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Thanks to all who came to our live show in Philadelphia this past Saturday night at The Troc. Great time and appreciate all the love. Also thanks to Vinnie Moore for being a guest. This Saturday me, Don & Jim hit The Token Lounge in Westland MI by Detroit. Hope you can join us for comedy, Q&A, trivia and much more. I’ll have both of my books for sale as well as T shirts and more. Come hang!

Thanks to Judas Priest for coming by my radio show last night. Good to have Priest back in action with a new album coming in July. We hung out for 90 minutes, took calls, and played a new track. Audio already on Youtube (and my news section on this site) and also On Demand on the SiriusXM app. Thanks to Rob, Richie and Glenn for coming in. Tour coming in the Fall! More from the new album when I can play it.

I am aware that once again Paul Stanley was asked about coming on TMS by a fan at a Jewish center in SF. It was caught on video and once again he gave the Wayne’s World line. I love that his FANS are asking him. But the fans are the bosses right? Seems Paul is much more comfortable on shows like The Talk and others and that’s fine. He doesn’t need our show and we are fine as the longest running show in VH1 history without him. But as proven by the clip his FANS are asking him and he has no real excuse besides “Wayne’s world”? As I said when he called us that on Twitter, I don’t take offense to that. I have jokingly called the show that myself! We don’t take ourselves so serious. Paul is very sensitive as he says himself in his new book. So shows like The Talk and CNN where he will get questions a producer fed the host from a latest bio on exactly what he wants is a perfect fit for him. Many Kiss and rock fans don’t watch those shows but at least he is more comfortable there it seems and that’s fine. Our little “Wayne’s World” was good enough for Maiden, AC/DC, Sabbath, GnR, Paul Rodgers, Sammy Hagar, Metallica, Aerosmith Rush, and many many more. Even the last few bands Kiss worked with Motley and now Def Leppard have all been guests on TMS, embrace the show, and realize the importance of it. So all good by me. Wayne’s World was a hugely popular film, TMS is a popular show around the globe with rock and metal fans. Thanks to TMS fans everywhere for all the support and to Paul for at least watching. I mean you couldn’t reach a conclusion on something without having watched right? As has always been the case our doors remain wide open to discuss ALL aspects of an artists career. Party on!


  1. Paul Stanley is irked by the fact that Eddie is friends with Ace and Peter – yet NO OTHER radio personality played more Kiss ( even and annual Kissmas Special ) – than Eddie Trunk. Eddie is a true fan – and all Rock Fans know this, which is further distancing Kiss Fans from KISS itself, ( me included – I am missing my fist tour since 1979…and glad whole heartedly too !)

    1. I too am missing my first show since the Dynasty tour! I’d consider going if they were going to play mostly stuff from Sonic Boom and Monster, which I consider good albums. If they were doing this I could take Tommy and Eric in the make up a lot easier. It was funny to watch Kiss on TV the night after the RRHOF on Fallon and play, yep that’s right they played four old songs. Pathetic.

  2. Paul has done interviews with Eddie before, and if you listen to them he was friendly enough. He for sure has not wanted anything to do with him for years, apparently since 2,006. I wish they would have at least made peace or have a talk at the hall of fame and just clear the air. Eddie has supported Kiss for decades, but the comments of the current lineup closed the door on Paul’s part. He should be on TMS and it would be a very interesting episode. TMS is a great show and Paul’s dismissive Wayne’s World comment is actually flattering! It is well known for any hard rock or metal fan that this show is number one, everybody else either has come on the show or acknowledged it’s importance. Eddie Trunk is an asset for all of this music we love.

  3. My guest list for TMS besides the obvious includes Brian Howe from Bad Company . I would love to hear his side of the story on why Bad Company wont reunite with both him and Paul Rodgers and also love to hear some good Ted Nugent stories from him .

  4. Just a question … when the day comes that KISS is playing their last show ever … THEN do they ask Peter & Ace to play? Gene has indicated that the date is in his near future, so … I have to wonder, would they go out like they came in? I think yes, they play together.

