or at least getting into touch with Ace and Peter again was probably something they had had on their minds for quite some time, So they first used the conventions, then the MTV offer to testdrive. It went down a great success, so the decision was made.

  4. Though Paul may be right, it serves him right, but why the surprise, Paulie? The RRHOF is clueless & inconsistent.
    So deal with it, Paul, & Gene for that matter. It’s part of what you get for dissing Ace & Peter, & the biggest disrespect to my bro Ed Trunk, who is loving all the disfunction, but of course there’s the fan part, which he still is.
    Ed still does his ‘Merry KISSmas’ special, which is a mind blowing tribute & show of respect for all KISS, not just the radio hits. Gene & Paul should bow down, but they’re boobs, so……

    1. So Robert Trujillo’s contributions to Metallica for that one lousy album are worth being inducted into the HOF over someone like Eric Carr? Interesting.

  5. KISS should have gone in on their first year of eligibility. KISS is the hardest working band that ever played music. I’ve been a fan since 1975 and thay have always delivered the goods. The original lineup is no doubt the reason why they are going into the hall. In the 1970’s they dominated the World. I think that a band as big and as successful as KISS shoukd be given the choice of how they want to go into the hall and which members they want to bring in with them. Long live KISS.

    1. Except History has shown KISS makes some real bone head choices. And if your the CEO of the HOF why would you let bands decide anything, most are destructive, egotistical Jerks or High as hell.

  6. Kiss now is a cover band, a tribute band.
    Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer did not have anything to do with KISS’s popularity that brought them to fame.
    I remember seeing a TV show that Eric Singer is arguing with Gene Simmons about Eric Singer singing Beth. That is Peter’s so g and always will be.
    The four original members is the real KISS.
    That’s all there is to it. So all of you bitching, shut the hell up. Because most of you never even seen KISS in the 70’s or early 80’s.

      1. Eric and Vinnie were not pretending to be ACE and Peter.
        If Eric S. and Tommy dressed up like Eric and Vinnie it would still be silly and lack credibility.

        1. They are not pretending to be Ace and Peter–they are being Tommy and Eric and writing their own songs. They are not imposters, they are filling in some big shoes, and doing a good job. Tommy has never said, “Hi, I’m Ace Frehley”. The makeup started as extensions of the member’s personalities. It is no longer an extension of their personality, but a role they play in honor of those characters. The former may be preferable, but to allude to Paul and Gene’s point, what are they going to do, create a dogman or the human butterfly? Marvel comic’s will always have their most popular characters, and so will KISS. Eric Carr was an excellent drummer but the Fox makeup was not that good–it vaguely looked like the shape of a Fox when his hair wasn’t in the way.

    1. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it…Gene and Paul make Eric sing Beth. Eric doesn’t look that happy the last few tours and in recent photos. He’s probably getting paid very well to shut his mouth. The last time I saw Kiss was with the current lineup, because hell I supported them in the 80’s, so I figured why not. No more. Not paying all that money to hear Kiss tuned like Sabbath and Paul croaking. Anyway, I took my girlfriend to see this particular show, and she is a very casual fan of a few Kiss tunes. She wanted to see what all the hoopla was about. It was embarrassing, because of 2 things: Paul sucked to high heaven vocally, and then IT happened: Eric came out to sing Beth. My jaw dropped, she looked over at me, and I cupped my hands around my mouth and yelled “NOOOOOO!!”…she didn’t laugh. After the show, SHE, a person who mainly prefers The Cure and Billy Joel as favorites, said to me, “Even I know that was wrong”.

