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Gene-Simmons400 Annie Reuter of reports:

Gene Simmons of KISS has some heated words for drug addicts and people dealing with depression in a new interview with

When asked if he keeps in touch with the original players of KISS he answered with a resounding “no.”

Why’s that? Simple: they’re either drug addicts or just downers.

“I don’t get along with anybody who’s a drug addict and has a dark cloud over their head and sees themselves as a victim,” Simmons said. “Drug addicts and alcoholics are always: ‘The world is a harsh place.’ My mother was in a concentration camp in Nazi Germany. I don’t want to hear f–k all about ‘the world as a harsh place.’ She gets up every day, smells the roses and loves life.

And for a putz, 20-year-old kid to say, ‘I’m depressed, I live in Seattle.’ F–k you, then kill yourself.”

He added “I never understand, because I always call them on their bluff. I’m the guy who says ‘Jump!’ when there’s a guy on top of a building who says, ‘That’s it, I can’t take it anymore, I’m going to jump.’ Are you kidding? Why are you announcing it? Shut the f–k up, have some dignity and jump! You’ve got the crowd.”

While Simmons said KISS has new songs ready, there are no plans to record anytime soon. But, there is one artist he’d love to record with in the future: Lady Gaga.

“I think Lady Gaga is the only new rock star, although she’s not a rocker,” he said. “I would like her to throw away all the disco stuff and get a band. Don’t use tapes, come out with a real live band and guitars. She’s a bona fide musical artist. She did a duet with Tony Bennett, real great pipes. She can sit at a piano all by herself. She’s a legitimate artist. A lot of the other pop divas who are really talented are not artists.”

Simmons said KISS and Gaga tried to collaborate on their last record but both were too busy.

“We got close. She got busy, we got busy. We would have done it.”

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      1. Gene Simmons is a tool, always has been and always will be. Gene’s also an addict, addicted to his sense of greatness. To label people afflicted with the disease as people who should just kill themselves is one of the most assinine comments ever. This sounds eerily similar to quotes made by Adolph Hitler. He felt the Jews were a disease as were gypsies, birth defects, homosexuality and exterminated them for it.
        A disease is a disorder of structure or function that is not a result of physical injury. Gene’s hair helmet is not a disease but should be classified as one. He is a pompous, arrogant and foolish ass.

  1. Mr Simmons had better f-ing clarify his statements.
    I have been living with and receiving ongoing treatment for Clinical Depression since 2008 when I finally snapped from the pressure of trying to “keep it together” while the world around me got more and more difficult to cope with. I had had it for *years* before I was finally diagnosed with it and I was only diagnosed with it because I finally hit rock bottom. Depression is a wicked thing that only others who have dealt with it can understand. Depression isn’t a lifestyle choice like being an asshole is. If It turns out that he is indeed refuting the legitimacy of mental illnesses like depression and addiction,this will be the tipping point where *all* my KISS stuff will go to the used shop to exchange for something better.

    1. Patrick,

      I agree with you, some of Simmons’ statements are way out of line. I lost someone who was very important to me a couple of months ago to suicide. I struggle with his loss everyday. Real clinical depression is, no pun intended, a laughing matter and Gene’s flippant comments are irresponsible.

      But in his defense (I cannot believe that I am defending him), I think he was referring to the typical whiny, spoiled teenager who is angst ridden without being clinically diagnosed with a legitimate mental illness. The ones who sulk for no good reason and threaten suicide simply for attention. Trust me, when one wants to commit suicide, they usually don’t tell anyone. That is the real danger. I think Gene is spouting his frustration with the ones who simply act the part, but are not really ill.

      As for his comments about drug addiction, again that is simply his opinion. He is not an addiction specialist nor has he ever suffered from an drug/alcohol addiction himself, so it’s difficult for him to relate to an issue he has never suffered from, but has only seen through others close to him.

      Dana from 🙂

      1. Dana,
        I agree completely with everything you said. Gene says these things from a lack of understanding and imagination. Sometimes–and I am a fan–I hate to imagine what his views are on other subjects. Like Ted Nugent, he fails to filter what he says regardless of who it hurts. Its too bad he can’t go back and edit his words to reflect more accurately what he means.

      2. “spoiled teenager who is angst ridden without being clinically diagnosed with a legitimate mental illness.”

        The problem is that you don’t know the difference, and nobody really does until it’s too late. There are fine lines there. The triggers that cause people to end their lives, or someone else’s for that matter, are not always know.

        What he said is not defendable under any circumstance. He’s ignorant. Just because he played bass in a successful 70’s rock band, he know has a mic to say whatever he wants. Him and Uncle Ted should get a room together.

        1. Mike,

          I agree with you and it was difficult to try and rationalize those comments. But, I still think that is what he meant, because it is quite obvious that he lacks knowledge.

          Also, while I concur that you cannot always tell the difference between typical teenage angst and, God forbid, something else, that is why it the parent’s job to have their child properly assessed by a professional to be able to discern the difference.

          As I stated before, someone I love is no longer here from this very misunderstood disease which is often medicated with drugs whose side effects can be just as dangerous as the symptoms they are trying to abate. Again, his comments were clearly misguided and obviously stated from someone who is clearly ignorant about mental illness.

          Dana 🙂

          1. Yes Dana,
            I could not have stated it better. I am sorry about your freind.
            I’m in 100% agreement with you on this matter, and am glad you responded to Patrick quickly as it set the proper tone for this subject matter.