        1. I only mention it for the payout … It would be the FINAL ring up of that all-time KISS cash register.
          Trying to work through all of the stories, and all of the history told thus far, the one constant has been CASH. Cash drove the reunion, desire for cash ended Ace’s and Peter’s stay in the band, cash is the reason that the company owns the spaceman and catman makeup designs, cash is what drives the company to license the logo and faces on everything under the sun. Lack of cash is why they didn’t play at the HOF, they don’t do freebies … especially for the HOF.
          So, yeah … the opportunity to reach into our wallets one last time just might mend those un-mendable fences. Sure, this band loves the spotlight, but every decision is driven by CASH. Know that. It’s not a love story with these guys, their books confirm that. And Ace is out for Ace, regardless of where Pete lands. That is fair, they’re grown men. Another reunion tour? No way – out of the question. But a pay-per-view, one off, final show featuring guest spots from all of the former members …? Absolutely, because the CASH would be insane.

          1. they won’t play with ace and peter again because, paul and gene are going to replace themselves soon and keep kiss going for at least another 10/15 yrs – if not forever- kiss is a brand to them now their legacy – and a way for them to keep cashing in forever , it’s not about the individual members anymore its the brand kiss , I think it would be fun to think about who will be gene and paul’s replacements – they should make a show out of it ! paul and gene auditioning their replacements live , have a nationwide contest similar to the voice or American idol! you know gene has probably already thought of it! lol!

  5. You would think Paul could at least be respectful of a show and it’s hosts who put so much time & energy to expose the music we (as well as Paul) love. The epitome of arrogance…

      1. Hi Eddie,
        In SF, Paul said something to the effect of “the less said the better” before calling TMS Wayne’s World. He did not want to talk about it at all and I held my breath for a moment there…So, do you have a hunch on what he is so pissed off about? Someone in the audience said “what’s going on Paul?” before Paul dismissed the question.
        I am a fan of you and your show AND Paul Stanley (and KISS obviously) so I hate that you two are not on talking terms or friends. I think it would be great if someone were able to offer some insight on this matter. I also do not consider Wayne’s World an insult, but perhaps its inappropriate coming from him nonetheless. Obviously, a lot of great bands have been on your show so there is clearly a totally different issue going and the Wayne’s World comment is a cover up to hide some other issue.

        1. Mike, it is VERY simple. I have a voice and a position as a fan different than what they are selling now. As a result I am the enemy. In their world you must be ALL in on EVERYTHING or you are off the ship. Paul admits he is a sensitive guy. Many stories I could tell you but won’t about things I hear daily about how he reacts to things not in line with what he is selling at that time. It really is as simple as that. Just look at his responses to some people on Twitter. Honestly that is all it is in a nutshell. There is no other issue at all I am aware of. Don’t know the guy that well. I have more than moved on from it. But fans ask him about it and ask me all the time. Only thing sad to me is after more than 30 years of support of ALL eras of his band, one thing I don’t like causes this reaction. But again I have way more bands that do want to work with me and my shows so all good!

  6. In defense of Paul, he didn’t bring up TMS at the book event, someone else did. So, he didn’t make a point to call out TMS, someone else confronted him, and but for the external influence to Paul’s modes of thoughts and actions, the TMS show would have never been brought up. Further, Paul never criticizes TMS unless instigated to do so.. And further still, as Gene has said, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. So, in effect, Paul is doing Eddie a favor by putting the show down.

    1. He can talk about it all he wants. Not the first time he called it that. He has a way of putting down many of his fans that disagree with him on Twitter so I am in good company

      1. Lol…Those tweets are pretty brutal, considering he is calling his own fans morons, directly! I still haven’t read his book, the thing that bugs me about him is…well, for example, in his book he really chides Vinnie for throwing down, sliding on his knees during his audition. Well, you pull up an old interview with Dana Strum, and he says that when Paul called him to find them a replacement for Vinnie, a point he made that impressed them so much about Vinnie, was his very animated audition! And hearing him praise Vinnie to such an extent prompted Dana to bail on Kiss and track down Vinnie to start a band! So, it’s like Twin Paul is very selective with when he tells the truth.

        1. It’s pretty well known in the music industry Strum is one of the sleaziest people in the business…even more so that Vincent himself. You might want to use someone else to get your point across.