  7. At the end of the day, when Gene, Paul, Peter and Ace are dead and gone, the world will only remember The Four as Kiss. I highly doubt that the legacy The Four leave us is going to cause a kid 30 years from now to have the desire to dress up like Eric Singer for Halloween. Nobody will pick up the guitar and learn to play because of Bruce Kulick. I’ve said it before and I will keep saying it: When you say “Ace”, it’s like saying “Ringo”. People get it. That’s more than music. That’s iconic. So The Paul and Gene Machine can continue to be delusional and outright insult the fans with their “This liuneup is what it always should have been” garbage. Ultimately it doesn’t matter what they say. The key worsd in that statement are SHOULD HAVE…well guess what? It didn’t happen that way, fellas. In 20 years’ time, and I say this with no personal disrespect to them, nobody is going to give a rat’s ass about Tommy and Eric, but they will always remember The Four.

  8. 95% of Kiss’ set list in concert is the classic stuff. Gene and Paul are milking it in a big way. If other members are so important, then why not play other stuff? They can’t, because people will walk out of the already half filled arena. I was laughing with a friend yesterday about a ridiculous set list. “I’m Alive”, “No no no”, “Lonely is the hunter” etc. lol…point is, the songs Kiss created in the 70’s still hold up, and are just BETTER songs. Ace and Peter had much to do with that, especially Ace. Paul or Gene may have written most of the material, but Ace polished it in a way no other Kiss guitarist could. Who the hell in their right mind can say the lead in “Unholy” trumps “Parasite”? As for Peter, it hits you right in the gut the way he plays the songs, and when he sings stuff like “Sing it for Petey!” or “Paulie’s got you under his thumb!”. Again, this is all larger than rock music and “guitar players”. I have the satisfaction as a fan for 38 years knowing Gene and Paul know EXACTLY what I am talking about, but they will never admit it. I am awesome. Thank you very much.

  9. The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame is the most ridiculous organization I’ve ever seen. The fact that it’s taken this long to induct KISS just goes to illustrate up which bodily orifice the RRHOF has their collective head firmly entrenched. I liked the Beastie Boys back in the day, but did they REALLY warrant being inducted before KISS, or other great bands that still aren’t in there, like Deep Purple? Rap groups shouldn’t be allowed in there at all. Madonna is already in there, for God’s sake! Madonna! That should tell you all you need to know about the RRHOF.

  10. I think since Gene and Paul won’t come down from their clownface ivory tower to be on TMS, maybe some of these letters should be read on the show. Gene and Paul are telling the world media what they think, why not tell the world what WE think? I know this logistically would probably not work in the format of the show, but a coupla quick zingers thrown in there would be just great!

  11. Mr. Perelman and the other RRHOF clowns are a joke. His argument may apply to his thoughts regarding Tommy & Eric S. (even though I disagree), but it’s a load of crap when you apply it to Eric Carr and Bruce Kulick. They didn’t replicate anybody. So F-off Mr. Perelman, you and your stupid organization. Go admit acts like The Carpenters and Kool Moe Dee cause they are true Rock icons and would fit in well in your joke of an organization.

  12. Paul always used to say if you paint a garbage can platinum, it’s still a garbage can, and the music has to be good. Very true. At the end of the day, it’s about the music. Now, to Paul, it doesn’t matter who wears the makeup, where it used to be that the makeup was created as extensions of the individual members’ personalities. Now, he thinks it’s just fine that your next door neighbor could join Kiss, slap on what should now be referred to as “the trademark of the brand”, and continue to perform THE MUSIC that the original four members made famous. Last I checked, Monster and Sonic Boom tanked. Yet, Alive! and Destroyer still sell. So, is Kiss today a garbage can that ISN’T platinum…?

      1. Sonic Boom was at number two and Monster at number three on the Billboard top 200, but don’t know how well it sold. These days, no one cares for CDs or albums anymore, they just like to pick songs from a list on iTunes.

        1. you wanna bet? maybe younger people with no ear for music don’t care about cd’s or albums, but people like us (most of us) in their late 40’s/early 50’s still care and always will about cd’s & albums! I will never listen to music from a itune, ipad, ipod or whatever the hell they call that shit.

