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tommylee Julia Hatmaker of reports:

The Motley Crue show at the Great Allentown Fair on August 27th was evidently lacking in the “rocking out” department. Tommy Lee, the band’s drummer, tweeted out his disappointment in the crowd, which he called “absent.”

Lee’s tweet read:

T❍mmy L✮✮ ✔ @MrTommyLand

The comments were met with apologies and confusion, with some fans saying from their perspective the crowd was eating up the band’s set.

Others blamed the sound guy and the lack of a drum solo. Sheila Gordon tweeted out her disapproval over Lee’s words:

Sheila Gordon @birdie2973

@MrTommyLand I’ve always defended him in the past but not this time. be greatful that after 30+ years fans pay big money to come see you
4:30 PM – 28 Aug 2014

According to the The Morning Call, the fault wasn’t on the crowd – but on Motley Crue itself.

The review called the show “boring” and singer Vince Neil “lackluster,” although it did ad that there were “enough flames, fireworks and skimpily-dressed women (and, occasionally, good music) in its hour-and-45-minute show to keep the audience of 8,679 from having its eyes glaze over.”

Lehigh Valley Live’s reviewer was kinder, stating that “the music seemed secondary to the visual stimulants” and that the performance was “the kind of hits-filled send-off expected of a band on their farewell tour. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Regardless of how the show went, not all the Motley Crue band members took to twitter to rag on the fans. Bassist Nikki Sixx had this to say:

Nikki Sixx ✔ @NikkiSixx

Sold out.Thank you.
10:56 PM – 27 Aug 2014

In somewhat related news, Lee has uploaded professionally filmed video footage of his solo during the band’s The Final Tour. Dubbed The Cruecifly, watch the video below.



  1. Crowd was probably tired from singing since all vince does is point the mic towards them the whole set…u got ur guitarist with a deadly disease kicking ass every night and a frontman whos badly out of shape and a drummer who after 30+ years of support disses the fans…embarrassing.

    1. Hey Tommy!! Grow up man! Jeez! People that pay big bucks to see you play have a right to an opinion. I saw you guys in Vegas in 2012 on Feb. 8th show and you guys were the best show I’ve seen. Everybody has a off night. Don’t bite the hands that feed you!!

      1. Tommy expresses disappointment in the crowds reaction and this is called a “diss”? I don’t get it. All of a sudden Tommy has to grow up? Why? I saw Motley Crue and they get very involved in the audience–they give the audience their money’s worth, and perhaps more so than most. Give them a break.

    2. Excellent points…they have all been mailing it in for years, except Mick…I don’t know why he stays with them…not to mention Mick said on TMS that they have recorded back tracks behind them…who wants to see that?? And Niki claiming a sellout with 8657 tickets sold…they are embarrassing.

    3. Amen to that. I saw them 2 yrs ago and between the ear damaging volume and Vince holding the mic towards the crowd(which couldn’t be heard) for all of the chorus’ you could barely tell what songs they were playing. I’ve been to over 750 concerts and only Deep Purple (early 80’s) was louder. Mick, Nikki and Tommy were great but Vince……………..
      Went to an after-party and people were complaining “they didn’t play this song” or “why didn’t they play?”. Uh….yes they did. You just couldn’t tell. It was like being at a great karaoke show with a bad singer. The only saving grace for MC that night was they opened for KISS and Paul Stanley was worse. Sadly you could hear him. But they only played 55 minutes including the encore.

  2. Vince Neil has been lame for decades. He doesn’t care one bit about putting on a good show for the people who go to see him. Anyone who pays to see Motley Crue deserves whatever they get.

    1. I saw them in Chicago a few weeks ago and they were GREAT, same thing with the kiss/crue tour, so youre simply exaggerating, being critical and not being honest. Chicago went crazy over them and vince was great.

  3. I don’t care what anybody says. That f-ing drum solo\video was awesome! I would love to go see them. Look they’re not Metallica and if anybody expects them to play like Metallica they’re the idiots. You go see the Crue to party and have fun. And most of the people there are already too drunk to care; Motley’s never been known as a technically Proficient band so I don’t know where all the complaints are coming from. The ones complaining are the very same ones complaining about the parking too. And everything else. Their one of the last great punk bands. Chill out guys.