          2. @Dana,
            You’re welcome Dana! I actually replied thinking you replied to me, but it was a different Mike. Lol! Then it all made sense!

      3. Please, please stop trying to police people’s thoughts and words. Gene Simmons is the biggest moron on planet Earth and does his typical “controversial” projections to validate himself-to himself. Call him the misinformed, ignorant, loser he is loudly. But, when people start demanding “clarifications”, “retractions”, or “apologies” from public figures for their opinions…I instantly have to support the idiot that made the asinine comment. Stop making me defend the dumbest among us.

        1. Not really sure how I am doing that, but okay whatever you say, Frank. I was just giving my opinion as to what I thought he might have meant. I never said he was accurate, and if you read what I wrote, I condemned him for being careless and thoughtless with his words. Maybe, you need to re-read all of my posts.

          Dana from 🙂

          1. Dana, please don’t listen to anything that poster has to say. We value your opinions, because your opinions are very valuable! 🙂

    2. Patrick,
      I don’t blame you at all. This could have been an opportunity for Gene to send a message to people saying “get help”. There is no doubt he is sending the wrong message even though I truly believe he is not condoning suicide. HIS LIFE is great because he’s rich and his mother spoiled the crap out of him growing up. He can’t imagine what its like to have it any other way. I believe this insensitive view on depression is rooted in his mother’s experiences as a holocaust survivor and the stories he’s heard growing up. He thinks there is no excuse. He needs to research things he doesn’t understand before making these comments. Don’t get rid of your KISS stuff Patrick. Forgive Gene for these stupid comments of his and just enjoy life–maybe take a break from Gene for a good, long while–I know Dana would like to never hear about him again!

    3. Patrick.
      So cool you admit to having a depression – I do too, so I know exactly what you’re talking about. I usually don’t wish anyone anything bad, but I do wish will be stricken with both a deep depression and angst, so he’ll at least get a taste of it feels like.

      Gene Simmons “Don’t look down on people, unless you’re helping them getting up”

  2. Seems to me Paul & Gene just can’t let the past be in the past. And the irony is Gene & Paul have/are been desperately trying to bury the past aka Peter & Ace and unfortunately for them it will never ever happen. Their behavior (G/P) has been extremely bizzare…..actually now it has become real creepy…….And it is no wonder why Gene & Paul won’t ever appear on That Metal Show, they can make up any boneheaded excuse they want but the bottom line is they fear Eddie because they both know Eddie will ask the questions that nobody else will…..sorry but that is truth!! Joe in The Cuse

    1. Joe,
      Actually, I don’t think an appearance on TMS would work out too well. Imagine it! Gene and Paul show up and Eddie, Don, and Jim ask them the usual questions. Paul and Gene give their usual replies. Eddie and Don don’t buy it or agree and are no closer to understanding Gene’s and Paul’s thinking. Jim doesn’t care either way. The audience (most of them probably fans of the original lineup since that seems to be the demographic) boo’s at Paul and Gene’s response’s to the questions.
      Alternatively, how do YOU think it would play out Joe?

      1. Mike B – with all due respect to this site and Eddie who I respect it’s a rock show and nothing more. Eddie and his producers make the right call when they had Ted on ….staying clear away from his politics and past comments. There is no reason and no gain in having those type conversations with guys like Gene and Ted who never budge and don’t listen.

      2. Mike B……It would play out disaster out for Gene & Paul……..& what deigned your “usual questions” logic?? You see it is all about PERSPECTIVE at this point, not the “usual” emotional questioning……think outside the box Mike B. ……Joe in The Cuse

        1. Joe,
          The arguments about the makeup/original members have gone on for ten or more years. Even Eddie has stated its like beating a dead horse–the usual arguments! It doesn’t seem like my comments were out of line…
          Once again, what do YOU think would happen if Paul and Gene were guests of the show and Eddie asked these questions?
          Thinking outside the box is best applied to finding solutions–not speculation of what could be. I’m sharing my opinion of what would happen IF, not when. I get it though–it made you feel good to say it? /:

          1. Uhh Mike B…..can’t say it any better than my previous post. Your comments weren’t out of line at all….and the questioning really doesn’t have to pentane to the makeup….rather Gene & Pauls relentless hatred and attacks on the other 2…., get where I’m going now?? I really can go on, it really isn’t that hard…….Joe in The Cuse

          2. Joe,
            Eddie would never do a show based on that criteria. TMS is not the Dr. Phil show, and Paul and Gene do not hate Ace or Peter. It seems like you are avoiding the question. No problem–your off the hook.

          3. Lmao, uh Mike B I was never on ANY HOOK….I’m not here to answer YOUR questions….I gave my explanation and if you really couldn’t equate to that then that is a YOU problem, not my problem……..Joe in The Cuse

          4. Joe,
            It was just a figure of speech–the same as saying “okay, I give up! I’ll drop the subject!” I wasn’t getting anywhere with you because you avoided the question repeatedly. With you, it’s a battle of wits and not about answering with integrity. You have not defended your position…and I’m not surprised.

          5. Mike B I pointed it out….it didn’t have to be towards makeup but mainly their hatred towards the other 2…..If you obviously couldn’t understand that than wow……would you like it in sign language?? Once again question their hatred towards Ace & Peter…..that wasn’t to difficult to figure out……Joe in The Cuse

    2. Very true! The recent comments paul has made about replacements for him in gene make me really worry about Paul’s mental stability……………….I’m not even kidding. Kiss will now be the new menudo?!?!? Very bizarre activity by gene & paul!