          1. When I said, “no one” I was referring to the trend were seeing with CDs disappearing from shelves at Best Buy. I buy all my CDs online through Amazon and Best Buy. I am a CD guy too because I like the whole package so I agree with you on that point. I hate that CDs are starting to phase out, but it seems inevitable.

    1. Did you hear this from Eddie Trunk? Saw KISS in 2012 and Paul’s voice sounds great. Go on YouTube and watch some recent live clips and see if his voice is shot. Is this a serious debate or jus trash talk?

      1. Hey Mike you must be tone deaf. Paul voice has never been the same since the recording of Sonic Boom. “Paul sounded great in 2012”? Surely not, unless you like raspy and hoarse!

        1. I seem to recall he had throat surgery sometime back. Maybe he was still recovering while on tour? He also sang the national anthem at the Dodger Stadium last year–I think his voice is fine. Yngwie Malmstein learned to play guitar again after his car accident and Paul Stanley is developing his voice so he can sing better after his surgery.

          1. Yes he did have surgery (nodules removed on his vocal chords I believe)…if im correct, they played a show a couple weeks or so afterwards…I heard somewhere that paul said they crammed in a lot of shows for financial reasons….point is he may not have gotten proper recovery time and he may be doing more damage at this point….to me, a year off would have done him good…will he be able to sing decent enough to tour? Maybe with some R/R…sing like used to in the old days?…nope, probly not even close…if you want to hear him sing like he did in the old days, go listen to the old albums/concerts…father time taps everyone on the shoulder….its just some can bow out gracefully and others cant/wont…

          2. It is a fact his voice is worse than ever, go to YT and watch/listen to the professionally shot and recorded gig (during a tour!) at Zurich last year, watch out for Eric (together with T. and G., of course) covering most of Paul’s chorus vocals, high notes etc., Paul does sometimes not even sing whole chorusses anymore, he cuts verses short, he modulates original melodies to a lower register, and when he does the verses, his voice is a shadow of what it used to be – I saw them live in 2008 and then 2010 and you could witness his voice deteriorating fast. The surgery might have slowed down the process, but since hedid not and still does not allow for enough recory time (other star singers with the same problem sometimes took a hiatus of a year or more) I do not think it will ever become better again, maybe for one gig, if the audience is lucky, but not for a whole tour. He can be lucky that Eric is able to hit those high notes for him, still, it sounds different, because if Paul’s voice is absent half of the time in typical Paul songs, it cannot be the same. Interestingly enough few people seem to have noticed that or they just do not want to know because they see their old heroes fading, which is sad.

  13. Love how Paul and Gene like to say how Peter and Ace couldn’t cut the mustard now as players. Hey Paul, you can’t sing anymore. Wake up, Starchild. People in glass houses shouldn’t…well, you know the rest.

    1. I agree..pauls voice is shot, but not any worse than ozzy’s or vince neil’s (as if vince could ever sing)…but what I find ironic is how g/p constantly rip on ace/peter but make eric/tommy dress like them…just a thought…

  14. “I remember seeing a TV show that Eric Singer is arguing with Gene Simmons about Eric Singer singing Beth. That is Peter’s so g and always will be.”

    Was that on Gene’s reality show?

  15. I just wonder what would have happened if Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer would not have been made to dress up in the Space Ace/Man and Cat Man attire/makeup?
    Would the entire lineup be inducted into the Hall of Fame?
    I truly feel, by the comments I’m reading, that guys like Eric Carr, Bruce Kulick, Vinnie Vincent, Mark St John and Eric Singer would have been inducted as well.
    I did not mention Tommy Thayer because he’s never played with KISS without Ace’s makeup and thus is null and void from being a real member in the public’s eye.
    Sorry Tommy, facts are facts…
    Perhaps without makeup, even Tommy Thayer would have been included for his work on recent albums.

