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acefrehley400 Behold the new LP from 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Ace Frehley. Space Invader will be released in the US on August 19th through eOne Music.

Like a shooting star headed toward earth from another solar system, Ace Frehley operates in his own musical galaxy. He’s a musical maverick and iconoclast adored by millions of fans around the world. Through his seminal work with KISS and as a solo artist, Ace Frehley is championed as one of the most influential guitar players of the last four decades and his impact on popular music is immeasurable. With his smash 1978 solo album and post-KISS work including 2009 Anomaly, Frehley continues to be the best selling member of the original band.

Discussing the new album, Frehley says, “Fans can expect something closer to my ’78 solo record,” Frehley reveals. “Over the past couple of months I’ve been listening to my old records and trying to find that formula that I’ve captured so many times in the past. I recently played some of my new music for a few people at my label and they were blown away. It reaffirmed in my mind that I’m on the right path and I think my fans are going to love the results. It’s gonna be a great record.”

Pre-order Space Invader at iTunes.



  1. Nothing against Ace, but I recalled him saying, when Anomaly was being made or before it came out, that he was thinking about his ’78 solo album. That aside, I am optimistic the new album will echo some of those creative highs that occurred back in the day. Ace is still creative and the new album will bear that out.

    1. i just hope he does a real tour behind this record,not like last time,he did like 10 dates here and there,mabye this time we can get a real tour with some real production

  2. The spaceman rides again! Sounds great that Ace went back to the ’78 solo album for the inspiration for the new album. I only wish instead of “The Joker”, as I have said before, Ace did a cover of “Double Vision”, and dedicated it to Tommy, 😉 LOL! I can’t wait to invade space with Ace! Let the journey begin. 🙂

  3. Looking forward to this! Ace will shut up all the haters with this I’m sure! You can bash the guy but numbers do not lie! Instead of bashing Ace try getting on the web and looking the the number of albums sold from Anomaly. But the haters won’t they’ll just shoot there mouths off without the facts. Proud of Ace for all he’s done to better himself. Just because I Rufus’s to see him in concert after the 87 show at toads I still love the studio music.

      1. Cd sales are down 75-80% across the board. No Rock act can sell millions anymore. They don’t even get gold records anymore. Here in America you’re lucky to sell 200,000 units counting CDs and downloads and that’s if you’re Aerosmith or Def Leppard. Slipknot might get a gold record here but, I’d doubt it in todays market. Once you get something for free, you’ll never pay for it again. Someone always throws it up on youtube and we can listen for free.

        1. And that’s why supporting and paying for your favorite artists is so crucial. I refuse free music unless artist gives out a free download. You are right about today’s albums being successful if they move a total of 200,000 copies. KISS MONSTER has sold roughly over 300,000 to date after opening with 60,000.. In comparison the new Judas Priest sold 37,000 opening week. SonIc Boom is currently over 400,000 and nearing Gold which today is fabulous. Monster also has solid more than new aerosmith which is why those that say Kiss is irrelevant today astonishes me. All said I’m eagerly waiting to buy Ace Frehley SPACE INVADER the day it comes out.. Anomaly opened at around 29,000 copies and with the good RHOF press I expect this to open with bigger numbers. I love the single and am happy with the 30 second preview of each song I heard.

          1. I never understood someone buying a CD by their favorite artist and posting it on youtube so people listen for free. It makes no sense.

          2. I will gladly support Ace. He is a true musician playing cause he loves to and the fans.UNLIKE GENE. Sales are low and I am sure Gene will make that up by putting the KISS logo on septics across the USA. ACE Take me away…………….

      2. 56,000 sold to date! Isn’t that enough to have the album certified Dogsh!# Have to look at the RIAA Webpage to be certain. Should be enough to support a tour of some great dive bars in the Northeast.

