peterCriss400 The New York Daily News reports:

Ex-KISS drummer Peter Criss is shouting it out loud: He’s doesn’t hate Jews.

Two days before the band is set to be inducted in the Hall of Fame, the 68-year-old musician vehemently denied allegations made in Paul Stanley’s tell-all memoir that he and original guitarist Ace Frehley were vocal anti-Semites.

Criss told TMZ that he supports all religions and that his favorite aunt was Jewish.

That’s a far cry from the portrait painted by Stanley — who like fellow founder Gene Simmons is Jewish — in his new book, Face the Music: A Life Exposed.

The feud is the latest blemish behind the face-painted facade of the band to be made public.

Relations are so strained between Stanley and Simmons and their former bandmates that the original lineup refuses to perform together at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center for Thursday’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concert.

Read more at the New York Daily News.

source: nydailynews.com

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  • Frank W on

    It’s too bad that this time and energy is not being used to celebrate the history of KISS with stories about events and how songs came to be written etc….things that we could enjoy and celebrate vs who made a joke in poor taste 35 years ago.

  • Truth on

    I’m reading Paul’s book. It is a fantastic book. Great read. I know all the Paul/Gene haters won’t like it, but who cares. I highly recommend this book.

    • Joe on

      Uhh “Truth” it’s not about any1 hating Gene & Paul….(oh by the way I did read Paul’s book…uhh…lmao)…but it’s really about Paul just pathetically BULLSHITTING….like ge does numerous times in this book. A year or so ago he said that “Ace & Peter were never my friends”. Of course in the book he considered Ace “a very close friend, we had fun together doing shit that I wouldn’t have done sober” oh seriously Paul??? Was pissed at Peter in the early days because the band was struggling BUT….Paul says he “couldn’t blame Peter for getting upset, I was pounding my fist against everything wondering if I would be able to get my cab job back”. Thanks Mr. Inconsistant!!

  • dave on

    Its come to this Paul and Gene have played the “race card” unbelievable. 20 years ago Peter didnt sign an autograph for my younger brother. His explanation his mother had passed from cancer, and the only scratch paper my brother could produce was an empty Marlboro pack. No problem, we did etch our names on the side of his tour bus out back later on, but it was all good

  • Dean Cramer on

    The drama’s all over and let’s get back to the music, be it the old or new stuff.

  • Brendan on

    Why would one tour the world for from 1973 to 1982 and again from 1996 to 2001 with individuals who are anti-Semites? This book is a display of Paul Stanley’s psychological disorders! This is scary because there are enough ignorant people to go along with it. Paul is using his version of the race card to achieve his agenda. What he does not realize is that the same accusations can be made right back at him. Is Paul anti-Christian ? I don’t think so, but one could easily paint that picture of him. The one thing that remains is that my respect for him has been shattered !

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