          1. He did bail on helping Kiss find a new guitar player and tracked down Vinnie, precisely because they loved Vinne’s audition. The interview I am referencing is from 1985, So, that does support you allegations of sleazy (mis)conduct on the part of Mr. Strum, and at the same time contradicts Twin Paul’s book. You are using some very haphazard ad-hoc method for refuting my post.

          2. Not refuting anything Staten…just pointing out how far one would go to get a dig in at Paul by using Dana Strum of all people.

      2. I think the thing that got under Paul’s skin was when Eddie started saying that Tommy and Eric should have created their own characters rather than the cat and spaceman. Paul said in his book that Ace and Peter quickly sold those trade marks and they really meant nothing more than a bargaining tool. What’s the point of purchasing them if not to use them ? Still wish Gene and Paul would go on TMS.

      3. Paul doesn’t want to be like you all and huff eddies balls who in turn huffs the winery dogs, axl rose, Peter, ace, etc etc. doesn’t want to do the show, who cares, drop it already.

        1. The Winery Dogs? You mean Gene and Paul’s favorite new band they tweeted about? Sorry I am proud a band I had a hand in is doing well and so many enjoy them, even your heroes. So so sorry..

  7. Eddie…
    Gene and Paul are busy marketing their football team LAKiss and their reality show….as you know it is only about the $oney…and not the music….simply sad and greedy.

    1. They better do a better job marketing that football team. Arena rarely works in big markets and judging by what I saw on ESPN this past weekend there was nobody there and the team was getting smoked..

      1. Lil FYI…..and I will make this brief. The team is in deep trouble. They are losing money and more importantly….you can’t make sports, especially any form of football into a circus act. Joe in The Cuse .

        1. Has nothing do to with Kiss…the arena league is horrible period. And struggles in most markets. One thing about it though…the overhead is nothing compared to real professional sports. Still not sure if I was Kiss I’d associate myself with league that is so fluid.

          1. Spot on JB. There are 2 teams in the AFL that are solid, but the league as whole isn’t well balanced. But ultimately the L.A.KISS is just a circus without a safety net. But the AFL needed a steroid shot accepted Gene & Paul. I do hope they succeed. Joe in The Cuse

        1. Arrogant and condescending is what you call that post supporting my own show? Really? Pretty remarkable you could take that from a post like that. But I guess when you have blind worship all you can see is twisted variations on reality. If you can make a conclusion like that from a simple response YOU are the true shit stirrer.

  8. I find it amazing that when a life long kiss fan like me who has children who in return love kiss and now go with me to buy their own kIss records(they got to get Sonic Boom and MONSTER) and love the shows get on here and show support and defend the legendary stature of my two favorite artists ( Gene and Paul) saying positive things about the current Kiss it is ignored and not posted. This is the fourth time I have expressed my view and my valid opinion only to have it erased and not posted. I am told ALL opinions are welcome here so makes one wonder why those of us not all bent out of shape that the sold make-up of Ace and Peter is being used are completely ignored. I like Eric and Tommy and I don’t care what make-up they wear. I personally don’t need them in different designs to validate them being in Kiss. Sorry that doesn’t match the opinions expressed and POSTED on this site….but nevertheless it is my opinion and would be cool to be heard as well that’s all. Fans like me that love all lineups and eras of KISS including this one are also fans of Eddie Trunk and this site too. We should feel just at home and welcomed here as those with their own respectful opinions. Other than that I really enjoy your site,radio shows,TMS, and bought and enjoyed both books…maybe though it’s all or nothing here though…if u still love KISS today you don’t get your voice heard….hopefully that’s not it.

    1. Chad,

      The differing opinions aren’t the issue, it’s the delivery by certain posters on this site. They can be very disrespectful, condescending, rude and dogmatic. How many times can one (not you personally, just speaking as a collective whole) trash Eddie about the same nonsense over and over and think it is going to keep getting posted? At some point, enough is enough and people really need to move on.

      I cannot speak for why your comments weren’t posted if they were stated in a mature manner. Perhaps, Eddie didn’t get a chance to approve them yet and they still sitting in the back end? I help with approving comments as well, but I am human, and maybe I didn’t see them either.

