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peterCriss400 The New York Daily News reports:

Ex-KISS drummer Peter Criss is shouting it out loud: He’s doesn’t hate Jews.

Two days before the band is set to be inducted in the Hall of Fame, the 68-year-old musician vehemently denied allegations made in Paul Stanley’s tell-all memoir that he and original guitarist Ace Frehley were vocal anti-Semites.

Criss told TMZ that he supports all religions and that his favorite aunt was Jewish.

That’s a far cry from the portrait painted by Stanley — who like fellow founder Gene Simmons is Jewish — in his new book, Face the Music: A Life Exposed.

The feud is the latest blemish behind the face-painted facade of the band to be made public.

Relations are so strained between Stanley and Simmons and their former bandmates that the original lineup refuses to perform together at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center for Thursday’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concert.

Read more at the New York Daily News.

source: nydailynews.com


    1. This isn’t entirely relevant, as Judaism is also bloodline (The DNA is identifiable as Semitic). Non-practicing Semitics were killed en masse during the Holocaust. Non-practicing Semitics are discriminated against even today on a daily basis. It almost always boils down the stereotypes surrounding Jews and rarely, if ever, does it come down to their religious practice.

  1. Fair enough. And im sorry {off-topic} but after hearing the latest Ace interview… Sober or not. He sounds drunk. Also mad annoying. I can kind of get why Gene and Paul don’t wanna mess with this dude anymore. And im a Ace fan… But he’s a fucking clown. Always laughing at his own jokes that don’t even make sense. Way tooooo many drugs. He is mad burnt out, and not in a cool way. Sorry. But this guy has to be annoying to hang with.

    1. Funny, but I have an uncle that didn’t drink or do drugs in his youth, he’s in his sixties now.
      Guess what, he’s forgot alot of stuff from the past & he laughs at his own jokes as well.
      It’s amazing to me that the reality of GETTING OLD is somehow avoided by some. LMAO
      Many people of ALL ages are annoying to say the least.
      Gene may have all his memory, but more than 15 minutes of listening to him talk about himself and how great he is would be just as annoying as hanging with Ace as you say.
      To each their own.

  2. I’ve see plenty of pictures of Ace wearing Nazi uniforms, that lends a bit of credibility to Ace being anti semitic. And I would imagine that Paul knows a hell of a lot more about what was happening in his band than any of us do.
    Did anyone expect Ace & Peter to go: “yep. We hate Jews!”

    1. John,

      Personally, I don’t have a pony in this race, as I have admitted many times that I am not really a KISS fan. However, as a woman, I could never be engaged to someone who knowingly hated my race or creed. So, unless Ace’s fiancee is self hating, I cannot imagine that she, as a Jew, would tie herself to someone who is an anti-Semite.

      If Ace was pictured wearing a Nazi costume, I have no defense for that and I find it to be in very poor taste. However, I did see the pictures of Paul dressed that way, and in one of the photos, he had his arm extended in a Nazi salute. This is not only makes him a major hypocrite, but as a Jew, I find his actions to be even more egregious.

      Let’s face it, when it comes to this particular controversy, with the exception of Gene, they all have dirty hands.

      Dana from EddieTrunk.com 🙂

      1. Well, we dont really know what context that photo was taken in. Was it because Paul wanted to placate Peter by “joining in” with the joke, so he wouldn’t quit the band as he had threatened to do so many times in the past? Was he just being a naive, stupid young kid? No one knows for sure. I do know that people really don’t understand the horror of the holocaust until they are mature enough to do so. For me, it was well into my 30s after visiting the Holocaust Museum.

        1. Truth,

          Any of the aforementioned reasons that you stated could very well apply since no one else was present, but the actual individuals involved.

          However, I will say that no amount of peer pressure, partying, etc. could ever make me dress up like that or in black face with shackles while someone else dressed as a white slave owner dragged me behind them. There are just some things, even for those that aren’t completely schooled on a subject, that one shouldn’t do. One can cry naiveté all they want, but it doesn’t wash because the majority of people know, even on a rudimentary level, about the holocaust, slavery, etc. Also, I can not imagine that Paul, of all people, as a Jew, didn’t know what he was doing was in poor taste, jest or not.

          As I said before, when it comes to this situation, with the exception of Gene, they are all culpable. Unfortunately, under those circumstances Paul cannot afford to be pointing fingers and accuse others of wrongdoing, when he isn’t innocent himself.