    1. You make some good observations. Ace Frehley will always be missed as the original guitarist. Tommy, in my opinion, even though he does not bring the same vibe as Ace, is still a good singer and sings the songs with conviction. He plays with conviction and the leads in Monster sound like Tommy, not Ace (though it does still sound inspired by that type of playing). The main point is that Eric and Tommy are keeping the band going by filling in the roles of the Spaceman and the Cat. In the end, those are just characters created by Peter and Ace, and everyone would be better off if they (Ace and Peter) just gave their blessings to Tommy and Eric who are doing their best to honor those characters.

    2. If I were the HoF, I’d induct the first 8-9 members of Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, Peter Criss, Eric Carr, Vinnie Vincent, Mark St. John, Bruce Kulick, and Eric Singer. Why did I include Eric Singer? Because of his work on Revenge. I agree about Tommy as he needs to make his mark on his own merits just like the other members of KISS have.

  16. The HoF CEO is right and has the objectivity and facts that Paul and Gene lacked because they’re way too close to it. No way should Paul and Gene call the shots on who should be inducted because they’ll likely pick Bruce Kulick, Eric Singer, and Tommy Thayer and exclude Ace and Peter altogether. About time someone stood up to both Paul and Gene’s tantrums. It’s an example of not getting what they want like they did with the Hollywood Rock Walk and VH1 Rock Honors. It’s the original lineup who formed the band and created the makeup, personas, stage shows, and made live albums relevant. It’s the impact and relevancy that counts over how long they’ve been in the band or the number of gold and platinum records.

    1. ??? Paul and Gene have given Peter and Ace credit for their contributions. They have never said anything to the effect that Ace and Peter should not be inducted. This induction has opened a can of worms and PR for the RRHOF is well aware of this and exploiting it. As for relevancy, KISS has always been about entertaining, and the current members are doing that. Facebook shows nearly 12 million fans of the current lineup. Burrn magazine in Japan voted KISS the number one live act in 2013 beating Metallica! Not relevant? Still think so?

        1. Well, I agree that criticizing Ace and Peter serves no purpose. They could just leave it at “creative differences” but for some reason they seem hell bent on downplaying Peter’s and Ace’s current abilities. I think the pressure from some people for some kind of reunion is frustrating for Paul and Gene. The fact is, deep down I think they all care about each other, but sometimes families are dysfunctional. All four of the biographies have opened a can of worms for each of them and they are all defensive at this point–then add the RRHOF fiasco for good measure–this is definitely not a good time for everyone concerned.

          1. Despite the negative stuff they said about each other, I agree that deep down there’s still a bond between them. Not just forming the group, they ate, slept, and lived together. Whatever intentions the HoF had or their reasons for inducting the original KISS lineup, their actions further divided the original KISS lineup.

          2. Downplaying Ace’s and Peter’s current abilities can only serve one purpose, making a second reunion seem impossible. Which again serves the purpose to keep the employees as they are obedient, relatively cheap and able to help out (Eric’s voice) where help is needed (Paul’s voice). It is all plain to see.

  17. I think the new kiss would be a better band if they took off the makeup ,let tommy and eric play their own style ,not try to be somthing their not ,make good grooving rock and roll not try to make a hit ,just play from their soul I think they would be a good band and gain some respect back the make up thing is destroyed beyond repair.

    1. Would we go see Kiss with Tommy and Eric without the make up? I think sales would finally plummet altogether. The same thing like in the 80s would happen, only faster.