    1. Even parts of his drum solo are on a loop…it’s not so much a drum solo as it is Tommy on a roller coaster not even really I playing, so open your eyes dude…and for anyone saying they sound good, anything sounds good taped and not done live…Crüe on record great…Crüe live sucks…check the definition of punk…Crüe is not punk…

  4. The sound has been ripped at every show. Vince’s vocals are not even 2001 anymore so he is buried. No drum solo? I’d be lackluster if Lee didn’t run his tracks upside down. I like Sheila’s tweet with grateful spelled greatful. I heard that in ’66 the fair crowd was the same with The Lovin’ Spoonful but rocked to the Tijuana Brass.

  5. The only guy with any talent in the band is Mick. Unfortunately he’s not doing so hot in the health department. Also, they add layered guitar tracks on what he’s already playing. The backup vocals have been pre-recorded for years now.

  6. Vince has never been a great singer. The last time I saw them, which I made a promise to myself would be the last time, Vince was awful. He sang horribly, singing every other line of songs at times or skipping words in lines. It’s not difficult music, so I didn’t understand why he was struggling so much, like he was out of breath.

    Maybe the decision for them to call it quits was the right decision after all.

    1. Exactly…even on a song like Shout at the Devil, he can’t sing the chorus and only hits accent notes…Talk about a money grab on the farewell tour…I’ve seen a lot of performers not sound as good as they used to, but they are not mailing it in…Vince just doesn’t care and is a class A a-hole…met him twice…

  7. Say what you want about Motley, Vince can’t sing that’s a given but he was all over the stage working the crowd and it was a hot humid night ans as everyone has alluded to Vince is not in great shape (another given) Nikki was moving and into it, Mick wandered over to the side of stage I was on and giving all he has which must be extreemly difficult while suffering from AS. Tommy didn’t have his drum rig and didn’t come out from or even speak to crowd during the show which he usually does, which also usually fires up the crowd. So he may want to rethink his position!!! That my thought.

  8. Vince Neil is a joke…He sings every other word and points the mic at the audience….extreme laziness. You can tell he is riding out for money. He will be broke in a few years. Nikki is the only smart one who owns all the rights to the music that he wrote.

  9. Vince Neil isn’t & never was a good singer. He’s a sleaze ball. Tommy Lee is a great drummer but an extremely annoying loudmouth. Mick Mars is one of the most under rated guitarists ever! Nikki Sixx is just different, sometimes cool, sometimes an ass.

  10. Apparently the pig races at the Fair conflicted with the Crue show, which hurt attendance, but what really angered Tommy was the fact that the piglets got the bigger dressing room.

  11. Great drummer but only a complete d-bag would take a photo like that. Imagine any 50 year old that you know dressing that way with a crooked baseball hat? The facial expression says it all. Nobody cares about image any more just quality music. Why is THE SITUATION drumming for MOTLEY CRUE?

    1. LOL! Okay, fair enough Richman,
      But you can’t criticize without a few pointers on HOW to dress…What do you suggest? I can’t wait to hear it! Maybe a suit and tie and part his hair to the side? Some suspenders would be a good idea. I hate it when he wears the hat like that. Yes, he is a very good drummer and he is who he is but I would like to hear your suggestions anyways. If for no other reason than to make the rest of us laugh our butts off (and I mean that in a good way)!
      People DO care about image though, otherwise there are many bands that would succeed based on their music and not on their image, which in some cases are lacking.

      1. Again, great drummer but the suit and tie was done by KISS on DRESSED TO KLLL. Axl does okay with local venue sports jerseys and Brian May looks sophisticated all of the time. For Tommy I would suggest something black minus the hat. The tattoos are who he is so he should show them off. A black collared shirt with no accoutrements would be age and CRUE appropriate. Clowns and sucky lawyers wear suspenders so that’s out as well. The Christian band W.A.S.P. looks dignified so maybe that look could work.

