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KISS400 Steve Appleford of the L.A. Times reports:

The sideshow at Dodger Stadium is about to begin as Paul Stanley emerges from his backstage trailer, shirtless and in full kabuki drag: bright red lips, his face painted harlequin white, a black star over his right eye. The singer-guitarist is here to perform with his band KISS but hears his name and walks over to a crowd gathered at the fence.

“Arriba!” yells one fan, and Stanley reaches over to shake hands, as dozens of cellphones take snapshots. “Let me see your shoes!” shouts another, and Stanley half-climbs the fence to swing a tasseled silver-and-black platform boot over the top. “Thanks, Paul!”

In less than an hour, Stanley and his musical partner of four decades, Gene Simmons, will lead KISS through two short sets of hooks and hard rock riffs as halftime entertainment for an ice hockey game between the Kings and the Ducks. It’s another strange gig in the ongoing saga of KISS, which long ago evolved from band to lucrative brand, ready for high-profile special events, reality TV and cradle-to-grave business ventures in the form of KISS Hello Kitty Dolls, KISS comics, books, T-shirts, action figures and restaurants as well as KISS caskets and KISS urns.

In one more way, 2014 could be the band’s most surprising year since its initial 1970s pop culture explosion, beginning with KISS’ induction April 10th into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It welcomes the hard-rock quartet into the critical pantheon that has at times violently rejected KISS and acknowledges the band’s huge impact on rock spectacle.

“I still believe the heart and soul of this is a band. The music is imperative,” says Stanley, who has produced the last two KISS albums and next month releases an autobiography, “Face the Music: A Life Exposed.” “Maybe our horizons are broader because we have an opportunity to go other places. Why not? Whether it’s a football team or restaurants, people say that’s not rock ‘n’ roll. Let me tell you what’s rock ‘n’ roll: Winning is rock ‘n’ roll.”

Being voted into the Hall of Fame is a victory that comes 15 years after the band’s initial eligibility and annual outrage from fans. But next month’s ceremony at Barclays Center in Brooklyn also means dealing with old wounds and complications that began with the final exit of founding guitarist Ace Frehley and drummer Peter Criss more than a dozen years ago. In their place ever since are lead guitarist Tommy Thayer, 53, and drummer Eric Singer, 55, who both wear the makeup designs of their predecessors (designs owned by Simmons and Stanley).

“The naysayers, and some of them are loud, talk about Tommy or Eric being impostors. I think an impostor is a guy up there doing it for a paycheck,” says Stanley, back in his trailer and now dressed in his full stage regalia, with black feathers on his shoulders and medallions over his chest of a guitar pick, a feather, a star. “We’ve never been happier.”

Any hopes for a reunion in makeup of the four founding members at the Hall of Fame ceremony ended last week with a band decision to not perform in any capacity. A statement on the KISS website read: “This is understandably an emotional situation where there is no way to please everyone.”

Negotiations with the Hall of Fame stalled, say Simmons and Stanley, who wanted to include Singer and Thayer, while the Rock Hall wanted a reunion of the original quartet in makeup.

“Imagine getting onstage and playing with a lineup that does not exist,” says Simmons, 64, comparing the situation to a forced reunion with an ex-spouse. Both have bad memories of years of substance abuse by their former partners but say they are happy and proud to accept the award with the former members. Putting the original quartet in makeup was “a nonstarter,” says Stanley.

Simmons and Stanley questioned whether the former members were up to performing. Reached via email, both Criss and Frehley are working on solo albums and say their problems with drinks and drugs are behind them. Frehley has been sober for seven years.

“We should of been able to work it out as grown men; it’s a shame we couldn’t,” writes Criss, who also survived a 2007 breast cancer scare.

“My guitar playing, singing, writing, performing and producing skills are as good or better than the past,” Frehley writes. “For years, Gene and Paul have been trying to minimize my contributions to the band, even though I designed the famous KISS logo … and designed the trademarked makeup for the Spaceman character.”

All four said they were open to joining the night’s traditional jam session at the end of the night. “That’s what the celebration is all about,” Frehley writes.

Long before being voted into the Rock Hall as a band, Simmons and Stanley were outspoken critics of the rock institution and its rules. “We had issues before this happened. It doesn’t turn into a love fest now,” says Stanley, but acknowledged, “There are some people who are angry or hurt by this, and I don’t want to see that.”

The controversies over the Hall of Fame and newer members wearing classic makeup are issues mainly for older fans with an emotional attachment to the original band. [Bassist Gene] Simmons calls up a photo on his computer from a stadium show in Stockholm, then another from Lima, Peru. Both show ecstatic young fans in the front rows.

“Can you see the faces? That’s about 90,000,” he says of the crowd. “You see a bald head in there? You think they … about Ace and Peter? They’re going, ‘Who?’ We’ve been around 40 years, and only two members stayed there the whole time, never quit, no drugs, no booze. KISS is bigger than anybody in the band.”

Read more at the L.A. Times.


  1. Ace was quoted as saying that he designed the makeup for the “spaceman character”. Character. CHARACTER!!! Did you read that, Trunk? CHARACTER !!!!!