  4. “…Frehley continues to be the best selling member of the original band.” Wow! It wasn’t enough to say that he had the best-selling solo album (36 years ago), they had to stretch the fine point. Yes, Ace continues to be the best-selling member of the original band, considering he’s released more solo albums than any of the others. By this comical calculation, if Ace sells even one album, he becomes an even bigger “best-selling member of the original group!”

    1. I found that statement to be hilarious too! I guess we’re suppose to overlook the fact that Gene and Paul were still keeping the KI$$ machine going. Why would they have the need to release solo albums? Peter’s solo efforts didn’t amount to anything, and neither did Ace’s “Frehley’s Comet” to an extent. Why didn’t The Comet blast off during the 80s? It was the perfect time and scene for them, and Ace still had name recognition after leaving KI$$. Eddie had some involvement with Ace during this time. Perhaps he can explain why Frehley’s Comet busted.

      1. Ace was still getting wasted that’s why it didn’t go any where’s. When I saw them at toads he was to wasted to stand up! I’m sure Ace would be the first to admitt he messed a really good thing! Eddie I’m sure has seen ace fall down one to many times back then. I love ace to death don’t me wrong but he sabotaged him self big time just glad he is going better and his demons are far behind now!

          1. Kind of hard not to be proud of Ace!!! He’s done a complete turn around from the mess I saw in concert in the 80’s!! Keep it up Ace we love your music and love Eddie for playing it!

          2. Ace doesn’t have to sell ANYTHING……his sobriety has out sold any album he has ever done in KISS or solo…..God Bless him…..Joe in The Cuse

          3. “Joe in the Cuse” whoever you are…. you always have good stuff to say/post. I appreciate your comments. Sincerely. Rock on brother. And Dana thanks for keeping the insanity and negatives to a minimum. I get frustrated sometimes and you two always balace things out.

  5. Looking forward to it. Hope the packaging is normal and not similar to the foolish anomoly packaging.
    I still buy cds for a few of my favorite artists. Mostly use spotify these days rather than buy a cd though.

  6. Just sampled every song on space invader on amazon! My impressions……………lyrics not that great but as far as the actual music goes……………really good! Sounds like a mashup between trouble walkin and the 78 solo album! And less fillers than the last album by far! This album in m opinion is better than anomaly and monster from the samples I heard. It might edge out trouble walkin and frehleys comet. The samples really impressed me.

  7. The song “what every girl wants” I sampled on Amazon sounded really good and was the best sample of all the samples. Keep in mind these are samples and anomaly sounded a lot worse than it ended being on its samples.

  8. Had a chance to listen to a few tracks, really great stuff. Seems like Ace really put in a lot. Of work into this CD…….GREAT STUFF….Joe in The Cuse

  9. Finally! I’ve been waiting for Ace’s new album to drop and its release date is the day before my birthday. I’ve already been dropping hints to my family that I want Ace’s new album.

    1. It’s only $10.00 on AMAZON. Do you wan’t anything else? Tell them REDEEMER OF SOULS by PRIEST. That shit is phat dawg. How ’bout NFL gear? The season’s around the corner. Maybe something from YANKEE CANDLE? Check out CAMOUFLAGE. Smells good. No. Not for you. A new phone? Maybe. Golf Clubs? Just a driver? NOAH on blu-ray disc? Steak dinner? Always nice. I know a place on E. Tremont Ave. in the Bronx that has the best shell steaks. ROCKY THE MUSICAL? A new kayak? KINDLE FIRE? A beer growler with potent stuff in it? Huh? A beagle? How old are you? A Captain America doll? A trip to the carnival? New jeans a waist size bigger? No offense? That special someone in a negligee? Always a winner!

  10. If the people who view this website are fans, on any level, of Ace or KISS then everyone needs to get out there and part with the fifteen bucks to buy this record. What better way to make a statement about Gene and Paul, Tommy, the R&R Hall debacle and anything else that has burned up this board over the last year regarding this band than to chart this album BIG on opening week. It really does not take that many units these days to do this. Lets make it happen, what could go wrong we all end up with a new record? What do you say Ed, get your people together!

