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Acefrehley400 Greg Prato of Bravewords spoke with original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley. Excerpts appear below.

BraveWords: Why did it take five years to follow up Anomaly?

Ace Frehley: “I was talking to two or three different labels and I just wasn’t happy with the deals that were being presented, and I was still writing songs. Three years ago I moved cross country from New York to San Diego, so that was a big operation, and that kind of set everything back. I had to set up my studio in San Diego. So that all took its toll. But, better late than never, y’know?”

BraveWords: Is it true that you used your 1978 solo album as a benchmark for Space Invader?

Ace Frehley: “Yeah. I’ve listened to it two or three times over the recording process. I tried to take some elements from that record – all my fans cite that as their favorite record.”

BraveWords: What are some of your favorite tracks on Space Invader?

Ace Frehley: “Space Invader, Past the Milky Way, Inside the Vortex, Toys. A lot of the songs were surprises for me. For instance, Immortal Pleasures and Change, those two songs are a big surprise to me, because I collaborated with my fiancé, Rachael Gordon, on those two. She wrote most of the lyrics and the melody for those. It’s kind of a departure from the way I write melody and lyrics. But I think it shows a different side of me – so that was a real positive experience. Also, Past the Milky Way and Space Invader were written the last two weeks of mixing. They were basic tracks with no lyrics or melody, and I wasn’t sure what was going to be the instrumental. Obviously, Starship won out. But those two songs didn’t have anything. The record company said, ‘We need a title track!’ So I said, ‘OK. I’ll write it.’ And I wrote it one afternoon, went into the studio with Warren Huart, and we threw down the vocals and solo. He actually sang on the choruses with me. And that was a real special experience. The spontaneity of that song I think comes across in the mix.”

BraveWords: Now that it’s been a few months since Kiss’ Hall of Fame induction, what are your thoughts on it?

Ace Frehley: “It was a fun experience. I had a great time, and it was really exciting being involved with all the other great musicians and celebrities. I mean, only after the fact did I realized how many movie stars…Steven Spielberg was sitting right near me and I didn’t even see him. Bill Murray was sitting right in front of me, an old friend – I used to hang out with him and John Belushi. It was just a star-studded group of people. It was a lot of fun. My only regret is that we didn’t perform.”

BraveWords: I also thought it was cool that you talked about your sobriety during your speech, because that may inspire others or give them hope.

Ace Frehley: “I try to be a power of example today, but I don’t like to preach. I don’t like to tell people not to drink or not to take drugs. What I like to do is just be a power of example. And obviously, I’m in a much better place than I was ten years ago. I’ll be celebrating eight years September 15th. But my biggest joy is when I’m meeting fans, doing autograph sessions, and a fan will come up to me and whisper in my ear, ‘Ace, I’ve been sober six months’ or ‘I’ve been sober a year. It’s all because of you.’ And that just makes my day.”

BraveWords: What can fans expect from your follow-up to your autobiography, No Regrets?

Ace Frehley: “I’ve already written a few chapters. It’s pretty much going to be a continuation of my last book. I don’t have any axes to grind. I don’t want it to be negative. I don’t want to answer some of Paul Stanley’s negative statements in his book, because I want my book to be entertaining. I want people to after reading the book to be laughing. There’s tons of humorous stories that haven’t been told. A lot of stories from me growing up in the Bronx. I didn’t touch too much on the Frehley’s Comet years in the first book, so I’ll focus more on that. And a ton of Kiss stories still to be told, and maybe some advice to young musicians, advice on women, advice on sex – crazy stuff, who knows?” (Laughs)

BraveWords: Did you read Paul’s, Peter’s, and Gene’s books?

Ace Frehley: “I skimmed through Gene’s. Peter’s…a little fantasies going on, exaggerated stuff. And the same thing with Paul. But you know, when you hear a story, there’s his side of the story, there’s my side of the story, and then the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Because a lot of that stuff happened 30/40 years ago. And my memory isn’t as great as it should be, but everybody’s got a different take on it. I mean, the biggest comment I can say about Paul’s book was I’m really shocked at how he bashed Peter. He really attacked Peter’s…not only his performance, but his personality. I thought that was really uncalled for. And he kind of threw Gene under the bus a lot, too. Surprised.”

