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What a total blast hosting the Golden Gods was last night here in LA! You will see it on VH1C starting May 24th at 8P ET. SO many people i saw and met would be impossible to cover here. Next up I fly to MD today and host M3 there this Friday and Saturday. Can’t wait to see everyone this weekend. Remember my book signings will be 3 and 6P Saturday at the Chuck Levins Washington Music Center booth. Both books signed and for sale at Chuck Levins booth only. I’ll be tweeting a bunch more photos from Golden Gods @eddietrunk but here are a few highlights / stories from last night:


*Marilyn Manson kicking off the show with a surprise performance by Slayer, who also played a new song.

*Seeing Manson choke (jokingly) a clearly out of his mind Andy Dick, then seeing Andy being thrown out minutes later.

*Spending a long time talking with Richie Sambora about Bon Jovi, NJ and more. Don’t know him personally but we had a great chat about Jersey club bands back in the day and what he is doing now with Orianthi who I also met. I think Bon Jovi without him is crazy but he seemed happy with the reduced schedule and touring that comes with a mega band like that.

^Hanging with Nic Cage who’s son is a TMS/metal fan. I know Nic’s brother Marc Coppola who I work with at Q104.

*Meeting actor Joe Manganiello from True Blood who told me he was a fan of mine! So cool to meet people like actors and discover they are metal fans and aware of what I do. Same with Pauly Perrette from NCIS who was a big fan as well.

*Speaking with Tony Iommi who looked great and said he feels great. Tony accepted the award for Sabbath and it was great to see him and catch up for a bit.

*Said hi briefly to Axl Rose. Axl accepted his award from Nic Cage and then did an 8 song set with Gnr. Duff McKagan played the whole show and it was AWESOME to see him rocking those songs side by side with Axl again! Tommy Stinson will be returning soon but I’m glad I got to see Duff with them. Sounded great as did Axl’s voice which was very strong. Axl thanked all the GnR lineups in his brief speech.

*Hanging with Zakk Wylde and Ace Frehley who presented an award together. Two HYSTERICAL people. They should start a comedy show together.

*Cool to see so much love for Joan Jett at a metal awards and deserving. Joan is having a big run lately coming off of Nirvana, etc.


Tons more I am forgetting. I’ll discuss on radio Monday when back live. Gotta fly to MD soon, more when I can and see you all at M3 if going! Was an honor to host the Golden Gods for the first time with Don & Jim and thanks to Revolver for having us.


  1. “Sounded great as did Axl’s voice which was very strong.”

    It must’ve been about a billion times better live, because on the stream he sounded like crap. I know there were tons of issues with the technical aspects of the show, but the band sounded great behind him(other than the lead guitar riff on Sweet Child, which seemed WAY out of tune)

    I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he’s not the singer he used to be(then again who is?)

  2. Glad to see Joan out there again. I do believe a one off show with surviving members of the Runaways…i also believe that Joan will be on TMS this season. Mark my words.

  3. It was the intro riff on “Sweet Child” was off key. I thought it might of had to do with copyright issues or something making them have to change it up a bit… that is just an assumption, i really dont know why they would do it otherwise, unless ( God forbid) it was an actual mistake.. it does happen.. not often but i does happen… lol

  4. I was very dissapointed with Axl’s voice, I think you can read all the post along Revolver’s Facebook page and you’ll notice what we heard online. Could hardly keep his air and some rare falsettos here and there. I hope it was a stream issue then… Stream went down for a bit during November Rain too. Overall, must dissapointed on one of my 80’s early 90s favorite bands (to me more a s acover band as The KISS actual version). I was glad to see all three TMS guys hosting though. Was very surprise to see Zakk playing behind a piano, I thought at some point he would stop and pull out a guitar.

