ALL NEW That Metal Show tonight! Tonight we go classic rock with Leslie West of Mountain, Mick Jones of Foreigner, Lita Ford on guitar and Marty Friedman from Japan via “Metal Modem”. Hope you guys like our latest all new episode from our current season tonight 11/10C on VH1 CLASSIC. I should be able to live tweet during the premier so follow @EddieTrunk and schedule permitting I’ll hang with you later. Thanks for watching!

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  1. What was the name of the first band Jim recommended on the new music segment? Monty Peet? I know I’m not spelling it correctly and I’m not coming up with anything when I try to Google search for it?

  2. From last nights TMS, Don Jamieson, in his opinion of just how lame Kiss is for not playing a song or two with just the original 4, summed it all up perfectly. And that look on your face, Eddie, following him “leaving it” was priceless. I know you know he nailed it. Glad you concurred with him. There are other sides as you’ve described but they don’t hold water even a fraction as much. It is lame. I have Kiss HOF talk fatigue! Look forward to Ace and Peter on an upcoming episode of TMS. I will need all that time inbetween to recover from how much energy I’ve spent commenting myself regularly and reading all the crazy comments! The Ace and Peter episode has the makings of being quite a memorable one to say the least. Going to buckle up and try to hang on for that one!

  3. Loved the new episode! Big fan of Leslie West, glad he’s feeling better and has a great sense of humor! Eddie, have you heard of the new project featuring Tod Howarth and John Regan called Four by fate? Looking forward to hearing this band.

  4. Nice to see that you read these Eddie. I’ve got to say that you’re comment above was very tasteful to the sarcastic guy. That said it is time for you and whoever at VH1 classic to get some more indie record folks on the show to help them at their hard fought and hard earned craft. First case in point being Scott “WINO” Weinrich of Maryland metal scene. Not by any stretch a “new artist” with his band The Obsessed or strictly singing for Saint Vitus. He is taking his masterful band Spirit Caravan from late 90’s re-united for a US tour this spring, first in 12 years for that outfit, so maybe next season? This dude is an absolute gem of heavy guitar and even has solo acoustic records which has elevated his stature in my opinion above many more well known guitarists currently still going. New Jersey correct? So let’s not forget about Monster Magnet or riff masters The Atomic Bitchwax.

    Like they say on that Monday nite football segment…”C’MON MAN?

  5. Leslie West tore it up! He is so genuine. This man is more than a guitar legend. He’s influenced those of us with Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity, Drugs, with missing limbs because he’s beaten those demons. He’s living his dream, and he makes no excuses. Todays rock “stars” have a LOT to learn from this man. WE all do.

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