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sebastian_bach-400 Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach has accused his bandmates of being “allergic to cash”. Additionally, he’s branded their refusal to discuss a reunion as an insult to their loyal fans.

Both parties are regularly asked about the chances of getting back together, but bassist Rachel Bolan recently attempted to end the speculation by calling it “a waste of time”

Now Bach has responded to his comment, telling Yahoo Music, “I go on my Twitter feed and I read things like it’s the 25th anniversary of the first Skid Row album and Skid Row doesn’t give a shit. I would love to do something to celebrate it. My former bandmates are like, ‘Nah, we’re playing a bowling alley. We’re happy.’”

The singer says there’s “a lot of unreleased material” in the band archives which he’s sure fans would love to hear.

“I guess my band is allergic to cash,” he continues. “They’re happy not being big. It’s such an insult to the millions of people who dig our albums. It’s like saying: ‘We were just joking back then. Happy anniversary!’”

Skid Row, fronted by Johnny Solinger for the past 14 years, released the first in their United World Rebellion EP series in 2013, and are currently working on the second instalment.

Meanwhile, Bach releases his new solo album, Give ‘Em Hell on April 22nd. He describes it as giving the fans “more of what they want and what they expect”, adding: “I don’t see how a fan could dig Slave To The Grind and not like the album I’ve just made.”

Touching on his notoriously frank media comments, the Bach says: “I can’t help it. I don’t censor what I say and I always end up in trouble, but I don’t fucking care.”


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  1. I remember Skid Row coming to Syracuse for the first time at a place called..”The Lost Horizon”. I was bouncing there and They brought girlfriends, friends etc with them. A total of 22 people or close to that number where there to see this band. I laughed. Then they opened for Bon Jovi on a Friday night at The Carrier Dome & the next night played once again @ The Lost Horizon. It was total MAYHEM…had to get the Syracuse Police & Fire Depts to control the outside while we did our best to control the inside. The Lost Horizon hosted every major band from the 80’s…GnR, Bon Jovi, Motörhead, Slayer, Anthrax name the band they played there. I never witnessed anything like when Skid Row came back for their 2nd show. Amazing. Would love to see them back together again…….Joe in The Cuse

  2. I appreciate people standing firm on what they believe, that being said Skid Row couldnt sell out a 300 capacity bar, yikes. Those guys must reallly hate eachother. I think one of the problems is outside of Rachel, most people dont know the other guys, its just not marketable. Just my worthless opinion.

    1. Pete, I totally agree. There has to be a lot of bad blood. Skid Row isn’t Skid Row with Sebastian (and I say this a someone who never really cared for them other than their 4 hits). Not marketable is an understatement. How do these guys even buy food?

  3. Skid Row are idiots. Doc would get them on a Kiss-Leppard tour with Bach and get the ball going on exposure. Sure Gene & Paul would put their foot down on the % but it would be more than a Bach or Skid Row tour in clubs, casinos, 17 act shows in a field, etc..

      1. Don’t quote me, but I think Ted Nugent was the last piece of that music puzzle.

        I just remember when they were trying to come up with a band name, it was Sebastian who kept saying, “Let’s call ourselves Savage Animal, dude.” Hysterical.

        Dana from 🙂

        1. Yes Nugent was in too. I can’t remember what they called their band and I’m too lazy to google it. It was a weird name. I remember one episode where they perform and Bach fills a JD bottle with apple juice and gulps it down on stage in front of Nugent who almost loses his shit on stage.

          1. Don’t feel bad, past my “Savage Animal” reference, I didn’t remember their name either,

            D 🙂

        2. I think they were called damocracy….but before savage animal, he wanted to name the band “fist” …he wanted a kiss style font for the logl…lol

          1. Eric,

            I don’t remember that because he went on and on about Savage Animal with such gusto-LOL!! Sebastian is a scream, and he happens to does those really well too.