      1. Another inane comparison: Slipknot to Kiss? You’re just grasping at straws to make a point. Look at your calendar, Trunk. It’s not 1977 any more. It’s time to graduate high school and move on.

        1. Your comment is genius telling me to “move on” when I reference a band NOT from 1977. Stunning how much of an issue you seem to have with everything and everybody. And yeah it is so hard to understand the connection between two bands that cover their faces from two different eras? Your constant bashing of everything and every poster on this site is getting old and won’t be tolerated for much longer unless you would like to find a way to make intelligent points instead of your non stop hating.

          1. Right on, Eddie. This guy thinks Angus Young or Slipknot can’t be compared to Kiss but never bothers to say what he thinks the difference is, when actually they’re two obvious examples of other artists using costumes to enhance their stage performance (just like Kiss does). He keeps dismissing everyone he disagrees with as “inane” or “ridiculous” without ever explaining WHY he feels that way, because he has no valid arguments to back up his own opinions.

          2. Eddie is exactly right. This new KISS line up in make up is a sham and a disgrace to their legacy and hey day which was the 1970s.

    1. So I suppose you’d be just fine with AC/DC dressing someone else up in Angus Young’s schoolboy outfit? Do you honestly think the “schoolboy” is NOT a “character” but the “spaceman” IS? In both cases, they are unique onstage personas that directly represent the artists that created them, and as such, anyone else portraying that persona is just copying them, period. Kiss has turned into the Village People, where the “characters” are more important than the actual individuals. That wasn’t the case in the 70s (or the 80s and 90s for that matter, when new members were allowed to have their own identities – anybody remember when Eric Singer was blonde?). Kiss used to be a band, now they’re just an “act.” That’s why so many of us who loved the BAND that they were are disgusted by the “act” they’ve become – it isn’t real anymore. But hey, if sincerity and integrity aren’t things you care about, then by all means enjoy the current “version” of “Kiss.”

      1. Kiss started out as an “act” and always will be. Breathing fire and spitting blood is part of an act/entertainment, not part of an ordinary musical group. That’s why Don Henley didn’t spit blood or breath fire for the Eagles. And to compare the Spaceman character to Angus Young is utterly ridiculous. You and Trunk need to look at your calendars. It’s not 1977. It’s time to graduate from high school, evolve as a mature adult, and move forward in life.

        1. Kiss didn’t start out as an act. Kiss started out as a band WITH an act; now, as I said, they’re just an act, with people performing roles like in a play. Comparing Ace to Angus isn’t ridiculous at all, unless you think Angus walks around dressed like a schoolboy 24/7. It’s a stage costume, exactly like Ace’s spaceman. The hypocrisy of you saying Eddie and myself need to evolve as mature adults is laughable, given the tantrum-like immaturity of your initial post. As Cali said, “How old are you, 15?”

  2. I think it’s funny: “The Spaceman” and the “Catman.” Revisionist history. Imagine if all bands did this kind of revisionism. We’d have Heart with “The Brunette” and “The Blond.” The Beatles with “The cute one,” “The intellectual rebel,” “the intropective one” and the “happy go-lucky ordinary guy.” Yeah, Lennon gets killed and it’s time to audition a new “intellectual.” KISS needs to market a KISS septic tank, cause they are completely full of …….

    The Who with “Crazy Drummer,” “Drunk Guitarist,” “Blond singer with big voice” and it goes on…..Hilarious.

      1. You are a moron. Do you think any innocent person wouldve thought they wouldve needed to trademark themselves? Youve had too much sun from the lame kiss Kruise for Koolaide drinkers.

        1. Sorry Pete. But most people know that Ace and Peter sold their rights, characters, trademarks, and partnership in KISS back in the 80s. So Ace and Peter knew exactly what they were doing.

    1. You’re comparing members of a group (the Who) to unique, superhero-like, members of Kiss who wear make-up and costumes? That’s an inane comparison.

      1. You need to go back to Jonestown and drink some Kiss Koolaide. You are so unreal I actually think you are a troll. Or one of those morons who pay for VIP, go backstage for a photo op and have Tommy and Eric sign DESTROYER. LMAO.

      2. I’m not a KISS fan anymore but when I was a kid I used to be a pretty passionate one from around ’76 to spring of ’78 or so, cause I really liked some of their songs like “Rock ‘n Roll All Nite” and “Strutter” amongst others. But despite the lame marketing machine that they became from around ’78 onwards, I’d guess that at least a couple of the members at least thought they were a normal band to start. I think most people saw what they really were, which is a money machine, once the lunchboxes, dolls and other lame stuff started coming out. I shouldn’t be surprised that so many “true fans” are finally seeing the light about what this band has stood for, for a very long time. Gene has said it himself in interviews – he did this to get laid and make money. Music came third or fourth.

        But I’m not trying to compare KISS to the Who by any means. And on some levels, you could say that if the RRHOF wasn’t a joke before, they are now by letting KISS in. But that’s another topic for another day. I don’t think KISS belongs in the same building with Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Stones, Who, Pink Floyd, Hendrix and others, but like Eddie’s always said, if you put in Michael Jackson and Madonna, you gotta put KISS in.

