Thanks all for the great response to the second episode of the new season of That Metal Show. Corey Taylor always brings it and was great to have him back, this time with Josh Ramd. So glad to see so many people discovering the amazing talents of Richie Kotzen here in the US. I’ve been talking about Richie and having him on the radio shows for the last 10 years or so and he is truly one of the most incredible all around talents and voices I know. Many more will discover that when Winery Dogs hits next month. Great to have him back on playing and hanging on the show too. As you can see we did have a Top 5 in this weeks show for Underrated guitarists. TONS of names could have been in this category! As usual, no right or wrong answers, just opinions and all good. Also great to have Dave Lombardo on. Clearly much has changed for Dave since we shot that segment 6 weeks or so ago. I wish him well with his bands outside of Slayer going forward. As you can see we had even more new segments and features in this weeks TMS. We have given the show a major makeover in many ways and as a result different features will come in and out to keep things fresh week to week. So Origins, Rant, TMS Book Club, Top 5, and many more all revolve in and out over the next 6 new shows still to come. Appreciate all the comments about the new set too. Many are positive, but the ones that aren’t are okay too. All opinions welcome. As I said, I don’t care if I do it on a cardboard box, AS LONG AS WE DO IT! This weeks episode repeats all week on VH1 Classic, just check your grids. You can see it starting tonight at Midnight online in the US by going to www.thatmetalshow.vh1.com


This Saturday another all new show which will be episode number 100. Rex Brown and Sebastian Bach are the guests, Vinnie Appice plays drums. Many more surprises as well.


Super busy Eddie Trunk Live tomorrow on Trunk Nation SiriusXM channel 39 6-10P ET LIVE! Steve Blaze of Lillian Axe, Zakk Wylde, and Louder Than Hell authors Kat & Jon all among the guests. Zakk kicks it off live in studio around 6:15 ET 3:15PM Pacific.

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  • BT on

    Hi Ed,

    Wanted to chime in on a few things. I have never missed an episode, and enjoy each one, even if I am not into that artists music, such as Stone Sour, although C. Taylor is a great guest. I do agree with many, that things seem a bit different this season. maybe it is the new set. It just seems more stiff than in the past. One major complaint I do have is the editing of the show. It is awful, very choppy, seems to ruin the continuity of the show. I noticed that you are listed as a co producer. I would think that gives you some input into the show, although I am sure not the final say. Regardless, I will keep watching. The good far outweighs the bad.

    • Eddie on

      It ain’t exactly Game Of Thrones budget. Content is all that matters to me. Thanks

  • Ryan on

    I have no problems with the set. I wish you guys would lose that announcer at the beginning, though. I believe you guys have always previewed the guests with Jim’s voice before. I could be wrong. And its a pleasure to learn more about Richie than he was the guy a long time ago banging one of the Poison guy’s wives and got kicked out, which I couldn’t help but think about when you guys were wondering why he is so underrated as a guitarist. It is probably because that is what alot of folks know him as and very little about his guitar chops. I look forward to the Winery Dogs release and I hope they bring that rock goodness down South when/if they tour the States. Please don’t just L.A., Chicago, and NYC it and head back to Europe or wherever.

    • Tom Peters on

      T hat announcer your talking about just happens to be David Coverdale, maybe you have heard of him?

  • Mike on

    First of all i’m a huge fan of that Metal Show, although i’m not a fan of Corey Taylor at all, but he does have some good stories. Also been a huge fan of Richie Kotzen since like 97, great player. I’m glad you brought back the Top 5 for this weeks episode, any chance to see Jennifer’s A** when she walks out is all good. I know Jim is a big practical joker, maybe he can crap in Jenn’s boots before she comes out. But Seriously Great Show Guys!!! The Ball Busting makes the show even better.

    • Eddie on

      We have some really horny fans…. haha

  • Joe on

    Ryan,if I’m right,I think the “announcer” was none other than David Coverdale.Eddie would have to verify that.I thought it was just another something new they put in the show…..I do agree with you about seeing Richie Kotzen,I’ve been a fan since his 2nd solo release Fever Dream and have never had the chance to see him live.I don’t know if it’s still in print,but you should check out the Poison’s “Native Tongue” cd that he played on and co-wrote.Easily their best release as far as songs and playing goes.His releases are seemingly endless between solo,bands,etc..

  • Dave Zdanowski on

    Awesome TMS this past weekend!! Corey Taylor is a badass, and definitely interesting to listen too. Josh was pretty informative, but a little subdued. Nothing wrong with that!! Love the new “fresh” segments, and of course the old ones too. Ever thought about having Eddie Van Halen on?…just kidding!!! Haha…You can tell it gets old for you, having to explain why EVH or Ozzy isn’t on this season or that season!! One quick thing Eddie…Loved seeing your Top 5 bands that should have been huge. I loved the first two Icon records, and they would have been my number 1. The drums on their first album are incredible…my other bands would have been 2. Black n Blue…3. Rough Cutt 4. Helix 5. King Kobra. Typically, I always agree with your lists. KEEP THE FAITH!!

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