Really excited to announce to all finally the return of NEW episodes of THAT METAL SHOW! We start taping in L.A. 4/27 for eight all new shows that will begin premiering on VH1 Classic June 1st at 11PM ET. As usual we have a mix of hard rock and metal artists, first time and returning guests. Thank you all so much for your support both here in the US and around the world for TMS! Feels great to finally have new shows coming your way soon. Here is the guest list for Season 12. As usual subject to change. Hope you like what’s coming. Specific dates each of these shows will air TBA, but new ones start to premiere 6/1:


Jake E Lee / Rick Allen (Def Leppard)


Rex Brown (Pantera) / Sebastian Bach


Scott Gorham (Thin Lizzy) & Ricky Warwick (Black Star Riders) / Neil Fallon (Clutch)


Donald “Buck Dharma” Roeser (Blue Oyster Cult) / Steve Whiteman & Brian Forsythe (Kix)


Jason Newsted / Lemmy (Motorhead)


Scott Rockenfield & Todd LaTorre (Queensryche) / Dave Mustaine (Megadeth)


Tom Keifer (Cinderella) / Rob Zombie & John 5


Joe Satriani / Corey Taylor & Josh Rand (Slipknot / Stone Sour)


Guest musicians will be Carmine Appice, Vinnie Appice, Jake E Lee, Richie Kotzen (2 shows each)





  1. MrFurious says:

    Neil Fallon is cool. Just about everyone else has been on the show before, though. :(

  2. FINALLY! Richie Kotzen as a guest musician! You’ll need to get The Winery Dogs on next.

  3. AMEN to the KIX representation !! Let’s spend more than 3 minutes with them ….

  4. Ron Archibald says:

    Get Volbeat,Shinedown,Alter Bridge.The Crew.Ozzy .Slash.

  5. Awesome lineup Eddie – been waiting for the new episodes! Here’s a thought – how bout a future episode dedicated to “white metal?”

  6. Awesome!!! could of done without Bach…. filled it with someone a bit better…..

  7. Looking forward to Bach, Zombie, and Reznor!! Oops my bad, Reznor I wish!!!

  8. Todd Wilson says:

    How about CRONOS from VENOM ? Bernie Torme would be cool. Eddie & or Alex VAN HALEN.

  9. glad your back \m/ \m/

  10. Great to see KIX on TMS!!!!!!!!!! long over due!

  11. I love the line up…..I would like to see Nuno on there next season…….Eddie keeps it real, and that is why I tune in………

  12. This could be the best season yet. I can’t believe jake e lee wil play on there. He is so awesome and nice to see Clutch on there. The whole season looks great. Cannot wait!!!

  13. great to see the kix guys. been a fan since 1980 in baltimore at the seagull when they were the shooz and then the generators

  14. Steve Starkey says:

    How about getting Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley on the show??!! JUST KIDDING, EDDIE!!

    But, seriously…I guess if you ever want to get an interview with KK Downing, you’ll have to fly to England! In any case, ready for the new shows!!

  15. Can’t wait for the season to begin! So excited to see Rick Allen & Tom Keifer
    I only have one question; When’s Joe Elliott going to make an appearance?
    Please keep up the GREAT work!!

  16. Any chance we’ll ever see a show with Ben Huggins and Monty Colvin of The Galactic Cowboys on the show? (One of the most underrated bands of the 90s)


  18. Looking forward to the new season! Very excited to see that Jason and Lemmy will be on as well as Clutch’s Neil Fallon.

  19. Love Newsted’s TMS debut. And looking forward to Queensryche’s response to Geoff Tate.

  20. Looking forward to Season 12. Thanks, Eddie, for all the great shows. I suppose Gene and Paul were too busy touring with Fake Kiss to be guests this season.

  21. Bummer no guys from current Deep Purple. New album which sounds awesome will be out around the same time.

  22. How about getting Milijenko Majivich from Steelheart. He’s still rockin with that awsome voice of his.

  23. You are really having KIX!!! They have been rocking forever.. Thank you

  24. When will you bring on JSRG (JanetShareRoxyGina-formerly Vixen)??? Nevertheless, looks like a good lineup.

  25. Nice line up! 2 Maryland bands!

  26. Awesome to see Jason Newsted going on the show. Very appropriate with all that’s going on with his new band – first album, tours, etc. Also very cool to have him paired up with Lemmy, since Motorhead is a clearly an influence on some of the Newsted EP tracks – great scheduling!

