johnsykes,jpg For all of you John Sykes fans, such as myself, this appears to be good news.

According to his official website the new album is musically finished. It is currently in the stage of mixing and final editing. Album artwork is also currently being planned.

John’s last release was 2004’s Bad Boy Live!. Watch a clip of Sykes performing Bad Boys below.


  1. Wow.. heading down the homestretch, should only be another 3 years or so until release at this point.. 😉

  2. says:

    1) I’ll believe it when I see it.
    2) I will DEFINITLY buy it. We could use a dose of some of the heavy blues rock , that no one does better than him.
    3) Deep Purple BETTER get into the hall of shame this time.

  3. I cant wait!!!!!!!

  4. This guy ought to join The Winery Dogs or join the Ace & Peter “the album is coming” club. Brazil then Chillah in beautiful New Jersey….the book needs to go to Indonesia with Tramp….or back to Staten Island with Vito. Vito & Sykes Band.

  5. John Sykes is one of the best musicians ever. I can’t wait to here this album!

  6. Awesome news! Now to arrange a Sykes, Winery Dogs, Sammy Hagar tour! Need to hear “Ptolemy” live!!! Those three acts would tear up the stage!

  7. Vito rules….and he hasn’t done nuthin for decades.

  8. Can’t wait.
    But then again: I’ve been saying this for years.
    What te hell is taking him so long?!

    Come on John, and fix us a fine European tour as well.

  9. Tom Sedge says:

    I forgot how amazing this guy is and he sounds awesome singing Bad Boys here, gives Coverdale a run for his money. Can’t wait for the new CD!!

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