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blacksabb2013 Black Sabbath is heading for its first No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 chart, reports Keith Caulfield of Billboard.

Industry sources suggest the group’s new 13,released on Tuesday (June 11th), may sell over 120,000 copies by the end of the tracking week on Sunday, June 16th.

Black Sabbath’s 13 is the band’s first studio album with singer Ozzy Osbourne since 1978’s Never Say Die!. The band has just one top 10 album thus far, 1971’s Master of Reality, which reached number eight.
















  1. Ya know, I don’t know how much it REALLY matters to Sabbath or their fans if “13” hits # 1, a position nowadays that’s typically occupied by some shallow “15 minutes of fame” pop-moron, graduate of American Idiot (or “Idol”, I think it’s called). But it IS nice to know that they are enough true believers still buying music and that an old-school, classic-sounding metal album can still shake the musical landscape like a stomping Brontosaurus. Cheers to Sabbath!

  2. It is truly a fantastic album! It rocks!!! Geezer and Tony are just killing it, and Ozzy is his usual stellar self. If you haven’t gotten it, get it!

  3. Album is awesome. Thanks for bringing back what’s been missing for so long. I hope they release everything on ITUNES. Grab a new audience and show off the entire catalogue. Everyone has all their albums on vinyl, cassette and CD. The box set is good but box sets are dated. Strike while the iron is hot. I got 13 on Monday night @ 11 pm. Glad not every song is 10 minutes. THE DEVIL YOU KNOW has too many long songs. I hope the rain and tolling bells at 13s conclusion DEAR FATHER is not a book end of BLACK SABBATH and that s it. If it is, well 43 years of intelligent rock n roll and concluding with their best album since HEAVEN AND HELL is an emblematic swan song. If my math is correct, Tony Martin will be back in 2030. Still love THE ETERNAL IDOL.

  4. Picked up the Deluxe version from Best Buy for $16 the other day. You get an extra bonus song on the BB deluxe edition.
    Only one and a half times through it, and I’m lovin’ it! Heavy grooves, awesome riffs, and Ozzy’s vocals sound great.
    My only gripe here is (as with most new release CDs today) these “deluxe” editions. Why do they have to soak the paying fan base for several more dollars for a few “extra” songs?
    After hearing about how long most of the songs on the album were, I figured the second CD was needed for those “bonus” songs. Wrong. The first disc clocks in only around 54 minutes. The second disc, with the BB fourth bonus track, is just under 20. So I burned all 12 songs onto 1 CD at just over 73 minutes. Why not put out the album with 11 or 12 tracks at a standard price?
    The 8 songs on the album have great feel together. I guess they didn’t want to dilute that with filler. Don’t get me wrong, I think the bonus tracks are good, just maybe not as much.
    I believe a “Deluxe Edition” should’ve included a DVD. It would be nice to get some interviews, making of, music video(s) and maybe a couple of live clips. Save the filler songs for inclusion on a CD Single, like Def Leppard and Iron Maiden used to do. As a collector and fan, that provides incentive to make the purchase of physical media.

  5. Alright, firstKISS with 85,000 then AEROSMITH with 82,000 now SABBATH with 120,000 units sold and nomber 1! these days that would be like gold back in the 90s and they deserve it. it is a awesome album, just wish it was RONNIE but i’m sure he’s happy for tony and geez.

  6. Any time i can hear new sabbath i am happy!I think the album is metal at its best, but classic sabbath!? There r hints of some past songs (planet caravan) BLACK SABBATH THE SONG, but in my opinion ,this is what they would have sounded like with the HEAVEN & HELL line up.Having said that, i love it!!I love all sabbath!! Tony Iommi has kept the sabbath flag flying!!! & he still is !!!LONG LIVE SABBATH!!!

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