  18. I am a fan of old and new KISS. People are making too big of a deal of the makeup–Catman and Spaceman makeup. Yes, Peter and Ace developed those characters, but the point is the music, not the makeup. Sonic Boom was a really good album. Monster is one of the best I’ve heard from any band. It is for the 40 years of KISS music, not the makeup, that KISS should be inducted into the RRHOF. I have always been into KISS for their music more than the makeup. Get over it and support KISS for where they are now. The makeup represents a character, not the person. It may have started that way, but the point was to entertain people while playing great music. All members of KISS–past and present–deserve to be in the hall. Actually, they deserve to be in a REAL hall of fame that truly honors great rock bands. Ace and Peter should move on with their projects and continue on as solo artists. Tommy and Eric deserve to be in KISS–and WEAARRING THE MAKEUP!! It really seems that Eddie presses this issue because he is friends with Ace and alienated from Paul. This ceremony could turn ugly and that may be what the RRH snobs hope to see–so they can sit back and laugh at the whole spectacle. KISS fans have been a force to reckon with and the RRHOF have been forced to acknowledge one of the greatest and underrated bands on Earth. Congrats to all the KISS members: ACE, Peter, Paul, Gene, Eric Singer, Tommy Thayer, Bruce Kulick, Eric Carr, and to everyone who have preserved and supported KISS over the years. I say congrats not for being inducted in the so called RRHOF, but because they have made 40 years worth of great music. I wish all the guys could just makeup and be family again, but I understand the emotional scars are deep. Nevertheless, they care about each other and should support each other like brothers.

    1. First The Make up always mattered!
      Second IMO Sonic and Monster were not very good and I have never heard a non-KISS fan say otherwise.
      Third they will never make up with ACE and Peter as long as they slam them at every opportunity they will be lucky if Ace does not punch them after the awards show.

      1. The only point you’ve made so far that I can agree with is that they all need to stop bad mouthing each other in the press or on talk shows. Without giving each other a chance to save face, it only serves to further alienate one another. I am a fan of all the original members, but I am also a fan of the new lineup. Monster is one of the best KISS albums. Sonic Boom was very good but IMO not better than the classic albums. Monster is possibly better than the first six studio albums–and I never expected that! I hope they can all hug and make up before this ceremony, but…If Ace punches anyone, he is only causing more problems for himself, and the RRHOF wins. I don’t think he would do that, it was just a one time thing in the past with Tommy Thayer, and I think he apologized.

    2. Mike!! Right on brother…yes I agree 100%. I have been a kiss fan since 1976 and love the old lineup and all the other ones. Eric Singer is the real deal and I don’t care if God created the makeup he wears After loving and watching live all 3 Kiss drummers Eric Singer is simply the most gifted and my favorite. The music everyone keeps saying Gene and Paul keep sticking to live was composed, written and sang 95% by them people. Waaay too much credit to the others for music sang and written by Gene and Paul. Now while Tommy buries Kulick, my favorite Kiss guitarist is Ace. What is vastly overlooked however is that almost every single Kiss classic guitar chords and parts were banged out by Paul on an acoustic andAce later added the most amazing solos but many guitar parts on our favorites Paul came up with. Sonic Boom was an instant Kiss classic and Mike you are spot on about Monster being one of the best from any band recently. And my son dresses up as Eric every year since catching his drumstick and meeting him in a meet and greet. He now plays drums in my garage with Eric posters on wall and current kiss posters. That’s Kiss 2014 still relevant as the 1976 version was to me. Be tolerant of the fact the for me and my son Kiss today is fun, exciting,and still successful.

      1. Eric Singer is a perfect gentleman. My wife and I met him at LAX as he was catching a flight to San Jose for a gig with Montrose. Coolest guy ever, down to earth, shook both our hands and chatted with us for about 20 minutes before it was time to catch our flight. I also think he is an excellent drummer, and a good singer too–and I told him so.

      2. Tommy buries Kulick? You are deaf and know nothing of guitar playing, Listen to Tommy trying to copy Bruce’s solo when playing song from that era (especially on an acoustic which is always a lot harder), he cannot do it.

        1. With all due respect to Ace, Bob Kulick, St. John, Vincent, and Thayer – Bruce Kulick was the best player the band ever had. Vinnie was my favorite to listen too, and St. John was a pure shredder. But note for note, none of them can touch BK.

  19. Can’t argue with Joel Peresman, he’s wright. Hall of fame is a Clown Show though! What about the Late Great Eric Carr – The Fox and Vinnie Vincent The Ankh Warrior that were totally different characters. they got Kiss out of the dumper in 81, and then Bruce Kulick who is a Great Guitarist.
    What about them?