    3. I seriously doubt Gene is afraid of Eddie. Eddie wants to be validated through this invented feud. If Eddie were a true fan then he would kick Ace and Peters asses for trying to wreck this band through their selfish behavior. Instead he continues giving them handjobs because they wil actually talk to him.

      1. It is SO insanely far out there what some people think they know. And equally hysterical when the hardcore buy hook line and sinker EVERYTHING they are told from one side. It seems Gene, Paul and certain Kiss fans just want to live in the past and continue to dwell on what past members were over 12 years ago.. it is amazing

        1. Yes, Gene is shaking in his monster boots. No one wants to endure the tough questioning of Eddie Trunk. “So how have you been?” “So alot has changed since we spoke last, what have you guys been up to?” “Which Kiss album is your favorite?”

          1. Right, because you survive in broadcasting 31 years not asking good questions. LOVE how you are consumed with everything I say, write and play, on my site, but think i don’t know what I’m doing? Says a lot about you… And you must have that line of questioning confused with the interviews they do grant on places like CNN. I’m sure your interviews would be so hard hitting….of wait, that’s right, you have no clue at all how it really works. Don’t ever let reality cloud your perception!

          2. Game…..Set…..Match….Nice Eddie, Ennui you set yourself up for that one. Next time THINK before you open your mouth you meathead…….Joe in The Cuse

          3. Eddie…
            I still can’t believe you don’t like Monster…how many times did you listen to it? I didn’t like Animalize the first time I heard it. I was a little disappointed in Psycho Circus initially! I know Paul has never been cool to you and that would make it hard for me if I were in your shoes.
            I know I’m off topic and I think Ennui is on the extreme opposite of your views of current Kiss. What I’m saying is that Gene and Paul should not have to justify their decision to put the makeup on Tommy and Eric. They have earned the right to wear it as far as I’m concerned. They are not copying Ace and Peter’s movements on stage or their personalities. They have taken over the CHARACTERS (caps for emphasis) that YES, Peter and Ace created–and sold! Ennui is defending the current lineup because the current lineup is helping to keep Kiss moving forward. The music is the most important and the last two studio albums have been great Eddie. I know the difference. Even if I didn’t like them, I can acknowledge something that’s good.

          4. @joe in the Cuse,
            Look at YOU calling someone else a meathead…WHAT THE HECK? Eddie is right to respond as he did. You? No, I don’t think so.

          5. Mike B…..seriously you really aren’t that brilliant…..helluva try pal but you couldn’t even figure out a post from me earlier that a 6th grader could. The answer was right in front of you but nope….you wanted to play “hero”……..sorry but that was a YOU problem, not a me problem….now the lesson is done & class is dismissed…..Joe in The Cuse

    4. It wouldn’t matter Joe…if they did show up they would be asked the same “softball” questions that Ed ask’s of Ace and Peter. And that’s not a knock on Ed either it just the reality of the situation…I don’t blame Ed for that, he’s there to invite guests on not turn it into a Jerry Springer episode. Ed’s had plenty of chances to call Ace and Peter out and he hasn’t…again, I do not blame him for that nor do I expect him to do so.

      Btw/ not defending Gene and his recent line of asinine comments in the least though I do agree with Dana in the fact that he probably needs to clarify his remarks.

  3. Boy does this jerk off ever stop. He is ruining what pathetic career he has left. He will be in court being sued by some parents that promotes kids to kill themselves. What a loser. Learn to be a human being with compassion loser Gene.

    1. He’s about to turn 65 years old Bob and after 4 decades in the spotlight, I doubt at this point Gene is worried about his career or his financial situation. The fact is Gene sounds like a lot of senior citizens who’s view points harden with age.

        1. It’s a fun board Ennui…what kills me is a lot of this goes right over people’s head. There’s a reason Ed keeps putting up Kiss articles…look at the numbers it generates compared to other band articles. Love how people say ignore them, I’m done with them yada, yada, yada,…and yet another thread approaching 200 posts.

  4. “Fear Eddie”…… I can hear Paul & Gene laughing. I’m sure they are holding back Ace tales that Gordon Gebert & Bob McAdams would love to put in print but ’15 looms in Vegas…right Doc?

  5. Dana, I agree with you. That’s the way I took it too, however, Gene needs to think before he speaks sometimes. Obviously, not everybody is going to take it like you and I did. Kiss is my all-time favorite band, but my God, lately it has been really hard to like them.

      1. If genes comments are directed toward people seeking attention and not those actually diagnosed, then his comments may have been taken out of context…if so, this is lousy and unprofessional reporting…which in this day of social media, its not important to be accurate, just that ur the first to report it…

  6. I wish there was a way to inject this guy with the gene of addiction that has been proven to be present in family lineage. I love how people who don’t have it think it’s so easy to just say no. It is a lifelong fight. His kids must be scared shit to ever f up. They probably never will, but I’d love for him to speak like this to his own son if he ever did. I used to idolize this guy. Now he just seems like a self centered, callous old man. Yes, his mother survived a concentration camp. Then managed to come to America and do well for herself obviously WITHOUT the burden of addiction. Then YOU Gene made her life even better. Of course she loves life. I really don’t get the analogy. But it seems in Genes world everything should be compared to his life in some way. Damn, I’m glad I liked ACE more.

