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michaelsweet400 Stryper frontman Michael Sweet has responded to Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx’s comments slamming him because he questioned the authenticity of Motley Crue’s book, The Dirt, and Sixx’s tome, The Heroin Diaries.

Sweet posted on his Facebook page:

“I meant no disrespect to @NikkiSixx or @MotleyCrue and certainly not to addicts or recovering addicts. I was simply trying to convey the importance of not believing everything you hear (rumors) and giving my own opinion of some of the over-embellishments (in my opinion) that some autobiographies seem to portray. I’ve never even met Nikki before and I have nothing bad to say about him. I do believe that my words were taken out of context but then again, that happens to all of us from time to time. Here’s what I wrote in my book:

‘If you’ve picked up this book in hopes of reading stories about me hiding in a closet shooting up heroin, buying prostitutes with all my earnings or beating the crap out of a club owner because he looked at me funny, you should probably read the Motley Crue book instead, because you won’t find that here. I’m not better than they are, but my story is different. I’m not an angel, either, and I think you’ll find some pretty eye-opening stories, and I hope—whether you know my music or not—you’ll find them enlightening or at least entertaining.’

Michael Sweet’s autobiography, Honestly: My Life And Stryper Revealed and his new solo album, I’m Not Your Suicide, were released on May 6th.


MichaelSweet I'm Not Your 630


  1. Michael…….trade in the cup of brotherly love for a can of whoop-ass and tell Nikki to…..well…..that would not be a very Christian act. I know, take your bible and bitch slap Nikki.,,,,goodness, that is sacrilegious, I am sorry. Please pray for me. The devil took over my keyboard. I know….well….shoot. That’s not very Christian either. I know. Continue to take the high road and ignore Nikki’s comments. One last thing: You could tell Nikki to have a happy mother’s day….because he is acting like a little whiny bitch. Oh. There is that pesky devil again. I am sorry. Gotta scoot. Off to confession.

  2. Nikki onstage in Germany in ’15 at a big festival with MC: “Hi everybody”. Nikki onstage in Great Britain in ’15 at big festival with MC: “Hi everybody”. Nikki onstage at the Hard Rock in Vegas in ’15 with MC: “Hi everybody”. Hey Nikki, it ain’t over ever for the Crue.

    1. Yes, considering we had weeks of KISS’ war of words. Not to mention the slamming amongst the fans in the comments section.

      Here’s a tip Nick, and I am sorry if I sound a bit snippy, if you don’t like the story, skip it. Everyone’s a critic, sheesh-LOL!

      Dana from 🙂

  3. Nikki,if your ego gets any bigger you’re going to have to rent it its own separate tour bus for your upcoming run around the country with the Crüe and Alice. For a guy who claimed to be so bad assed back in the day,you sure do sit to pee anymore. Quit the whining at every perceived slight and drop the years old grudges. The toes you’re stepping on now could be attached to the foot that’ll be up your ass in 5 years. Life’s funny that way. You’ve been blessed with a life that 99% of us could only dream of. Enjoy it bro,because you aren’t getting any younger….

  4. Fuck Nikki. Michael is insanely more talented than that 1958 wearin mf. Crue has not put out a good album in decades. New album, “decades of shit.” Nikki, don’t try to rape me!!

  5. I understand why Mike Sweet put this out,as Motley and Stryper share some of the same fans,but he shouldn’t have. Nikki has made his entire career writing about his rock star exploits (I’m no puppet/I engrave my veins with style) ! Every guy who has played gigs and toured a little bit tells some embellished road stories. Nikki is no different. For him to get all butt hurt over someone calling b.s. is pretty hypocritical . As far as Nikki somehow reading into Sweet’s statement that he was making fun of addicts or whatever is just some more posturing. I remember when Nikki didn’t care about defending his credibility,he wrote great rock tunes. All this whining he’s done makes him a candidate to have his man card revoked ! Next thing you know he’ll be wearing flannel,staring at his chuck taylors, and singing about daddy issues !

  6. michael, instead of worrying about what books contain worry about charging $ 150.00 for vip meet and greets????? ather show signings where even though you been supporting stryper since soldiersyou have to buy the new cd to meet the band? i got a great title for your next book” g-r-e-e-d( what have you bought from us lately).

