peterCriss400 The New York Daily News reports:

Ex-KISS drummer Peter Criss is shouting it out loud: He’s doesn’t hate Jews.

Two days before the band is set to be inducted in the Hall of Fame, the 68-year-old musician vehemently denied allegations made in Paul Stanley’s tell-all memoir that he and original guitarist Ace Frehley were vocal anti-Semites.

Criss told TMZ that he supports all religions and that his favorite aunt was Jewish.

That’s a far cry from the portrait painted by Stanley — who like fellow founder Gene Simmons is Jewish — in his new book, Face the Music: A Life Exposed.

The feud is the latest blemish behind the face-painted facade of the band to be made public.

Relations are so strained between Stanley and Simmons and their former bandmates that the original lineup refuses to perform together at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center for Thursday’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concert.

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source: nydailynews.com

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  1. Who cares about what Ace and Peter think about Jews or anyone else ??? they haven’t been in KISS for years and didn’t even play much on Psycho Circus anyways. the main thing is the music and I think KISS was at it’s best during the Animalize Tour in 1984 although I was disappointed to read that Paul’s vocals and guitar were heavily overdubbed, but it doesn’t affect what an awesome tour it must have been. anyways, they have so many good songs other than their “hits” and this is what I would like to see KISS do in the future:
    #1) stop playing all their “hits” and focus instead on their other songs on their next tour(s) #2) play more covers. 2000 Man is proof (to me anyways) that it would be great to hear them play some songs other than their own.
    #3) put out a record of their own or covers of folk / country music as I know it would possibly open up a whole new market for them and really show what good and versatile musicians they are.
    #4) retire the makeup for a couple of years while their doing all (or at least some) of the above.

  2. What an utterly pathetic and, indeed, offensive way to sell books. One wonders if Paul Stanley’s convictions about Ace and Peter were held before or after the Reunion, Psycho Circus and Farewell Tours wherein scads of money was made off the backs of Peter and Ace while each of them were only employed via contracts with KISS. Those truly offended by racists don’t usually join forces with those whom harbour such twisted views. Perhaps its time to come to terms with the foundation started in 1972-73 which enables Paul to get people’s attention in 2014.

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