      1. Disagree…hope I’m wrong but just don’t see it. Anomaly had the cache of being the first Frehley album in ages. While this album is anticipated by the Ace diehards, I doubt it goes much further than that. Again, hope I’m wrong but even Monster sold considerably less than Boom. And as has been stated on here…albums just are selling. 40k will be great for Ace.

        1. The record company is doing a better promotion campaign than what was done for anomaly. Plus anomaly kept getting pushed back for around a year which turned a lot of buyers off. Plus from the 1:30 minute previews I heard on youtube, it’s way better than anomaly.

    1. Why does the release have anything to do with Gene and Paul?? They are doing just fine without Ace and Ace without them, so like many other idiots here we go again…instead of commenting on Ace, it will be an excuse to bring up G and P…grow up…”let’s all go up Aces album to show G and P”, what are you 12?? If you’re 12 then I will excuse you, but your probably in your 40’s. Why don’t we all just buy Aces record because it’s good??

      1. Amen to that! I pre-ordered Ace’s new album on Amazon for one reason–to hear Ace’s new album! this has nothing to do with–you know…
        Even though Anomaly was just okay in my opinion, the more he keeps aiming for the 78 album in style and energy, I think he will achieve that goal. I have a great feeling about this one.

    2. What did Tommy ever do except take a job with KISS and get punched by Ace once? What are we going to prove to Tommy by buying SPACE INVADER? Who buys things to make statements these days? Did Tommy Thayer ever do anything to harm you? Did he cut you off in traffic? Did he stink up the toilet and not spray available air freshener? I heard the new track and I’m gonna buy the whole CD because I enjoy its contents. Can you picture Tommy, Gene and Paul having a band meeting ’cause SPACE INVADER charts well? Are they gonna send a TERMINATOR to Aces house? Steal his car? Prank call him? Can you picture Eddie Trunk riding on a horse shouting out loud for people to buy SPACE INVADER? WHAT ARE YOU INSANE?

  11. I love how the idiots on blabbermouth trash it after hearing 30 second clips. It all sounds like it will be just fine to me. Either people forget or they just don’t know but ACE Frehley isn’t a band. It is basically just him and a drummer putting out this, and his last, CD. Chris Wyse does some bass. The guy is 63 years old. Lived the hard life. I give him all the credit in the world for “keepin’ on”.

    1. Hi Steve,

      Yes, the posters at Blabbermouth can be really nasty and harsh. That is why I try my best to cull that here, I really want Eddie’s site to be much more user friendly.

      Dana from 🙂

    2. That’s weird , those guys on Blabbermouth are usually attacking anything Gene and Paul related, always giving the other 2 a pass . Makes you think huh ? And Dana, I know people sometimes become belligerent idiots behind their keyboards, but censorship when Ed will claim many agree with him ?

  12. I cant f@#@in wait till this comes out. I did hear the preview of the songs on this and it sounds great! Thanks ACE for continuing to make great music!!

  13. I am super excited about getting his new album and I will be buying it first day release. I heard samples from it and I dont like to judge it as I haven’t heard the album as a whole but im sure it will meet all my expectations. I am alao glad he us 7 yrs sober n back in a groove with making music its all you can ask for from a guy at this stage if he decides to tour I will be there. As far as kiss goes I gave up on them when they hired two bozos . I also look at them as if they so Damon good as gene n paul say they are why dont the. Two money hungry crooks a share of the pie oh no not that they get a employee fee salary.. them guys should all give it a permanent rest because at this stage in the game they have lost everything that was ever good about them over a decade ago… to me this aint kiss. This is the paul n gene show

  14. I noticed after the RRHOF interview Ace said a lot of kiss fans will boycott KISS shows this summer because of the negative comments Paul and Gene had made about him. KISS/Def Leppard are averaging 22,000 fans a night. I do look forward to the Space Invader.