  7. Gene is a f#cking ignorant scumbag! This a$$hat has no idea what depression and substance abuse really is! It’s a disease! Instead this old fake wanna be Donald trump thinks it’s the 1920s and ignores studies done on these issues for years! This mentality is disastrous and makes this issue WORSE! And what’s with this losers obsession with lady gaga? She sucks and is unoriginal! Sometimes I think that darth vader helmet on his head somehow limits his brain function.

  8. Nobody ever wants to die. I’ve suffered from clinical depression since i was 15, I’m 45 now. Depression makes you feel the NEED to die. Like everyone who knows you will be better off, not just without you, but with you dead. If you let depression get ahold of you, it will convince you of this. The problem is a lot of people don’t realize what they’re suffering from. If you break your leg, the pain will tell your brain something is wrong. But what if your mind is damaged? What tells it? People need support and help, not to be told “Go ahead and die.” Only by God’s grace, love and mercy am I still here.

    1. God bless you Robert,

      I wish modern medicine could find better solutions. The brain is such a complex organ. I know in my loved ones case, he sustained a horrible concussion after being hit by a car as a teenager. He told me he never felt the same after that accident. I have no doubt that, in his particular case, that this correlated to his depression. I am convinced that he sustained a brain injury from that collision.

      D 🙂

      1. This happened to a friend of mine a few weeks ago. He fell and got a concussion…then slipped into a depression. They wanted him to take medication to help with the depression but he didn’t want to take anything. Now…he is gone. They are going to have his brain examined to see if they can find a link with the concussion…whatever the cause, if it wasn’t for the depression he would still be here.


        1. Michael,

          Thank you for sharing that and I am incredibly sorry for your loss. Obviously, I can relate to what you are going through.

          I begged the person I loved to get a brain scan as well. He refused. However, he did take medication briefly, but the side effects only made the symptoms worse. I wish they were able to study his brain as well. I am convinced that in some cases of depression and suicide, brain trauma was involved at some point in the person’s life.

          D 🙂

    2. I hear you Robert. I’ll be 45 next month and have suffered from major depression and suicidal ideation for over 30 years. I think about killing myself every single day! People with a mindset like Gene’s have no way to relate to people like us and their lack of empathy is evident.

      One time I was driving down Hollywood Blvd. and saw a big commotion going on down the street. I got out of my car and saw that a homeless man had climbed up a billboard sign and was threatening to jump. Many people in the crowd were laughing at him and yelling, “Jump!” I could not believe it! No one cared who this homeless person was or what his issues were, they just wanted to see blood! I was further horrified watching a boy who couldn’t have been more than 4 or 5 years old jumping up and down and yelling, “Jump,” at the top of his lungs! His family members were right there with him giving him full approval. It was so sad to see.

    3. “Depression makes you feel the NEED to die”
      That is *exactly* the feeling I wrestled with for *years*. I even felt the The Universe was punishing me for being born. I wanted to die, not because I didn’t want to deal with life anymore, but because I was *positive* that my death would bring about all manner of changes for the better for everyone I loved that would be left behind. I never attempted suicide; If I was going to die it was going to be by doing something noble, like saving someone else from a fire, an angry bear – anything. And those opportunities never arose and so I kept living and waiting and suffering while that opportunity to check out with dignity and the knowledge that I helped save a life eluded me. And I waited and suffered and hated myself more and more. I actually called 9-1-1 on myself hoping that they would stick a needle in my butt, toss me in a padded room with nice cozy wrap-around pajamas and forget about me while I lived the rest of my life in a medicated fog. Instead I was interviewed, given a prescription for Prozac and referred to a Psychiatrist and a Psychologist for therapy…. I had to walk home on top of it…so much for my master plan of living in the sanitarium. I learned what my triggers were, I learned how to detect when a trigger was tripped by how I felt and how to ride out the wave, or redirect the energy somewhere else. There are so many people who have not had been fortunate enough to be in a position where they are diagnosed and given the tools they need to recognize and cope with the issues, and they turn to the the things that shut that chaos out (drugs, booze,sex, money-making) and help them feel better about themselves. I am very lucky. Depression isn’t just “I feel terrible and I want to die” it’s also ” I feel awful and in pain and I think I’m going to find some selfish abusive asshole to share this pain with and show them what helpless and scared truly is” I know there were times if I had been properly motivated, there would be people lying in bloody heaps in my wake if Depression Rage had kicked in…but luckily, most of my episodes were retreat and hide with my self-loathing.

  9. I have a Family member who suffers from Depression, extreme Anxiety and has had really bad Panic Attacks, then I have to hear Gene say to people with Depression, “Go kill yourself” this is just sickening. How would he like it if one of his Family members suffered from Depression would he tell them to “Go kill themselves?” Would Gene like it if someone told his Family member with Depression to “Go kill themselves?” What if he had it himself and someone told him that, would he do it? Simmons is one sick person and needs to shut his mouth! Stop insulting people, Gene you are a sorry excuse for a human being!

  10. Is he trying to compete with Ted Nugent for the King Tard crown? Please Mr. Simmons..stop talking. You are an out of touch goof. Blah. What a filthy b.

  11. dana, I am very sorry for your loss. it is a credit to you to try to make sense of gene’s insensitive comments at such a difficult time. may you know of no more sorrow.

