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That Metal Show season 13 is wrapped! We filmed two shows yesterday in NYC. The first will premiere this Saturday night and feature all three members of The Winery Dogs, Vinnie Paul, and Michael from Volbeat from Denmark via Skype. The season finale that premieres a week from Saturday will feature Joe Satriami and then some laughs with Artie Lange and Jim Breuer. This was a fun show and a hell of a way to wrap our 13th season and longest with 12 total new shows. Yngwie SHREDS on both shows as our guest player. What an honor to have him play for us, still a total beast as you will see. Yngwie is a huge TMS fan and we were grateful he flew up from FL to blow away the crowd. It was great doing our latest season back home in the NYC area. Loved doing a show a week format (only did two this week because I am away next week) and we had a huge variety of guests from Nugent, to Mick Mars, to Peter Criss, to Lamb Of God, to Mick Jones. SO many great artists in a wide variety of rock and metal, many appearing for the first time on TMS. No small feat when you consider we have now done over 110 shows! Want to thank all the guests and all the fans for the support and hope you enjoy these last two weeks of new episodes. Where and when we do more new ones 100% up to VH1 Classic. Hearing likely in the Fall. More news when I know. But enjoy these final two new ones coming of Season 13!


Never thought I’d see the day Kiss would be on the cover of RS. Cool classic photo too! Haven’t read the story yet but have heard all about the quotes from various members. I have said my part about how I feel countless times. No need to keep rehashing here. Enjoying seeing all of your comments posted on this site.The complete story is now online and linked in the news section here on this site. ALL are welcome as long as it is respectfully done. In a matter of a couple weeks this event will be over and likely quickly forgotten. Kiss will go on with what they are doing, Ace and Peter will do what they do. Us as fans will decide what we do and don’t want to support and what we do and don’t like. This has been a crazy process for sure, and it sucks we won’t get one last original performance for a song or two, but at least as fans we will know that one of the HOF’s MANY injustices will be corrected and Kiss will be in the Hall after 15 years of snubs!


Speaking of the HOF, I was interviewed by the NY Post yesterday about it. Apparently there are about 4000 tickets still available for sale. Apparently there are larger issues to deal with than just no Kiss performance. Remember this event is NOT just about Kiss. Several bands are being honored. I suspect since Kiss isn’t playing they may just do their induction early on, but not sure yet on the schedule. I do plan on being there as a guest of Ace and Peter so will let you know more when I do.


Headed to Tampa FL tomorrow. Will be in Largo Friday night hosting the Jake E Lee show, then hosting the MOR Cruise Saturday thru Wednesday next week. Look forward to seeing everyone and please keep an eye on my twitter and the appearances page on this sites home page for info and updates. More dates and cities to come in what will be a busy Spring / Summer on the road!

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    1. Summer….??? I think its time Ed to revamp the music Scene to the way it was and should be again. You need to do a New Years Eve Show. NOT The Metal Show that I truly love but an official New Years Eve 3-4 hr show. True Rock Metal. All eyes would be on this show. I truly believe this would shake the US into a new older school Rock movement. I along with others wait for this movement that seems to never come. Your guests would line up to roll with this. Rock the music world like we saw in the early 80s. Eddie Trunk You are the Key. Truly try my friend. You are the only one who can pull this off. Our Only Hope.

  1. I would love to be a fly on the wall if and/or when you run in to Gene and/or Paul at the ceremony, especially being a guest of Ace and Peter! Keep doing what you do. Love all the stuff!

  2. I did plan on going to see the induction. Once I caught wind that there would be no performance of the original 4, it was easy to decline the air fair and ticket cost.

  3. Your comment about lack of ticket sales doesnt shock me one bit, and yes you are right there are other acts being inducted but lets be honest IF the original four were performing it would already have been sold out. Shame no matter how you look at it, for KISS and as well as the other artists going in.

      1. No doubt about it. Honestly, even if the original 4 had performed WITHOUT makeup it would have sold out. I actually thought this may have been a good way to appease all sides as they could have done one or two songs then invite Tommy, Eric, Ringo, or whoever else up on stage to join them for one or two more numbers. The makeup has really been a major stumbling block in the whole discussion IMHO. Eddie your thoughts?

  4. Great season, the best thus far. Looking forward to see Joe and Yngwie. Not to mention seeing Artie & Jim. So glad you got Bruer on.

    Also, I’ve been thinking wouldn’t it be fantastic if Ace & Peter came out in full make-up?!! Wondering if they can legally but, really that would be the way to blow everyone away.

