So many times I am asked what new bands I like. To be honest for a while there wasn’t much for my personal tastes. Lot’s of aggression but not much in the way of songs. For me if it’s hard rock or metal I MUST like the singer and the music must have some sense of melody to it. It’s one of the reasons I don’t care for death or extreme metal. I can appreciate the energy, but for me, I don’t hear songs and not a fan of “cookie monster” voices. I’ve NEVER faked liking a band because everyone said I should or they were the new hip thing. That trend for me goes all the way back to being a little kid. Which is why I was routinely made fun of for liking bands like Kiss and others when they were very much thought of as “uncool”. But I must say I am very encouraged by some of the new stuff coming down the pike. There is this trend of no nonsense straight up riff based hard rock by a whole new generation of young bands. Essentially bands with members in their 20’s that sound like they are from 1973! Anti Mortem. Scorpion Child, Kyng, Monster Truck, Rival Sons, Witchcraft, and many others have recently peaked my interest. I don’t know which if any will come out of the pack and it’s too soon to see which will develop into truly great bands that stand the test of time. But at a time when hard rock and metal needs a new Appetite For Destruction to kick everyone’s ass and shake things up and help bring back rock, there are some strong signs on the horizon. I am rooting for all these guys and you will hear many on my radio shows sprinkled among the classics. New and classic rock acts still very much needs your help to break through. So keep an eye out for this stuff and spread the word if you like it. Hopefully one of them really hits and puts a charge in a fairly stagnant world lately for new hard rock bands.

What have you heard new you like? As always comments welcomed and encouraged here!


PS: I no doubt forgot others that I like. Perhaps the biggest challenge we have with so much music so available so easily is navigating what’s out there and remembering it! Another reason I still love CDs. Much easier to keep in your line of site when it’s a physical item vs an easily lost download, file or link.

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  1. The Mighty Swine are just finishing up their 3rd release on BHR. Featuring Mike Skimmerhorn (CJSS/Chastain) Stacey Donahue, Rory Faciane, & Jeff Tonge, this hard / prog rock outfit combines classic hard rock with modern drumming. audible lyrics. hooks, and melodies that I think you will enjoy. Their first single ‘Layin Down the Law’ made Hard Rock Nights Best of 2009 Playlist & the video for LUST (2012) was nominated for a CEA (Cincinnati Entertainment Award) + is STILL charting on Roxwel.com’s Metal Charts (#2 for week ending Mar. 1)

  2. Eddie, thank you for sharing. My husband and I just recently discovered Scorpion Child and The Sword. Love them. Been enjoying Monster Truck and am looking forward to seeing them open for Alter Bridge this spring! Can’t wait to check out some of the other newer bands you mentioned, and the ones mentioned in the comments!

    I hope you are right about a return to guitar riff-driven music making a comeback. I, too, am a fan of melody. In my Midwest town, as far as our local scene goes, it seems like there are too many “hardore” bands that just aren’t my thing. That’s the “in” style right now.

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