  12. Gene Simmons hasn’t written a good song in 25 years. Paul carried that band once Gene decided that the almighty dollar was more important than keeping his fans truly happy with good music. Gene, I dare you, take off the makeup and see how many people truly care about you anymore. It’s the wake-up call your ego truly needs.

  13. Really sad that I am at the point of not checking this site out anymore. Not for Gene’s comments but for you idiots here that post your crap. Gene is right on with these points. Get off the liberal, socialist, political correctness brainwashing b.s. propaganda people. Control your weakness and pathetic emotions. When you bitch about what Gene has to say here because you know someone or some s going through depression all your doing is making an excuse for it. Take that energy and hate that you post and get the fuck off your addictions or cope with your depression. Gene is a greedy piece of shit most of the time but I agree with him %100 on these comments. The brave are found dead, cowards cry for attention.

    1. Wendigo,

      You are entitled to your opinion, but as someone who has been touched by this, I can tell you this with every fiber of my being, these disorders can sometimes be brought on by head trauma. So, in some cases there was a physical injury that precipitated the depression. Michael Hutchence of INXS’ father said the same thing happened to him. He said he was a happy, positive good natured man, but after a car accident in which he endured major head injuries, he entire personality changed. He became severely depressed and he eventually took his life.

      I think it is a bit insensitive and ill advised to think there is a one size fits all explanation for depression and mental illness.

      Dana from 🙂

    2. Wendigo, I hear the anger and disgust in your comments. You want people to quit being pussies and pick themselves up by their own bootstraps. You want them to stop whining and complaining and make the necessary changes to get their lives together. I get it. In some cases that’s definitely what’s needed.

      However, I disagree that this subject has anything to do with “liberal, socialist, political correctness brainwashing b.s. propaganda,” It has to do with ignorance and heartlessness. Maybe to you there are easy solutions like “controlling weaknesses and pathetic emotions,” but it’s not as easy as you think to overcome biological depression, hard core addictions or traumatic experiences that result in PTSD. People who are mentally ill or addicts need love and compassion. They are sick. They need help. Sometimes their issues are so huge that it keeps them from seeking help to begin with. And sometimes all the therapy in the world still doesn’t fix things. My suggestion to you is try to be a little more understanding by putting yourself in other people’s shoes and seeing things from their point of view whether you agree with them or not.

    3. My cousin cried for help for 40 years of his life….until he finally killed himself with a shotgun in his apartment. So which is it, WENDIGO? Was he a coward for suffering with his depression for 40 years, or brave for finally killing himself?

      You loser.

  14. I wonder if gene ever said to paul “hey, my moms a holocaust survivor, and you’re bitching about an ear deformity?! Shut up and sing!”..
    Dana, I hope ur theory on his statements is correct…I had a relative that took his life also…its sad someone would end their life on purpose, but its also tough sledding for the ones left behind that are forced to pick up the pieces and move on….its sad that gene didnt convey that in his rant…but its becoming more apparent that he isnt as smart as he thinks he is…but on a lighter note, I have 2 reasons why gene should shut his mouth and just focus on the band: 1) sonic boom 2) monster..

  15. And while I don’t support or agree with what Gene said, once you get past the “F Gene” assholes (who are no better than him in their own way, except way less famous) we’ve got about 10 or 12 posts here that DO tell the seriousness and scope of the conditions he was talking about. So rather than silence him, why not take the opportunity to combat his misinformation with the correct information, so perhaps maybe people – even one! – can get the help they need!

    I was married to someone who was/is clinically depressed, and one of my old bandmates decided he didn’t want to live anymore, so I understand the severity of this situation. But like it or not, there is no right not to be offended. Sometimes subjects are painful and that isn’t on Gene, that’s on us, the listeners. We should be able to talk about this stuff.

    Oh, and the comparison to Ted Nugent is way off base.

  16. obvious if someone is an addict have it alcohol or drugs and knows all to well its an addiction needs help period.. the problem i see with gene and paul is when it comes to this issue they are first to say how bad it is and lay out their own prescription for success as their worried about it social and personal as well as the professional impact it could have on one. but i do not hear any positive message coming from them on the issue. and that bothers me because you would think a group as big as kiss is and the impact they have and the message they can deliver, it would be to get help and save themselves .but again all i hear is bashing , for a couple of guys who tend to be positive about most things, their simply not here on this issue…a zero tolerance …again as guys that claim to have never drink nor do drugs, i can see how they can easily lash out against it . but i don’t think you have to experience everything in life personally to know its impact , you can learn from others and that to is a problem , some people just might not see it , i don’t have to get hit by a car to know what it’s going to do to me..putting it plain its an addiction if your abusing it and needs to be treated because going untreated leads to all things we might not wanna hear..i just wish they would try in see goodness in helping one when there most down.

  17. Wow, This is serious that he would say this stuff. How heartless can he be? I am in shock that he was quoted as saying this. Very uncool, whoever is on twitter should blow his up and complain so that he doesn’t hurt more people.

    1. Regardless old kiss fan, new kiss fan, this line-up kiss fan, old line-up kiss fan. Read his words and take them in. How could you still respect a human being that says this stuff?

  18. Complete moron, A guy like this won’t learn until someone he loves or cares about suffers from or falls victom to depression. This is ignorance X 10 and is actually offensive. This is a real illness and has much to do with genetics as it does with circumstance, strength and character… as to the horrors of the holocaust… no argument that that experience must have been truly horrific, but I don’t think it’s a valid argument decrying the validity of depression as an illness. A lot of the damage done to these people is done when they are in the critical periods of their development and are growing up with a parent or parents who are mentally ill. On a side note – a guy with that hairstyle should pretty much just stfu. Wanna face reality bozo? quit the comb over – sad old man.