  15. With all the Ace and Kiss bullshit aside-I think it’s great Ace’s is releasing some new material, as for doing covers-I not that fussed but lets cherish the fact that he’s healthy and still writing and recording.
    I wish the calls for another reunion would stop also-been there done that, they should’ve left it at that-hey we got to see the original line-up-I was happy at that. I do hope he backs this album up with a tour of sorts– Aussie or New Zealand Ace if your reading this….

    1. Gene and Paul always acknowledge that Ace is a great guitarist first and foremost and then they start talking filth. Who would be surprised if the C.D. is good? If it is as good as REDEEMER OF SOULS then this would be the best summer of metal releases in 20 years. Why would anyone want this to suck?

      1. I agree ! I dont want this to suck, I just hope this c.d. is a reminder not just for Gene & Paul but, to everybody who loved / loves the original 4 and why we liked Kiss to begin with ( hope that made sense .) On a different note I am so looking forward to R.O.S. too, great taste Richman !

  16. Let’s pray that it’s better than ANYTHING that he’s released since getting booted/leaving from Kiss. He’s yet to do something worth listening to, sorry. I’m a huge Ace fan from all of his Kiss work, but after that, it’s garbage.

  17. I heard the samples at Amazon UK as well and so far the songs and Ace sound great. Looking forward to the whole album. Also, I have a live tape of Ace from L’Amours in 1985 before he released the first Frehley’s Comet album and it’s a favourite of mine. Great playing and song versions, especially delivered by Ace, Anton Fig and Richie Scarlett. I remember hearing the tape back then and thinking Ace’s solo stuff was going to be huge for the 80’s, but somehow things dragged on and the album didn’t come out until two years later without Richie Scarlett onboard. This delay I think didn’t help Ace ride the 80’s rock high back then when it could have, at least that’s in my opinion. Glad Ace is doing it again with what I think will be a great album, better than the last Kiss effort, Monster.

  18. Isn’t it wild that the best music IMHO is coming from guys that have been around over 30 years?! Michael Schenker, Judas Priest, Accept, to name a few. Of course I had to list Michael first…after all this IS Eddie’s site. Even Black Sabbath, Sebastian Bach, Jake E Lee, are still rocking! Looking forward to hearing the latest from the Rock Soldier. How do you know? Cuz Ace is back and he told ya so!

  19. Just listened to a longer version of a few songs. Waaaaaayyyyyy better than the samples in terms of mixing. The samples where not finished products obviously. Reckless is a really good song with decent lyrics. The 3 songs I heard sound better in context.

  20. Kiss is selling out all over.They make more money off one show’s swag than Ace will make on his CD. Ace is going to play where Warrant & Skid Row play. I wonder if Gordon Gebert & Bob McAdams will get comp CD’s & tickets to B.B. Kings in NYC?

    1. Selling out….making money….and playing 90-95% of the songs they created with Ace and Peter. No question it is a brand and not a band anymore…Hey if people want to see that then that is fine…if they don’t…fine as well.


  21. Once again certain folks on here seem to think Kiss is selling out when there giving tickets away! When people going to get it that it is a co head lining tour! But once again the fact don’t matter to some and matter what you say to them they never seem to listen or check the facts! Call any rock radio station in America and they tell you that there giving tickets away on the radio even black sabbath didn’t see out every where’s if not at all not sure but I’m not going to rant about knowing that May be wrong but know metal band is selling out as far as I know. When the Ace haters put facts up then I will listen but that will never happen! Ace could have a number nor hit and people would still shoot there mouth off not say he will hit number one! You can’t fuel a fire without a real flame and that exactly what a lot of folks seem to do. I dare anyone to give me a web site that tells that kiss is selling out but it won’t happen because it’s not true! Everything I’ve read on the net says there giving tickets away to the shows. But I actually took the time to do my research and the worst part the same folks who talk the talk will be bashing me instead of doing there home work. You’d think it would be easier to look something then it is to rant like an angry all the time but I in joy being happy some don’t