  5. I have been into metal since 1985. We had the Headbangers Ball. And now we have TMS. I was at show #2 taping last night 3-25-14 and had a complete blast. I just want to thank you for what you do for the hard rock and metal community. Thank you sir.

  6. Eddie,

    I would like pick your brain (not STUMP you). Do you have any insight about Nikki Sixx as it relates his comments about Kiss, and his apparent bro-mance with Paul Stanley? He appears to clearly take sides with Paul/Gene on Paul’s Twitter, forgets (intentionally or not) to congratulate Ace and Peter along with Paul and Gene on his Twitter on the RRHOF (on which you corrected/reminded him), and he and Paul are always fawning all over each other on Twitter saying they need to get together with their families. Why does he feel the need to insert himself into this debate and why apparently diss Ace and Peter? Wasn’t Motley kicked off the Creatures tour for alleged bad behavior?

    On the other hand, if you listen to he and the rest of Motley’s take on other bands that continue to tour “with only two original members that are ripping you off”, that clearly to me sounds like a reference to Kiss; who else would they be talking about?

    I also find it incredibly ironic and hypocritical that Paul is apparently BFF with one of history’s most notorious heroin addicts while constantly bashing Ace and Peter for their past substance abuse. This tells me that Gene’s and Paul’s constant sniping has a lot more to do with their egos and insecurities than it does their stance on substance abuse (which I do appreciate and give kudos for, by the way).

    1. Nikki did business recently with the current Kiss. That’s all I can attribute it to. It is interesting that Gene and Paul constantly slam Ace and Peter for their past abuses and Nikki was WAY worse. But I guess since he wasn’t in their band they look past it.

    2. Eddie I think you kind of Attribute Nikki’s Behavior to EGO…I mean we all know who Runs the Motley Crue band. I think on some level he relates to Paul and Gene in the sense that they and Nikki have to do it all to keep their band alive. Nikki, Paul, Gene all write the music for their respective bands, and lets face it without Nikki the Crue is DEAD. Now that Nikki is Sober and has some business sense about him again , he keeps that Motley Cog in motion and makin that $$. Seems lame to me whatever his problem is.
      And what did happen to Ace Frehley being on the show this season? The Peter Criss show was SO AWESOMELY cool. It was really good to see Peter Being Honest and Heartfelt about his feelings regarding KISS and His Life. I was looking Forward to hearing ACE’s take on the HOF stuff now that we’ve all had the time to really process it all. I was just discussing the big deal in RS issue regarding ACE and his makeup rights. Paul says KISS owns it, Ace says he only leased it to them and they will revert back to him soon. Whats the truth on that??? I’d really like to know for sure!

      1. I’d say Nikki does relate to Paul and Gene more now…as you described, he’s had to work his ass off just to keep Motley going. Sadly in this war of two sides…that little tidbit seems to be forgotten by those bashing Gene and Paul. They’ve without a doubt had to work their butts off (Paul especially) to keep Kiss going 40 years…and that is the essence of the whole problem between these guys. You can even “read” it in Paul’s comments and demeanor towards Gene at times. People forget or simply don’t understand…in a band your career and lively hood is also in the hands of other band mates for better or worse. Not a good feeling to know that you’re at the mercy of an alcoholic or drug addict when you are the one that’s sober…that’s always been the dividing line between the Kiss camps. Oddly enough, Motley probably survived because they ALL were addicts lol.

      1. hey eddie, I know you have no control over vh1c’s decisions on how many tms episodes to do each season, but I just don’t get it, I don’t understand being that metal show is the #1 rated show on the network, why don’t they or wouldn’t they want more new episodes than just twice a year?

  7. Eddie…., I will be emailing VH1 Classic to death, in hopes they add (at least) 6 summer episodes, to pass the time on until the fall…. Also, is there any way you can convince Perry Farrell of Lollapolooza to add a “Metal Stage” to the venue? Chicago is a very Metal community and would love to see us host a Metal festival in the near future?