        But to anyone with a set of ears, they clearly used a lot of their pyrotechnics to cover up their average musicianship.

        1. This argument about Gene doing this to get laid and make money and not being about the music is lame to me. Isn’t that what all Rock n Roll artists want? to be rich , famous and get laid? Music is the vehicle that gets them their! Kiss wanted from the start to be the biggest band in the world, they created an act/gimmick that was cool and the music along with the act pushed them to greatness. If the music was not good, and it meant nothing, they would have never reached the stratosphere . Fans can see through the BS,,,,the fact is The music backed up their act and they made good music. They never claimed to be the greatest musicians on earth, they made catchy Hard Rock and later on some decent heavy metal. Ace Frehley has arguably influenced more guitar players than almost any other guitar player alive. I will agree that what they have turned into now, is mostly a nostalgia act, and is all about money and marketing. Gene’s attitude and disrespect to the original lineup and legacy has me infuriated, and makes me ashamed at times to call myself a KISS fan. Especially when things like this HOF debacle happen. All that said there isn’t a Rock N Roll artist in the world who set out to do this that didn’t want money , fame and sex. Thats what rock n roll is all about!

  3. Wow what a turd! Kiss fans don’t say who When talking about ace frehley! Gene is beyond delusional at this point! Why doesn’t he explain why kiss has to co-headline with motley crue and play alot outside of America in festivals and crap. Eddie trunk was right when he said that kiss needs to co-headline to get people in the door. I understand kiss is huge on tour still, but the reunion was far above anything they have done since. Large audience’s don’t count when you are playing friggin festivals with other supporting acts. Look at tiger stadium 96! Absolute spectacle!!!!

    1. Again Kiss does well in some parts of the world and at festivals now. But to say Kiss is huge now is just plain wrong. Co-headline tours and triple bills are not what huge bands do! Huge bands do arenas with no name support! Check the year end Pollstar grosses that are reported by the industry. Kiss has not been in top grosses for many years. That is NOT huge!

  4. “Imagine getting onstage and playing with a lineup that does not exist,” says Simmons, 64, comparing the situation to a forced reunion with an ex-spouse.

    How childish. Peter and Ace aren’t ex spouses for starters. The lineup that ‘doesn’t exist’ in Simmons mind DOES exist. They just no longer play together.

    G&P piss fans off by downplaying the importance Ace and Peter brought to the band. And that’s exactly what they do: downplay.

    I realize they don’t want to detract from the foreign fans who fill arenas and who don’t know any better, but they need to stop insulting all of their LONG time fans with this ‘I don’t care attitude’.

  5. Thoughts on this article…..

    1. The more Paul and Gene talks, the more I find myself deep breathing and saying to myself,”You still have the music. You still have the music.”
    2. Paul and Gene’s obsession with Ace and Peter’s past drug use is at this point laughable.
    3. How did Gene and Paul gain control of the Ace/Peter make up designs?
    4. Paul Stanley is taking a direct shot at our beloved Eddie Trunk with that “imposter” rant.
    5. Singer and Thayer are the definition of “company men”. Not a thought for themselves…..
    6. I will say for the 50th time here on that I hope Ace and Peter DON’T take the high road and they do everything in their power at that HOF induction to make Gene and Paul squirm, way worse than anything that ever happened on the Tom Snyder Show when Paul and Gene were sticks in the mud there, too.

      1. To be honest with you, Eddie, I think Paul said imposter but was probably in his mind thinking impersonator, and somewhere else in his mind was your face saying it. 🙂

    1. I’m not sure about Peter Criss, But I know for a fact that Ace Frehley Sold his rights away to KISS for the rights to his makeup design. When the band was started back when they were forming their marketing for products and merchandise things were still split 4 ways like a real band should be. They all had a stake in their persona’s and the money that came along with that marketing and sales of their merchandise. For a long time after ace left the bad he held on to that piece of his merchandising and the rights to his makeup design. KISS offered him some serious Money to sell it and like an idiot, ACE Took it. I think he was having some financial difficulty at the time. I could be wrong, but I think Peter sold his before Ace.

      1. Mike,

        I used a picture of the classic group because the last time I posted a picture of the current line-up , I got reprimanded for using a picture of the “fake” KISS.

        No matter which version of the band I would provide, someone is always annoyed and has to complain. I give up, you KISS fans are a tough bunch to please-LOL!!!

        Dana from 🙂

        1. Wouldn’t it make sense that if the article referred to the current line-up, you would post a photo of the current line-up? It’s not rocket science. Stop cow towing to these jobless whiney cretins and do what’s right.

          1. Well “George,” you make a good point. I just wish you made it without feeling the need to insult others.

            Thanks for your input and I have changed it merely to keep with the integrity of the original article.

            Dana 🙂

  6. F@CK You Gene and Paul….

    Ace and Peter are not saints, but neither are you. Since Gene and Paul still bring up the substance abuse issues and playing.

    Gene what about your sex addition? You cared more about cheating on Shannon than about the quality of the music.

    Gene what about your desire to be Mr. Hollywood and not give a sh@t about Kiss? Surprised you were not nominated for an Oscar for that awesome performance in “Runaway”

    Paul what about you spending more time with your shrink than the band? (and shrinking the Kiss bank account).

