sebastian_bach-400 Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach speaks to Ultimate Classic Rock about KISS’ induction into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame and why he believes the original line-up will not be preforming at the ceremony.

The singer says, “As a fan, I understand why people would want to see that, But as a 46-year old man that has worked with Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley, I understand why Gene Simmons doesn’t work with Ace Frehley.”

His explained his position further by stating, “Ace has sides to him that maybe the fans don’t see. That’s all I can say.” He revealed that he’s currently working on an autobiography and there will be stories in that book “that will explain more of that topic.” He finished his thoughts on the subject by reiterating ”I understand why Gene doesn’t play with him.”

As he indicated in his comments, he had worked with Frehley in the past, both onstage and in the studio. The two paired up to record a song called Know Where You Go for drummer Anton Fig’s solo album Figments in 2004. At that time, Bach called the collaboration with Frehley “a dream come true and an honor.”

Sebastian Bach’s new album, Give’Em Hell, will be released on April 22nd.



  1. Bach says working with Ace in 2004 was a dream come true, but they worked together in 1989 on Ace’s Trouble Walkin’ album. Whatever.

  2. Bach just promoting his music any way he can.

  3. That old demon alcohol. (Ray Davies lyric).

  4. Sell out!! Now we all know why the skids don’t want you back!

  5. Your making chump change playing clubs or,if you let sabastion back in the band you can make millions…. The skids would rather make next to nothing then to let that drama queen back in the band. Ever kiss show I was at sabastion was there screaming aces name like an 8 foot school girl…lol

    • A Skid Row reunion would not make millions.

    • “The skids would rather make next to nothing then to let that drama queen back in the band.”

      If, by “The Skids”, you mean Rachel Bolan, you’re right. He’s the only person who’s vocally rejected the idea of playing with Bach again, meanwhile Sabo and Bach have talked and been pictured together in recent years. One guy holding a grudge and living in the past doesn’t mean you can say that Bach is so bad that NOBODY in the band is interested in the idea.

  6. E BLACK says:

    Seriously, the guy who’s band doesn’t want anything to do with him is going to put his two cents in?

    • Perfect reply E Black…exactly what I thought. Can’t believe he made a comment about this situation…well wait he’s getting his name out there, so I guess I can believe that.

  7. SB: “I have a new album, and I need to promote it….” Opening for KISS would be great!!

  8. John Gross says:

    Maybe Rachel Bolan should write a book outlining why the Skids would pass up millions of dollars instead of working with Bas again.

  9. Taskerofpuppets says:

    What a shit disturber! I can see Ace laughin’ right now. HA-HA-HAAAAA!

  10. Uhhh…FYI……Bach has been “working” with Gene for over the past year & a half on projects. Of course Bach is going to make sure those $$$$$$$$$’s keep coming in.

  11. This poor, has been slob that NOBODY wants back, knows where his possible bread might be buttered if he sucks up enough. Jump on the Gene suck up band wand wagon you washed up has been never gonna be ever ever ever again dult. Man did you get lucky in Skids.

  12. Wow..another KISS thread….. this is getting old. I think Trunk needs to start a forum section and give
    these guys a section to themselves.

  13. Brian B says:

    Hey Eddie, is he drinking the Kool Aid ??

  14. If you ever watched the reality series SuperGroup you can see why nobody would want to work with Bach. What really pisses him off is when the drunk and drugged out Ace of that era thought Bach was too F’d up to work with again.

  15. Bach would want 50%+ of the gate in a Skid Row reunion. Doc a “finder’s percentage” for getting it together. The other guys are content with the 100% playing crappy casinos, fields in the midwest, cruises and other assorted places instead of headlining bigger places and opening for AC/DC down the road.

  16. Rich cincinnati says:

    And Bach is good friends with that other ass nobody wants in a band Axle Rose. Keeping good company douchebag

  17. Christian Carrion says:

    When Sea Bass promoted the name Skid Row as an original I kinda lost alll respect for him offstage. On stage great vocalist, and a talented mf. But the mighty Gary Moore sold the rights to the name Skid Row and Sea Bass has always used cleaver quips and outright mistruths for self promotion. This is no different, he ain’t stupid and like it or not Gene carries alot more weight in the industry than Ace does.

  18. Hastings says:

    Gary Moore -now there’s a real guitar player..

  19. lol… you all need to hop off Ace’s dick. i mean my god……..

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