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newenglandtheband400 New England will be performing a reunion concert the Regent Theatre in Arlington, MA on August 15th. This is the first time all four original members have performed together since 1983. Tickets for this event can be purchased here.

New England is a four-piece rock and roll band hailing from Boston, MA. John Fannon (guitar & vocals), Hirsh Gardner (drums and vocals), Jimmy Waldo (keyboards and vocals) and Gary Shea (bass) broke out of the local scene with the release of their self-titled album on Infinity/MCA in 1979. The first single, Don’t Ever Wanna Lose Ya (see video below), became an AOR smash and even cracked the Top 40. The album was produced by Mike Stone and Paul Stanley of Kiss, with whom New England toured for much of 1979 and 1980.

For their sophomore effort, entitled Explorer Suite, the foursome once again called upon veteran knob-twirler Mike Stone. Highlights from this album are the orchestral title track, It’s Never Too Late, and Conversation, which features New England’s trademark lush background vocals. The touring never let up for the boys from Boston as they split their time on the Explorer Suite tour between headlining large clubs and sharing arena billing with Journey, AC/DC, Cheap Trick, and Kiss among others.

For the third album, Walking Wild, the legendary Todd Rundgren was at the helm. The results of these sessions were hard-driving anthemic tunes such as Don’t Ever Let Me Go, L-5 (co-written by Fannon, Waldo & Rundgren) and the kick-ass rocker Holdin’ Out On Me, which features Hirsh Gardner on lead vocals. The frustration over the lack of label support grew and the band parted ways. While Fannon & Gardner went on to successful careers as producers and Shea & Waldo formed Alcatrazz with Graham Bonnet
& Yngwie Malmsteen, nothing seemed to match the excitement of New England. The real strength of New England was the combination of four strong & diverse individuals: Fannon’s lead vocals & songwriting, Waldo’s whirling keyboards, Gardner’s driving skin-pounding and high-pitched vocals and Shea’s thunderous bass lines.

While the records speak for themselves, the fans are the reason New England lives: Waldo explains,“I would tour all over the world with Alcatrazz and every country we’d go to people would have New England albums for me to sign. It really shows you the power of music. We have fans all over Europe & Japan, places we never even toured. It’s amazing.”

Watch the video for Don’t Ever Wanna Lose Ya below.

Listen to their self titled debut album below.


    1. I apologize at the risk of sounding curt, but give it a rest Lee.

      Firstly, Eddie asked me to post this story.

      Secondly, I was posting stories about KISS on here for weeks on end and dealing with hundreds of comments a day. Sorry, if all that time devoted to the band wasn’t enough for you. Last time I checked, the name of this site was, not

      Dana from

      1. I will never understand why people act the way they do. Lee must of on mars when the whole R&R stuff was going down over the past few months. It’s kinda hard to learn about what others bands are doing if all Dana posted was kiss stuff! There are bands out there that are putting great music out! All kiss is doing is touring. Ace is where all the kiss focus should be! He’s got new music out that is damn good. Ace’s last CD sold more copies than both of kiss’ last 2 albums combined. Let other more important bands get the spot light for once. Peace out metal fans

          1. If I’m not mistaken the song in video you put up was written by Paul Stanley I thinks so you are in a was supporting!

        1. I love Ace, Ace’s last cd did not outsell either one of the last 2 KISS cd’s singularly. Lets not kid ourselves. Barely outsold Paul’s Live to Win.

        2. Brian…lets be clear hear, Sonic Boom and Monster’s total sales combined were about 450k. Boom having sold the most at around 300k. Frehley’s Anomaly sold around 55K. So, not sure where you are getting that Ace outsold Kiss. Btw, the numbers are out there via Soundscan if you want to dig them up. Further…as Ed stated, Paul only co-produced the 1st New England album and sang backup on Don’t Ever Wanna Lose Ya. He did not write anything.

  1. dont’ ever want to lose ya is still one of my favorite songs! hope they come to the Midwest would love to see them!
    does anyone know what happened to a band called ” teaze” they had a very cool song called heartless world, they were around in 78 & 79, kind of similar in style to new England

  2. Never heard of these guy and I’m a CT man! Going to youtube them and see what there about. Dana you put up a video of them cause a lot of people are wondering the same. Lol

    1. Brian,

      I am embarrassed to admit that I had never heard of them either. I will see what I can find at youtube and embed into the story.

      Dana from 🙂

  3. I grew up in MA and I have never heard of them either…and I grew up during that time period. I have heard of the band “MASS”….but not “New England”….learn something new everyday I guess…

    1. I saw them open for Kiss at MSG in 79′ and they were pretty bad. The crowd booed them off of the stage but in fairness to them I guess everyone was just ready for Kiss and not an opening act with no name recognition. I had no idea Paul Stanley was involved with them.

        1. I agree the music is good, it was probably just the atmosphere that night with the crowd amped up for Kiss. My memory of them being bad is probably because I felt the same way as many others just wanting to see Kiss take the stage. Sometimes opening acts unfairly bear the brunt of a restless crowd.

          A few years later at MSG I lucked out seeing Bon Jovi open for The Scorpions. Had no idea who they were at the time, I believe it was when Runaway was breaking, but came away very impressed. Anyway, congrats to NE on their reunion.

      1. Saw them twice on the Dynasty tour…the crowd was pretty apathetic to them in Atlanta but they went down very well at the Nashville show. Nashville back in that era was pretty hard on opening acts so if you didn’t deliver, they’d beat you down. I’ve literally seen bands get pelted off that stage there.

