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sixxam400 The long-awaited third release from SIXX:A.M., the band comprised of James Michael (vocals), DJ Ashba (guitar) and Nikki Sixx (bass) is entitled Modern Vintage. Produced by James Michael, the album will be available on October 7th with the first single Gotta Get It Right on iTunes now. Watch the video below.

Says bassist Nikki Sixx, “Like our favorite bands from the 1970s, Sixx:A.M. is rooted in songwriting, musicianship and lyrics – three core elements that helped to define that era. Sixx:A.M. has taken even more pages from this book on Gotta Get It Right and the rest of Modern Vintage, having hopefully created a record that demands to be discovered again and again.”

Watch the band discuss the new album in the first of several upcoming behind-the-scenes webisodes at

Shares vocalist James Michael, “On the first two albums, Sixx:AM established a musical freedom that few bands get to enjoy. Gotta Get It Right is clearly a birth child of that creative freedom and an exciting next step for us as our goal was to create something which confounds both expectation and categorization”. Adds guitarist DJ Ashba, Gotta Get it Right is a great example of how Sixx:AM has set out to celebrate the music that has influenced us over the years and we truly feel we’ve made a genre defying album with Modern Vintage.”

Modern Vintage Track Listing:

1. Stars
2. Gotta Get It Right
3. Relief
4. Get Ya Some
5. Let’s Go
6. Drive
7. Give Me A Love
8. Hyperventilate
9. High On The Music
10. Miracle
11. Before It’s Over

SIXX:A.M.’s previous two albums, The Heroin Diaries and This Is Gonna Hurt – both of which were accompanied by books of the same name – have sold over 600,000 copies and spawned 2 number one radio singles, Life Is Beautiful and This Is Gonna Hurt.

SIXX: A.M. on the web:

Official website


  1. I like that they are taking some chances. It is a little different but I think I could get used to it. I love the deeper cuts on cd’s anyway. Sixx A.M so far have had some real GEMS for deep cuts. (Oh My God, Are You With Me Now, Courtesy Call, Girl With Golden Eyes and Accidents Can Happen)

    1. Hell yeah! Even at 68, Peter would do a better job than a “drum machine”! I HATE those F’N things, there’s nothing like the human touch. Keep it real, keep it human! 🙂

        1. …Richman, my fellow Mets fan, Atlantic City was great! Hagar, Anthony, Bonham, Johnson, were F’N awesome! Their rendition of “Rock And Roll” was amazing, Plant, Page, Jones, and John Bonham would be proud. As long as you bet with your head, and not over it, you’ll always win! As far as Kiss goes, I actually won $150.00 from one of the Kiss slot machines, Gene might not be happy about that, but I am! Let’s go Mets! 🙂

        1. OH LOOKOUT! Mr Casio is working quadruple-time these days. Nikki is in a band where the drummer is by far the best musician so now that he has his own side project, he is trying to marginalize the drums. Nikki is a great song writer but as far as drummers go, Tommy is one of the best ever. So no star drummers here, only sessionists. Can’t wait to here Tommy in SMASHING PUMPKINS.

        2. DR, that’s because the drum machine isn’t human! 😉
          Wasn’t Peter Criss ever a team player? I mean it couldn’t have always been bad like that. Yes I know about Peter & Ace’s “bad habits”, but they’re only “human”. Even though sometimes Peter thinks he’s really a cat and Ace believes he’s an alien! LOL! But everybody shows up late sometimes, and threatens to quit at least once in a while, don’t they? After all, just like Gene likes to say, “that’s show business”, and as always “the show must go on”, even it’s a little late! 🙂

          1. Sorry Doug I got no love for Mr. Crosscola. That dude never had a clue as to how good he had it and he blew it…multiple times. Even Ace was happy for a short while when Peter got the boot during Dynasty.
            As for Richman, I too am extremely interested to hear what Tommy Lee has cooked up with that freak Corgan. Word on the street is that it’s amazing stuff, although we haven’t heard Lee’s take on it yet.

    Hey Dana, You got any JUDAS PRIEST or AC/DC news. Maybe something along the lines of GENE SIMMONS MOTHER SAYS ACE FREHLEY IS A D@#CHEBAG. Let me be the first the say:

  3. I always wondered why Nikki never sings on these things. He has a decent rock voice. I don’t know who the vocalist is, but he sounds pretty stock to me.

    It’s a catchy poppy tune. Nikki looks kinda out of place playing this kind of music.

  4. Don’t quote me but I thought someone posted on youtube,that the drummer from the “FOO FIGHTERS” is doing the drum tracks…Think Nikki has always had a cool grasp on song writing from different angles,let the band breathe a little…..

  5. Gotta love how Nikki makes no bones about it all the time that it is a waste of time to make albums in this day and age with the REAL band he formed “by the way that band name is tatooed on my body”

    But he will do this, WTF this is horrible!!!

  6. Well you do realize that peter created the ‘cat man’ and ace created ‘space ace’….I know the paint is gene’$ and paul’$…..just sayin….L oh! L

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