      Dana from EddieTrunk.com πŸ™‚

        1. Brian,

          By all means, please feel free to start your own site and how see how many snarky comments, aimed at you, on a continuous basis you would let through. It’s easy to be a big shot and an armchair critic until you’re on the receiving end of the vitriol. You sound like a really considerate person (rolls eyes).

          Dana from ET.com πŸ™‚

          1. Since you claim you are new here, I will let your attempt at a sarcastic comment slide.

            Umm no, I am not Eddie’s mother. I am the Senior Editor of the music news section and have been with Eddie’s website for 14 years. I am a moderator as well.

            Dana from EddieTrunk.com

      1. Thank u Dana for not only finally allowing valid opinion to be heard even though I’m a long time Kiss on all years and now too. My sons and I take great joy enjoying the new albumd and going to the shows. I love kiss as much today as I ever did and just wanted my view which I have a rigjt to to get a fair shake and now that it has I will move past the fact that all the ones slamming the current line up are always printed. I enjoy your fine work and am a supporter of Eddie, just feel like its usually negative to Paul and Gene and super supportive of ACe and Peter…I always wondered if it were Gene And Paul always doing his shows and not Ace and Peter would it be different. Overall I love Eddie and appreciate being posted to show that not every old school kiss fan is opposed to the current band. Many of us out there that support the whole life of the band. I don’t take anything away or put down any of the members. Like em all..thank u Dana for posting my view and letting a voice that supports current Kiss be heard

  9. Eddie is correct. I started following Paul on Twitter during the whole RRHOF debacle,and he is VERY insecure and defensive the minute anybody dares question anything he says or does. He tweeted a pic yesterday of his two 59 Les Paul’s.(Side note). I almost pissed myself when a guy tweeted back to him ” you ought to give Ace a call and get him to teach you to play them”..LMFAO. Hes also quite defensive about the age difference between himself and his wife.

    1. So Paul should accept and embrace that rude comment? A fan wouldn’t tweet something like that. Only a rude asshole would. Trunk deletes posts that disagree with his point of view. Why don’t you call him out on that?

      1. Why don’t you grow up? There are much more serious and pressing matters happening in the world for you to worry about then Eddie choosing to delete the same disparaging remarks that he has already addressed ad nauseam. It’s his site.

        I really think some people have nothing better to do with their time than to be s-stirrers and internet trolls. Pathetic.

        Dana from EddieTrunk.com or as you called me “his mother.”

          1. Oh, thank you so much Elliot, that is so sweet of you. I wish to same to you and yours and well.

            While I don’t have any children, I guess it counts, because a certain poster on here seems to think that I am Eddie’s mother πŸ˜‰

            Dana from ET.com πŸ™‚

  10. It may be that he has just never seen the show or someone told him about it and used the term, Waynes world. Maybe. But your right, the fans are at least asking and your show is an iconic representation of the metal genre which I think is all you ever wanted. So hats off to the fans. Metal will never die as long as the fans support it. Regardless of what the artists themselves think or believe. We all know what the truth is. As far as the show goes…more guitar!!! Any chance of getting john sykes to jam in there?

  11. I think he just doesn’t want the drama. He knows that people favor ace and peter on the show. I like ace and peter too. But those guys did threw away there talent. Well at least ace did. Peter always was a intermediate drummer to me who just got lucky. There drug addicts…try talking to someone on coke …you can’t

  12. Paul, in my opinion, has been the most aggressive over the years with being the revisionist of the band’s history. He’s had the most to gain from it. Regardless of how cool we may have thought KISS was at some point in the 70’s or 80’s…Paul’s personality from the stage and in interviews was entirely laughable. The bizarre concert speaking voice and stage raps…the effeminate wardrobe choices in the 80’s and sexist posturing. It’s as though Paul has suffered from a desperate need to reinvent himself as the intellectual artist…the respectable rock performer. And, now with his book, the concerted effort to promote his business acumen as being comparable to Gene’s or more astute. You gotta hand it to the guy. He’s got some balls. But will the real Paul Stanley please stand up?

          1. Agreed! Paul overcame much, worked hard, wrote some great songs and rightfully deserves his success and place in rock & roll history. As a fan and follower of the band for 40 years myself…just throwing out my opinions as I see them in this public forum of other fans.