  4. Thanks Eddie I was mistaken about the Paul writing thing! I need to wear my reading glasses more often and thank for turning us on to something new! We need more of this to many bands with great music we need to know about. Hello hello hello was a song I knew but had know idea who sang it. Cheers

    1. Why the two kiss sold anything amazes me! Each to there own but I hated both those CD’s big time! Would never knock someone for there likes and dislike but I stop liking kiss 20 years ago! So I don’t check sells stats on them or any band I let the music do the talking as long as I like that is what matters in my eye’s. The name kiss sells weather the music is good or not. Peace out metal heads

  5. I saw New England open for Kiss on the Dynasty tour, at the old War Memorial Auditorium in Buffalo, New York.

    It was a fantastic night that I will never forget.

  6. Hey Brian, there’s nothing about the Kiss tour since it opened in SLC on this site, nothing. Reviews, song selection, Paul’s voice, etc.. I guess when Ace is 5 gigs into his tour we’ll have already 7 lead articles playing big dumps like the Ogden Theater in Denver. The last Kiss CD sold more in the NYC area alone than Ace’s did since it came out. New England sucked opening for Kiss at MSG, I was there booing too. Another Elektra cut-out bin fave for $1.99.

    1. You want Kiss news? Okay, here you go: Paul and Gene are currently “celebrating” the 40th anniversary of their first album by playing abbreviated sets while piggy-backing on a double bill with Def Leppard, because they can’t headline arenas on their own and don’t have the energy to play a full 2-hour show anymore. And tons of Youtube evidence continues to prove that Paul can’t sing well anymore either.
      There’s your Kiss news. Now go away.

  7. New England was a great band! I wish I could go to this show. I have seen them many times back in the day and even got to know Jimmy and Gary. I met them in a bar in New Hampshire back in 81 or 82 and could not believe it. They were sitting by themselves and I said to my cousin ” Do you know who those guys are?” I said I’ve got to say hello. I went over to them and said listen, I don’t to bother you but I am a big New England fan, your albums are great. They said sit down and join us. I could not believe it. We talked for a couple of hours about music, it was great. Finally they said to bad your going back to Jersey because were playing next week at this very place. I told them I would be back, they said fine will put you on the guest list, give me your phone number. A few days later my Dad said to me you got a phone call from a Gary Shea telling me to let you know everything’s set for this weekend. I went and it was a blast. I hung out with them before and after the show. I can only hope that this show gets recorded cd/dvd and gets released. A truly great band and great guys. Thanks guys for reporting this story.

    1. On a separate note, this story is about New England why all the Kiss comments? I know Paul Stanley produced there first album and New England open for them once but I would like to read more comments about New England a truly great band!

    1. Ace was the worst concert I have ever saw!!!!!! The biggest let down ever!! It was at Toads place in the late 80’s. He was so god dam wasted he could barley stand up and kept playing and singing the wrong parts for the wrong songs! But the studio albums are what I like. May have miss spoken a little but at least I can say I may be wrong most people don’t. Like I said brand names are not what I care about it’s the music a band makes that matters to me. I’d rather listen to a No name band that puts out great music then support a band just because they have a brand name and sell tickets. But with that said every one has a personality and to knock someones likes and dislikes makes know sense there are enough musical styles out to fit us all. If you like kiss you have every right to do so and I would never knock on anyone’s door for it.

    2. Were you born a dick or did you just work real hard to get this good at it? Obviously you have a bone to pick w/Eddie or this website but just to preserve everyone’s sanity how about you go growl under another bridge troll?

  8. Crue kicked off their tour…….uh, anybody see anything about Kiss doin the biggest tour of the year yet. Nope. My New England LP has 99 cents Woolworths on it, big cut mark on the corner.

    1. What basis do you have for stating Kiss doing the biggest tour of the year?? Are you joking? You honestly think a co headline shed tour is the biggest tour of the year? Amazing! And before you go off on some sort of insane Kiss bias I have news for you, NO rock tour will be biggest tour of the year! Likely Katy Perry or some sort of pop. That is selling out ARENAS with no name opener like it or not. The last few Kiss tours have stat wise not been in the top 10 money makers. So lets deal in facts and not what you are being sold by some..

  9. Kiss’ numbers are huge. Katy Perry won’t do it. Nobody has ever done that SLC arena seat count, ever. Massive merchandising numbers. The $ left with Kiss will be the biggest arena gross if Bruce doesn’t add 25 more. Hey Brian, Ace never came close. NWA reunion with a Snoop for Eazy-E replace would make the biggest arena tour in ’15 if Live Nation gets the contract signed.

  10. Thanks Ed! Never heard of this one before. Instead of looking for new bands that deliver there’s tons of bands that been under the radar forever that are way much better!

  11. Elmetalo says “way much better”. Saw them in ’79, they sucked. Yeah, I saw Ace back in the day at a bar/club in Glendale Colorado and the guys had to literally prop him up.

  12. saw them with KISS in Memphis August 1979 sold out Mid South Coliseum ,second concert in my then-young life,two months earlier saw Van Halen and The Granatti Brothers,same venue,both super fun nights

  13. Kudos to you who were familiar with these guys, I never heard them until just now, and they’re good; an ELO thing going, very well performed, I would listen to this. They are really trying hard to sound English…The Babys got back together without John Waite and they are playing this little bar in North Hollywood called Joe’s Bar.
    About 26 min. N.E. (they should’ve made a logo with their acronym) almost went into “Into the Fire,” from Deep Purple’s In Rock…cool. These guys are commercial but they are still attempting to be arty, in a kind of Bowie way…I like this.

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