That Metal Show season 13 is wrapped! We filmed two shows yesterday in NYC. The first will premiere this Saturday night and feature all three members of The Winery Dogs, Vinnie Paul, and Michael from Volbeat from Denmark via Skype. The season finale that premieres a week from Saturday will feature Joe Satriami and then some laughs with Artie Lange and Jim Breuer. This was a fun show and a hell of a way to wrap our 13th season and longest with 12 total new shows. Yngwie SHREDS on both shows as our guest player. What an honor to have him play for us, still a total beast as you will see. Yngwie is a huge TMS fan and we were grateful he flew up from FL to blow away the crowd. It was great doing our latest season back home in the NYC area. Loved doing a show a week format (only did two this week because I am away next week) and we had a huge variety of guests from Nugent, to Mick Mars, to Peter Criss, to Lamb Of God, to Mick Jones. SO many great artists in a wide variety of rock and metal, many appearing for the first time on TMS. No small feat when you consider we have now done over 110 shows! Want to thank all the guests and all the fans for the support and hope you enjoy these last two weeks of new episodes. Where and when we do more new ones 100% up to VH1 Classic. Hearing likely in the Fall. More news when I know. But enjoy these final two new ones coming of Season 13!


Never thought I’d see the day Kiss would be on the cover of RS. Cool classic photo too! Haven’t read the story yet but have heard all about the quotes from various members. I have said my part about how I feel countless times. No need to keep rehashing here. Enjoying seeing all of your comments posted on this site.The complete story is now online and linked in the news section here on this site. ALL are welcome as long as it is respectfully done. In a matter of a couple weeks this event will be over and likely quickly forgotten. Kiss will go on with what they are doing, Ace and Peter will do what they do. Us as fans will decide what we do and don’t want to support and what we do and don’t like. This has been a crazy process for sure, and it sucks we won’t get one last original performance for a song or two, but at least as fans we will know that one of the HOF’s MANY injustices will be corrected and Kiss will be in the Hall after 15 years of snubs!


Speaking of the HOF, I was interviewed by the NY Post yesterday about it. Apparently there are about 4000 tickets still available for sale. Apparently there are larger issues to deal with than just no Kiss performance. Remember this event is NOT just about Kiss. Several bands are being honored. I suspect since Kiss isn’t playing they may just do their induction early on, but not sure yet on the schedule. I do plan on being there as a guest of Ace and Peter so will let you know more when I do.


Headed to Tampa FL tomorrow. Will be in Largo Friday night hosting the Jake E Lee show, then hosting the MOR Cruise Saturday thru Wednesday next week. Look forward to seeing everyone and please keep an eye on my twitter and the appearances page on this sites home page for info and updates. More dates and cities to come in what will be a busy Spring / Summer on the road!

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  • Taskerofpuppets on

    Great season, the best thus far. Looking forward to see Joe and Yngwie. Not to mention seeing Artie & Jim. So glad you got Bruer on.

    Also, I’ve been thinking wouldn’t it be fantastic if Ace & Peter came out in full make-up?!! Wondering if they can legally but, really that would be the way to blow everyone away.

  • chris stroud on

    I have been into metal since 1985. We had the Headbangers Ball. And now we have TMS. I was at show #2 taping last night 3-25-14 and had a complete blast. I just want to thank you for what you do for the hard rock and metal community. Thank you sir.

  • Jim on


    I would like pick your brain (not STUMP you). Do you have any insight about Nikki Sixx as it relates his comments about Kiss, and his apparent bro-mance with Paul Stanley? He appears to clearly take sides with Paul/Gene on Paul’s Twitter, forgets (intentionally or not) to congratulate Ace and Peter along with Paul and Gene on his Twitter on the RRHOF (on which you corrected/reminded him), and he and Paul are always fawning all over each other on Twitter saying they need to get together with their families. Why does he feel the need to insert himself into this debate and why apparently diss Ace and Peter? Wasn’t Motley kicked off the Creatures tour for alleged bad behavior?

    On the other hand, if you listen to he and the rest of Motley’s take on other bands that continue to tour “with only two original members that are ripping you off”, that clearly to me sounds like a reference to Kiss; who else would they be talking about?

    I also find it incredibly ironic and hypocritical that Paul is apparently BFF with one of history’s most notorious heroin addicts while constantly bashing Ace and Peter for their past substance abuse. This tells me that Gene’s and Paul’s constant sniping has a lot more to do with their egos and insecurities than it does their stance on substance abuse (which I do appreciate and give kudos for, by the way).

    • Eddie on

      Nikki did business recently with the current Kiss. That’s all I can attribute it to. It is interesting that Gene and Paul constantly slam Ace and Peter for their past abuses and Nikki was WAY worse. But I guess since he wasn’t in their band they look past it.

    • Rich on

      Excellent post Jim. Great points.

    • Doug H on

      Eddie I think you kind of Attribute Nikki’s Behavior to EGO…I mean we all know who Runs the Motley Crue band. I think on some level he relates to Paul and Gene in the sense that they and Nikki have to do it all to keep their band alive. Nikki, Paul, Gene all write the music for their respective bands, and lets face it without Nikki the Crue is DEAD. Now that Nikki is Sober and has some business sense about him again , he keeps that Motley Cog in motion and makin that $$. Seems lame to me whatever his problem is.
      And what did happen to Ace Frehley being on the show this season? The Peter Criss show was SO AWESOMELY cool. It was really good to see Peter Being Honest and Heartfelt about his feelings regarding KISS and His Life. I was looking Forward to hearing ACE’s take on the HOF stuff now that we’ve all had the time to really process it all. I was just discussing the big deal in RS issue regarding ACE and his makeup rights. Paul says KISS owns it, Ace says he only leased it to them and they will revert back to him soon. Whats the truth on that??? I’d really like to know for sure!

    • JB on

      I’d say Nikki does relate to Paul and Gene more now…as you described, he’s had to work his ass off just to keep Motley going. Sadly in this war of two sides…that little tidbit seems to be forgotten by those bashing Gene and Paul. They’ve without a doubt had to work their butts off (Paul especially) to keep Kiss going 40 years…and that is the essence of the whole problem between these guys. You can even “read” it in Paul’s comments and demeanor towards Gene at times. People forget or simply don’t understand…in a band your career and lively hood is also in the hands of other band mates for better or worse. Not a good feeling to know that you’re at the mercy of an alcoholic or drug addict when you are the one that’s sober…that’s always been the dividing line between the Kiss camps. Oddly enough, Motley probably survived because they ALL were addicts lol.

  • Dave 21YYZ12 on

    Rock On, Eddie!

  • DAK on

    What happened to Ace Frehley being a TMS guest this season? I was looking forward to his inclusion. I loved the Peter episode!

    • Eddie on

      Schedule change. Not the only artist booked that didn’t make it that was announced. That is what happens when you tape week to week. Things change. Next season

    • Dave 21YYZ12 on

      Probably for the best — now we get to hear Ace’s post-HOF induction perspective.

    • doug r. on

      hey eddie, I know you have no control over vh1c’s decisions on how many tms episodes to do each season, but I just don’t get it, I don’t understand being that metal show is the #1 rated show on the network, why don’t they or wouldn’t they want more new episodes than just twice a year?

    • Eddie on

      Because VH1 CLASSIC has VERY limited funds to operate.. it is not what VH1 or MTV get as a yearly budget. And those networks are not airing a rock talk show.

    • doug r. on

      yeah you’re right, they forgot what rock is a long time ago!

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