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Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. Just back from hosting another Rocklahoma and it was a blast as usual. This years was the best attended one yet, and had a great mix of new and old school fans and bands. The weather was great also. Most importantly we raised a bunch of money for local charities and the folks recovering from the tornado in Moore OK. In guitar auctions alone I was able to get 50K from the stage, not to mention the other charitable stuff that went on. Really great generous people and if you follow on Twitter you saw the photos and stats of the money made on the items I auctioned. As usual with festivals I am running in many directions and can’t see every band or every song, but from what I did see I was most impressed by Alice In Chains (first time seeing them with Will, who was great!), Ratt (great to see them again, so many great songs), Korn (not a huge fan but respect their intensity and Ray Luzier is a beast drummer), Cheap Trick (amazing as always, Zander unlike anyone else still this great at this age, even Korn was side stage watching and rocking), Bullet For My Valentine (really good mix of heavy with good vox too). If I didn’t mention the band I didn’t see them or they just weren’t standouts. Just about all the bands I saw really did a great job and the crowd was awesome at around 30K a day strong. Thanks to Rocklahoma for having me host once again. An honor to do this every year. Thanks to the incredible fans in OK and thanks to the Hard Rock Casino Tulsa for the great accomodations. Can’t wait for 2014 already!

15 thoughts on “5/28: BACK FROM ROCKLAHOMA 2013

  1. Cant beleive no mention of GNR. I have follwed them for 25+ years and the loved the originals, but this line up kicks ass also. I know you said if you didnt mention them they were not stand outs, but come on….Axl and the show GNR puts on is a stand out in any crowd.

  2. Agree that all the bands were awesome! It just seemed to me that although 30k strong in attendance did not give the energy for the music as they should have. I heard and seen the disappointment in the bands for the crowds in just about every band except for Korn and GNR. What’s up with that?! This festival might be better served relocated to central Oklahoma where more genuine rockers reside!

  3. Had a great time I actually ran into you, you look great Eddie. Rocklahoma lived up to all my expectations it was nice to be able to take my daughter and have her enjoy it just as much as I did!!!!!

  4. You look great eddie just wanted to say that with the mix of bands this year it was nice to take my daughter and have her enjoy it just as much as I did thanks eddie.thanks for your support of Oklahoma we really needed this!

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