    Paul why cant you write a decent song since Vinnie Vincent left? Maybe the way your voice sounds you should stick to instrumentals.

    For the two “smart guys” in the group, you sure have a funny way of treating the fans that made you rich and famous.
    Like it or not – without Ace and Peter, you would still be looking for big break.

    Give credit where it is due:
    Ace is the (classic) sound of Kiss
    “Beth” kept the momentum going for Kiss when “Destroyer” was tanking.

    1. Yeah no one says anything about Gene’s sex addiction and that’s pretty much what it was.

      I remember on Family Jewels Shannon making him burn all of his ‘albums’. And this was something that happened 20 years after they first met.

      I couldn’t imagine any decent man keeping those types of ‘photos’ around after they’ve lived with a woman for many years and had two kids by her.

  7. Poor bald Paul Stanly… He’s not only ‘completely’ bald but he has SO many skeletons in his closet he has to constantly bitch like the old ‘woman’ that he is about Ace who not only isn’t bald but is healthy, seven years sober and a genius guitarist who always delivered. Paul doesn’t even sing anymore; he’s got someone behind the curtain singing! These guys just have they’re cronies in a bunch because they can’t write and they’ve never been ‘real’ rock and roll musicians or even respected by real musicians; only Ace is the ‘real’ musician. Paul is a tired old clown who may as well take up juggling because his voice is gone and he’s cranky with years and years of steroids and pain killers….

  8. Oh and Gene… Do everybody a favor and shut up… You just come off as paranoid that Ace will upstage you, so you pay as many people off as you can to try to look bigger.. But you’re getting smaller and smaller. You’ve got to have personality and talent, you can only ride on paying people off because you ‘have neither of those things’ for so long.

  9. Hey Eddie! Do you know if kiss initially planned to just play with Tommy and eric before they decided to not play???? I feel like that’s what they planned before they got the backlash and had to not play at all.

    1. Exactly. They wanted to play with the current band. Ace & Peter would not sit and watch that or even go since they are not being inducted (Tommy & Eric). Ace says what he says on my show, Peter says what he says, Kiss says screw it nobody will play

      1. Hey Eddie, one does not have to steal ones “character” to be a greedy jerk. Just ask your buddy Mick Jones who put half of Foreigners money up his nose than screwed the band out of the name and trademark. Really awful man. Yet you welcome him on your show. Foreigner and Molly Hatchet are the reasons Crue are quitting. Foreigner have only one original member…sometimes, Hatchetm no original members. And Lou Gramm and the other guys got SCREWED. Yet you welcome mick like its a big deal. Maybe after the show mick can get dinner with gene and paul.

    1. Maybe in a group jam at the end with everyone going into the HOF. The simple truth is they were not going to be able to perform with the original four who are going in. That is what led to all of this and it’s even pretty clear in the LA Times story G&P were not going down that road ever

      1. What I cant figure out is that Paul and Gene bash Ace and Peter but then say they wish them well and they both look good and are heathy and happy ? and Ace goes as far as to say he still talks to Paul and Gene from time to time ?

  10. Well, its a shame that its come to this type of situation where legalities take presence over what longtime KISS fans have stood behind them for so many years and now that they have gotten all the dollars they can out of us and no longer want to support a tribute band (for one night at least) so now we are being left behind in the dust and KISS is saying…..thanks for your support but were going forwards regardless what the die hards think, well Im sticking behind my words that Im no longer supporting KISS in any way shape or form and it may not happen right away but the tables will turn on them at some point

  11. I was a fan of Kiss before there was a Kiss army. Before Kiss Alive. Before Hotter Than Hell. For Gene Simmons to act as if anyone who aren’t “young” fans are irrelavent is an insult. He and Paul need to realize it’s the original four and their history that people care about. Not the money hungry machine that Kiss has turned into.

  12. It’s a business like any other. All bands are a business. I hired a guy once…he went on a smoke break and got arrested on an outstanding warrant and went to jail. I was stupid enough to hire him back. He screwed up again so I had enough. Ace & Peter shouldn’t have sold their share of the band…they did for whatever reason. The end for them. Two guys OWN the business…the other two are former owners, then former employees, now ancient history. I wish they would reunite for the induction, but it’s not my call. No need to trash the current owners…they’re just trying to run a business.

    1. I meant to say Gene and Paul weren’t going to let the fans know what was taking place before tickets went on sale, until Ace Frehley broke the news Eddie’s show.

    2. That’s what Gene and Paul got pissed about, because once again Ace and Peter went to bat, for the fans. G&P would’ve never said squat about the four originals NOT playing because they wouldn’t want to loose out on HOF ticket sales.

  13. Let’s face it, Ace and Peter are shadows of their former selves, musically speaking. They both suck compared to Tommy and Eric. That said, the original KISS is the only KISS for me. Today’s KISS does not sound like KISS to me. Gene and Paul’s voices are shot. I for one am glad KISS will not play the HOF event in any configuration. I wish KISS gave it up in 2000.