  19. Think Gene is out of touch with reality by a lot. Don’t you love it when the Paul and Gene defenders come on this site. People have listened to what famous people have said before. Guess telling people to commit suicide just shows how much you really care for others.

  20. Gene Simmons has just topped my list as one of the biggest assholes ever born. Knowing some people born with depression, he escalated himself to the top of go f yourself pal!!! I wish to god Eddie would stop posting anything on kiss, they are now irrelevant.

      1. And I’m sure you know all those seats were actually sold? And if they were I’m sure Def Leppard had nothing to do with it?? And when did I ever say that nobody goes to see them ever? Oh that’s right, ignore all the positives, that doesn’t work for the agenda. Enjoy the Kool Aid, it is Summer after all.

        1. Uhhh….once AGAIN…..Game….Set….Match. Ennui you’re 0-2 brah…….actually a lot worse than that but again, “You can’t teach stupid”!!!! Joe in The Cuse

        2. As usual, Pauly Pejorative rears his ugly head once again.

          It doesn’t matter if all those tickets were “sold”. What matters is that people are actually leaving their house and driving to a venue to see Kiss after 40 years. And what also matters is that when Kiss goes on, all the seats are filled. If people just went for the Def Leppard portion, they would leave right after that show. But they don’t. That’s what matters.

          1. Oh wow……I’m still trying to figure out how KISS didn’t sell out a 5500 seat Turning Stone Casino room just last year…..hmmmm….no “Co-Headling” band maybe??? Joe in The Cuse

        3. C’mon Eddie, please. You know the breakdown of ticket sales…you know how it works. Paint a clear picture for people on here instead using innuendo because you got a beef with these guys right now. Here, I’ll do it for you since I’ve been in the business myself for 25 years.

          Comps…yep, every show has them….from radio, media, labels, opening act, headliner, management, booking, venue, promoter…all have their hands in getting comps. Trade deals…yep, look at the venue sponsor,suppliers, vendors… chances are they’ve been allotted comps as well. Free tickets isn’t anything new in the business. Okay…what about papering the house…yep, it happens from time to time when sales are bad and your still trying to generate concession sales. However papering the house is a last resort….plus papering the house isn’t going to happen when you have two legendary bands that are commanding hefty guarantee’s. Somebody is paying for this and I don’t see the promoters for this tour going belly up anytime soon.

          The fact is this tour has done well, it’s done enough business to keep it on the road, meaning it’s making money or at the very least breaking even…enough to pay the guarantee’s. You know that Ed or they would have pulled the plug on it. And why shouldn’t it…Def Leppard, Kiss…that’s a helluva a package.

        4. Eddie,
          Some posters here are those drinking YOUR Kool Aid–I’m just saying a few have bought into your opinions hook, line, and sinker. In fact, they use the same terminology as you. I’m not saying you have an agenda–just that many of us respect you and your opinions sometimes come across as factual instead of opinion. There is no middle ground in many of these arguments and that’s fine. It’s all good because it’s an outlet for the fans.

          1. The idea is for people to decide for themselves. NO issue with those that agree or disagree with me on any topics. But the mindless baseless claims are what is just dumb.

          2. Mike B, “IF” you are referring to the whole Eric & Tommy should be their own characters argument, as god as my witness I have been saying the same thing from day 1, way before I ever heard Eddie’s thoughts & opinions on the whole subject. Just because somebody agrees with Eddie on a subject, doesn’t mean it’s because it’s Eddie Trunk’s opinion. And just for the record, I hate Kool Aid, I prefer Coors Light! Cheers! 🙂

  21. Funny how all these asinine comments Simmons makes always seem to coincide with the times when he has something (yet again) to sell.Kiss is on the road? I’ll run my pie hole to keep my name in the news.No need to talk,we’re all aware by now what a tool bag you truly are. We’re also aware your a 66 year old guy dressing in high heels,make up, and a wig by the way…;-)

  22. glene and paulsy are a bunch of preening wining and embarrassing paradies!!! Backstage rider includes warm milk,blankets and graham crackers i am sure…Eddie Please No More Kiss!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. EDDIE,for the love of god!!!!! Please just post music related topics and interviews. No More Soap Operas’ . We know you can do it…I am ready to abandon ship if necessary..sorry ,p.s., I liked KISS way better years ago when we didn’t hear them talk, just pictures from now on,ok?

  24. And yet people keep spending their money on this clown and supporting him and his family and future generations of the Simmons family…..I just don’t get it.

  25. I always read and never posted but this comment has me pissed.
    Ive been a hardcore KISS fan since 1973….yes BEFORE the Alive album broke them open.. Ive heard them throw each other under the bus many times but enough is enough! From a lifelong fan to Gene…you are a douche and an ass. Please keep a low profile in public eye and shut your mouth for once in your life. Stop speaking….simply just stop!
    We dont give a rats ass what you think anylonger…Gawd…shut the phuck up!!!!

  26. Enough already with the Kiss articles, we all agree Gene and Paul are jerks. I’m beginning to think Eddie just likes to add fuel to the fire. Ed, you do a great job, but all these Kiss bashing stories you have on your page makes you no better then Gene or Paul. Just let it go and focus on real music news.