  13. I have to say Paul did makes a great point in the Jewish San Fran interview. When Peter and Ace (Peter was mentioned only) wanted to be equal partners again after the reunion. Paul said “no”. Not gonna happen. Paul said he never has quit the band and at times was the only one keeping the band going. Very very good point. He seemed sincere in hoping that bringing Ace and Peter back that they could end it together. Seems to me Paul and Gene are fans of the original lineup like all the rest of us. Peter and Ace are what made the KISS sound. I really don’t appreciate him dis-respecting Eddie. Eddie is a great dude and Im thankful for what he does.

    1. Actually that was a really good interview. Granted it was filled with the Paulism’s that always permeate his interviews but he was very concise when it came to the Reunion and the subject you mentioned above. And I agree 100% with him on those matters. In the end Peter and Ace couldn’t keep it together (again) as Paul and Gene had wanted. I mean the interviews with Peter at that time…he was as gracious as possible and then it all went bad again because those guys couldn’t accept how things were nor keep it together personally. Very sad. As for the Waynes World comment…at least he answered the question asked.

  14. I’ll give you ten reasons why KISS is all about money now.

    1. Rocksimus Maximus/World Domination (Aug. 2 – Dec. 20, 2003)
    2. Rock The Nation (May 8 – Aug. 17, 2004)
    3. Rising Sun (July 18 – July 23, 2006)
    4. Hit ‘n Run (July 20 – Oct. 26, 2007)
    5. Alive/35 World (March 16, 2008 – Dec. 13, 2009)
    6. Sonic Boom Over Europe (May 1 – June 27, 2010)
    7. The Hottest Show On Earth (July 23 – July 28, 2011)
    8. The Tour (July 20 – Oct. 1, 2012)
    9. Monster World Tour (Nov. 7, 2012 – Nov. 8, 2013)
    10. Heroes Tour (June 23 – Aug. 31, 2014)

    Paul says Ace & Peter could only play a certain list of songs,
    but it’s basically the same list played on all these tours.

  15. I’m a KISS fan from back in 1975. No one was more pleased than I when the reunion happened. No one was more disappointed than me when Ace wouldn’t continue in 2003. Sad that so many people still believe the only KISS is the original four. I understand after reading all four books, there would be no KISS if it were the original four. I say Paul and Gene should go on TMS. Look forward to Ace’s new album.

  16. Can’t wait to meet you in Detroit.
    I’ll have a photo for you to sign of my best impersonation of the Hotter Than Hell Ace-costume. It’s partially accurate with exception to the newer les paul guitar (1978) and facepaint. Boots are more Alive than the knee high HTH boots. haha – There’s still only one Ace!

    Looking forward to a fun Saturday night!

  17. Isn’t Paul slamming TMS by call it Wayne’s World about the same as the RNRHOF’s take on KISS for all of these years??? Funny how Paul doesn’t see the irony. I’m a huge KISS fan and think Paul has been the heart and soul of the group, the real driving force behind the band, but this drama lately is beyond crazy. He’s in essence lashing out at one of his biggest supporters and someone, who on some level, is one of the reasons he’s now in the RNRHOF.

  18. Whether you love KISS or wish they would go away, reading the posts above reinforce the fact that this band can get folks talking like none other. Though I’m partial to the ’75-’76 edition of the group, bright musical spots exists throughout their entire career. Yep, even on The Elder!

    Though I have no crystal ball, no inside track, and no direct line to Gene’s mom, here’s what I see happening down the road: at the point when Gene & Paul no longer desire to be in the band, they will find replacements for themselves to wear the makeup, and the band will march onward.

    I’m not saying this to be funny, but we’re talking about Barnum & Bailey here—these are band members wearing makeup and playing a role. Sure, you can say I’m nuts, but are they trying to hide the fact that Tommy and Eric are behind the masks? In this band, anyone is replaceable. Sure, you would have hard time finding someone with Paul’s charisma or Gene’s presence, but it can be done. This is a hard rock musical with pyro, and the actors are interchangeable.

    Coming someday to a city near you–KISS, with none of the original members. Complete with bombs, blood, and spandex, all while finishing every show with Rock and Roll All Nite.

    It’s a circus, people, and the circus comes to town every year. They just employ different clowns.

