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ianGillan Deep Purple frontman Ian Gillan is planning to take a cue from KISS should Deep Purple ever get inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame – because he refuses to play with former guitarist Ritchie Blackmore.

KISS founders Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons pulled out of a Hall of Fame set in April (14) after they were informed that current bandmates Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer would not be honored alongside former colleagues Ace Frehley and Peter Criss, and singer Gillan insists he’ll follow their example if Blackmore’s replacement, Steve Morse, isn’t included in what many fans think is a long overdue induction.

Gillan says, “It would be unconscionable to think about bringing Ritchie in. I don’t have an issue with Ritchie, nor does anyone. I’ve been in touch with Ritchie recently and everything’s cool, so there’s no bitter, personal problem. We’re too old for that and everything’s in the past, but no. That would be out of the question. This is the longest that any lineup has ever been together in this band.”

Blackmore left Deep Purple in 1993 and Morse has been the band’s guitarist ever since.

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        1. Hmm, okay but his wife (the singer) is cool–she sang on a Helloween song with Andi Deris. Good song (light the universe). I recommend to everyone any Helloween album with Andi Deris on vocals. Awesome band!

    1. Blackmore’s Night is producing GREAT music. Just cos you’re not into other
      stuff besides rock, you shouldn’t knock what he’s doing. Personally, I love
      Blackmore Night, but I have an open mind.

  1. Honestly! Rock bands should already come to the conclusion that they should not go to that event, period. It is not about only Rock and Roll anymore. Have some decency, and ban that so called “institution”. Show the finger, and tell them to F”#$@ Off!

    RRHOF it’s a joke, they do not care about the real tock bands, id they did, KISS and Deep Purple would have been inducted a long LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago (Among so many others). I guess, the older bands, and any band to that matter, have nothing to loose if they just do not show up and not accept the “award”. It’s not like the RRHOF is a turning point in anyones career.

    1. I agree! I TOTALLY AGREE! I will never go to the RRHOF even though KISS were inducted. What we need is a VH1 hall of fame for true rock bands. Screw the RR hall of fame. The whole thing is screwed up. There are so many bands that will never make it in because its an elitist club. I bet Kings X (which is an awesome band) will never make it in. There are so many artists that are already in before other more deserving artists. It makes me angry just talking about it.

      1. Funny you say that Mike B. I believeRichie Blackmore said he wouldn’t want to follow kings X on stage, on some vh1 or mtv show about great rock bands. Agreed, kings X is an incredibly underrated band. Seen them many times. Always awsome!

  2. As much of a fan of what they did with Ritchie as I am and as bummed as I was about what happened with Kiss at their RRHOF induction, I have to say that I agree with Ian. Everyone knows Ritchie has turned his back on rock music and on his own history. In interviews, he won’t talk about Deep Purple or Rainbow. I will be very surprised if Ritchie even shows up when Deep Purple are inducted. Steve Morse has been their guitarist for over 20 years and is a very big reason the band has been able to continue and he deserves to be inducted along with the rest of the iconic musicians that have helped make DP what it is. A bigger question for Ian would be how he’d feel about David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes being inducted, because I believe 100% that they deserve to be inducted along with the other Deep Purple members. All we can do is keep our fingers crossed and hope that the morons that are in charge of the RRHOF don’t screw up Deep Purple’s induction any more than they already have. After all, they’ve kept this incredible, influential, iconic band out of the RRHOF even though DP has been eligible for over 20 years and in doing that, now one of the band’s founding fathers is no longer able to walk up on stage and get the recognition he and his band deserves so much. Of course, I’m talking about the late, great Jon Lord.

    1. The Glenn Hughes and Coverdale issues is that they should try too all play together. Steve Morse is a great guitarist. I remember seeing him with the Dixie Dregs. But let’s not kid ourselves he plays mostly Richie’s music for the last twenty years. The RRHOF should always be a celebration with all members. All are invited and whoever shows plays, period. What Heart did was perfect bring I the old guys and jam with the currents.

      1. The bad thing is it doesn’t look like it’s the choice of the bands being inducted on which members are inducted. Deep Purple has had many key members and eras and I hope they all get included in the induction and then EVERYONE can get onstage and jam. Can you imagine the endless, badass solos and improvisation that would happen? That would be incredible to witness.

