Guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani returns to TMS for the season 13 finale to talk music and his new memoir. Metalhead comedians Jim Breuer and Artie Lange join and keep the laughs coming with rock anecdotes and impressions. Guest musician Yngwie Malmsteen.

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That Metal Show

TMS BTS: Joe Satriani, Jim Breuer & Artie Lange:

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Joe Satriani Faces the Wrath of the Vault:

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Everyone Tries to Stump the Trunk:

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That Metal Gear with Yngwie Malmsteen:

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MOTW: Season 13 Finale Edition:

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Ask Jennifer: Rock of Ages:

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  • Frank T. on

    Great season of TMS! Wish it was new episodes every week year round. Can’t wait for the new BLS Tuesday! Can’t believe there has not been a loud wire stream or leak of any kind. Amazing!

  • pete lytel on

    Congrats to you Eddie, Don, Jim and everyone else that makes TMS possible and unbelievably entertaining. TMS is the highlight of my week and makes every Saturday night a cause for celebration. Also thank you Dana for the work that you do. Eddie, I wont bug you again about this but please come to St. Louis, you have a lot of fans here that would love to meet you. Ask Jim about the Funnybone Comedy Club, the 3 of you could do a show there. Ive MCd for Jim before. He is a Funnybone favorite, youd pack it in and sell books!

    • Eddie on

      Thanks Pete. Love to come there. Just need the right opportunity and invite at a venue

  • DC on

    Really enjoyed watching Joe on this episode. He seems like one of the coolest guys on the planet. I’m going to see him live for the first time in CT on Jun 6. Cannot wait!

    I was really heartbroken to see Artie, though. He looks, sounds and acts as unhealthy as ever and I just wish he could get some help.

    • MikeyMan on

      Agreed, Artie didn’t seem well.
      Maybe the long day with double show tapings was to blame. I’m sure the guests, cast & crew were hittin’ it hard as it was the season wrap up. I know I’d like to hang out on that set.

      Jim Brewer was outstanding! Since he’ll have a new project to promote, you must get him on TMS next season. Or hopefully on the XM radio show soon.

  • Brandon on

    Jim’s impersonations were nuts. Really good. Wasn’t sure what to expect about the comedy segment, but it worked. Will miss the show until next season.

  • sar305 on

    Paul and Gene, Gene and Paul. Peter and Ace, Ace and Peter. Paul and Ace, Ace and Paul. Gene and Peter, Peter and Gene. Paul and Peter, Peter and Paul. Gene and Ace, Ace and Gene…

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