acefrehley400 Behold the new LP from 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Ace Frehley. Space Invader will be released in the US on August 19th through eOne Music.

Like a shooting star headed toward earth from another solar system, Ace Frehley operates in his own musical galaxy. He’s a musical maverick and iconoclast adored by millions of fans around the world. Through his seminal work with KISS and as a solo artist, Ace Frehley is championed as one of the most influential guitar players of the last four decades and his impact on popular music is immeasurable. With his smash 1978 solo album and post-KISS work including 2009 Anomaly, Frehley continues to be the best selling member of the original band.

Discussing the new album, Frehley says, “Fans can expect something closer to my ’78 solo record,” Frehley reveals. “Over the past couple of months I’ve been listening to my old records and trying to find that formula that I’ve captured so many times in the past. I recently played some of my new music for a few people at my label and they were blown away. It reaffirmed in my mind that I’m on the right path and I think my fans are going to love the results. It’s gonna be a great record.”

Pre-order Space Invader at iTunes.


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  • Rich on

    Nothing against Ace, but I recalled him saying, when Anomaly was being made or before it came out, that he was thinking about his ’78 solo album. That aside, I am optimistic the new album will echo some of those creative highs that occurred back in the day. Ace is still creative and the new album will bear that out.

    • Dwayne Cole on

      You are correct sir.

    • jeff heffernan on

      i just hope he does a real tour behind this record,not like last time,he did like 10 dates here and there,mabye this time we can get a real tour with some real production

  • doug r. on

    The spaceman rides again! Sounds great that Ace went back to the ’78 solo album for the inspiration for the new album. I only wish instead of “The Joker”, as I have said before, Ace did a cover of “Double Vision”, and dedicated it to Tommy, 😉 LOL! I can’t wait to invade space with Ace! Let the journey begin. 🙂

    • Joe on

      “Wish Ace did a cover of “Double Vision”, and dedicated it to Tommy,”……lmao! HILARIOUS……..Joe in The Cuse

    • Eric Heaton on

      That may be an idea for his next record..joe ur right tho…Hilarious!

    • Trapper on

      LMAO Joe! Great idea! Play Double Vision and dedicate it to Tommy and Gene and Paul LOL

    • doug r. on

      Hey Trapper, that was MY idea! Poker, blackjack, Rock ‘N’ Roll, it’s all good! CHEERS! 🙂

  • Brian Bulakites on

    Looking forward to this! Ace will shut up all the haters with this I’m sure! You can bash the guy but numbers do not lie! Instead of bashing Ace try getting on the web and looking the the number of albums sold from Anomaly. But the haters won’t they’ll just shoot there mouths off without the facts. Proud of Ace for all he’s done to better himself. Just because I Rufus’s to see him in concert after the 87 show at toads I still love the studio music.

    • Todd Fagan on

      56,000 total sold to date? What does that number tell ya ?I like Anomaly , but touting sales figures doesn’t bode well for it.

    • Ken on

      Like all other sales now, expect a 40% reduction in that sales figure. I think it sound pretty good.

    • spin on

      and the spin begins

    • Dwayne Cole on

      Cd sales are down 75-80% across the board. No Rock act can sell millions anymore. They don’t even get gold records anymore. Here in America you’re lucky to sell 200,000 units counting CDs and downloads and that’s if you’re Aerosmith or Def Leppard. Slipknot might get a gold record here but, I’d doubt it in todays market. Once you get something for free, you’ll never pay for it again. Someone always throws it up on youtube and we can listen for free.

    • Chad on

      And that’s why supporting and paying for your favorite artists is so crucial. I refuse free music unless artist gives out a free download. You are right about today’s albums being successful if they move a total of 200,000 copies. KISS MONSTER has sold roughly over 300,000 to date after opening with 60,000.. In comparison the new Judas Priest sold 37,000 opening week. SonIc Boom is currently over 400,000 and nearing Gold which today is fabulous. Monster also has solid more than new aerosmith which is why those that say Kiss is irrelevant today astonishes me. All said I’m eagerly waiting to buy Ace Frehley SPACE INVADER the day it comes out.. Anomaly opened at around 29,000 copies and with the good RHOF press I expect this to open with bigger numbers. I love the single and am happy with the 30 second preview of each song I heard.

    • Dwayne Cole on

      I never understood someone buying a CD by their favorite artist and posting it on youtube so people listen for free. It makes no sense.

    • Rudy the Roadie on

      I will gladly support Ace. He is a true musician playing cause he loves to and the fans.UNLIKE GENE. Sales are low and I am sure Gene will make that up by putting the KISS logo on septics across the USA. ACE Take me away…………….

    • Greg on

      56,000 sold to date! Isn’t that enough to have the album certified Dogsh!# Have to look at the RIAA Webpage to be certain. Should be enough to support a tour of some great dive bars in the Northeast.

  • Cameron on

    I hope the lyrics are better than some of those written for Anomaly.

  • RTunes68 on

    “…Frehley continues to be the best selling member of the original band.” Wow! It wasn’t enough to say that he had the best-selling solo album (36 years ago), they had to stretch the fine point. Yes, Ace continues to be the best-selling member of the original band, considering he’s released more solo albums than any of the others. By this comical calculation, if Ace sells even one album, he becomes an even bigger “best-selling member of the original group!”

    • Medved on

      I found that statement to be hilarious too! I guess we’re suppose to overlook the fact that Gene and Paul were still keeping the KI$$ machine going. Why would they have the need to release solo albums? Peter’s solo efforts didn’t amount to anything, and neither did Ace’s “Frehley’s Comet” to an extent. Why didn’t The Comet blast off during the 80s? It was the perfect time and scene for them, and Ace still had name recognition after leaving KI$$. Eddie had some involvement with Ace during this time. Perhaps he can explain why Frehley’s Comet busted.

    • Brian Bulakites on

      Ace was still getting wasted that’s why it didn’t go any where’s. When I saw them at toads he was to wasted to stand up! I’m sure Ace would be the first to admitt he messed a really good thing! Eddie I’m sure has seen ace fall down one to many times back then. I love ace to death don’t me wrong but he sabotaged him self big time just glad he is going better and his demons are far behind now!

    • Eddie on

      OF COURSE Ace was a mess for a long time, but has now been sober for 7 plus years and I am most proud of him for that than anything..

    • Brian Bulakites on

      Kind of hard not to be proud of Ace!!! He’s done a complete turn around from the mess I saw in concert in the 80’s!! Keep it up Ace we love your music and love Eddie for playing it!

    • Joe on

      Ace doesn’t have to sell ANYTHING……his sobriety has out sold any album he has ever done in KISS or solo…..God Bless him…..Joe in The Cuse

    • pete lytel on

      “Joe in the Cuse” whoever you are…. you always have good stuff to say/post. I appreciate your comments. Sincerely. Rock on brother. And Dana thanks for keeping the insanity and negatives to a minimum. I get frustrated sometimes and you two always balace things out.

    • Dana on

      Thank you Pete,

      For the very kind words, they are always valued.

      D 🙂

    • Dwayne Cole on

      Wish that had happened while in KISS.

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