Jakelee According to Blabbermouth, Drummer Darren Smith of the Canadian band Warmachine has been named the singer for Jake E. Lee’s (Badlands, Ozzy Osbourne) Red Dragon Cartel.

The band, which is a reference the guitarist’s Japanese roots, also features Ronnie Mancuso (Beggars & Thieves) on bass and Jonas Fairley (Black Betty) on drums.

Recorded at Las Vegas’ The Hideout Studios-Jake E. Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel’s debut album will feature many special guests including: Robin Zander (Cheap Trick), Paul Di’Anno (former Iron Maiden), Maria Brink (In This Moment), among others.

source: blabbermouth.ne


  1. Jake E Lee is an awesome guitar player!!!

  2. Paul M. Kotch says:

    good to see Jake getting together with Dianno

  3. This will either be a train wreck or okay.

  4. Greg B. says:

    Great to see Jake getting out there again! He is a phenomenal guitar player. Saw him twice with Ozzy back in the day.

  5. plus 1 on seeing Jake rocking again

  6. I agree – great guitarist. Those solos on “Bark At The Moon” are classic. Makes me wonder why he never got a high-profile gig after Ozzy.

  7. Whitesnake left messages for Jake on his answering machine, in regards to joining them shortly after he had left Ozzy. He said he never bothered replying as he didn’t want to be a hired gun. Ozzy approached Jake about re-joining his band back in the nineties, but Jake politely declined…

  8. Just saw That Metal Show with Jake E Lee…I for one among many who are very happy to see Jake with a new band doing his own thing. I met Jake a couple of times and had great conversations with him. Can’t wait to hear the whole album (I will actual buy).

  9. After watching his interview with Eddie on TMS this past Saturday, I’m a bit concerned–Jake seemed either really nervous or a bit loaded … Something was “off” with him…

  10. I was very pleased when you brought up the writing issue between Jake and Ozzy…. it’s about time somebody said something. And how humble and poised of Jake to state, live on the air, that he doesn’t want any money from royalties or publishing… he just wants his name on the credits.
    And well he should…. cudo’s to you Eddie and Jake for bringing it to light.


  11. I had no idea George Lynch was briefly chosen to play for Ozzy. That was a great story. I think the jury is still out on how Gus will fit in the the long line of great guitarists to work with Ozzy.

  12. I agree with you, Matt. It was great seeing Jake E. Lee, but he looked uncomfortable and guarded during the entire show.

  13. it was great seeing him on TMS; such a humble and subdued guy with such talent

  14. Why do you think he was inactive for many years…..go back and have met him in ’92 and now look at him…..he couldn’t get work anywhere, gee, can you guess why.

  15. Ed Miley says:

    I saw the show. He was very guarded and not at all comfortable with being there. His absence from the music scene is very telling. You could attribute a couple of years to the change in music trends but beyond that the absence is troubling.

  16. I am glad he is back in the music scene.
    Sounds like he’s ready for the spotlight again.

  17. scott gul says:

    That Warmachine debut album was produced by Dave Ellefsen of Megadeth, awesome album !!!

  18. So many years away. I’m sure Ozzy had him on salary, publishing given to Ozzy. Financially he probably was in Quiet Riot territory.

  19. I’ve known Darren Smith the new vocalist for nearly 30 years. One of the best singers I’ve ever heard and a true performer. Its gonna be legendary

  20. MrSinister says:

    Glad to see Jake back, I was actually hoping that Badlands would have recorded with John West who replaced Ray Gillian back in the 90s. I think the material would have been killer since I think West is phenomenal. Hopefully Jake’s new band will do great things

  21. KidMetal says:

    AWESOME Jake….I cant wait to hear it Brother!!!!

  22. It was great to see Jake on tms! Glad he’s rockin again,because he is after all the greatest guitar player on planet earth!!! Can’t wait for red dragon cartel! Hey Jake, if your ever in Chicago area stop over for a cocktail… my treat..

  23. When will the album be released? I’ve been looking for it and can’t find. I’ve read that it will be released in early 2013. Was that a typo?

  24. I’d like to put some money up front as support and as an investment to see Jake, Zakk and George Lynch perform together as a tour, and I’m sure a million other people would as well. Please contact me if you are one of the performers, let’s CrowdSource this next tour, or not. Instead of G3 I’d like to call this E3Guitar, after the Enormous Three entertainers that they are and their instruments. Patent pending bitches.

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