  5. Eddie, hate to say but Axl did not sound great, I know you have to keep good relations with these people but damn bro, call it like it is, look at the Revolver Facebook page and your’s and you will clearly see the angry metal heads, the majority of the feedback was AWFUL, Terrible, poor organization, half the artists not there to pick up Awards, the only Highlights in order, in my opinion, Not seeing Don LAMEison that much, Joan Jett, and Zakk and Slayer, and Suicide Silence rocking it, the rest of the show was bad, then the feed cut 1/2 way through November Rain, and Don LAMEison damn bro just ditch that Major Douchebag his jokes were in bad taste if I was Lita I would have punched him so hard he would have had a cooler hairstyle and knocked those mutton chops off him, but Eddie learn to be honest we fans will thank you for it. don’t be a sell out.

    1. Not sure what you are talking about with Don but any issue with him take it up with him please. As for honest you have to be kidding me? You honestly don’t think I would say what I feel? To what end exactly? You think I am friends with Axl? I was standing ON THE STAGE and I thought he sounded great from where I could hear. No idea what a stream or bootlegged video sounded like. I look forward to hearing the TV mix when it airs.

      1. Axl sounded bad on the stream because the mix was bad. His voice was washed out at times, sounded like he was struggling – but he wasn’t. Bad mix = no sustain, frequencies washed out of the voice mix etc.

        As long as he sang into the mic, and the mic was working, I’m willing to bet the official airing sounds great.

    1. I saw guns back in 2011 at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis he sounded great than too alot of people just wanna bash axl cause of the fact he seems like the ass that the media portrays him as.

  6. Thanks for the recap Eddie and thanks for talking for a bit with Richie Sambora. We at Richie Sambora is One Light Burnin are so happy for all the success he’s had over the past year. Can’t wait to hear him collaborate with Orianthi on some new music.

  7. I saw Joan Jett March 8th @ Hard Rock Biloxi, MS. and she was great! She deserves more recognition than what she’s had in the past. Her new album “Unvarnished” is very good also. So, if you liked what she did with Nirvana. You should check it out.

  8. Ed…congrats on hosting the Golden Gods!!! Any love for Dio at the show since the release of the tribute album? I can’t even say the words Golden Gods without thinking of the great Ronnie James Dio. He was my hero and I miss him immensely!

  9. The stream was just lousy at parts. Sometimes it didn’t sound like the mic was picking up his voice as it would fade in and out. But so hard to tell from that low quality stream. I’d give Axl the benefit of the doubt. The only thing that honestly didn’t sound good was DJ Ashba’s solo at the start of Sweet Child. Very off key. The feed also got cut off (hacked?) during November Rain and came back during Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door. But overall I thought it was a good performance and seeing Duff up there was incredible!. I know it’s only temporary, but I’d love to see him or the others “guest” at more shows.

    I know it’s going to be edited, but do you think they can edit/fix Billy Sheehan’s blunder for the bassist award? I know it’s not really Billy’s fault he screwed up, and he apologized on FB, but can it be fixed in post?

  10. Ed,
    Any Chance of Joan Jett interview or reunion with Lita and Cherry?
    Not sure Joan would answer all the juicy questions but I have to imagine she has quite a few stories hanging with Ramones, Motley Cue and all the English Punk bands.

  11. Sounds like a fun time. I always like learning about new bands from Revolver.

    I hope you guys met some of the younger/newer bands at the awards. Some very great, practically unknow acts there.

    1. I would guess no, Taylor. It wasn’t last year, either, and the year before it was on AXS/HDNET TV and I don’t see it listed anywhere this weekend on the tv schedule. Just some crappy country festival…….a shame.

  12. Orianthi is a real talent. She has played the last few years for Alice Cooper and now she is doing a project with Richie. I know you sometimes throw newer artists into the mix, so she would be a cool guest or even a guest guitarist because she can flat out play.

    1. He opened it by introing Slayer. I happen to be a fan, but you are entitled to you opinion. Manson came out with a SHOW at the height of grunge. Even if you don’t like his music that I respect. And I do like his music

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