            D 🙂

  4. Clearly Rachel is calling the shots–kinda get the feeling like Snake and the Scotty would be up for a reunion.

    What’s up with bands forgetting that if it wasnt for the fans, there’d be no bands?

    Like Peter Criss said on TMS last week–the fans were with KISS for 40 years, cant the band just give them a 10 minute set?

  5. “Allergic to cash”…? They have a ton of live dates lined up from April through the end of the summer. Maybe not the biggest venues, but seems they’re not having any problems playing live with their current line up and making a living.

  6. If you are in just for the cash, you need to get out.

    Sorry, but this was an overrated band to begin with that had very little succes. Skid Row was just another dime a dozen hard rock/hair metal band . SB is a tool and he was great in his own mind. If the guy was that great as a vocalist he would have spent the last 20 plus years as a productive working member in a band. There is a reason the other guys from that band do not want to play with him.

    He mentions that his former bandmates are happy playing bowling alleys. Well sorry Mr Bach, with you back with them you might be headling the bowling alley and thats it. Get a grip dude. It’s over . Skid Row is no cash. Never will be.

    1. ‘If you are in for the cash, you need to get out’

      Do you think these bands play for free? Do you think they’re just playing some dates till their pensions kick in? Dude wake up. They’re all in it for the cash. You think they do it for the love of playing just for you? You think Snake has played Youth Gone Wild 2 million times cause he loves the song so much? Do you think he got a Sebastian Bach look alike because it felt right? Holy Crap, too many whiners on this site lately talking about how greedy rock bands are. Get a grip and realize the romance is dead. These dudes need to get paid or they’re not paying the rent. Snake has a job outside of Skid Row cause he can barely get paid.

    2. Hi Jay,

      With all due respect to your opinion, and you are certainly entitled to it, Sebastian Bach happens to be a great vocalist. If he couldn’t sing, he wouldn’t have been on Broadway. Believe me, I am not a fan of cheesy musicals, but the fact remains that you have to be able to sing, and well, to be in show like Jekyll and Hyde.

      Judas Priest is my favorite band, and when Rob Halford left, I thought the only one who could possibly replace the Metal God in the band, would have been Bach. He could hit the notes, yet still have a sound all of his own, as opposed to being a Halford clone. Replacing a singer as iconic and unique as Halford is no small fete and I think Bach would have been one of the few who would have been able to do it justice. Just my humble opinion.

      Dana from 🙂

      1. Bach is a monster personality. Very strong willed. Can’t imagine sharing a tour bus with the dude, especially when he was drinking. That being said, he is the voice to your point Dana. I think Snake would do it as some others have posted. Snake would know how to handle him now. Bach has said in the past that he would only re-unite if there was new music involved. His new band is very intriguing, lots of talent there.

  7. That’s the problem, too many morons go and see the Bach-less Skid Row…..they never saw the real deal…..if they did they’d laugh at the S-R out there the last 2 decades.

  8. Its pretty clear that if they reunited they would be twice as big as Bach’s solo band and 4 times as big as the current incarnation of “Skid Row.” It seems even Bach is up for a reunion and Snake & co. probably need the cash a lot more than he does, which is pretty poor decision making on their part.

    I’ll go ahead and say it. Skid Row is my all-time favorite band. But there is no Skid Row without Bach. The current “Skid Row” played a show in my city a few months back and I didn’t even bother to go…

  9. It’s never gonna happen…might as well lay it to rest like the g-n-r situation ,
    No pun but no need in “beating a (dead horse)”.

    Cause talking to bach is like beating a dead horse…, sike !!!
    I love bach and the row BOTH;

  10. “I guess MY band is allergic to cash.”