BraveWords: What are the touring plans for Space Invader and who will be in the touring band?

Ace Frehley: “We’re planning on doing some shows in the fall. Matt Starr who played drums on this record will be my touring drummer, and I’m going to be using Chris Wyse from the Cult – as long as he’s available – and I’m not sure on who is going to be second guitar. I’m still auditioning guys.”

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  1. I have a lot of respect for Ace. He seems to have had the odds against him. Like he said from all that stuff that happened 30/40 years–the truth is probably in between. I like the fact that he has chosen to look forward in his life. Very classy choice. Everybody has skeletons in the closet if you know what I mean
    Good luck!

    1. Yes, while Paul and Gene seem to live off the past, even attempt to rewrite Kisstory just to make themselves look good, and probably feel good and important too. Ace is looking forward, that is about the best thing one can do in life. Besides, he does not use this interview as an opportunity to shoot back at G and P, he actually never does that, I call this class, something G and P are missing.

  2. It’s not hard to tell the biggest problem is between Ace and Paul, not Ace and Gene. I’m really looking forward to Tuesday when I get to hear the album in its entirety.

    1. Agreed. I think, if one had to make out which member /musician in Kiss was the most influential, it clearly has to be Ace. Gene coming in second because his demonic stage presence has clearly inspired heavy rock artists that came after him. But Paul? Well, he was (!) a great singer, he has written great songs … but maybe Paul is so desperately and continuously shooting at Ace and also trying to make all other members look small beside him, including Gene!, because he knows that Ace above all Kiss members willl be remembered for his musical influence on a legion of teens and young players and Gene/Gene’s character and make-up design will always be THE image you have in mind when mentioning the name Kiss, so Ace is the one who is the core rock sound of Kiss (and was an influence on many players inlcuding some of the megastars of rock business today) and Gene’s face and tongue is the epitome of the Kiss image and show. I have not heard a famous rock singer or guitar player name Paul amongst his influences … and given the fact that the money cannot count anymore because they are millionaires many times over, the bashing of late must have different, i.e. personal reasons (putting aside advertising the current product, i.e. tour for a moment as another potential reason). Coming to towards the end of one’s professional career, why would stars be different from us who all want to be remembered and recognized for something we achieved?

    1. To a degree and I like that….but then he’ll turn it around and bash Tommy (whom I don’t care for myself) for replacing him. Complete failing to acknowledge that he himself left. So what were they supposed to do. I think Ace’s problem with Tommy goes far beyond the makeup…just don’t think those two get along. I’ve never heard Ace bash Bruce for example.

      Sobriety has done Ace well but he’s taking the low road many times himself. Anybody that cannot admit that hasn’t been paying attention over the years.

      Further I think the rift between Paul and Ace goes goes back to when Ace left costing the band millions….nobody can deny Paul tried to keep the guy in the band, he’s also never bashed Ace for his contributions to Kiss in the early years…on the whole Paul has praised him. That’s always told me that he appreciated him as a guitarist and musician. Further…he was paid better than Peter on subsequent tours after the Reunion. And by Ace own admission he enjoyed playing in the band with both Eric’s. Clearly something went down that I doubt we’ll ever know the whole story.

      1. Clearly, if a member of an original and very successful band leaves, for whatever reason, the band and their fincances will suffer (for some time). That has happened a thousand times so no need to critisize Ace especially for that. Ace himself suffered the same loss, so that’s not really an argument. Moreover there were other important reasons for the beginning of the decline of Kiss in the early 80s, like Kiss moving towards “rock disco” with songs like “I was made …” and then “Shandi”, songs written by Paul, the rise of MTV and a new way of marketing music and a band’s image etc. – and we all know that Paul and Gene had more than a 50% share in the decision which songs to put on an album. Then there was “The Elder”, so here we have a number of decisions made by Paul and Gene (to which, as you know, Ace objected) that I think in their impact on the status of Kiss in the 80s go far beyond Ace leaving the band. We also do not know why Paul actually tried to keep Ace, was because he liked the guy or was it because he knew he would be hard to replace and the band would lose money? From most of the decisions and choices as to the position of the lead guitarist, with the exception of Bruce maybe, it seems that the latter might have been more important.

