cheapthrillband Cinderella bassist Eric Brittingham and guitarist Jeff LaBar along with vocalist/guitarist Brandon Gibbs (formerly of The Gibbs Brothers) and drummer Troy Patrick Farrell (White Lion, Gilby Clarke) in a new band called Cheap Thrill.

Cheap Thrill brings you a sound flavored with Cinderella tunes such as Nobody’s Fool, Heartbreak Station and Hello Or Goodbye from LaBar’s soon-to-be-released CD, along with the newest song from Brandon’s solo record, This Town, which is currently featured on ESPN 2 for the NHRA season. This show is littered with popular covers and stadium rock songs.

When Cinderella isn’t touring, Gibbs and Brittingham have always found themselves working together off and on over the last five years. With the recent addition of LaBar, the Nashville-based group CHEAP THRILL made its debut on the Monsters Of Rock cruise in March 2013, with two more rock and roll cruises immediately following.

Brittingham and LaBar are pumped about Cheap Thrill and the opportunity to work together again and alongside Gibbs.

“Being able to transition from a three-piece acoustic show to a full band keeps the project fun and versatile,” says Brittingham. “It’s all about the music,” adds Gibbs. “We have finetuned a product that will appeal to audiences of all ages.”

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  • Jimi on

    Honestly, why not just put Cinderella in the grave once and for all?

  • Jay on

    I agree…….either kick Cinderella back into full gear and release some new material rather than re-releasing and rehashing the hits and every other live performance…or put it to rest.

  • Scrape on

    …and you will never hear of them again after this article.

  • Nic on

    Cinderella was the best hard rock band to emerge from the 2nd wave of American mainstream hard rock/metal bands in 80’s. Their image aside, the music transcended the genre they were labeled in. This is a band that could be firing on all cylinders today if they wanted to. All members are living, in the music business, and seem to get along well. My understanding was they were gun shy recording new music after getting burned by their former record labels. They should’ve gotten past that and capitalized on the resurgence of classic hard rock and metal we’ve been fortunate to experience in the past several years. I wish these guys well, but I really don’t see it being much since Tom Keifer was 90% of the band from a creative perspective. Tom’s new solo album is ok, but lacks that extra something the other guys brought to the band chemistry. I would much rather see Cinderella or any full band than all of these pet solo projects and quasi supergroup situations made up of bits and pieces of what were once great bands that inevitably end up being watered down substitutions of the real thing.

    • Jimi on

      Amen to that.

  • DR on

    Nevermind the music, lets get down to important business – Eric Brittingham had that best Pop Metal Hair of the entire 80’s. Do you remember the Night Song’s album cover? Dude must’ve taken 2 hours and 8 cans of spray to get that look. I’ll always admire him just for that alone.

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