  7. I can remember about 20 motley crue songs off the top of my head, I can’t remember any from stryper, wonder why? lewd, crued & tattooed, crue 4 life!

        1. 1 more thing asshole, shit music? so led zeppelin, aerosmith, van halen, kiss, MOTLEY CRUE, scorpions, judas priest, ac/dc, sammy hagar, that’s what you call shit music? then what the fuck do you listen to? nevermind I don’t want to know.

          1. So let’s see, you liked ‘I can’t drive 55, Dude Looks Like a Lady, Shook me All night long (cause that’s what you asked Malcolm to do after we all heard he had a stroke. Remember that you sick twisted bastard? Remember when you asked a seriously ill person to ‘shake you all night long’? You also like Home Sweet Home, Nother Thing Coming, and Rock You Like a Hurricane (why didn’t you ask Klaus Meine to rock you like a hurricane Doug? Is he too healthy for ya?). Any other generic metal band you want to mention you hardcore metal beast? You forgot KISS, Poison, and Cinderella. How many of your home made mixed tapes have Every Rose Has Its Thorn on them Shock Rocker?

          2. by the way Dick Rash (DR) my get well wish to malcolm was 100% music meant, anybody & everybody else would know that, only a sick pervert like yourself would take it wrong & twist it, but like I said that’s what you do. if it was rock me all night long instead of shook me, well, you probably would have took that wrong too, because that’s what a immature idiot like you does. oh yeah, I do like the song every rose, especially 55, kick-ass anthem, but I also like ozzy, metallica, megadeth, prong, alice in chains, so what’s your point? quick, go ask your wife what your point is! expand your mind, what’s left of it.

          3. generic metal bands? your meaningless opinion. listen dumb-ass, people can like a band like poison & metallica, it’s not unheard of to be a fan of both, very different bands of course, but it’s all good! ALL THINGS hard rock & heavy metal. that’s why I like & respect people like eddie trunk who aren’t afraid to admit they like bands like cinderella and a band like slayer, not all metal music has to be about death & destruction, depression & politics, doom & gloom, so lighten the fuck up already. and if you don’t like the red rocker, you don’t like rock ‘n’ roll, and if you don’t like rock ‘n’ roll what the hell are you doing here? you see, here we talk about ALL THINGS hard rock & heavy metal. there’s only one way to rock. too bad DR (Dick Rash) don’t know which way that is!

          4. you know, I know this is old already, and everybody EXCEPT DR knows exactly what I meant, if DR had any common sense he would know that when I said to Malcolm get well soon & come back strong, so once again you can shake me all night long, I meant with your guitar, with your music, using the title of that song as a “musical reference”, it wasn’t meant the way DR thinks. notice he was the only one to reply & respond that way. he twisted a well-intended get well wish into a sick joke, he’s famous for trying to get people to think somebody meant something they didn’t mean. YOU SHOOK ME ALL NIGHT LONG WITH YOUR MUSIC, is that clear & simple enough for you DR? and shame on you for bringing Klaus Meine’s name into your twisted sick joke. now what other song titles are you gonna twist? what other words are you gonna try to put in people’s mouths. I’m still shocked & very disappointed that your comments on this were even allowed, yes, everybody has a right to speak their mind, if they have one, one with common sense.

  8. 150 to meet? Whatta head. I like Bobby Blotzer letting it slip Pearcy wanted 33% and WD said no so Ratt implodes. Now we get Pearcy in old brick bars & clubs or opening for the Sistah in Jersey and Ratt back in converted union halls in Scranton or Toledo like Skid Row now plays for rent. Burt Ward (Robin) said his book was mostly baloney to sell books. They all b.s. their books…except Dee.

  9. Who cares? This band sucks. The whole premise of “Christian Rock” is completely ridiculous. No offense to Christians, but “Christian Rock” is for douche bags.

    1. Just curious Jack, why are you reading a story about a band you dislike? Just to complain about them?

      Personally, I don’t waste my time reading about bands that don’t appeal to me and I certainly wouldn’t bother to remark about them. One thing I have learned from the comments section on this site is that men can be just as catty as women, if not worse. Meow ^-^ LOL!