  14. C’mon man…KISS still sells out and has millions of fans. What fuckin’ alternative do people have? No one else is doing a show like it. Strip Gene and Paul of the $$$, costumes, bombs and fireballs. Give them to ACE and Peter and let’s see who goes to see who. I give them credit where credit is due, however…this whole HOF thing should make any self absorbed human being think,….maybe I am looking at this the wrong way. Having the most money and all the toys doesn’t make you any better than the rest of us.

    1. May I add…these two are delusional at this point. No question about it. Hey Ed….can you ask ACE if he has any samples from his new CD that you could premier? Like the video posts he did for Anomaly. Just a little tease for us REAL fans?..LOL!

  15. All I can say is I’m glad Motley Crüe are going out with dignity.
    A sad day for Kiss fans like watching a venerable old football play trying to play football
    You just have to turn and look away. You wanted the best you got crap now.

    1. Yeah that’s what I’d call it…DIGNITY?? Motley Crüe are trying to make the final buck with this Farewell Tour and they aren’t exactly selling out either…And when they come back in five years what will you say…it is a gimmick to sell tix because if it wasn’t billed as The Farewell Tour, no one would care..

  16. I still say a far bigger travesty than Peter and Ace supposedly not being allowed to play is the fact that Eric Carr is not even being inducted. Paul and Gene should have refused induction until Carr was included. By far the best drummer and from what I have heard best person to be in the band.

  17. The truth of the matter is that if Ace and Peter cared about the fans, about the band, about the way Paul and Gene feel about them and about what KISS’ legacy is or could have been they wouldn’t have failed and QUIT not only once,but twice. Listen to the drumming on Alive! or Alive 2, then compare that to his drumming after the initial leg of the reunion tour and that is all the proof you need that Peter Criss is a mere shadow of his former self,much like Bill Ward. It was sad watching them labor through the Psycho Circus and Farewell tours with Ace and Peter’s uncreative, unspontaneous, and uninspired performances. I’ve been a fan since ’76 and Ace is my guy,but when I finally came around to the current line-up during the Sonic Boom tour I was treated to a band that was clicking on all cylinders and obviously and genuinely enjoyed performing together. Tommy and Eric treat being in the band the honor,respect and attention that Ace and Peter took for granted,but the FANS and the band deserved.

    1. “Listen to the drumming on Alive! or Alive 2, then compare that to his drumming after the initial leg of the reunion tour and that is all the proof you need that Peter Criss is a mere shadow of his former self”

      Why does Eric need to wear Peter’s makeup if his drumming is better? Watch the Rock the Nation dvd. They had Eric drum like Peter did during the Reunion era.

    2. Bill, give me a break. This isn’t about a “reunion” it’s about the original four guys who made history getting inducted. This was only going to be two songs at the most and Gene & Paul couldn’t even do that. I think it’s disgusting how Gene & Paul were not going to tell the fans about who was performing before tickets went on sale. What does that mean? It means that they know damn well that what theyre doing doesn’t sit well with the fans. This was to be a celebration of KISS like no other. Returning to their hometown as heroes and playing for the fans. Why do you think they’re having it in an arena? The HOF totally expected it to be a KISS night with them blowing the roof off the joint. Now, thanks to Gene & Paul it won’t be a special night. They have lost this fan forever.

  18. What about Vinny? Gene and Paul got rid of him because he was to smart! you won’t here about him…
    Or the writing credits. Gene and Paul are control freaks..

    “My chemistry with the band helped put them back on top and gave them a musical credibility that they’d never had before, yet I couldn’t get the recognition I needed. I felt like I was imprisoned in a small cubicle, like it was someone else’s house….. Vinny Vincent..

    I’m so over kiss, who wants to see a 64 year old guy sticking his tongue out any way…gross

      1. Vinnie, the same guy who, not too long ago, was arrested for keeping several dead animals (dogs and cats) in plastic barrels at his house? Ahhh yes, a pillar of credibility!

  19. ,i am not taking anyone’s side on this , but to say kiss is bigger today is just dead wrong and anybody that pays attention to this carefully can see this , no huge band as kiss was can go out and co headline shows with other bands and still think there huge. not happening.. when kiss toured with ace and peter on reunion tour and even before that back in 70’s kiss played 3 plus night at arenas …they were pulling in 100 million yr on merchandise back in then day …that’s not happening today…kiss has really become a parody of itself today …also ace did lots that what made kiss what i had come to love about the band had it not been for him i know i probably wouldn’t be playing guitar.. and tommy and eric in my book never did nothing in kiss now n past and even before when they played to their own groups had it been alice cooper lita ford… black n blue whoever …they are by far good musicians …hell i would be playing with vinnie vincent at least he did write damn good songs and one hell one a player i dont think tommy could dare compete with this guy on the guitar and eric on drums way to many fills on classic kiss songs kills it ….period

    1. Agreed, if KISS is so big why did Sonic Boom and Monster tank???? Paul like to blame it on the music industry, but other top bands can still put out platinum cds. And for as much as Paul loves to drag Psycho Circus through the mud, it is far better than Boom and Monster. MY guess is that this 40th Anniversary Tour will be nowhere near the Reunion Tour and Psycho Circus Tour numbers. Would it have really killed them to do some songs without makeup??? This way it doesn’t tarnish the current lineup. Unreal how 2 grown men can behave and spit in the face of their fans. I have not heard Paul or Gene mention Bruce Kulick in the press since they kicked him out of the band in order to cash in on the reunion. But now Paul finds it an injustice that he is not being inducted??? Really Paul??? You are such a phony!!!!!!