    1. Brian…show us what you are reading thats saying Kiss is giving away massive amounts of tickets? Give us some links. Radio giveaways or contests etc… that doesn’t count. That’s been happening since the beginning of time. Not to mention there is always going to be a very small percentage comped for various reasons unless the promoter is papering the house…and in this case with hefty band guarantee’s, that ain’t happening. Fact is this tour is selling better than anyone thought…and why shouldn’t it. Two legendary bands…it’s a good package. Further, unless Billboard is still listing concert attendance, you’re going to be hard pressed to find hard accurate numbers. Sorry pal, I’ve worked in professional ticketing and box office management for 25 years and most average fan has no clue what goes into the breakdown of ticket sales. I can tell you this much, Cinci, Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte have been packed to the rafters…to the point it was hard for me to even call in favors to get tickets. Believe what you want.

      1. Didn’t Eddie already go over this 20 times over? All bands are giving tickets away! Sale for any band suck right now! Every rock radio station dose this including Eddie trunk him self so Eddie is radio host. Get on any web site for rock station and huge ticket give away for all bands. If the band that started the music we listen to can’t sell out show what makes kiss so special and sabbath was I almost reunion tour minus bill. I saw Van Halen for free a few years ago cause there were giving 4 ticket away. And they this every hour in till the day of the show. It’s common practice in this day and age. Jim Morrison could come from the dead and they’d give tickets away for. Peace out tired of arguing there are a lot happier well deserving thing to do with my life then argue with strangers over something that should bring us joy

        1. Another expert in ticket sales…did you even read what you wrote, because if you did and still posted it there is no hope for you…I as just at the west palm beach concert and 19,000 people, so it’s funny calling people ace haters…why does anyone have to hate any original four?? Because you still support Kiss maks you an ace hater?? Your comments are idiotic.

  22. Ace: $10 on Amazon now. $6 on eBay sealed 3 weeks in. Kiss is over their (sic for Brian) selling out all over. Ace will be non sell-out in a club near you.

  23. Ace isn’t going to sell records because NOBODY SELLS RECORDS ANYMORE…Priest debuted top 10 at I think 36,000 copies so even top sellers aren’t selling. It’s not a metal thing, it’s a music thing. I will be buying Aces record and for the classic bands I love I usually buy the hard CD, but most people steal online, or buy singles online… I come from a time when “the album” was the way bands wrote, not necessarily for singles, and I buy the album usually, but I don’t think you can judge an albums merit by its sales, especially in the metal/hard rock genre because they don’t get much airplay except on satellite. You have to search out websites for new music sometimes because it isn’t covered like pop and there has been much new music I have heard of from sites like this one…

  24. I saw Ace 2 times in Atlantic City at House of Blues and the shows were the best I have seen in 2 decades, my ears rang for hours after the show, it was SOOOO loud and awesome. He played at House of Blues but now with Showboat casino closing I wonder where he will play in Atlantic City? Hate to see HOB close because it is in Showboat……Joe G

  25. If a band or solo artist writes and records a great record and it’s marketed correctly. It still sells millions. Hate to say this but look up Katie Perry’s sales numbers it Pink. Multi Platinum guys. And Pink had a very long tour. Sold out arenas night after night. Records do still sell just not Hard Rock or Metal. The glory days are way gone. In the states anyway. I know a band out of Omaha that’s a hair band cover band that sucks so bad. I mean suck. They put out a all original CD and it’s selling very well in other country’s. Notta in the states. Metal is bigger in other country’s. It’s dead here in the states. Hip hop top 40 sells right now. Just the way it is. Kids don’t give a shit about lead guitar solo’s ect. “Yo Word Bitch”. And the hand finger gestures are way cooler to them. Rap and hip hop has taken over. I watched Limp Bizcut the other night in concert. I couldn’t help but get I to the riffs and rythem of the beats. I mean that shit kicks ass. It explodes in spots. Yet that style of music is dead in the water. POD, Lincoln Park Limp all those great bands are dead now. Metal is cookie cutter garbage now. We are still stuck with all these old bands that are in their 50’s and 60’s in age. It would be so refreshing to hear a really great new band. I’m really sick of the same old stuff over and over.