          Dana 🙂

    2. Hmm…funny John because Paul CONVIENTLY (well documented) seems to forget when he was wearing Nazi clothing….hmmmmm. Of course picture lie in Paul’s case …..eh? Nuff said. Paul Stanley has enough bullshit to supply a horse farm. He is extremely inconsistent with his issues with Ace & Peter, so bad that he tends to forget that even Gene seemed to be pissed by his Nazi interests…..oh but really, that isn’t the REAL ISSUE…..right Paul??? Lmao

      1. Yes, right, because ONE PICTURE is so equal to 40 years of behavior. NOT. There’s one picture of me in college throwing up drunk. Am I an alcoholic? There’s a picture of my friend, and another friend is leaning over kissing his cheek as s joke. Are they now gay?

        Yeah, Paul’s gone off the deep end with his attacks, but the one thing he’s not is “inconsistent”. It’s not the first time that ANY of these allegations (including the ones about Gene) have come up, and for me, where there’s smoke there’s fire.

        1. Uhhh…sorry bubs but yes….Paul is very inconsistent & we aren’t talking about YOU….Well documented ie:Bill Aucoin Creem Interview 1993 that Paul &. Ace would literally dress each other on tours in Nazi uniforms and salute the Nazi sign…1pic?? Try many bubs. And you couldn’t have said it any better, “where’s there smoke there’s fire” B I N G O. And now I’m done with you, meathead!!

  3. All I know is that if someone slanders my name by calling me a racist or a bigot and has no tangible proof, then I go to court with a slander charge and sue and sue big. In today’s world, there is no bigger cross to bear than to have been tagged with the word “racist” around your neck. Paul has reached new lows and the robots are there to eat it up.

    1. And yet…. neither of them did. So by your logic, it would seem that perhaps maybe Paul isn’t as far from the truth as the “robots” (which is better used to refer to the poeple that knee-jerk believe everything Ace and Peter say and take any opportunity to bash Paul and Gene) are making it sound?

  4. Just found out aces fiancée is Jewish. Also paul (as Dana mentioned above) was photographed wearing a nazi uniform doing the nazi salute. To me it seems like a sad destructive ploy to sell books. Also how will peter react? Ace said he will take the high road (no pun intended) but we all know how vocal peter is. I think we all have seen what type of person paul is. Paul is a major hypocrite and although ace dressed as a nazi (which is wrong) I highly doubt he is truly an anti Semite. Otherwise why would he have a Jewish fiancée? It makes no sense and leads me to believe that paul is off base with this one.

  5. Like Ace, Peter is coming off real well in the midst of the HoF drama. This is mainly about Paul not getting the attention that Gene, Ace, and Peter have gotten over the years.

    1. All a matter of personal opinion; I think he (and Ace) are coming off like whiny desperate babies. The last couple of paragraphs in the Rolling Stone article are pathetic. So anytime anyone plays Beth without Peter it’s a personal slap in the face? Please. If your entire career and entire self-worth is tied to two minutes of music that you didn’t even write, that is lame.

  6. The record industry from executives to lawyers is almost totally jewish as Ace has said. They’d complain if he was a hater. Probaly some old school Catskills jew jokes Buddy Hackett threw up in ’61 that Paul didn’t like Ace throwin’ up. I like his polish jokes. Jackie Martling has killer ones.

  7. Paul Paul Paul, why so bitter man??
    Mad at Ace and Pete for 1 reason….throwing a roadblock in the way of the KISS gravy train by leaving. Twice! Because despite whether fans have enjoyed other lineups/albums from COTN forward and your belief that they are superior, truthfully they cannot and never will hold a candle to the original lineup and the albums they made.
    And as far as Gene goes…you’ve said repeatedly how you wanted to get in to acting…what ever happened with that? Gene has by no means done anything remotely Oscar-worthy but still manages to find acting work while your phone sits silent….that must really eat you up.
    I’m quite sure there are a million other reasons for your ongoing childish behavior, these are just the first to come to mind. Who knows? maybe I’m wrong…after all, just like you…this is just my opinion.

  8. LMAO, seriously Paul Stanley just can’t stop himself from bullshitting. ‘Oh Ace this & Peter that’…..yeah yeah Paul, we get it. You want US to believe what you & Gene have been preaching since…uhh…1983???? Oh I’m most positive some is true, Ace & Peter have admitted it in their books but your’s & Gene’s inconsistencies are really starting to catch up to both of you. You both have serious control issue, bad attitude issues, and a whole lot more. You’re not even respected by the very ones that put you where you are today. Your pathetic, disgusting human behavior has been well documented for decades….BUT STILL….you both try to continue to disgrace Ace Frehley & Peter Criss as human beings TOTALLY IGNORING THE FACTS that you are disgracing yourselves, the band, the bands legacy, everyone that busted their asses to get “KISS”..Ace,Paul,Gene,Peter to the biggest band of that decade. You both are spoiled brats. You have gotten your way EVERYTIME & now you LOST to get your way with the RRHoF….even your high powered attys can’t help you with the RRHoF so what do you do in return….cry, whine, throw your anger/hatred at Ace&Peter. And some of these meatheads on here are buying your bullshit…lmao. Joe in The Cuse. Hey Gene & Paul , “KISS MY ASS” you spoiled whining brats!!