    P. S. Tommy Thayer Stinks.

    1. Eric and Vinnie were contract employees, and you could argue nothing except MAYBE Creatures is very memorable after ACE and Peter left. If I ask average music fans to name a KISS song after 1980 I doubt if they could. Maybe Lick It Up or Lets Put the X in SEX but I doubt it.

    2. Robert, I agree with your 1st, 2nd and last points. maybe if the non-original members were on highly successful albums that had lasting impact on par with the original lineup’s albums, they would be inducted. I will admit that all the non-original kiss members are very good musicians (except I’ve only heard Thayer copying ace’s licks and style). however, that and their # of years in kiss doesn’t mean a lot if their era in kiss hasn’t produced a substantial amount of influential, successful albums in kisstory. THIS is the valid issue, NOT the sniping between g/p and a/p (even though its “funnier than hell” to read, along with reading and posting comments about it….that reminds me….

  20. I agree wholeheartedly with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s decision to induct the original four members. The original band is what made people love Kiss. Almost all of their major hits were recorded by the original four. Kiss was almost dying out in the nineties until the reunion. The reunion made people interested in Kiss again. Nowadays, Kiss has become a laughingstock, to say the least. Tommy and Eric are hired hands who haven’t contributed anything noteworthy. Has any of Kiss’ newer material been a hit? Didn’t think so. Long story short, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons are the greediest duo in the music industry. Do not trust or believe them. They could care less about their fans, all they want is your money. In fact, I’ve been boycotting Kiss since this whole fake Ace and fake Peter scam began after the Farewell Tour. You should too.

  21. Ive never heard of this person before just now and I have already forgotten his name. Who the fuck cares what he has to say?
    Kiss was never just about the original 4 to me or to anyone I’ve been going to Kiss concerts with for the last 30 years. Bruce Kulick/Eric Carr/Gene/Paul was the lineup that made me a fan.

  22. Well said. It simply states what kiss fans have known all along (OG fans) tommy and Eric for most of their time in the band have been imitating ace and Pete. Not saying that they are less musicians for it, the bands last 2 releases were pretty good. But as far as the hall goes I agree with their take on the situation. Because of the nature of the band it is a more complicated situation, as usual gene and Paul are trying to use this as a way to market and sell the current line up in an attempt to help falling concert attendance. It’s falling, I saw them on their last 3 tours. That’s why recently they went out with Crüe and now with def leopard. Kiss is always about money first, has been since Pete and ace left. Sadly music comes in at maybe 3 or 4 and all us peasants? I’d be surprised if we broke the top 10! Ace and Pete are both working on new releases that’s where I’m throwing my loyalty and money, they are the true heros here against all odds they have survived, endured, and still make great music.

  23. i’m no fan of rnrhof, but the guy is exactly right , people and gene and paul can say what they want but paul and gene want everybody too buy into their bull**** and its not selling …rnrhof president was dead on when he stated they were replicating both ace and peter and lets be clear that’s all their doing, by the way has anyone even thought that if the rnrhof did accept all the lineups over the years , then what would happen’s when gene and paul retire, i guess people would be wanting the new guys to be accepted too. and that my friends are getting a little stupid.. i truly believe the original kiss should be inducted and i think gene and paul are just full of themselves .even to the point were you got all these other guy’s sitting at their table , well why not invite vinnie vincent to , their just picking who they want .being the selfish pricks they have come to’s a shame what’s happened to such a great band..

  24. The only reason KISS is back in makeup and quite frankly became relevant again was because Ace and Peter returned to the band. The original four re-lit the fuse of KISS. Nobody besides Ace and Peter in THEIR makeup could have done that. KISS has always been more than the music. Their stage shows and personas were legendary. EVERYBODY recognizes those four faces as the original KISS.