      Dana from

      1. Dana,
        It is like a car wreck. Sometimes it is hard to look away. Yes, anytime there is an opportunity to complain about Stryper, I do.

        Hey if other people dig it, that is cool. But Stryper really is bad, “honestly”.

    2. You’ve obviously never listened to them. They play Maiden/Priest-style riffs, but OH MY they sing about something positive. Who cares what they sing about. Even if you dont agree with their beliefs you have to respect them for sticking to their guns. I dont agree with satanism, but I love King Diamond. Its about the music. Listen to Stryper’s new album and tell me if their music still sucks.

      1. James, I have heard enough to know that they are not good. Do they still wear the yellow leather? But hey, who am I to say? Just one person. If you like them, that is ok. I am sure they have a ton of Dove Awards in their trophy case.

  10. dana, nice analogy all i tried to do was give my opinion to a band i do follow and care about (met michael on the soldiers tour when they were getting death threats (his words) for people thinking that they were using ” christian rock” as a gimmick . as for dee snider, unless there”sa a.e. camera around “dee” is a dick. when widowmaker was starting ,i tried to get a quick picture with him ( by myself no one around) he brushed me off “i have to do my soundcheck” patiently, i waited and when i asked him again ” fine , lets get this over with” is what he replied. and just 2 days ago, i tried to met josh from buckcherry after unsucessfully trying to get a picture with him for twenty years i met keith and stevie and asked them to help me out they both asked him ( after the soundcheck no problem) he does one song looks at me5ft away and leaves. at the show they have a” meet the band if you buy, the cd( $15.00). after a vip meet and greet( $55.00) all the fans went backstage who bought the cd( just autographes no pictures???? meeting a band a being lucky enough to get a picture is a once in a lifetime experience and i know you need to make money but, come on we “ve been support your bands for decades how much money do you need from us???????

  11. Mark,
    lemme break it down for you. Personal appearances is part of the bread and butter these days. $150.00 for VIP meet & greets is the going price. I’ve seen some that are a lot higher. I think it costs somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 grand to have dinner with Brad Pitt. It’s what folks are willing to pay. You are paying for a personal audience with these folks. Put it this way,in 1999 and 2000 I paid to go to BOTH Stryper Expos. It did not include travel expenses to NY or LA(I live in the midwest),or the expo merch that I bought. I was glad to pay it because the guys in Stryper were/are huge musical influences and personal heros. I’ve got pics of me and Oz and Tim. They also signed my Telecaster(which I later had to sell).
    Have you ever played in a band ? Even on the level of a local band,if you start to develop a decent following sooner or later everyone wants a piece of your time. Your wife/girlfriend wants you to call before a gig, your monitors sound like shit, your merch guy is stuck in traffic, the roadie forgot to bring batteries for the tuner….and on and on and on. Now multiply that by the factor of huge that Dee,or the guys from Buckcherry,or anybody else that is still performing at a high level with multitudes of fans and the day to day stresses of being in a popular band. Get what I’m telling you ? They have thousands of guys like you that just want to get a pic,talk for a couple of minutes. While I know that they appreciate the fans,they also have a job to do of putting on a show that the fans expect to see. Now,that’s a lot of stress on anybody !

  12. gene simmons, who only deals with drugs addicts who can make him money?( kiss/motley ? kiss/aerosmith?i watched him in a mall refusing to meet his fans while walking around with his ” don”t bother me unless your giving money look on his face .i have no problem with bands trying to make their money but, who gave you this chance in the first place????( let alone 20, 30 , years later?)if meeting your fans and taking a , picture, signing a autograph is so difficult why have meet and greets? why do club or casino shows where fans do have the wild chance of running you????gene you always SAY”I WORK FOR THE FANS( THEN WHY WOULD YOU WALK BY THEM WHILE SAYING “YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU WANT BUT, I”M NOT STOPPING) HEY, GENE YOU WOULD”NT BE IN THE ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME,OR RIPPING OFF YOUR FANS WITH YOUR KISS COVER BAND WITHOUT THE DRUG ADDICTS OR ALCOHOLICS OVER THE YEARS. WHY CAN YOU REMEMBER YOUR STORIES CORRECTLY????????

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