  3. However it goes down, who plays or doesn’t, which members get inducted or don’t, this is LONG overdue! Deep Purple should have already been inducted a LONG time ago. Kiss is finally in, and even though the HOF only recognized the original 4, we the FANS recognize & acknowledge all the past AND present members, just as we will do with Deep Purple, no matter which members the HOF only “selects”. 😉

  4. Lace wearing 46 year old gals from Manchester or Brighton who dig The Hobbit. It really is sad seeing Jimmy Page doing nothing, Blackmore doing stuff that could be used as soundtrack material for dark mystery films. Morse doing Smoke On The Water would be ridiculous at the HOF.

    1. “It really is sad seeing Jimmy Page doing nothing”, truer words were never spoken. PLEASE Jimmy, do something, call Paul Rogers, call David Coverdale, get back together with the Black Crowes, join Sammy Hagar’s new line up with Jason Bonham on drums, PLEASE do something before you drop dead!

  5. If Deep Purple is inducted, as EVERY ROCK FAN IN THE UNIVERSE knows they should be, you know the Hall is gonna want a performance from the classic Mark II line-up, with Blackmore. Doubt that will happen, unfortunately. But I would be interested in what Ian would say if Ritchie said, “What the hell, we can do a song or two…” Hopefully, for everyone’s sake they could all take the high road and do it for the fans, instead of repeating the KISS debacle, where the fans got cheated out of ANY version performing. I’m mean one big “Smoke on the Water” jam with both Ritchie and Steve Morse and everybody wins.
    In response to Harry’s comment of Blackmore’s Night being “crap”, if it’s not to your taste that’s fine. True it’s not in the tradition of the heavy sides Purple or Rainbow, but to just label it as crap is kind of narrow-minded, in my opinion. I saw them a few months back and they were really great; Blackmore mostlt plays acoustic, but threw on the old Stat for a few leads towards the end of the show and stilled killed on those. His wife has an awesome voice too. Let’s not forget that Blackmore always wove Medieval-Renaissance stylings into his previous bands, especially on the first few Rainbow albums with Dio. Listen to “Temple of the King” on the first one, which Blackmore’s Night has a current version of. They also do Purple’s “Soldier of Fortune” from the Blackmore-Coverdale-Hughes era.
    I didn’t see any Hobbits in the audience Harry, but some folks did dress a bit goofy, like they were going to the Renaissance Fair in upstate New York. Hey, whatever puts wind in your sails, right?

    1. One question–why should ANY band bend over backwards for this so-called RRHOF? Some bands break up because of irreconcilable differences. In some cases I would imagine it would be extremely uncomfortable. Let the RRHOF call the shots and pair them up with former members that can’t stand each other? Its not about not pleasing the fans–its about maintaining integrity and dignity. Everyone should do as the Sex Pistols and tell the RRHOF to get real or shut it down. If not for Tom Morello, Kiss would never have made it. I love Metallica and Guns N’ Roses, but how did THEY get in before Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Deep Purple, and so on…

    2. You got it right Mike M. I like Blackmore’s Night. Certainly not metal, but Ritchie still plays great. Probably the closest thing they have out to rock music is the “Night in York” live cd/dvd. Great show and Blackmore plays the strat alot more than on previous releases.

  6. Deep Purple have been rock n roll hall of famers since In Rock came out. I don’t need Jan Wenner and his ilk to make it official. As far as Blackmore’s Night not a big fan but Ritchie has earned the right to follow his muse and do what he wants as has Jimmy Page. They both know any time they step on a stage or make new music it will inevitably be compared to their iconic work.

  7. Like KISS, Deep Purple would be getting inducted for what they did in the 70s.
    Richie Blackmore is synonymous with Deep Purple and obviously needs to be included.
    Unless you are a die hard Purple fan, nothing they have done since Perfect Strangers in 1984 has even been on the radar. When you look at it objectively, they really only have 2 or 3 great albums, but were hugely influential and pioneers of hard rock and should be in the Hall of Fame on that alone.
    (and Smoke On The Water is the iconic rock guitar song).