    2. Whatever man. Go to a Mumford and Sons show. Thanks for being so hi-brow. Glad someone on this site can tell everyone how they’re supposed to dress and “grow up”. Have you seen ANY episode of TMS????? Where nearly EVERY guest is dripping in scarves, rings and painted nails??? Give me a break man. Just say you’re not a fan and leave it at that.

      1. Your words are hurtful. I am Tommy Lee fan and I always emphasize that he is a top drummer. That picture is silly and the less said the better. I would say most TMS guests like Steve Harris and Lars Ulrich dress conservative. Speaking of TMS, any word on the new season?

    1. Bingo! You hit the nail on the head! I love the Crue but I want to bang my head against a wall every time I hear S.O.S.! I get they need to play hits but would it hurt to throw in a song like Knock Em Dead Kid or Bastard in there? I have seen them multiple times since they got back together in 04 and the RW&C/COS tour is still the best. Loved hearing songs like Red Hot,10 Seconds to Love and Louder than Hell.,plus it was the first time in years that all 4 were playing together again so you didn’t mind what they played. Now it’s going on 10 years of like the previous poster said of pretty much the same setlist.

  12. Remember…The sell out shows are based on promises and marketing. Motley is a marketing machine, but it’s tour promises have been broken ever since Carnival of Sins..I dug SOLA but this should have been the lid on the kettle. As a long time Cruehead and fan of the band I have to say I’m glad it’s over.. Yes I was there in August in Denver to say farewell.. The Crue is a mockery of itself and except for the Crucifly, it’s all been done before. Nikki’s address to the crowd about how Motley started? We already knew that…(The Dirt, Behind the Music, Rocumentary etc..) It’s all old and tired. I am not even sure Motley truly wants to be remembered for anything after 2008. I respect them as business people, but the art really died long ago. Going out on top? Not so much.. Going out because they really need to? More like it.

    My future support will lay with Sixx A.M. and anything Mick does musically…That has always been the backbone of anything great. Good luck to all of them. As Axl said on Chinese Democracy…”There was a time…”

    1. @Jae,
      Totally agree. Nikki did that “everybody sit down” speech in Dallas and that was my exact thought that the large majority of the crowd already knows all of this stuff. In my opinion, they could have used that time to play another old hit. I saw them in Oklahoma about nine months before the Dallas farewell show and noticed that Tommy is not active with the crowd like he used to be. For example, no “titty cam” for a few years now. He never said a word. He just played the drums and left. Granted this venue wasn’t much bigger than a highschool gymnasium and it was in Oklahoma, the vibe to me is that they’re just tired. Mick and Nikki seem to be running strong but as a whole it’s past time. The farewell show was good but didn’t compare to Cruefest 2008. They did the Gas Monkey show in Dallas this past weekend and I didn’t go or miss them for the first time ever. It was really fun for about 25 years though.

  13. No s–t on the McGraw draw Todd? Sounds like Nikki was BS’n n Tommy saw the low figure with no rig to use. On “Girls, Girls, Girls” the backing is prerecorded. I love the diaper derby downs and the piglets. I saw Britney Spears at a county fair get more than the Crue at Allentown and she was 16 and lipsyncing.

  14. Just saw them in Holmdel, NJ last night. Alice Cooper kicked Motley’s ass. Same old Motley set, but different tour. We left before the first encore. I won’t go to see them again. They’ll drag out this “farewell” tour another five years. Bottom line: Mick Mars is and always has been this band and is the only respected member. Talent-wise, the other three are terrible; they only look the part and talk a lot of BS.

  15. Who really gives a crap what he Tommy Lee thinks nowadays? Another washed up 80’s band that have been dragging along through the years with the same old tours, what success have they had on their solo careers? Maybe a single hit here and there, I saw them with KISS and could say that I wasn’t impressed with anything they did that nite. Reality shows are all they are good for, they will not be missed in the future. He’s upset that the crowd wasn’t large enough, or not a rockin crowd? That town must have woke up.

    1. Really??? Not to say Alice isn’t still great–he is. But still…Well, he probably has his pick of the best musicians around and they’re younger and hungrier than Motley. After all, what does Motley Crue have to prove? When I saw them, they blew the place apart (metaphorically). Oh well, can’t please everyone I guess. Oh well–darn! Too bad.