        1. Schoco, I don’t need to be educated on Kiss, been a fan since 74… was merely pointing out that while Ace does take the high road (and I appreciate that) he’ll then turn around and do the opposite. Further in response to James above, there is a lot of bitterness between and Ace and Paul…which at one time was not there as to the reasons I pointed out.

          1. Schocomon,
            Doesn’t sound like he’s taking anything personally. He’s just disagreeing. Good grief, you are evasive when challenged! You’re as slippery as a squid to avoid answering questions! You’re just no fun! Btw–this is not a fantasy world.

          2. Mike B come to think of it you are just an i… sitting in front of your keyboard wasting your time thinking about other people’s shortcomings, you are really a poor man.

    The Bronx is a great place to grow up. I like FREHLEYS COMET so that’s cool. I hope SPACE INVADER is great. The funniest rock bio is I AM OZZY. The sexy banana and going to a bar high on a horse are classics.

      1. For me, it’s music first. The other stuff is fun to comment upon. I’m a pro-Gene guy but I know Ace is musically the most interesting of the original 4. I’ve always backed Peter and I love his book and the ALIVE BLACK DIAMOND is KISSes crowning achievement. I enjoy KISS. not aspects of the band.

  4. I BOUGHT my copy on Thursday. Listened to it 3-4 times in a row. I’ve been a KISS fan since I was 13 (1974). Hotter than hell was my first album so naturally the first song I heard by KISS was got to choose. That is still probably my favorite song. Funny how it works that way. The solo work on that album hit me just the right way. I was an instant ACE fan. I was already listening to johnny winter and king crimson and stuff like that, so it was never an issue of who’s better for me, it was how it made me feel inside. He has continued to make me feel like that over the years and that is why I have remained a fan. Ups, downs, all arounds…. I don’t care. It’s his life to live just like anyone else. I have lived a similar life so it was never about judgment for me. All I can say is I LOVE this new album. Are there better songs on other albums? Maybe…it’s a matter of opinion. But as a whole I think this album is the most consistent. At this point in his life (and mine) I give him props on a great album with excellent guitar work throughout. It just seems such a comfortable fit for him….almost full circle from those solos on HTH. “Space-man is the play-a……and I don’t mean thay-a” (sung to the tune of speed back to my baby). Great job Curley!

    1. If only Hotter than Hell had better production way back then. That album could’ve been huge. Soooo many great songs on that album. Agreed on Got to Choose, just a classic. Would’ve loved to have heard Ace do Parasite. Gene’s great on it, but Ace’s voice would have been interesting. Why HTH was produced and engineered the way it was is still a mystery to me.

      1. DR, could you imagine if Bob Ezrin or Eddie Kramer had produced HTH? Maybe they would’ve even gotten Ace to come out of his shell to sing Parasite! Well, even as “muddy” as HTH is, I still love it! 🙂

          1. Eddie, do you think that peter criss’ 7 minute drum solo that was supposed to be in the middle of “Strange Ways” will ever see the light of day? Maybe on a deluxe or a special edition of HTH?

          2. Yeah that’s what Paul’s book says too. According to him they couldn’t get the first three albums to their liking, which I don’t agree with. The first album was pass-able, and Dressed to Kill was alright as well. I’ve heard the remaster and agree its slightly better. But even the drums are terrible on that album. I’ve always loved HTH but the studio version just didn’t cut it for me. So I’ve settled for Alive or bootlegs, or even things like Watchin You from Alive III, which isn’t a bad version either. Too bad, that album never got its due and I think its one of their best from the glory days. Doug to your point, Ezrin or Kramer could’ve made some magic with KISS back in the day, but obviously KISS wasn’t big enough for producers of their ilk at that time. Even the acoustic guitar intro on Rock Bottom – pure f’n magic – but never got the airplay or the love. I still listen to that on my Ipod and get chills 40 years later. No matter how f’d up those guys were, they sure gave us some good shit in the 70’s. So much so that they’re still living off it today.