    1. What, did everyone forget Joe Lynn Turner? I’ve seen Purple 4 times, never with Blackmore and Gillan at the same time. I don’t think there would be a problem with Purple going in because Blackmore doesn’t give a shit about it.If you never heard any Purple with Morse check out Ted the Mechanic, great song.

  8. Ritchie Blackmore says he has no interest in whether the band is inducted or not.

    “Personally, I couldn’t care less,” the guitarist tells Billboard. “I would never go. I’m not really a fan of that stuff. Considering some of the people that are in the Hall of Fame, I’m not sure if it’s a good idea, so I don’t care one way or the other, actually.”

    “I think our fans seem to care more than I do,” Blackmore observes. “They’re always saying, ‘You should be in the Hall of Fame. You should be in this, you should be in that.’ If I can pay the bills, that’s all I care about.”

  9. Richie Blackmore could get in by himself too…he’s been an icon for guitar and has overshadowed both Deep Purple and Rainbow…the bands could conceivably not get in, while he does…I would certainly agree that the band Deep Purple should be in, not Rainbow as a band, but his work with both makes him very influential in rock…

  10. The first riff 99% of all aspiring rock guitarists learn is Smoke On The Water. That should tell you all you need to know about Purple’s viability for entrance not the R&R Hall. The hall is a joke.Its nothing more than a popularity contest for Jan and his music snob friends. Iron Maiden has sold almost 60 million records worldwide,and plays to 75,000 people a night in stadiums around the globe. Never been so much as nominated……

  11. Sure, some may say that Deep Purple has become more Shallow Turquoise since Ritchie departed, but man, their music has stood the test of time and influenced many. RRHOF? pfffft. what a joke that keeps getting worse with the gross oversight of many worthy bands. I wish artists wouldn’t say I won’t go cuz so and so will be there, I wish they’d just unite and say no thanks cuz the RRHOF is a farce.

  12. Back to the hobbit comment. I’ve heard blackmores night does some covers of rainbow songs but mixes it up a little. Hobbits on the water. Man on the hobbit mountain. Catch the hobbit. Hobbit gazer. The stage show is amazing. Lights, pyro, and hobbits running around. Thanks Harry, my day was made too.

  13. The whole Kiss thing was so UN-rock n roll. I hope Deep Purple just keeps it cool, I don’t need them to play, but they need to be in there to represent what the RRHOF should be, and not what it is now.

  14. Ian gets all excited that Purple FINALLY gets Inducted after all these years to the Hall of Fame.. and then BAM a day later the RnRHOF says Hmm well like KISS we’re only going to induct the ORIGINAL members of DP !! LOL Ian has to step aside as Nick Simper and Rod Evans go up on the stage!

  15. I agree with a lot of eddie trunks views. But not all of them. Some might be, with all due respect going too far the other way. Like eddie says, its a SIN that thin lizzy never got more success here outside of boys are back. Should of could of would of etc. And I agree. But truth is they DIDN’T . I don’t want the hall of fame to put someone for something that should of happened but didn’t actually happen. To get lizzy in you have to really push the influence route. I understand kings x is another one that just seemed to always go under the radar . And yea im sorry they never quite could go above cult status . But I can’t justify them in hall because of what didn’t happen but some feel should of. And as far as legendary cult bands go slayer should go in before really just about any other cult band. I think slayer is a better cult band then deep purple is a classic hard rock band . What hurts Richie blackmore is that while he’s influential , so are so many others of his time period. So they almost cancel each other .

    1. I agree. Thin Lizzy was always underrated for a very talented band. But I look at it this way, Queen got into the RRHoF and their last big hit in the United States came out in 1980. So by definition Thin Lizzy deserves a spot as well.

    2. Nope, they potentize, the many great guitarists in the 60s and 70s all together shaped the sound and style of rock for all times to come. Blackmore being one of the most influential of all.

  16. God what would it hurt having Blackmore play? These guys egos are insane. Kiss missed a huge marketing opportunity not playing with 4 originals in full makeup. Could of done a full kiss show at the end and set off a real farewell tour. The current kiss lineup is horrible.

