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tesla400pix Multi-platinum selling rock act Tesla have debuted an all new video for their latest single So Divine…. Watch it below.

Tesla released an all new LP titled Simplicity on June 10th, through Tesla Electric Company Recording’s arrangement with Entertainment One Music and Distribution.

Simplicity is the band’s seventh studio full length LP and fifteenth release overall. The new effort is the followup to Forever More, which was released in October 2008 and featured the single I Wanna Live.

Simplicity track listing:

1. MP3
2. Ricochet
3. Rise and Fall
4. So Divine…
5. Cross My Heart
6. Honestly
7. Flip Side
8. Other Than Me
9. Break of Dawn
10. Burnout To Fade
11. Life is a River
12. Sympathy
13. Time Bomb
14. ‘Till That Day



  1. Hope the beginning of the interview from Monday’s Sirius/XM show will be posted here. The first 10-12 minutes the channel had its wires crossed with a gospel station. Really want to hear the details of the making of Simplicity. Sounded like most of that ground was covered early in the interview. Thanks

    1. Hilarious you mention that. I turned my satellite radio on about 5mins after Eddie’s show started and heard this low voiced smooth talking DJ talking about stuff unrelated to metal. I was seriously confused for a little while.

  2. There aren’t many bands left who manage to sound current but also retain some of their early classic sound at the same time and I think Tesla pulls it off quite well; this sounds like it could have come off Psychotic Supper or Bust A Nut, but still sounds fresh and new.

  3. They are so great! I’ve always loved Tesla. They are a classic, classy, bluesy hard rock band that have never disappointed me. I REALLY like the new song. It still bugs me that they were one of those great, ass kicking hard rock bands that got labeled “hair metal” and the industry turned on them. Eddie let loose with a great rant on TMS about the whole “hair metal” tag that was so true. Bands like Tesla and Skid Row and so many others didn’t deserve how record labels, radio stations and MTV treated them. Keep on rocking Tesla!

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