  27. Need to invite other great bands that aren’t as well known…at least give some more exposure to them..one of the greatest bands out there right now making music is the band M!SS CRAZY… they need to be heard cause they are bringing back that great arena hard rock that we all grew up with… M!SS CRAZY<—- give them a listen and join the M!SS CRAZY ARMY!!

  28. Matthew menees says:

    Eddie what did you think if the LED ZEPPELIN release of the celebration day

  29. Rick Allen is an inspiration, so excited to see him on my favorite show!

  30. Good line-up. Could of did without Slipknot though. Wannabe metal…

  31. Josh Fields says:

    I know the protocol for having guests, and what I wonder is why you can have Tremonti on and NO Sevendust, I’m pretty sure you like this band and 7D NEVER gets the respect they deserve. You should think about trying to get the guys at VH1 to have them on! Also, I really like the guest list you’ve lined up and I’m SO glad the show is still on, you rock man!

  32. Dirty Boys of the Underground…SO STOKED for Steve and Brian from KIX! \m/ \m/

  33. Marianne says:

    Come to Australia and do a few shows here. Especially when the Soundwave festival is on, think of all the bands you could interview. (Australia’s summer)

    http://soundwavefestival.com/lineup checkout the line up we had this summer.

  34. Marianne says:

    BTW I can’t wait for this season to start.

  35. Holy shit! Buck Dharma! Can’t believe it. One of the premier guitarists of his era. BOC, on tour forever!

  36. Tickets already gone! :( ok Maybe next year I will have better luck – Just a thought, perhaps there could be a dedicated section set up here just for this, I see fans asking about tickets constantly, it’s obviously easy to miss, it’s not easy to follow all the tweets all the time – anyway, thanks for the reply – love your show(s) – btw, you’re looking GREAT, keep up the good work – weight loss isn’t easy, I know!

  37. Eddie, what about having Saigon Kick on the show? They could use the PR.

  38. Buck Dharma… ’nuff said…

  39. Huge Kix fan…can’t wait that episode!

  40. What a great line up for the season!!! All are great but having the one and only Mr. Rick Allen on makes this the best season yet. Thanks Eddie for a great show, but only 8 episodes !!! Really !!!

  41. Sunshine20659 says:

    Boo…… Still no Jeff Scott Soto! When are you going to give the man his dues? He is one of the best and is so under appreciated!!

  42. How can we watch the show in Sweden? You do know that hard rock is quite big over here, as Sweden Rock Festival proves.

  43. Dave Smith says:

    Dave Mustaine again lol. He’s like a lawyer on retainer for TMS…always available. He’ll probably show up in the studio audience when he isn’t taping.

  44. Get Steel Panther!

  45. Thank God you are coming back….that will make my Hubby very happy…happy hubby=happy wife
    thanks love you guys

  46. rick legg says:

    only 8 episodes. man i wish there was more

  47. bummer nobody from current DP! It what have been good with the release of what sounds to be a very good new album.

  48. ulu culgen says:

    hey Eddie, what are the chances of more tickets being released in the upcoming days? or if it’s possible to arrive at the location on the day of the show to get in?

    you see, my buddy and I have lived the past 5 years without a tv set in the house. so when we finally moved into our new apartment last month, we were a bit skeptical once we realized that a tv set had been left behind by the previous resident.

    curios to find out what the common folk watched these days, we plugged the old boobtube in to see what was on. almost in an instant, the whole room became penetrated by an extraordinary beam of light. every dark corner of our studio apartment suddenly became illuminated.. our eyes were squinting at first, but eventually, we were able to make out the giant caption plastered on the screen… ‘THAT METAL SHOW’.

    ever since that amazing day, we’ve been constantly cracking inside jokes about the show and referencing the various hosts.

    when met with a troubling dilemma we ask ourselves, ‘what would jim do?’.. when asked a serious question, we remember how effortlessly you always composed yourself during the ‘stump the trunk’ section of the show.. and when we see sideburns on strangers, we immediately think of good old don.

    all jokes put aside, i really want to surprise my buddy with tickets for the show. i’ve already tried sending an e-mail to gothamcasting but have not received a response. is there anything that you would suggest for us to do? we would really love to be on the show!

    in any case, thanks for the spectacular show and best wishes for the new season. – ulu

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