Gossip website Radar Online is reporting:

Former KISS rocker Ace Frehley might need to kiss his home goodbye after a bank has accused him of not paying the mortgage.

U.S. Bank National Association claims Frehley, who was the lead guitarist during the heyday of the famed heavy metal band, stopped paying the mortgage on his Yorktown, New York, house nearly two years ago, The Journal News is reporting.

In a February 15th foreclosure filing, the bank asked the court to order a sale of the house to pay for the outstanding principle of $703,581.48 plus other charges. In 2006, the rock star borrowed the money for a single family home on just over three acres that has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The 2,441 square foot house has two floors.

Records also reveal Frehley’s house has almost two years of unpaid taxes, according to The Journal report.

Frehley, 61, left KISS for good in 2002 after the group’s purported “farewell tour.” In a 2009 interview to promote his solo album, Anomaly, he said he had kicked drugs and booze.


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  • T on

    This is sad. I hope he’s ok.

  • Greg on

    This really is sad, Ace has had more opportunities than most and this kind of situation just should not be happening. Perhaps if drugs and alcohol had not gotten in the way years ago, he would still be in the fold of a band that wakes up in the morning and makes 704K. I feel for Ace, but at the same time, I really don’t understand it. Future rockers, keep your financial house in order and put away some money for a rainy day. Fame is fleeting, your home should be your own.

    • PM on

      Why would he want to be in Kiss anymore they suck! God Gene Simmons makes me want to puke imagine touring with Haim

    • Scrape on

      Because I’m sure the pay check is pretty sweet.

  • PM on

    He needs to get out on the road! thats where the money is made, how many dates a year does he do? i would guess not many..still waiting for him down here in Texas. I would guess if Kiss draws well he would to and i’d rather se him than Kiss at this point.

  • FK on

    While we don’t know the whole story here, this is a very sad thing to read about. I would have thought Ace was pretty much set for life. Though I very much respect Gene and Paul all the same, it would be a real show of class for them to step in and help their old bandmate out here, despite all the past BS that happened between them all. I am sure Gene could write a check to take are of everything and still have millions left over. Hang in there Ace, you’ve endured so much already.

  • FP on

    Yeah, as much as people want to believe that Gene & Paul are just money grabbing tyrants, I know they will help Ace if he asks.. God bless you Spaceman…

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