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ac:dc400 Although original AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young has taken leave from the band while fighting illness, AC/DC have recorded a new album and plan to tour. In a new interview with Australia’s Today Show, AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd not only confirmed his desire to keep going, but declared that “we’ll probably all have to be dead before it stops.”

Earlier this year, rumors of Malcolm Young’s ill health began to circulate. A stroke, cancer, dementia and Alzheimer’s have all been blamed for Malcolm’s break from the band, but the Young family has chosen to keep the guitarist’s health issues private.

While speaking to Australia’s Today Show, Rudd professed himself as “the best live rock drummer who has ever walked the planet” and AC/DC as “the best band in the world.” In addition to Rudd’s claims, the drummer spoke about AC/DC’s future. “There will be another tour, and I’ll be on it. And when there’s another one, I’ll be on that. And another record, I’ll be on that. It’ll go until it dies. We’ll probably all have to be dead before it stops, you know what I’m saying? You’ll never stop Angus [Young], mate.”

Phil Rudd will release his first will release his first solo album, Head Job, on August 29th. The lyric video for the song Repo Man can be heard here.

additional source: Lowudwire via noisecreep.com


  1. Well that’s a pretty arrogant comment about being the best live drummer who ever walked the planet. But guess what? It ain’t bragging if you can back it up. And man does Phil Rudd bring it. The man is a machine. He never misses a beat ever. All the while smoking a cancer stick. I’d have to agree Phil Rudd absolutely kills it live. Songs like let there be rock, whole lotta Rosie and for those about to rock he just destroys it. Actually although Angus is definitely what people buy their tickets to see, the rythm section of acdc with Phil Malcolm Young and Cliff Williams is what makes that band great. Always driving the beat always in sync with each other, just freakin perfect. Love it! Counting the days to the new record and tour. I promised my son his first concert will be acdc and I’ll be one proud dad banging my head with my boy to the greatest rock and roll band of all time.

  2. This quote by Phil Rudd should be on the back of the next album. It sums up ACDC…good ole fashioned hard-nosed rock n’ roll…played harder than anyone and longer than anyone.

  3. I’ve played in bands off and on for 25 years and oddly enough, a lot of the drummers I’ve played with had a hard time with the AC/DC songs for the simple fact that Phil just stays in the pocket and doesn’t do rolls and flashy fills. Excessive drum rolls and double bass blasts that break up that simple, rock solid 4/4 beat doesn’t work for down and dirty rock and roll like AC/DC plays. It shows what a machine on drums Phil is.

  4. Ohhhhh Noooo…….not another new AC/DC album !!…they all sound the same!!….and we LOVE IT !!!!….gimme 10 more songs to add to their already masterful 150 songs of just GOOD ROCK n ROLL…arguably the Best Band Ever….although Bruce Dickinson might disagree !!!

  5. The footage on Plug Me In of Tokyo 1981 says it all: AC/DC will eat you for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In concert, nobody has the power and constant pounding drive that they have, and Phil is the human machine that thrusts the AC/DC juggernaut forward. Every Goddamn Time. Period.

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