  20. i think we as fans should tell both gene and paul they are dead wrong about not playing with ace and peter and why the hell is tommy and eric even in this discussion they are not the ones even being inducted and paul and gene knew this months ago.. sounds like paul and gene are real jerks here and i don’t buy their crap anymore

  21. In one statement Gene just summed up everything in how he sees the fans that supported Kiss to superstardom decades ago, “Can you see the faces? That’s about 90,000,” he says of the crowd. “You see a bald head in there? As long as he has people in places such as Peru that are starved for entertainment keeping his brand alive, he could give a f*ck about the people that bought Alive! and broke this band into a multi-platinum success. To Gene we’re all just some bald guy that is out of place with no relevance, purpose, or need being there. Well I’ve got news for you and your fat a**, just because we are the people that made you and supported you decades ago doesn’t necessarily mean we’re these bald guys like you – that ironically has the worst bad wig I’ve ever seen. I have a full head of hair and could still grow the mane I had in the 80’s if I wanted to unlike you. That’s ok Gene, get used to playing in these corners of the world. Your established former fan base will laugh as you play any casino or state fair that will have you in this country, while your football team goes down the toilet like everything else you’ve tried doing outside of Kiss: your movie career, your record label, your run at tv, etc. And one other thing that has to be addressed is you’re so quick to always bring up Ace and Peter’s past addictions, well how about yours? Aside from the money thing to the point you’d pimp out Shannon for the right price, your sex addiction is equally messed up. Here you are a guy that admittedly nailed elderly women when you where in your early 20’s?! The most messed up thing about it is I didn’t have to read Peter’s book to find this out since you already told us in yours! Ace has been clean and sober for years now and you still play that card. I don’t buy into that whole marriage bs of yours anymore than I believe a twisted f*ck like you didn’t work some farm animals in along the way. If only you could’ve been under the bus instead of Cliff.

  22. Gene compared Ace and Peter to “ex-wives”. Now he pays two others to dress and act like ex-wives.

    Sure, Ace and Peter had problems while in the band but they were living the rock-n-roll lifestyle and that came out in the music. Gene’s drug free life apparently doesn’t translate into great songs since everyone wants to hear the old stuff performed by the ex-wive impersonators.

    1. funny thing is to Gene once said he felt fans are being cheated when someone performs under the influence of Drugs and or Alcohol but, said he like the RollingStones and Paul not to long ago tweeted he was jamming to some Led Zepplein in his man cave ? lol I guess they don’t know there rock history.

      1. Oh no doubt Paul was listening to Led Zeppelin. I’m sure getting more ideas like he did for their last record. He was wearing that influence on his sleeve for some of his Monster material like on Long Way Down. Of course that’s when he wasn’t resorting to re-writing his own songs like turning I Stole Your Love into Hell Or Hallelujah. Too bad the class and integrity of Zeppelin never rubbed off.

      2. Well they sure kept Ace and Peter while under the influence until 1980. They hired Ace while he was tanked.

        G&P liked the ‘rock and roll’ reputation P&A brought, but yet they (G&P) wanted to be thought of as saints.

  23. Now, why would you do something that makes zero financial sense. Obviously the fans prefer the band in make up. They prefer those characters. Since Ace quit and Peter’s been fired again, This is the best KISS we can have. I for one am glad they’re still doing it and it just makes sense to have Eric and Tommy there no matter who dislikes it.

  24. Think Paul will address his hair additions in his book? Gene didn’t or all the polaroid pigs, leaving Shannon to tour with C-list strippers with him each night. These guys are selective about what to admit to making public. Kiss needs 2 more to shed. The “Big Boys” as Gene calls his band don’t need to….Bon Jovi,AC DC/Maiden/Sabbath etc.. They got a firm taste of what would await if Singer & Thayer came onstage at the HOF then dumped the drink. Motley Crue are not leaving, the one-offs will be all over and the sneaky week Hard Rock Vegas runs will come…there is no income to speak of outside touring. I wonder if Peter is showing up?

  25. Bottom line is HOF wanted to celebrate the 4 guys who started the whole thing. The fact that Paul and Gene did not want to perform with them is childish and disrespectful. They could have did a couple songs and be done, and moved on. This is a huge story and has made such a negative impact in the KISS world. I’m a huge fan but am sad to say that I think i’m done with them. it’s to bad.

  26. Look at Aerosmith. All original members and they all did drugs. You don’t hear them saying, ‘you screwed up the band because of drugs.’ They eventually got back together. Take note Gene. People generally what to hear the classics not efforts off their latest cd’s. Hence, the classic sounds of Ace and Peter.