  19. Eddie…you and others have compared Paul and Genes stance of Ace and Peter being druggies/alcoholics to being friendly with Nikki Sixx and Slash and say you can’t see how they are so hypocritical…Not true and here’s why…first off, they were not in a band with Nikki or Slash so their drug use had no bearing on their career or Kiss..Secoond, you keep saying Peter and Ace are sober for over 7 years, SO WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH THE TWO DIFFERENT TIMES THEY JEOPERDIZED THE BAND WHEN THEY WERE IN IT WHEN RHEY WERENT SOBER?? Kiss could’ve been bigger for longer and who knows what could’ve been if Ace and Peter didn’t fuck things up so much by being selfish…not once but TWICE?? They both already got a chance to prove their worth, yet both managed to fuck it up AGAIN??? Before any idiots tell me I’m a Paul and Gene apologist, let me say that Eric and Tommy shouldn’t be in Ace and Peter makeup…Also, Paul and Gene have both done and said their fair share of idiotic things, but in reality you sound like an Ace and Peter apologist…I think you are great Eddie…no one and I mean no one waves the metal/hard rock flag like you and I love your radio show, TMS and honestly think I would get along well with you as a person, but come on Eddie…you have to look at the facts, and no matter what, Paul and Gene started Wicked Lester, it became Kiss and that was due to P and G putting ads for members of a band they dreamed about being…then at the peak of their fame, you’ve got two knuckleheads in Ace and Peter almost ruining it…All the choices, good or bad, that Paul and Gene have had to make, including the RRHOF are a direct result of Ace and Peter fucking up…it like your wife cheating on you once, you give her a second chance have babies and then you find out she is cheating again…you may have to be nice because she mothered your kids, but you don’t have to be in a room with her or acknowledge her…And lastly, Peter is the most selfish PERIOD…His book shows it from his own mouth and instead of understanding how he JEOPERDIZED the existence of one of the greatest bands in the world, he chooses to play the woes me card…Give me a break…

    1. That stuff about Wicked Lester morphing into Kiss is completely irrelevant. Kiss has completely different qualities than Wicked Lester! In fact, that just bolsters the argument that they needed Peter and Ace to succeed. I really think Gene and Paul have put up this Straw Man of Ace and Peter being these complete fuck ups, bad people. …The truth is the four don’t get along very well, and that’s what made them so great.

      1. Not irrelevant…Paul and Gene had the vision to disband Wicked Lester and move on…Success with Peter and Ace happened as Kiss, yes but then they both fucked it up, period and forced Paul and Gene to move on…And you obviously don’t know your facts, plus your point of P and G needed Ace and Peter to succeed is moronic…nobody said the four of them were not the real deal, I said after they became famous those two dumbasses began a spiral of not giving enough of a shit to actually show up for shows, not show up for recordings, and play like complete shit because they were out of their minds, so get your facts straight before you comment…

        1. OK..Facts: 7.5 studio records and a solo record each, in 5 freaking years. Ace flaked on a few sessions, but by your logic he is a complete flake. It’s like saying a batter bats .100, when the truth is he bats .600, he only bats .100 against left handed pitchers, That is your logic. Factor in the tours, the promotion. ..”.Play like complete shit,” back in the ’70s bands played looser, which, to me is much more volatile and rock and roll, at least in Kiss’s case. That Wicked Lester album completely sucked by the way. Peter and Ace sold out to rock and roll, it’s funny that t Kiss “fans” expect them to be Eagle Scout of the month.

          1. You obviously can’t read, can’t comprehend English and again have given no facts against anything I said…You can’t be a Kiss fan and not like the original lineup so again re-read my post, but you dont even have to be a fan, (which you are obviously not) to recognize the facts of what could’ve been had Ace and Peter not messed it up…Eagle scouts?? There’s a difference between partying and not showing up or not being able to play because you’re wasted…

      2. Disagree about “getting along” in the early days of the band. Because they did get along early is exactly why they were able to make it. In bands…and I spent 30 years in them, you at least need to get along in the beginning. You can have conflict but you ALL have to be moving in the right direction. Conflict is one thing, pulling in 2 separate directions is another. No doubt in my mind in the beginning they were all pointed in the right direction, they all got along, they had a goal. And…as long as that is the case, the conflict can always be managed. The problems begin when one or more of the parties starts deviating from the path as obviously happened. Then…all that crap that you went through as a band, all the minor conflicts turns to resentment.