          3. DR, Rock Bottom? Absolutely love that song! One of my favorite Kiss songs. Totally agree on the intro, goose bumps all the way through! Love both versions, studio and live, and even after all these years I still don’t know which version I love more! Those years were definitely the most magical time in Kisstory! 🙂

        1. DR…considering Kramer produced their demo’s I don’t think being too big was the issue. This was Bogart’s decision. And yes HTH is easily my favorite of the first 3. Fantastic album.

          1. Kramer would’ve been too expensive for an entire album, and Bogarts and Aucoins credit cards were already getting maxed out.

          1. They should’ve released it as a single when that movie came out Bmac – it would’ve been the only good thing that came out of that movie.

  5. ““We’re planning on doing some shows in the fall”

    That means ; not going to most states… That sucks !
    He only did a handful of shows for anomaly . I should have traveled the 5 hr drive from mpls to Milwaukee for that if I knew he wasen’t doing a full tour as the last time he played here was in 08 . Thats hard to do for most older fans that have jobs and kids…
    I “get” he probably dosent want to be on the road for very long . It just sucks as a fan that has been following someone’s career for 39 years that you may never get to see them again . I wish he would do more cities. Lets hope
    Its like ac/dc for me. Such a big ,enjoyable part of my life for soo many years and 6-7 years of your life pass by before you get so see them again

      1. Remember he actually did a few shows over here for Anomaly, I went to Frankfurt, not too far away for you 🙂 Hope he will come here again this time, but I doubt it.

  6. The only issue I have with the CD is the change of quality between songs his guitar playing one moment is amazing then in other songs is sloppy which I don’t understand. Love the CD just don’t get why the his guitar playing varies

    1. Unfortunately, having listened to the whole album twice in my car now, I must agree, I had the same feeling. There are also single parts in one solo that are ok and then sloppy or like he was like adding something, or setting the angle of his right hand towards the strings in a different position or sth similar, if you are a guitarist you know what I mean, there are small parts, maybe only half a second, that you would later edit out, because it is just the noise of the distortion pedal or cranked amp coming through in a pause. I would also say that the production is inconsistent, there are things that are OK and there are things that a professional production should handle. I also do not think that his solos on this album come anywhere near his work on the classic Kiss albums, there a lot of “strange notes”, if not out of tune, because apart from what I have just said there also musical inconsistencies in one single solo and between whole songs or song parts. It all makes me think that he either did not use or could not afford a production level that is up with the industries high standard, while “Monster” e.g. is. Maybe the inconsistencies are also due to recording the songs over quite a long period of time under different circumstances and in different studios with different producers/engineers/budgets. – Still, the overall feeling is that this is an album with some great and some minor songs, and I am still hapyy to get new music from him, we are all getting older and you nwver know how it long it will last.

  7. Ace on Criss, book: “Peter’s…a little fantasies going on, exaggerated stuff”

    And you losers keep putting these two on your “victims” list. Check how Ace talks about Peter whenever he has the time. No love whatsoever.

  8. I don’t give a crap about whether Ace’s album meets or doesn’t meet fans expectations. Something like that will never be settled. I’ve heard the album on youtube and to be honest, upon first listen, I’m a little bit disappointed after reading countless positive reviews. I just like Ace TODAY. He stays classy. He doesn’t try to one up other members – unless to defend himself as he has every right to do when being trashed or lied about. His sense of humor and civility always remains intact. He even is thinking of using Gene on his next covers album, despite very little support and mostly derogatory remarks on his part for years uncounted. I wish more people would take notice of who he is TODAY rather than prior to his sobriety. He has every right to harbor some animosity toward Gene and Paul, who only tear down his character or history with Kiss, but chooses to take the high ground and look at the positives instead. Gene and Paul are humorless when it comes to past members and take the low ground ALWAYS for the most part. TODAY, Ace is way more of a role model than Gene or Paul will ever be. When was the last time Paul has something genuine and nice to say about anybody. And look at Gene telling depressed people to kill themselves. Ace grows in stature as time moves on. Gene and Paul mainly find fault and complain.

    1. You mean forclosed on his house like millions and millions of others ? Have you ever heard of the recession ?
      Paul ripping on his Fallon appearance …. I guess you must have missed Stanley on Leno trying to sing Modern Day Deliah where he forgot the words …… Maybe Stanley needs “coffee boy” thayer to teach him his parts lol.