  27. I have been a life long KISS fan….except when the Dynasty era started. I moved on to Van Halen. Then when Lick it Up came out I found myself listening to KISS again and then picked up Creatures. I liked KISS throughout the 80’s & early 90’s too. I liked all the line-ups. Not crazy about Monster, liked Sonic Boom. Every time I saw them in concert they were great. Now, could care less if I saw them live again….not because of the line-up but because they seemed to have lost me as a fan somewhere. I can’t put my finger on it, maybe it’s me, probably is…..KISS just seems boring now, same thing over and over. Too much BullSh@t too. Could care less if they perform at the hall of fame or not, but the band in all their line-ups have given me personally a lot of great music to listen to and in my opinion out of all the music I own, kiss is my best catalog of tunes. I think they’re all to blame for not getting together to play at the hall, past and present mistakes taken into consideration. I think it would be sweet if they took there make-up off and toured small venues with all the KISS family tree members and played rare songs from their catalog. That’s a pipe dream I know, but it would be cool, in my mind anyway. When I first started listening to KISS it was because of the make-up, then after the songs stuck….I could have cared less what they were wearing, it was about the music to me…..

    1. i agree tim…things are way too selfish and direspectful at this point…ive been a kiss fan since age four…39 now…put ur big boy pants on and for one night or even twenty min. be respectful to those who helped u and gave u what u have today and the lifestyle youve enjoyed all these yrs and be human enough to thank the fans and ace and peter for starting something new and something millions of people have been apart of for so long. the kiss armys been behind kiss..its time for gene and paul to stsnd up for kiss army and do whats godam right for a change. they owe us at least the decency to give credit for and celebrate what everyone has accomplished in this..u cant take selfishness and money with u when u go…

  28. Once you get where your going you forget where you’ve been , one night paul and gene you could have made a lot of people proud and happy you could have given Peter and Ace there recognition they deserve but you two are just to selfish it’s like not going to your kids wedding are graduation because your ex wife is gonna be there that’s pretty lame .Ace and Peter the real kiss fan know who you are and we are proud God bless you. You wanted the best but you settled for less kiss what a joke

  29. Eddie,

    Next thing we will find I out is that Gene and Paul will not let Ace or Peter talk at the ceremony or (being the control freaks they are) will limit/edit what they can say.

    Would not surprise me.

  30. We are all fans at some point of our lives of this very special band called Kiss or why would we waste out time fighting points of view,toggling over who has been a fan longer,paid more dues, saw so many concerts etc..for the record I too started with this band as s wide-eyed kid who upon hearing and seeiing the open spread album pic of Alive 2 fell in love with Kiss. I love the original lineup and I have loved the other lineups. If Ace or Peter were anywhere close to my town tomorrow I’d drive to support their shows and I buy their albums the day they come out. That being said Eric Singer is has in total been with kiss familyfor 23 yrs is my favorite drummer. He contributes ideas to almost every facet of kiss and while not a full partner is much more involved than a hired gun. Kiss has also been more active creating new MUSIC in tues

  31. Kiss in the last few years with Tommy and Eric have created more nee music than any other facet of kiss going back to the yearly albums of the 80s played on by all sorts of musicians. My point is that current kiss all plays their own parts on the album,no outside players and is written by just the band. We as fans always wanted the band to play and write the albums and two albums whether you liked portions or honestly all of them like me nevertheless it was honest made Kiss records showing MUSIC is still part of the brand. What I am offended about is the energy spent on these posts explaining how kiss doesn’wt draw like they did and co headline. So has motley Crue. Same could be said for them using kiss. Kiss also outdraws almost all the artists that appear on THAT METAL SHOW and that is true. But you all slam Kiss as failures that should walk away..I’m a Kiss fan and I enjoy the new shows,current lineup,and albums and I hate how folks that feel like I do are dumbed up and drunk on the fn Koolaid if we feel that way. Feel and honor your own opinion but those of us that appreciate the whole 40 yr history including Eric and Tommy aren’t some stupid brainwashed pawns of Gene and Paul. It just seems like the agenda coming from these posts are to accuse us of such blind worship when its not always the case.

  32. If kiss is bigger then members and members are just characters then why didnt gene and paul in 1996 put make up back on and kept Bruce and Eric in band as the cat manand spaceman. I tell you why because the public would not have bought it.

  33. Ace and Peter were instrumental in the amazing chemistry of Kiss in 1972.
    If Tommy and Eric were the same age in the beginning there would be no Kiss.
    Eric would be a drummer for hire in a million bands, Tommy would be an asst. Editor at a rock magazine, Gene would have a ton of stupid business ventures that one of them might have worked and he became rich and Paul would have gotten signed with a mediocre music career.
    The creativity and friction that Ace and Peter caused is what made Kiss great.
    I’m sorry the latest version of Kiss is unwatchable.
    I’d rather see no make up and have them update their material.
    I also love how Gend and Paul leave Bruce Kulick out. That guy hung with Kiss for a long time. Revenge is a fantastic Record!
    At this point it is extremely sad. I mean play a couple of songs with no make up.
    Who ‘s the sick ones now.? Ace and Peter are doing well in a 12 step Program.
    I believe the real problem lies with Paul and Gene.
    Since Paul and Gene are not Alcoholic Drug Addicts they should seriously consider Al-anon.