        Paul made an important point…he was always willing and did carry Ace or Peter’s load, and eventually Gene’s when they wouldn’t or couldn’t. He didn’t mind at the time because Kiss was his sole focus. And if he didn’t do it, failure was likely. But I guarantee you as their paths diverted, as Ace and Peter’s actions began to threaten the existence of the band (and Gene’s) all that resentment starting coming through and that is why he is the way he is today. I look at it this way…no original 4, no Kiss. No Paul Stanley, no Kiss for 40 years. For that alone I’ll give the man his due.

        As for Kiss’s workload in the 70’s…hell yeah, it was ridiculous but if it was hard on Peter and Ace, can you imagine how hard it was on Paul and Gene. Afterall, they were writing the majority of the music. Again, cannot blame that on Gene and Paul, that’s just the hand they were dealt. It’s just odd that two guys are criticized for having a strong work ethic. Isn’t that something we’re supposed to celebrate in this country? I truly don’t care that Ace and Peter lived the RnR life, it no doubt gave the band an edge in the beginning…lots of bands do, that’s not nor ever was the problem – early. The problem is when it threatens the bands existence. That is the difference. And I do think fans that defend Peter and Ace tend to forget that. I mean your defending people’s actions that nearly destroyed the thing we all loved. It certainly destroyed the original band.

        1. George you’re right! I can’t read! Damn, I can’t believe you figured that out. I also can’t do division very well, Ace flaking on three sessions out of 8.5 studio records is a hell of a lot more than I though! Oh my goodness, and factor in the times he was so wasted he and Peter couldn’t play the shows, they had to cancel how many shows out of the close to 1000 they’ve done over the years because Ace and Peter were too ‘wasted’ to play? Wait, what ..2? that’s a hell of a lot George, I’m glad you set me straight, you, da man!

          1. Anytime…I’m here to set fools like you straight…and thanks for underscoring my points…This is too easy..And lastly, just for the record, since again you either can’t read or comprehend, my post was about morons calling Paul and Gene hypocrites for being friends with Nikki Sixx and Slash as they were not in Kiss and their drug/alcohol use had no bearing like it did with Ace and Peter…what exactly is your point, other than making stuff up (7.5 or 8.5 albums) and I guess you have the Wikipedia facts on just how many shows Ace fucked up on…and how many recording sessions both Ace and Peter missed, and how much money in studios time and session players did they have to bring in…I can go on and on, but I will stop there as you have helped me make my point due to your ignorance…So again I thank you…And yes I am THE MAN…

    2. I’m calling bullshit on this post. Ace and Peter didn’t fuck up a second time. Ace and Peter came in and fucking busted their asses on a 200 + show Reunion Tour and made Gene and Paul $40 million and put KISS and Gene and Paul back on the map (while only paying Ace and Peter 2 million each by the way). Then they repeated it again for Gene and Paul during the Farewell Tour. The Psycho Circus Tour was just ill conceived (a 3D screen?) so it doesn’t count. Right now with Gene and Paul and the two imposters, they can’t sell tickets and they have to co-headline with bands like Motley Crue or Def Leppard or Aerosmith or they can’t tour. Its over for KISS now. Gene and Paul will never ever again see the ticket sales or the touring money that they experienced with Ace and Peter during the Reunion Tour and Farewell Tour. Paul’s voice is completely shot and he croaks when he sings and Gene is too old adn out of shape to run around in the 50 pounds of armor and to breath fire and spit blood. Its way too much work and he admits that he’s too old to do it and he wants to retire. In 5 years, KISS will only exist in Vegas and maybe Broadway. They’ll become a novelty act like the Blue Man group and they’ll have a bunch of 20 year olds dancing and doing acrobatics with the demon, catman, spaceman, and star child makeup…but they won’t play their own instruments….it’ll be a house band or a DAT tape. Gene and Paul have only one shot and one shot only on cashing in one last time and going out on top, and that is to reunite again with Ace and Peter. Otherwise Gene and Paul fade into obscurity and they’ll be viewed as greedy con men who only care about money and not their legacy or the fans.

