Welcome to a brand new station bringing you Eddie Trunk Rock (my weekly FM show) starting this Saturday at Midnight! Great to be on KCAL Riverside CA. Go to www.KCALFM.com for more and to listen online.


Back live on Q104 and SiriusXM this Friday/Monday. Talk about Rocklahoma and more.


Bonzo Bash in Englewood at Bergen PAC this Saturday. Check this show out, really killer. See you there. Last free tix this Friday on Q104.3 show at 11P ET.


ALL NEW That Metal Show kicks off this Saturday finally on VH1 Classic at 11P ET with Jason Newsted as the guest. I’ll likely be live tweeting during it so follow @EddieTrunk

Thanks to Time Out NY for including me in this tribute to NYC metal:



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  1. Eddie, your head on the above pictured advertising That Metal Show is very badly distorted….It is obvious it is not your body…Love the show!

    1. You honestly think I would have a body double? Now that is funny! I have lost 50 but no stunt double here, haha

  2. talked to our local rock station rock 107 scranton/wilkes-barre,pa about getting your friday night show on.Unfortunately since you have it on wzzo.which we can’t get up here.Some kind of agreement doesn’t allow our area to get it…Bummer I still listen online anyway though……Lookin forward to seeing tom kiefer,with john corabi opening this sunday in luzerne,pa ….Should be an awesome show….

  3. Love the guest and the interviews, live performances would make the show even better. i know the budget may not allow it but I’m guessing ratings would get even better. VH1 could release a DVD split the profits with the bands or donate to charity everyone wins.

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