      1. Keep Posting stuff in-spite what the haters think. it’s fun read even if we all think they are douche bags lol! If people respond it a positive.

      2. Dana you have ABSOUTLY NOTHING to be sorry for…..if this upsets people ( which I can appreciate) then they don’t have to read it. Personally all this just proves how bizzare Gene & Paul have become. It is (again) bizarre human behavior. And for the few meatheads that will take their own clothes off for these two knuckle heads it really proves the theory that YOU CANT TEACH STUPID!! Joe in The Cuse

      3. Dana,
        On this I agree with Jim from Houston and Joe in the Cuse. Keep up the good work! These discussions are a great outlet and a way to learn how we all think. It’s free speech, you can post what you want! (: there have been plenty of other stories in between and most of them don’t cause this much discussion or debate.

  27. Not sure where Gene was coming from on that one. I also dont know why these articles are even newsworthy. Does he keep in touch with former members of the band? I dont think Peter and Ace care.
    People with depression could need legitimate treatment. I dont get it. It these are digs at old bandmates I have heard it all before

  28. Fan since I was 6 years old. I’m 44 now. I have really had it with Gene and Paul’s sickening point of views. Yes I do not know them, but judging by what they say publicly, I would not want to know them. They are one sided and selfish.

  29. Gene isn’t talking to people with head injuries or PTSD….the contact I had with him once, and I am not going to go into my personal history here, but he pretty much saved my life. Gene is a smart guy, he knows when someone has a legit reason to be depressed. And to anyone contemplating suicide, you are going to die anyway! What? 20,000 or so days left for most of us? That’s not much time, so just hang in there, this won’t last forever….

  30. 39 year old avid kiss fan diagnosed with depression and bi polar. Just lost a best friend musician to depression. I was crushed. I have been reading Genes comments for an hour and I am stunned. Do I condemn him and kiss? No, we’ve all said things we wish we could take back. So…I choose to take his comments and try to use them to enable me to get better and not kill myself. Baby steps and support. RIP Glen I wish I had of called you in time. My brother.

  31. So, by Gene’s logic….Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Bon Scott, John Bonham, Roy Buchanan, Keith Moon, Del Shannon, Hillel Slovak…etc…, did us all a favor?

  32. Says the sex addict. What a disrespectful and hurtful comment. A lot of us didnt get your compulsion to have sex with any female who walked upright, but I digress…

  33. I love Kiss and respect Gene. I can agree with the addiction commentary. If you don’t start you will never have to stop. There are people that hide behind the “addiction is a disease” mantra. But how can a disease be triggered by your actions solely? We all have theoretical chances of developing cancer or MS or other diseases no matter what we may do or how clean we may live. But I will never end up an addict unless I pick the stuff up. That’s no disease. If you’ve never used you simply don’t wake up one morning craving crack. That’s why I can’t buy into drug abuse as a disease. You choose that route and change your brain chemistry along the way, a totally self inflicted condition no matter how many addicts you may have had in your family history. Again if you don’t start you will never be an addict but you could end up with a brain tumor tomorrow at no doing of your own. As for his comments on depression, they are deplorable. Totally out of line and totally off base. There are people that truly have a clinical bio chemical situation they deal with. There is also situational depression but there are people that have measurable chemical imbalances at no fault of their own. That’s where I have to part company with Mr. Simmons. His statements regarding depression are cruel and insensitive and he should be ashamed…

  34. I do want to weigh in my two cents on this. However, based on the mail reaction including several compelling stories of clinical depression and suicide, Gene’s remarks are definitely the equivalent of Stephen A. Smith’s remarks incorrectly thinking that spousal or girlfriend abuse is “provoked” even though he vehemently did not condone such abuse under any circumstance. In this world and in a way rightfully so Stephen A. like Gene was vilified due to misunderstandings of spousal abuse in Stephen A.’s case and clinical depression in Gene’s case.

    Getting back to Gene’s remarks, there is also something I see which may be far fetched. If you recall the question posted was does he keep in touch with original KISS members (read Ace and Peter). That’s when he went on the rant on not associating people with substance abuse problems and people who attempt or commit suicide which he believes is equivalent to “whiners” and compares their “minor” problems to his mother’s experience in a concentration camp during World War II. First I see that this is not just about Ace and Peter. I know they had substance abuse problems but there were no known reports of either of them having clinical depression or suicide attempts and they are doing fine today (clean and sober and in good health). However, when he segued into depression and suicide and even mentioned the remark pertaining to a potential suicide victim “I’m from Seattle”. That can easily be interpreted to a at best of criticism of Kurt Cobain. It is obvious that Gene is insanely jealous of Nirvana being that KISS had to wait 15 years of eligibility until induction while Nirvana who had a far shorter career span was inducted in it’s first year of eligibility and is far more celebrated. He is so pissed that someone who committed suicide is being honored more than him who was far more successful. Again this is a far fetched theory on my part but I read between the lines.

    Lastly Gene’s reasoning for that people should not commit suicide and deal with the problems comparing to his mother’s stay at a Nazi concentration camp and why she did not suffer from depression or tried suicide (although she may have had nightmares of this). We all agree that what she went through was at best horrific and nobody deserves this. However, there was one positive that came out of this, she had a support system. She was not there alone and everyone at the concentration camp was in the same predicament. When she and everyone else were liberated at the end of World War II not only did they all felt relief but a sense of empowerment. She is confident that she has other to depend on. On the other hand people who have clinical depression are often alone and don’t know where to go for help. Suicide may be for them the only solution because they cannot depend on people who believe them.