    KISS is not the blue man group. The makeup was unique and personal for each member. If Gene and Paul have their way, KISS will be performing in multiple cities at the same time with different lineups after they retire. To the original fans, the original four meant something. They were larger than life. That was, is and always will be KISS.

    All you have to really do is ask yourself:
    If KISS started with Paul, Gene, Eric and Vinny in the 80’s, would we be having this discussion? Would the collective body of work from that point on be worthy of the HOF? Would KISS even be a band today?

  25. Being from Ohio, I have been to the Hall several times and I gotta say – their record store is amazing!! The best thing is, you don’t have to pay admission to visit the store!!

    1. I too am from ohio…I never been to the rrhof….I pledged not to go until kiss was inducted…I guess ill be going this summer….
      PS: I think akron would be a great place for a heavy metal/hard rock HOF…

  26. paul stanley recently talked about gene simmons reality show not really reality, . he’s (paul) is living the real life , don’t have time to film a fake one, well he (paul) needs to look at this current lineup in kiss . that’s denial ,wanna talk about living and filming fake reality. this guy contradicts everything his says and does.

  27. schocoman ….your right to, if these guys took off the makeup and toured on their own they would end up in bars playin to empty crowds….. their playing the fiddle ,question is can you people hear it..kiss is and will always be with ace and peter , get over it or get under it.

    1. Classic Kiss meant something to us, does the current lineup mean the same to us?? – I bought my first guitar because of Ace, I saw them on German televison (must have been an extract of their Love Gun tour) when my dad switched channel after 20 seconds but I was addicted. I wanted to find out about that cool, nvere before seen look, and sound. I forgot about them when I was into other bands in the late 80s and 90s. But when the reunion was annoucned, the feeling was there again, the excitement to be able to finally see them, and me and a bunch of friends went to see them feeling like a little kid who first discovered something they truly fell in love with. So that is never going to happen again, it was emotional, and that is also why so many people here and elseweher are so upset about Gene and Paul lying about almost everything that might keep the attention away from the current lineup. I suggest we put on the classic albums and video tapes and rejoice in what they left us, rather than argue too much about the relevance of the band today.

  28. Something unrelated and very cool was the unmasked unplugged show 2 nights ago that was Gene,Paul, Eric and Tommy…the setlist was deep,and Paul’s voice was much better than as of late. The setlist has been revealed and .”Take Me” from Rock n Roll Over performance is available to stream. Check it out for yourselves.

  29. A little off-topic, but I’m starting to feel bad for the other inductees, with the Kiss soap opera stealing all the headlines. And while I’m at it, I think the fact that a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame even exists is tantamount to a slap in the face of rock & roll itself. What ever happened to the rebellion, the fist in the air, the middle finger at “the man?” Now we sit in ballrooms at $2500 tables wearing suits and ties while we “golf clap” and enshrine people for their artistic merits. I’d be happier if Kiss showed up in full costume and makeup and started flipping tables over, or skipped the induction altogether and be playing an arena in Duluth, Lakeland or Walla Walla. That would show all these suits what Rock & Roll is about, and what they can do with their Hall of Fame.