      1. Hmm, and it was a couple years ago (2012) that I saw them–hard to believe they would go downhill so quickly. Maybe something about a double bill instead of an opener inspired them? Or maybe they underestimated Alice and his current band. Maybe they really DO need to retire. I was really hoping for another album because SOLA was excellent.

      1. I love Alice, and he does headline, in theaters. He is opening for Crue because they headline to 10-15K. Simple math and who sells more, not who is better or more iconic. Just the truth. Who has the draw is all that matters to promoters trying to sell tickets.

        1. Understood Eddie, but I’ve seen Alice at the Hard Rock in Hollywood Florida (you were just at) alone three times and it hold 5500 and the place was just about full…he is there with the Crüe in a few months so I don’t think Motley could sell some of these venues alone even if smaller…I’ve also seen Kiss and Motley separate from each other there…just sayin some venues in certain places Motley won’t sell any better than Alice would alone…I just feel Alice cares and is not just out on another money grab tour…

  16. Saw Motley twice in the 80’s – first opening for Ozzy in Chicago – second with Whitesnake in St. Louis. They absolutely sucked in St. Louis – i.e. Tommy missed several of his cues because he was bullshitting with a stage hand all through the concert – and exited the stage immediately after the encore while the rest of the Crue did the bow appreciation thing. They were obviously going through the motions at this show. I never paid to see them again.

    1. Wow Jake (Jake, from State Farm?) so based on a show in ’89 you never saw them again???? A bit resentful? I saw that show at the Checkerdome and it kicked *ss!!!! So then you missed the Dr. Feelgood tour at the Checkerdome? Or the Greatest Hits tour at the Fox Theater etc, etc, etc??? Your opinion, your choice. I’ve seen some GREAT Crue shows over the years.

  17. dana, thanks for posting! I just wanted people to read this ungrateful a-hole’s comments. He is beyond delusional if he thinks that he “doesn’t owe s–t to anyone.” He works hard… Yeah? So do a lot of us… Take a fng pic with your fans, the very people that have allowed you to be the rich manchild you are (and have been for 30 years), and shut your mouth!!

  18. Mick Mars is incredible!!! Can’t wait to see what he comes up with after Motley. I kinda like SixxAm but I just KNOW Mick will cook up a monster. Hurry up and shut this Crue thing down so we can see what Mick has up his sleeves with his 10 Full Treble and 7 amp heads!!

  19. Regardless of what everyone has to say about Motley Crue here and now, I want to share something–Shout at the Devil helped me to get through some very hard times as a teenager. IF any of you have an album that helped you find your way through hard times, maybe helped you keep your sanity, kept you from hurting other people–think about THAT before you criticize–it may influence the way you post and then again, maybe not. No matter what, I will always be grateful l for that album–words cannot explain the peace I felt when I pressed the speakers against my ears to drown out the thoughts and feelings that–well, you get the picture. If anyone from MOTLEY CRUE is listening (or reading this)–THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now THAT was an album that changed my life!

    1. Mike B., I know exactly what you’re saying about Shout At The Devil. I was 17 when that album came out, and like a lot of other albums, I’m glad it did, when it did. Never underestimate the importance and the power of music, especially when it sounds good, and makes you feel good. As far as Tommy Lee’s solo goes, or whatever you want to call that video, if that’s what he has planned now when I see them next month, I know exactly when I’ll be making my “beer-run”. Tommy, dude, come on with the rap-ish sh*t already! You’re Motley F’N Crue, ROCK is what you do! Leave the rap-crap home buddy, Crue fans (most) don’t want to hear it! KNOCK ‘EM DEAD, KID! (with Rock ‘N’ Roll!) 🙂

      1. Doug R,
        I’m not crazy about the hat. Richman is right–Tommy could use a wardrobe makeover. LOL
        Its hard for me to criticize Motley Crue unless its something really bad (and I could name a few things they did or said that was pretty bad). Nevertheless, Shout at the Devil was a perfect outlet for me in my early teens for a couple of tough years. Its funny, in those days I could listen to the same album by any band a hundred times without getting bored. These days my collection is so big that I feel obligated to listen to everything I own.