    1. Hi Bryan,

      You’re right, unfortunately, it’s Pop music and Rap that sell millions of units today, not rock.

      I do have to add that the issue of whether Katy Perry and Pink really write their own songs is nebulous. Many times they don’t, or they write a few “lyrics” and get a writing credit. It is usually the producers, such as Dr. Luke, who write the songs and agree to split the credit with said artist.

      Other times they get their material from other artists. Another example that comes to mind is the pop singer Jessie J. If you have ever heard her song Domino, it sounds exactly like Katy Perry. Well, I heard Jessie J. say in an interview that she originally wrote that song for Perry, and when Perry didn’t end up using it, she recorded it and it ended up being a big hit. Also, Lady Gaga claims that she wrote her song Telephone originally for Britney Spears.

      However, in the case of most, if not all, hard rock and metal bands, they usually write the majority of their own material for better or worse. At least, they try their best to write their own songs.

      Dana from 🙂

      1. Dana, what do you think attributes to metal and hard rock not selling but pop, hip hop and country do still sell millions of units? Ironic, I was just watching a old TMS rerun on VH1C this morning, and Don Jamieson was ranting on about this very same thing. I don’t get it. I thought metal and hard rock fans were supposed to be loyal?

        1. Hi Trapper,

          Thank you for asking my opinion 🙂 If I had the answer to that question, I could probably solve all of the ills of the music industry. I can only venture to make a few guesses.

          1. Although record companies do not have the clout they once did back in the day, in this day and age, they do not seem to promote rock music at all. They put all their man power behind what the trends are mandating, and today, that seems to be Rap/Hip Hop, Pop and Boy Bands.
          2. The way music is purchased today is much different than it was decades ago. People do not always spend their hard earned money downloading entire albums. They will download individual songs that they like and skip the filler.
          3. Most of the Rock purists from the 70’s and 80’s don’t buy and support the music the way they did when they were in their youth. As one ages, their priorities and obligations tend to change.

          So, those are my best guesses as to why the genre, as a whole, is suffering. Again, thanks for asking 🙂

          D from 🙂

    2. BRYAN, if kids today had more exposure to bands like Airbourne, maybe they wouldn’t pay attention to the rap/hip-hop shit! There is a lot of great rock & metal bands out there today, old and a few new, but unfortunately in today’s world I believe the music industry is controlled by politics. Big Brother has decided to brainwash the youth today with rap/hip-hop shit for a reason, politics! Just my opinion.

  26. 36,000 is a joke for Judas Priest’s latest, CD sales are dead for anybody cept the big artists of rap and pop. Ace might sell 5,000 with that Priest figure….not even recording costs. He’d sell 500 at the San Diego Comic Convention if it was released this past tuesday.

  27. Facts are that kiss are packing shows in big part as they are giving away tickets . I seen many shows in host in tx at the Woodlawns.I understand kiss is set to play the last show of the tour there n I know there will be tickets giving away like crazy. I seen many many multiple bands play in one night there n they would hand out dozens of tickets for ppl to just pass out. Kiss is fooling no one with this sell out crap with the two guys dressed as ace n peter . And the guy above is right this the kiss brand more then a kiss band. I hate to say it but they sound horrible and I am a huge kiss fan since five yrs old and and supported every lineup until this hoax today. I still.can’t believe gene but more if paul.. but I can see where those two today are looking at one money and I think one thing more then anything is I thing gene n paul are looking for acceptance from everyone. Just look at paul painting cooking on tv .opera. the view. U never saw this in 30yrs of Kisstory.I not buying into this crap today it ended with me when ace n peter left. As far as im concerned kiss has retired and there’s a big kiss tribute band touring and making bogus records under the name. I also think these last 12 yrs they had ruined the kiss legacy