  9. If Ace dressing up as a Nazi in the 70’s as a joke makes him an anti-Semite, then Mel Brooks is an anti semite. Give me a break. Mel always made fun of Jewish stereotypes, he even had a guy dressed as Hitler in Blazing Saddles, giving the seig heil salute! Mel Brooks is a Jew’s Jew, and he had fun with it. Big deal, Ace wore a Nazi uniform and acted like a fool. So what.

    1. Umm Joe, Mel was Jewish, so he is essentially making fun of himself.

      I will equate it this way, you can say whatever you want about your family, but God forbid any one else does. It’s a similar concept.

      Dana from EddieTrunk.com

  10. I find it horrible that Paul does everything he can to demean Ace and Peter, calling them alcoholics and drug addicts, and saying they can’t cut it anymore etc etc. Paul has become the bully that he once was a victim of himself. – Gene is no stranger to throwing dirt at former members either.

    I really like the fact that Peter and Ace comes off as class acts in this mess.

    To me it seems like Paul is on a vendetta, that does nothing but hurt KISS badly. And what I am most surprised at is that, that little garden gnome Doc McGhee doesn’t do anything to stop him, like any good manager would do. It’s kinda like, Paul is dead set on screwing KISS up completely and alienate many fans. I sure can’t recognize KISS anymore, especially Paul who once was a “class act” publicly anyways.

    I predict that this is the end, there’s not gonna be a KISS by the end of the year. No matter what, this is a sad ending that Paul is giving KISS – and US the FANS. (huge sigh).

  11. It’s too bad that this time and energy is not being used to celebrate the history of KISS with stories about events and how songs came to be written etc….things that we could enjoy and celebrate vs who made a joke in poor taste 35 years ago.

  12. I’m reading Paul’s book. It is a fantastic book. Great read. I know all the Paul/Gene haters won’t like it, but who cares. I highly recommend this book.

    1. Uhh “Truth” it’s not about any1 hating Gene & Paul….(oh by the way I did read Paul’s book…uhh…lmao)…but it’s really about Paul just pathetically BULLSHITTING….like ge does numerous times in this book. A year or so ago he said that “Ace & Peter were never my friends”. Of course in the book he considered Ace “a very close friend, we had fun together doing shit that I wouldn’t have done sober” oh seriously Paul??? Was pissed at Peter in the early days because the band was struggling BUT….Paul says he “couldn’t blame Peter for getting upset, I was pounding my fist against everything wondering if I would be able to get my cab job back”. Thanks Mr. Inconsistant!!

  13. Its come to this Paul and Gene have played the “race card” unbelievable. 20 years ago Peter didnt sign an autograph for my younger brother. His explanation his mother had passed from cancer, and the only scratch paper my brother could produce was an empty Marlboro pack. No problem, we did etch our names on the side of his tour bus out back later on, but it was all good

  14. Why would one tour the world for from 1973 to 1982 and again from 1996 to 2001 with individuals who are anti-Semites? This book is a display of Paul Stanley’s psychological disorders! This is scary because there are enough ignorant people to go along with it. Paul is using his version of the race card to achieve his agenda. What he does not realize is that the same accusations can be made right back at him. Is Paul anti-Christian ? I don’t think so, but one could easily paint that picture of him. The one thing that remains is that my respect for him has been shattered !

  15. Who cares about what Ace and Peter think about Jews or anyone else ??? they haven’t been in KISS for years and didn’t even play much on Psycho Circus anyways. the main thing is the music and I think KISS was at it’s best during the Animalize Tour in 1984 although I was disappointed to read that Paul’s vocals and guitar were heavily overdubbed, but it doesn’t affect what an awesome tour it must have been. anyways, they have so many good songs other than their “hits” and this is what I would like to see KISS do in the future:
    #1) stop playing all their “hits” and focus instead on their other songs on their next tour(s) #2) play more covers. 2000 Man is proof (to me anyways) that it would be great to hear them play some songs other than their own.
    #3) put out a record of their own or covers of folk / country music as I know it would possibly open up a whole new market for them and really show what good and versatile musicians they are.
    #4) retire the makeup for a couple of years while their doing all (or at least some) of the above.

  16. What an utterly pathetic and, indeed, offensive way to sell books. One wonders if Paul Stanley’s convictions about Ace and Peter were held before or after the Reunion, Psycho Circus and Farewell Tours wherein scads of money was made off the backs of Peter and Ace while each of them were only employed via contracts with KISS. Those truly offended by racists don’t usually join forces with those whom harbour such twisted views. Perhaps its time to come to terms with the foundation started in 1972-73 which enables Paul to get people’s attention in 2014.

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