      1. Another thing moron…Ace has been sober for 7 years….can you do the math?? It’s 2014…from 1996-2002 the reunion happened…enough said….

        1. Yeah Sean, aren’t you glad we got George here to set us straight! I can’t believe how dumb I am to think that a band that busts their asses in the clubs, tours in a station wagon, puts out 7 studio records, 2 live records, four solo records, in five years could exist with two complete fuck ups. What? they were bigger than Led Zeppelin at one point? No, that can’t be right. If that was the case they would have had to do massive tours all over the U.S., and, as George has explained, they had two complete fuck ups in the band…what? they toured Japan and Europe too? how could that be when you have two complete fuck ups. Wait, George said he was talking about Nikki Sixx and Slash!! They were in Kiss!! No? Oh..He said that Paul is a hypocrite, so THAT explains why George is so right about everything. He has the studio times when Peter and Ace flaked?? Ace and Peter cost Kiss money then!!! Money in lost studio time and they had to hire session guys!! Dang that Ace and Peter, they just ruined everything, no wonder they were so unpopular!! What? they got back together and broke attendance records ..again? You mean with those two complete fuck ups?? Well, I hope George can set this straight, I’m sure he will…after he takes a few days to you know, REALLY come up with something smart to say to us morons.

        2. what does my family have to do this uhh “discussion?”
          , well, good luck with that.

      2. Wait, now this is really crazy, someone told me that Ace, that complete fuck up influenced Dimebag Darrel!! I know, can you believe that? And get this, I heard that Al Demiola said that Ace had the best vibrato in the business, that’s some crazy shit man. Well, I hope George can straighten this one out. George? you there?

        1. read my posts…nothing you or the other idiot have said has any bearing on anything I posted…so change your name to ASSCLOWN as it should be and you and the other Moron can troll elsewhere…your stupidity is not even worth commenting on…

    3. Actually George I think you are really offensive, in fact all of you, for kicking someone for having an addiction issue that pertains to self abuse. The guy has personal issues obviously, the drugs are the symptom of something that’s deeper. Ace plays every freaking instrument practically except the drums on his new CD, a true solo effort. Why isn’t anybody talking about that?

      1. no it’s offensive that someone like you is even allowed to make a point, because you’ve had several posts that were attempts but know point has been made by you yet…Other than underscoring mine…which I thank you for…

          A bunch? OK
          Well, I know there were a few times, when they probably weren’t 100 percent, probably because they were doing over 100 shows per year, that’s alot of shows.
          But they did that for Gene, and after Ace and Peter were long gone too.
          Well, they played in stadiums, they…
          But you have to produce the proof, you are the one…
          You mean two songs pretty much..
          But you are the one ..


          1. Hahahahahahah!!! And you just keep on going…please continue, because with every word you just keep proving your lack of knowledge and proving mine…Now I think I hear your mother calling, so get out of bed, get off your Mother’s computer, get out of her basement and get a job…and get a life while you are at it…Take your attitude and shit-stirring elsewhere, I’m not interested in it…

  20. The reason why kiss hardly plays any new stuff because it is weak no soul, thin when you go on national tv and play all old songs that’s pretty weak and all you do is praise your new album and your new clones and dont back up new material is sad I tried listing to sonic bum and monster no soul sounds like they are trying to hard no soul. Tesla and Judas on the other hand are real no sell outs they believe in their music and you can feel it

  21. What a joke ! Wayne’s world if kiss was selling 1000 tix a nite he would be on TMS in a heartbeat , vh1 is the only station as well as yours radion104.3 and Before satellite was the only ones playing Kiss,
    What the hell is Paul talking about?

  22. Paul is very vocal on his own these days. Between the book, the interviews he is doing alone, and his negative attitude toward Ace and Peter at the RRHOF, he comes off as very bitter and talking himself way too serious. Lighten the fuck up Paul. Everybody in the Hard Rock\Metal world that matters has been on TMS and it seems like you’re the only one who hasn’t (mainly because you just don’t get it). Paul…enjoy this little bit of time you have left because you’re window of viability is closing fast. Your voice sounds like shit these days, and after this tour, the world will catch on that you are done and over. Time to call it quits because you’re ripping the fans off.

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