  34. It’s pretty sad that Gene & Paul won’t even entertain the idea of having Ace & Peter play one freakin song with them?? Why can’t they just drop their b.s.,for one night and just do something that would make their fans proud. We want everyone to see, hear & acknowledge what 4 misfits from NYC created collectively over 40yrs ago. I don’t think anyone would expect them to be “arena ready” musically, we just want to see them together & having fun playing a song together to commerate this milestone.

    Do you think that Gene & Paul are worried that this idea would tarnish the brand KISS, sorry i meant “band”. IMHO, the 2,3,4 versions/lineups of KISS have nothing to do with what the H.O.F is acknowledging. This isn’t about what KISS is selling today, it’s about the 4 ORIGINAL guys who had the passion & determination to make it doing their own thing!! These guys were so cool that when they first started playing clubs they refused to play other artist’s material. BALLSY & BADASS!!

    One last point that bothers me is when the KISS My Ass disc was released Gene & Paul seemed very sincere in their public address to Ace & Peter. Shortly thereafter the reunion tour that everyone was hoping would someday happen, actually turned into a reality. In an instant KISS (the business model ) turned into a money machine. As we all saw after 5 years it all came apart with the original guys, and just like before Gene & Paul carried on with KISS. My point is I just don’t think Gene & Paul see any sort of huge payoff with Ace & Peter anymore. They made there millions with those guys over the Reunion, Psycho, and Farewell Tours. I would bet if the H.O.F was offering up a nice big fat cheque to Gene & Paul for a 1-2 song performance with Ace & Peter you might actually see them jam together. Just like they used to jam back in the loft in NYC, before they had fans…..and way before the millions!!

  35. I wonder if Kiss is happy with the state of Paul’s singing voice? “Simmons and Stanley questioned whether Ace and Peter were up to performing” Are you kidding me? The Kiss Army is not as dumb as you think. Most of us listen to the music. Paul’s voice has never been the same since the recording of Sonic Boom. Raspy and hoarse, all he has left are those nasty falsetto screams. So don’t give me this BS that Ace and Peter can’t perform!

  36. Eddie, we know KISS will not play at the RRHOF. Do you think as the 40th anniversary rolls on, the original members might do a song somewhere at sometime this year? Just because they are not playing at the HOF doesn’t mean they still can’t play together under a different set of terms.

  37. There are certainly a lot of valid points of view on here and it’s a shame it’s came to what it has for the HOF induction.

    I think the best solution I’ve read so far would’ve been for them to play a montage, without make up, saluting every era of the band. As a fan, I love every version of KISS and I think this would have appeased everyone and been the classiest way to go. Instead we have no one happy, people on all sides (both KISS and the fans) tearing each other apart. What a shame.

    I view the issues between the original members the same as issues in a marriage or family members in business together. When some goes badly, it’s magnified because of the closeness and the emotions involved. As I’ve learned in my own life, in both cases, forgiveness is one of the hardest things. I think that’s what this comes down to ……..Gene and Paul have a hard time forgiving and certainly forgetting what has happened twice. As I said, it’s truly a shame, but I get it.

    The saddest thing is, it’s for one night and to not be able to come to a resolution to play together for one short set is sad. Some years down the road, probably not too far down the road, something will happen to one of the original four and a reunion will be impossible. My guess is that Gene or Paul might look back on this situation differently at that point, but who knows. Either way, I get the emotions on all sides, but what a damn shame it’s come to this. It could have been a celebration all the way around. Instead we have a civil war.

  38. KISS is Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter. The replacement players have nothing to do with why KISS is being honored by the HOF. I do understand why Gene and Paul would go down this road. Financially it makes no sense.

  39. As a long time KISS freak, my initial reaction to the KISS HOF situation was extreme anger towards Gene and Paul. But then it occurred to me that if KISS broke up after the last orig 4 studio album (which essentially was Love Gun), would they have ever been inducted ? Would appreciate your feedback Eddie.

  40. And Paul has book signings scheduled …? Those are going to be ugly. Lines of pissed off KISS fans just waiting o give him an earful. Maybe Eric will write a book some day, when he’s free and clear of the band and able to say his piece. Maybe Tommy too …

  41. If Kiss wants to carry on indefinitely then so be it but DROP THE MAKEUP! Just go back to what you did in the ’80’s. I can’t and won’t support impersonators of persona’s that are just basically “bought and sold”. Tommy and Eric are soulless to even be able to be bought like they have been. I personally feel musically that Kiss in their current incarnation are still viable but do NOT need the ’70’s image attached. Unfortunately Gene and Paul are trying to sell a “brand” more than music and that is something I can’t personally condone and support. There is no integrity from any member within this current lineup and their delusional beliefs are a sad state of affairs. Drop the makeup/costumes/’70’s regalia and get back to writing kick ass rock ‘n’roll music. I would take another Animalize or Lick It Up any day of the week. Just stop the madness!

      1. KISS’ popularity waned because they came ‘unmasked’ and Ace and Peter were gone. The heartbeat of the band was gone. Gene and Paul may be ‘owners’ but the soul was Peter and Ace.

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