  30. The thing with the New Kiss, is that Eric is “Peter Criss” and Tommy is “Ace Frehley” and they are filling in for two founding members, who don’t give a shit anymore about being in Kiss. So, what Paul and Gene have done is put two guys in there who do care. Paul and Gene see the big picture, that Kiss has to be presented in a way where there is an accountability from the performers to the fans. Ace and Peter are two guys, who, if they ain’t feelin’ it, won’t pretend for the sake of the performance, and they are both very in tune with their inner feelings, flip side being that when they are feeling it, there is this very strong connection to the audience. So, the show must go on. If Paul really wanted to screw Ace he could’ve not called him when he failed to show up for that Irvine show and just said “screw him, put Tommy on.” Then the real story would have unfolded, that Ace flaked, and then the New Kiss would have had a much more solid ground to stand on. Flaking on a gig in the middle of a tour is serious enough to where taking steps like having Tommy fill in would have been much easier for the fans to process. But no, Paul (through intermediaries) kept trying to get in touch with Ace, had a helicopter take him to the show, basically bent over backwards to accommodate Ace, so he wouldn’t look bad to the fans. I get it now, but they should still stop trying to minimize Ace and Peter’s legacy.
    THAT is what I have an issue with, not the New Kiss. The point being, that Tommy and Eric are better at being “Peter” and “Ace” than either Peter and Ace now, because they give their full commitment to it. They consistently care, day in and day out, which that job requires. You listen to their new records and go to their shows and it’s like Ace and Peter are still in the band, their contributions are still very much a part of the Kiss show. So, it would be better if Eric didn’t sing “Beth?” Then Peter’s song wouldn’t be featured. It’s still Peter’s song, no matter who sings it. It’s still his makeup. Eric is doing his job, so is Tommy, there is a commitment to excellence there that I can appreciate. Kiss will go on the same without Paul and Gene. This should have just been explained better to their fans, instead of, “go away,” and then bashing Ace and Peter in the press. If Ace and Peter could get on board with the New Kiss, that would be the best outcome. Anyway, some stuff to think about.

    1. Great post. Tommy and Eric are just doing their job and are doing it well. Ace and Peter’s legacy in KISS is still being felt through in the current KISS. But what you have in the original lineup are four large egos that can’t be contained.

  31. It’s funny when Paul says that the New Kiss is better live than Kiss, and that we just don’t remember. Well, it’s all over youtube, so we don’t have to remember. .the evidence is accessible, and it’s not even in the same league as Kiss. It’s when he says that stuff that he loses me.

    1. One thing about their live show now compared to the 70s–the 70s were more spontaneous. There was a different energy, and Peter and Ace were at the peak of their abilities. Now, they have Tommy and Eric, but the songs are more polished sounding live. This occurred to me when I saw them on “The Tour” with Motley Crue. Both bands were excellent, but whereas Motley was spontaneous and brutally loud, KISS had a more polished, sort of precise sound to their show. Like I said, both were great, but just two different extremes as far as sound and presentation. Actually, to the casual observer, there would seem to be a difference. My point is, the new KISS and old KISS from the 70s are not better than each other, but they are definitely different from each other.

  32. How about this: instead of having Tommy and Eric be spaceman and catman, create personas that make Tommy and Eric be related to spaceman and catman. (Tommy could be Ace’s relative from jendell or something) I’m reminded of the Pepsi commercial back when the original four were together and the Pepsi girl had her own makeup design that made her look similar to Ace without actually being him. Something space related (maybe even that lightning bolt over the eye like the Pepsi girl) for Tommy and something feline related for Eric. New merchandise for Gene and Paul. Ace and Peter keep their own designs, Tommy and Eric get to be their own characters. Everyone wins.

  33. Listen to Sonic Boom and the guitar playing. It is nothing more than a total imitation of Ace. To have Singer and Thayer inducted would be a crime. I am sure they are nice guys but the original KISS is what the public cares about. If the reunion never happened, KISS would have been on the county fair circuit the last 20 years and the original band didn’t resort to the co-headlining tours with Crue and Leppard. When Paul and Gene discuss the value of these tours, I would point out Van Halen, AC/DC, Bon Jovi and others of the era don’t have to resort to these tours. Just telling the truth here. Still love KISS but can’t see inducting the two acting as the originals.

  34. They should just treat their induction the way that the Academy Awards treats the “Technical Merit” awards and have them inucted at “a ceremony held earlier.” Eff em.

  35. So lets leave Bruce Dickinson out of Maiden when inducted, and Brian Johnson out of ACDC. Kiss has made twice as many albums without Ace and Peter as with. And sold quite respectably. Send in the haters, but theres a ton of crap songs from Peter and Ace on those first few records, theres a reason they’re songs didnt make the cut.

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