  9. How do you know he forclosed are you an employee of the bank he mortgaged his house from or are you listening to haters ,I doubt it is but if it is what’s wrong with that I know a lot of people that lost it all, and whats wrong with that my sister lost a beautiful home because of bad investments than two years later she recouped a whole lot more ,than died of cancer a year later, so what’s your point people who lose their homes etc are worthless it’s not aces New album you need to be concerned about it’s reality my brother

  10. dana, can you put us into a pre-planned meet-up group? our first event could be at ace’s in- store. i’ll try to get us nametags wholesale. just trying to help.

  11. When was the last time Paul Stanley performed on his own without his dying version of Kiss? None and I mean none of any other member of Kiss could make it on their own. Ace has and still does. It must suck being Gene and Paul knowing that!

    1. Please…dying version of Kiss? It cracks me up when people like you comment about not only childish, absurd, meaningless things, but then as if your comments are fact…if you are a Kiss fan, why waste your time saying such stupid things…Kiss is still around, Ace is still around so who cares to make everything a war of 2 camps…it’s supposed fans like you that create this fake garbage…just shut up already…

  12. Paul’s vocals are no issue. Ace’s are a mess. Paul could put together any A-call session band out of L.A. and blow away Ace. Ace had no investments…just like before the reunion tour going under Chapter 7, he signed away Kiss years ago.

    1. So investments are the way to succes? Not for me! Listen to Paul’s voice, like a cat that had run under a bus…. LOL Frehley is way better and then Paul with no investments… Now that’s an excellent JOB!!!

    2. Blow away Ace with an A-session band because Paul couldn’t do it with his guitar playing lol.
      Maybe if it was talking in between every single song and droopy 60yr. old ass/man-boob shaking…..

      Paul sells no better on his solo tours/releases…..

  13. Kiss reunion tour did 143.7 million dollars!!!!!!!!!!That is not even close to chapter 7!!!!!! It was the most successful kiss tour ever!!!!!!So once again your not checking the facts before you speak!!!!!1

  14. The lead solo toward the end of Deuce on Alive!, the Black Diamond solo, the solo on Strange Ways…1, 2, 3 easy as pie, Kiss needs Ace and we all know why…

  15. I love this cd!!! great job ace,change is my fave track,only complaint is theres Gimme a Feelin’ explicit and Gimme a Feelin’ radio edit,the only difference is one f bomb at the end, lol, the rest of the song isn’t explicit.and theres a space invader radio edit and a poster..and they call this a deluxe edition,

  16. Ace failed to pay his city tax two years ago not to mention his house payments, he shined both…bank accounts empty. He filed Chapter 7 just before the reunion tour and left every poor schmo who was even owed $267 to take a hike….I’m to bet he’s ready to do it again but Doc has plans in Vegas. He needs lots of Chillah conventions and Kiss conventions like the Bogata traveler does with his book. Ace’s autograph is the coolest, all Kiss signatures are cool.

  17. After hearing Ace’s new album I can Tell you he’s the genuine article.
    On the last KISS album Thayer’s solo’s where seasoned by ACE style licks. Sorry but there’s only one original, no disrespect to Tom but Ace is the Original.
    And Gene Simmons?
    Well he said it himself in a song HE wrote! “I’m an Asshole!” KISS sadly is running on empty, but I think we are gonna see alot of great stuff from Mr. Frehley!

    1. Yes, KISS is so desperate now that they have to keep telling everyone on their website that every show is a “packed house”. They played Hartford on the 10th and I knew people who were trying desperately to unload tickets for 15 and 20 bucks a pop.

      1. Oh, well that settles it…two people you know selling cheap tix…well obviously that means the tour is a complete failure…DO SOME OF YOU PEOPLE EVEN READ THE HORSE CRAP YOU OUT OUT???