  17. Mark 1 lineup actually had a couple of hits and were on THREE albums. By RRHoF rules, Simper and Evans would have to be included. Of course Blackmore and Lord would be inducted, but Jon is gone, and Ritchie probably wouldn’t show up. Morse has been on 5 albums, the last one was the most successful DP album since at least House of Blue Light if not Perfect Strangers. Steve should be inducted. Definitely Glenn and David need to be inducted. As far as a jam? I doubt it would happen. Would Ian share the stage with Coverdale and Hughes for a jam of Highway Star or Smoke? I doubt it. Would Steve play any Mark 3 songs? Too many factors. I suppose that’s why RJD was excluded when Sabbath was inducted.

  18. Deep Purple does indeed deserve induction but I’m floored that no one ever mentions the fact that Ronnie James Dio hasn’t been mentioned in any discussion about the RARHOF although it is more than a lame joke in my opinion. Look at RJD’s career and all his songs and bands. To me this guy was/is heavy metal. Just an observation. Hall of Fame and Rolling Crap magazine suck anyway. Has never influenced my music likes one way or another. Peace out!

  19. In my view, Ritchie Blackmore IS the RRHOF!

    What did the RRFOF do for rock? Who are they to validate anyone? Deep Purple and others validated themselves already. The RRHOF should not be recognised.

    With Blackmore discovering all the talent he has like Coverdale, Hughes, Dio, Bain, Powell, Daisley, Bonnet, Rondinelli, Turner, White, and even Lynott prior to the Mk III lineup (even though nothing came of it) speaks volumes. And then you’ve got his HUGE influence….

    Blackmore’s got every right to follow his passion and play in an outfit like Blackmore’s Night, rather than just do the obvious thing. That’s what I love about him, and he’s earned it…

  20. F the RRHOF. At best this is a ploy to get people to write about what Gillan has to say about the RRHOF. F the RRHOF! An institution created by writers to sell magazines and web ads. I’d bet Ritchie would tell the RRHOF to f off and not even show up. Good for him!

    Bands should do what the Van Halen’s and David Lee Roth did… stay home. It is a farce!

  21. The problem is any fan of rock music putting any importance into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Why?
    To those that think it’s some big honor then you’ve bought into exactly everything Jann Wenner wants you to buy into. In other words…he owns your opinions.

    Regardless on anyone’s opinion on Gene or Paul or even Johnny Rotten…they all completely understand what a joke it is. I hated the Sex Pistols but someone tell me whats more Rock n Roll…kissing their ass or telling them to kiss off. Truly wished Kiss would have done the same thing.

  22. All Ian’s saying is he won’t perform if Steve isn’t included. And that’s more then fair. NO where in his statement is there any mention that he refuses to play with Ritchie! Yellow journalism at it’s peak!!

  23. Would love to see “all” of Deep Purple inducted to the hall! would also love to see Johnny Winter(RIP)inducted! nobody deserves to be there more than Johnny! and yes Jimmy Page should do something! that would be cool!

  24. Paul is such a hypocrite: he keeps bashing the RRHOF because they did not play by HIS rules and still uses the induction on their current tour in his stage banter (just watch Kiss at Chula Vista, e.g.) to emphasize the band’s legacy and make the crowd applaud the band, what a joke!

  25. I’m a Deep Purple fan and when I see Purple Live I expect to hear Purple not just Gillan. I’m sick to death of his massive ego. Time and time again I’d see Purple live and never hear Burn, Stormbringer, Mistreated or You Fool No one. So I stopped going. The only Purple line ups that were fair to the fans were III, IV & V (with JLT). Gillan only wants to sing Gillan. And on that note WTF is Sabbath doing playing SOTW aside from feeding Gillan’s ego. WTF is Purple doing playing JCSS?

    Some Purple fans want to hear Purple, which includes songs he didn’t write, but is expected to perform. Purple hasn’t played any of the III, IV or V songs live since JLT graced the stage.

    Purple has a huge audience and I feel that they’ve lost a bigger audience because of Gillan’s massive ego. Paice and Lord were part of those songs and have a right to play them for the fans!

    !%$^! You Gillan!!!

    If Purple is inducted I hope you’re forced to sing Burn alongside Coverdale you POS!

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