  28. People,
    I have been a Kiss fan since the begining. I saw Def Leppard and Kiss in West Palm Beach 2 days ago at the Cruzan Amp Theater. It holds 19,000 people (including the lawn seats). My guess is there were about 7000 people there. The lawn was empty. The seats were at about 80\85% full. Def Lep played for an hour, Kiss played for about an hour and 15 minutes. They played 14 songs… yes..14, and let me tell was a little painful. Paul’s voice is shot..done. Gene, is that is what you call a Bass solo? The stage show obviously was good but it now totally overshadows any of the songs. This is a money grab tour. In case you were wonder Def Lep was slightly better..only slightly. I went online to their Tampa show and the 2 in New Jersey..Plenty of tickets available. The NJ show at the Susquehana Center (another Amp theater) is offering 4 lawn seats for $25 and plenty, about a third, of the regular seats still on sale. They are done. Thanks for the memories but stop the nonsense

    1. Dude you are an absolute liar…I was at that west palm show and it was packed, even before the sun went down,mso not sure what drugs you took that made 19,000 people look like a grass field but you are completely wrong…go sti shit up elsewhere and make your points, not lies…

  29. We’ll just saw a commercial for access unlimited giving tickets to the kiss/leopard show as of 7:31 Thursday night group deals so there’s the proof!

    1. Have you never heard of radio stations giving away tickets?? How about EVERY show that’s ever been done by any band has ticket giveaways as promotions, just like sporting events…you are defending your absurd points from above…it would probably be easier to just admit your comments were stupid…

  30. I heard a preview of all the songs from the album the other day, and I must say that it sounds very very promising. I am getting excited about the album. And as most you, I wish he’d do a prober tour. In general I just wish the best for Ace.

  31. Fact – Paul’s voice is shot – I give him an A for effort though.
    Fact – Ace is a better Ace than Tommy
    Fact – The Leppard/Kiss tour not doing so well by ticket prices and/or attendance.
    Opinion – Kiss need to retire – Gene and Paul have more than enough money to roll around in their LA Mansions in.

  32. Paul sounds horrible. Anyone saying otherwise is just being a kiss worm! Give it up guys…………………41 years is a long time rockin. It’s time to call it quits……………… should have happened in 2002.

    1. Because it’s not true. AMAZING and sick that you would hope a founding member of a band you apparently worship would fail at sobriety and root for it to happen. Wow that is warped! For what? To support Stanley and Simmon’s agenda and not accept he has changed? Love the blind worship! I suppose you know the content of the bottle in Ace’s hand to? Really sad. You are exactly the segment of the Kiss fan base that truly causes the problems…

  33. I love Ace. He was my childhood hero in the late 70’s and early 80’s when I was in junior school. I’m in Perth Western Australia. kiss came here in 1980 (Kissteria tour) then again in 97, 04 and recently in 13 with the Crüe at our newly built Arena. Ace was the heart and soul of Kiss even though he had issues with the grog. No one gives a shit, we all love a drink. I watch some of those earlier YouTube videos of the way gene used to sneer at Ace on stage and it makes me want to puke. Gene is a narcissist, severe. Paul and gene went in to the wilderness until 96 when they had to get ace and peter back to save them then got rid of the again. ace you are your own man I’ll be paying full price for your latest record. You’re a legend. Those bastards owe you.

    1. G’day mate,

      I visited Australia in 2001, but never made it to the West coast. It’s a lovey country, but it’s the people that make it that way.

      Dana from 🙂

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