      2. While I think that most venues were sort of sold from what you can see on fan footage on YT it is interesting (or conspicuous) to notice that they really keep talking and posting about it, I do not remember this back in the day when they really did sell out every show and in much much larger venues, so it falls into place: they’re constantly priding themselves (while Ace is relaxed). I do not understand why. They have accomplished everything possible. they do not need to use cheap propaganda/public realtion tools. I do not know of similarly important bands that are still around, like Purple or The Who, doing the same kind of lame self-aggrandizement. They still let the music do the talking. It is unnecessary. On the other hand, there are ever fewer clips put on the official site, why? A video tells us who maybe should have bought a ticket more than all the propaganda efforts can achieve. Maybe because Paul’s voice is no longer fit for that self-aggrandizement? Those who want to still see them will go, others will stay at home, you won’t make those who do not like the current lineup go buy a ticket by having nothing more interesting to post on your website than “massive crowd at ….”. And hey Mike, I will leave the milk crate at home and go see them here in case they come again, I will also buy a ticket for Ace’s show, which must be a terrible surpirse for you, right?!?

  18. And BTW, Kiss has been showing the crowds on their website for years and thanking them for coming…Why are you their site when you have nothing but crap to spew?? Embarrassing…

    1. True…The crowds look pretty big. They do show the crowds, but I suppose the naysayers here will say that its all Photoshopped.
      You know, I actually wish Kiss and Ace could do a tour together. Ace would open of course, but what a great night that would be right? Its funny how so many great bands tour as festivals but Kiss does a double bill with Motley and Def Leppard and suddenly they are not a good draw?? How silly.

      1. The venues seem to be filled, but do not forget what they put on their website uses the means of camera angle and image section to make it look as big as possible …. if you look closely and also watch some clips on YT some venues are not even big enough to enter from above or have Gene fly and sing on the platform because the stages are way smaller with lower ceilings than in recent years. So it is true, the double bill is succeeding in almost selling out these (smaller) venues – which is OK – but still they are talking like it was when they themselves could fill an arena (which is what many of us cannot stand anymore because it is … silly).

          1. George,
            Schocoman lacks the perspectives we have–he doesn’t seem to realize that our economy is still recovering, that rock and metal are not the most popular music in the states anymore, that Kiss have been touring for years (so many people have already seen them that its not surprising that only die-hard fans go to the shows regularly), and that people go away from the shows completely blown away by the current lineup. That doesn’t fit in with his agenda. It would not surprise me if he is standing on a milk crate outside the Kiss show (near Germany) telling everyone not to go because HE thinks Kiss sucks! By the way, the arena I saw Kiss in (with Motley) was packed–no doubt about it. I admit that I don’t know if the last two seats were sold, but–well, those two seats means everything to the critics (oh! The Kiss show was not sold out!)

          2. Economy recovering? You DO live in a fantasy world, Mike, half of your country is already owned by the Chinese, so to speak. You make me sad because YOU obviouly are full of yourself and YOUR agenda of ridiculing everyone here who is not “totally blown away” by the current Kiss lineup. I wonder why do you use the website of someone who clearly is as ciritical about the current lineup as myseklf to follow YOUR agenda, why do you not go to a camp where you find people to your liking?? I see, because you need this to feel good.

          3. George, you completey missed my point. I am in no doubt the tickets sold comparatively well. I was talking about the refined tools the people working for the official website use to create the impression that Kiss is still as much “on top” as they were more than a decade ago. You learn it at school, it is called picture analysis. So when Mike B is again upset about me thinking a bit deeper than what “eyes” can see and he can manage to understand you should maybe think about the word “perspective” again, especially when it comes to marketing, profiling and selling your product – he also misses the point that Kiss themselves have a clear agenda and that is using all the above mentioned tools to tell everyone they are the number one show still and that you should go buy it. Hm, I can remember a much bigger show but would have to go see other bands for that today. Which does not mean to show is bad. The point about so many posts here is that once you try to be a bit more complex with your arguments you are thrown back into the black-and-white scheme because people like you Mike are not able, or at least not willing to accept that there is something like a different opinion.

  19. And since this is an article about Ace and his new album and nothing to do with current Kiss, where is your comment on Aces album?? The album is surprisingly great…why don’t you talk about the album and article?? Oh thats right, it’s just another opportunity for morons to take shots at current Kiss…

    1. Only a true “moron” will call others a “moron” because he knows no better and therefore will draw conclusions about others based upon his own poor self. Ace’s album btw is on heavy rotation on my “turntable”, you didn’t expect that, did you??

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