    I hope Gene issues an apology and I definitely like to hear what he has to say about Kurt Cobain.

    1. Rich C,
      I read you post and wanted to point out a few things–
      Peter Criss, according to his bio, did try to kill himself. Ace Frehley admits to Gene saving his life when he nearly drowned in a bathtub at a hotel after drinking all night. He would have died if Gene had not saved him. I think this happened twice in fact.
      Now, in regard to Gene’s mother having a support system in the concentration camp–I am not too sure about that…Gene’s bio says most of her family were killed before the war was over. Imagine trying to find comfort with those in the same predicament knowing at any moment, one of them could be escorted to a gas chamber.
      I am not excusing Gene’s comments. His comments were uncompromising and alienating to people who suffer from depression. You have to remember that Gene’s mother spoiled him to the point where he believes he is the center of the universe. He truly does not understand the disease. He should learn about it before commenting on it because he is alienating people who suffer from genuine illnesses that cause depression.
      I think Gene liked Kurt Cobain and wanted him to perform on the tribute album way back when, but Kurt… Well, its in the past now, but I don’t think it was about jealousy. The reason I think this is because he was stated that he thought Guns N Roses would have been the biggest band in the world if not for the turmoil, drugs, alcohol and other contributing factors to GNR’s downfall. I think its more about him hating successful people destroying their careers, and not jealousy. Of course, everyone gets jealous once in a while.

      1. Mike,

        I stand corrected about Peter. As for Ace I don’t think drowning in the bathtub was a suicide attempt but more like him being so wasted he did not know what he was doing and almost accidentally killed himself.

        As for Gene’s mother maybe she lost all of her family but again she was in the same predicament as the rest of the people there. She must have made friends there and shared their hopes and dreams of making it out alive which they did. People who commit suicide usually do not share their problems or fears with anyone because others don’t understand or don’t have empathy. Gene’s mother was never in that position.

        As for Kurt Cobain maybe when he was alive Gene was a fan of Nirvana and wanted to work with him on a side project. However, with twenty years after his death, Gene probably thinks that Nirvana was as flash in a pan while KISS had longevity. Moreover, his mentioning of Seattle in his remarks that Seattle is somehow the suicide capital of America or the world. I don’t know the exact statistics but anyone can commit suicide anywhere. Of course Seattle is the home base for Nirvana which is why I connected the two.

        As for Guns N’ Roses, they WERE the biggest band in the world from 1988 through 1992. However, while there have been substance abuse issues that plagued the band, the ultimate downfall was Axl wanting total control of the band which led to a falling out between other members including Slash followed by taking too much time to record a new album. By the mid to late 90s people forgot about them and moved on.

        1. Rich,
          I know Ace didn’t, but my point is about drugs, alcohol, and depression. Axl suffered a great deal from depression. Peter almost pulled the trigger–I am so glad he didn’t. Ace had addictions for years, and I am glad he’s sober now. Kurt Cobain died. These examples have touched Gene personally I believe and consequently, he lashes out like this. I am not justifying his statements, just providing my perspective based on what I know about Gene. He is clueless about these issues. All he knows is four talented people have had one of these issues (addiction/depression) and he can’t grasp it because his mother taught he was number ONE. I dare say he has NO CLUE what Axl has been through!

          1. Mike B – Just one more question out of curiosity. How did you know how Gene’s mother raised him? Gene’s mother is nobody famous and I never met or have known them personally.

  35. Good point about the sex…it can be addicting the point that it almost ruined his relationship w/shannon…power is also an addiction…a good example would be that german douchebag adolf hitler…im sure genes mom would attest to that…

  36. Gene has an addiction too. It’s called money. I will give him credit though for being able to sell the fans the b.s. on how much they mean to him. Of course when the fans want to see a reunion onstage for a few songs at the R&R hall of fame he couldn’t care less about them. Oh and by the way Gene, depression is a real illness but you are too selfish to care because it’s always about you!

  37. Gene’s lack of human compassion is despicable. How would he feel if Sophie or Nick for whatever reason or circumstance, were standing on top of a roof contemplating suicide? Would he himself scream at them, or want somebody else to be screaming at them to jump? Yes, MOST people who are in that headspace don’t talk about it, unfortunately, they just do it. But there are some who do talk about it because they are trying to reach out, crying for help, and the LAST thing in the world they need is somebody telling them “FUCK YOU, KILL YOURSELF”. With that kind of advice Gene, if you want to call somebody’s bluff, you better hope if you’re ever in that situation that they’re really bluffing, because you would probably feel pretty F’N bad if they weren’t. God help everybody who’s depressed and down & out if Gene ever gets his own advice column, that’s all I have to say.

      1. Gene Simmons I use to like but let’s be real.. Gene was depressed when he went and got a face lift. Why? Cause he was unhappy about aging [and] he was able to afford it, unlike most dealing with age. Well Shuve your money up your ass and your wife should of left you when you couldn’t be a man and marry the women of your children. Your a selfish person who loves himself and his money more than his own family. BTW gene you have your money or at least a large part of it from the people u want dead. Next time think things through not every 1 depressed is 20 and from Seattle and if so u didn’t walk in that 20 year old shoes. You say your mother was in a concentration camp, learn about depression cause we don’t escape that camp it’s in our head all the time let’s see if mom can deal with that.

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