  20. Techno Tommy the Dub Step demon isn’t happy that we folks here in the Allentown area aren’t down with his mailed in performance and a lead singer that looks and sounds like Dom Delouise? These guys (except for Mick “the man” Mars) have been nothing but a cash grab since The Carnival tour. It’s common knowledge they hate each other for the most part. (At least Vince has the stones to admit as much) There’s a reason they’ve used the crucifly,and before it the drum roller coaster,before it the tittle cam etc. It’s to try and cover up the worlds oldest teenagers lame attempt to shove techno dub step nonsense down a paying rock crowds throat. Dude,face it. You’re “that guy” at every club.You know the one. The creeper hitting on girls young enough to be his grand kids. Crüe will always be one of my all time favorite bands. But the last decade or so have been nothing but a legal rape job of their truest fans. Thank God for Alice on this tour.He shows fans how a true rock God appreciates his audience.

  21. How about some feedback from a fan that was actually at the Allentown show?! The venue isn’t the greatest. The sound guys SHOULD have set up so that fans not directly in front of the stage would be able to hear it too. The video screens were butted up against the sides and bottome of the stage so if you couldn’t see the stage you couldnt see the video monitors either. So, hey maybe the guys couldn’t see all of us either – on our feet, singing, fists/horns in the air and really enjoying the show despite its problems!! Vince was, well, Vince…..skipping lines, mumbling into the mic (BUT since the sound was so bad you could only notice it some of the time) and this time his voice didnt crack and he wasn’t horribly off-key on Home Sweet Home (encore). Nikki at one point came out and repeatedly told the crowd to sit down and proceeded to tell us the story of Crüe (very cool). Mick was the only one who did a solo and he was fantastic!!! Tommy didn’t interact with the crowd, opted to leave his regular set at home for this tour and if I have to go online to see a video of a solo instead of at the show, that’s just lame! But blasting the fans who were there as soon as you get off the stage…….d–k move!!

  22. They were at the top in ’89. Vince’s vocals suck now. It is ’14, we all know the sound could be clean and crisp but they have to bury Vince. Anybody remember how crazy bananas Warrant was opening for them in ’89? Cooper is just flat out amazing in ’14, his band is one of the best I’ve seen that nobody could put one name to an individual to. Where does he find these guys? The drummer is a mother! The Vince-less Crue was a joke……they played a 2,000 seater in Denver and it looked like it was the end. Once Vince gets indian casino’d out of his frickin mind and Tommy DJ-ing ’07 electronic dribble and Sixx in clubs bored out of his mind and Mick still thinking about a new band….welcome to ’16 Crue……just like the Scorpions: here we are.

  23. Have seen the Crue at least 10 times over the years in 3 different cities and multiple venues. This was the worst I ever heard them sound, NOT play. Mick tore it up. Problem was the show sounded like cheap car speakers turned up to 10. Very garbled. NEVER heard them sound that way before. I visually enjoyed the show, audio wise not so much…..

  24. Correct Keith……the first gig review said the same thing and the next and the next and the next….. Cooper had ace sound because he delivers…..the garble was on purpose: cover Neal. Yes, Mick is on fire like every tour.

  25. Maybe the Crue shouldn’t be like Britney Spears and lip sync. At least make it look more convincing. I was at that show and in the front row I noticed 2 things one nobodys strings were moving and two Vince’s mouth would stop moving but some how he continued singing. As far as the audience it was extremely hot and a lot of people were wasted. The crue cheated their fans out of their hard earned money. Don’t get me wrong Im still a fan but Tommy needs to sit down and shut up. Tommy says how he was disappointed how about how I was disappointed in the Crue on their lip syncing. They need to stop taking lessons off of Britney Spears and really play and sing.

  26. I saw them in Charlotte. Overall, they put on a great show, but Vince did not remember the words to a lot of the songs. You would think that after playing pretty much the same set night after night, he could get it right. Not to mention they aren’t playing any deep cuts. It’s pretty much the Decade of Decadence album with 2 songs from their last album.

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