    I think that statement says a lot. MY BAND. Bach obviously has an ego the size of Manhattan that likely the guys in Skid Row don’t want to have to deal with it. Even if they did get back with Sebastian, they are 3rd on the bill or playing clubs. I thought the first record was very good, but Skid Row is basically a two album band. How about something like Cinderella/Ratt/Dokken/Skid Row.
    Cinderella stands up really well, Ratt is back (Pearcy’s book was great), though it’s too bad Lynch isn’t in Dokken. (more egos)

    1. Cinderella is a great example they still tour together even with Tom Keifer doing his great solo work and the Guitarist and Bassist(can’t remember their names right now) are having fun with a band called Cheap Thrill that I got to see in kewanee IL last November.

      But in reality Skid Row is really Sebastian’s band I mean whenever someone mentions Skid Row more often than not the first person that comes into a person’s mind is Sebastian. I like Dave Sabo a lot I’ve met him several times and even got to party with him once but he and the others are being stupid on this one even if it’s only for one tour they need to get back the classic lineup to celebrate that album.

  11. Doc wants it and could manage it, he knows they are a big double bill add to an AC/DC or Def Leppard or Ozzy etc. Rachel’s skid marks on our drawers are just like all the rest playing an endless line of big clubs/casinos/17 on the bill fests instead of ramped up ’89 again, real deal.

    1. Roland – “thus are a happier band without him”

      If you’re basing that on the fact that one member, Bolan, has expressed the fact that playing with Bach would be a waste of time, they’re not a happier BAND, just one guy with a grudge holding his bandmates back. HUGE difference. Bach and Snake have talked and were even pictured together a couple years back, and I’m betting Snake and Hill would be down to play with Bach for a few shows to celebrate the 25th.

  12. Sebastian Bach is releasing his 3rd solo album now. The first two were pretty good, I like them. There was also Abachalypse Now which is a live2 cd/dvd.
    The point is he’s working and making music. The original Skid Row have done one album which I admit I haven’t heard. They came through my city a couple years ago and played a very small club.
    They also have to get the original drummer Rob A. back in the band if they’re going to do a full reunion.
    But Sebastian is a huge part of Skid Row as the front man.

  13. I’ve always had the impression that the current Skid Row lineup is content being employed as rock musicians and not so much as rock stars, the latter obviously bringing more “cash.” Many bands of yesteryear are in the former category. They had their rock star moments and today just enjoy playing music, providing for their families….like the rest of us. Do I think Skid’s with Sebastian in it would generate a better buzz for them (and cash), yes. And I would go see them and at the bigger venue they would be at.

  14. We are talking/arguing about Skid Row/Sebastian Bach…really? Sounds like they are being made out to be something monumental. They were/ and will be but a “minor blip” in the history of hard rock. I guess it ‘s all subjective in what you like, but come on…Skid Row? I know Eddie put them in his book. But you have to remmeber it’s “his essential”. I like Ed, but he is a fan boy and gets enamoured with some of these guys/guests that he is friends with. Sorry but no way are these guys essential. B level at best.

    Like it was mentioned earlier, if Bach was/is a great as he perceives himself to be in his mind, he would have been working more. Broadway great, thats all fine. You can scream and hit all the high notes you want , thats not the only thing that makes you great singer. Just like Malmsteen, you can play fast/appregios and burn the neck up and thats nice, but there is more to it. You can be talented as much as you want, but if you cant get along personality wise, forget. At this sage of the game ,people dont want to deal with it. Check your ego.

    People have to realize, for the most part the glory days of hard rock/metal are done. I hate to say it, but is has been for quite awhile. I will enjoy the music like i always have but , to think it’s going to rise out of the grave and dominate like it did you are wrong. So for Bach to think he is going to milk a supposed cash cow like Skid Row, he is delusional. Maybe it has a had a little resurgance, but nothing dominating. It seems to have a stronger following in Europe and other countries. If you want to make cash, maybe take it overseas and milk it like JLT. That will pay the bills.

    1. Will,

      I personally think that Sebastian’s singing talents are much more than just screaming and hitting high notes, but to each their own.

      Also, I was never arguing about the legitimacy of Skid Row with or without Bach, I just felt that his singing talent was being somewhat minimized, that’s all.

      Dana from 🙂

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