HookertsNBlow_Jposter Hookers & Blow, the band led by Guns N’ Roses keyboardist Dizzy Reed and Quiet Riot guitarist Alex Grossi has announced that their exclusive line of new official merchandise is now available exclusively online and in-store at Forgotten Saints LA.

“We are very excited to be taking the Hookers N’ Blow brand to the next level” says Reed, “The whole concept has become somewhat legendary over the past decade and one thing that has been constant throughout is the demand for merchandise, especially for stuff beyond just the standard black t-shirt”

The band recently celebrated the unveiling of the merchandise line with a string of July tour dates, including a Hollywood launch party at the legendary Whisky A Go Go on Wednesday, July 24th.

Forgotten Saints online store ships worldwide from their world renowned Melrose Avenue boutique in located in Hollywood, California.

Click here to order merchandise.

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  • Matt on

    Lets call a spade a spade here people: Dizzy had no business being in GnR. The band was better without a keyboardist.

  • speedking on

    The human tick or two legged leech would fit better for this doucheball.

  • richman on

    I m in the market for a JACK RUSSELL GREAT WHITE tee shirt as my current one is faded. Maybe these guys can help.

    • DR on

      I’m just getting my press started and go into manufacturing the GW5 featuring Warren DeMartini, Blackie Lawless, and a cast of others. That band will soon be followed by Jack Russell’s GW5, and that’s where the real money will be (until Jack sue’s me cause he needs more bandanas). I’m trying to get a link to my site onto the hookers and blow website. I figure if anyone is so stupid to purchase a shirt that says ‘hookers and blow’, surely they’ll be stupid enough to buy a ‘Jack Russell’s GW5 shirt with pre-cut tassles on the bottom of it. And yes, I am currently seeking investors. Please call Trunk Nation and leave a message for me.

  • richman on

    DR Im on board with you. The Jack lawsuit could be avoided with a lifetime supply of blow and ho bandannas. Imagine all the pu##y you could get with a BLO HO bandanna, JRGW tee, a ripped left pants leg and on the right leg, KISS emblem scrolled in black magic marker for variety. I’m sensing the return of the denim jacket with the iron on emblem in the back. Choice of Emblem: BLACK SABBATH BORN AGAIN. ANTHRAX AMONG THE LIVING. KISS GENERIC PIC. NO MAKE UP. VINNIE V

  • richman on

    I wonder if Eddie can get George Zimmerma on TMS 14 and get his opinion on the HOOKERS AND BLOW hooded sweatshirt

    • DR on


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