  8. have been a kiss fan since 1977 And I’m gonna speak from the heart. Gene and Paul I use to have much love for you and now I think you are complete Greedy assholes how dare you even Say that ace and Peter haven’t earned the right to wear their makeup that they create News flash if it wasn’t for the four original members you wouldn’t be here today which means no money no fame you wouldn’t have the family’s that u have today nothing. Granted ace and peter did fuck up a lot but that is the past and if u have any respect left in ur black hearts u will give ur fans and the two guys who helped build the kiss brand just ten little minutes of ur time and show the piece o shit hall of fame how its done and rock the place with ace and peter and after that ten minutes that your fans ask of u then you can go back to the nice big houses that ur fans help buy you and enjoy the life that u can because of us fans come on a favor for a favor we don’t ask for much and we are smart enough to know that there will be no reunion tour so stop using that as one of ur many excuses. P.s stop giving Eddie trunk so much shit this man gives u more props and airtime and respect then anybody out there.

  9. Has the HoF put out an official statement yet on their side of the KISS performance or lack therof? We hear three different sides from Ace and Pete/Gene and Paul/Eddie Trunk that its hard to distinguish fact from fiction. Gene says HoF wont let current band play, Ace and Pete say Gene and Paul dont want to play with them. Eddie says HoF lets artist do whatever they want (didnt Heart last yearbplay with two line ups?). Eventually the truth will come out. I hate being lied to.

    1. Very simple. The HOF wanted originals. Gene and Paul say no. Hall would have accepted current Kiss but that likely would mean Ace and Peter do not attend at all. Also risk more fan backlash to G&P if current band only plays. So nobody plays and at least all four originals there to get inducted.

      1. good luck at the HOF, it might be just a little awkward as a guest of ace & peter’s if you run into paul & gene don’t you think? hey, maybe after all this time they’ll finally explain what their issue/problem is with you, besides yourself we all would like to know what it is as well. it has to be more than just not being happy about tommy & eric being disguised as ace & peter, don’t you think?

        1. Not weird for me. I know all of them for decades, have interviewed all of them for decades. I do what I do and will hang where and with who I am welcome. All good by me. They have the issue, I just have my opinion as a fan, which apparently is also shared by many.

  10. So now Gene says that Ace and Peter don’t deserve to wear the make up that they created he is so full of crap. I have been a huge Kiss fan all my life and i am done. Eddie just wanted to say you and the TMS crew kick ass and I don’t miss one episode keep it real and KEEP ROCKIN

  11. I was so moved by Peter Criss’ words regarding the RRHOF debacle. Peter is right: what’s a ten minute performance by the original members for the fans? As someone has already said in this thread: the fans aren’t idiots. We know that there won’t be a reunion of any sort and I personally am cool with that. But just for once it would be nice to honor the fans with a performance for the 40 years we supported them. And if Eric and Tommy can’t deal with it, they can get over it IMHO. They may be in the band now. But they’ll NEVER be Ace and Peter – makeup and costumes or not. All Kiss is to me now is a glorified tribute band.

  12. Eddie,
    Good to see you’re giving Volbeat some air time! Keep it up, they’re the best band to come around in the last ten years. I know you weren’t impressed by their first 4 albums. What do you think of the new one?

  13. Eric Singer said that Ace had no problem when Ace was in the band with him in Peter’s makeup. That was the last leg of the Farewell Tour, when Peter quit. The band was supposed to stop touring afterwards.

    1. Don’t forget Peter did an album and tour with Tommy in Aces makeup…I have a signed pic of Paul, Gene, Peter and Tommy…Peter and Ace need to stop whining and remember the history of what has gone on here…if I was Paul I would not play with those two either because they have damaged the band several times and why do they want to fuck up what they are doing now for the ?? Makes no sense…I would love to see the originals but it is over and has been….So let the band get inducted and like Eddie said, all can get back to what they are doing…But whether it’s the ace/Peter or Gene/Paul apologists very few people are commenting facts, but rather convoluted bullshit…

      1. Did you read Peter’s book? he signed on for that tour being told Ace was signed also. I went to one of those shows and can tell you first hand Peter was NOT happy because he was told Ace would be on board..

        1. Ed, you are a smart man but please don’t use Pete’s book to verify anything. That book, while amusing was all over the place. At the most full of half truths. At the very least it’s a look into Pete’s hypocritical mind. All the books have been average at best. Maybe Paul will surprise us and give us an honest look…doubtful as it’ll probably be loaded with the typical Paulisms.

  14. Hi Eddie, I don’t throw praise out there lightly…and I may bust your balls a bit (all in good fun though)…but I must say that the TMS episode with Peter Criss was probably your best yet. Peter Criss’ speech from the heart at the end of the show was what makes your show so great (honest opinions and talk) and brought a tear to my eye. Thanks again Eddie for a tremendous show and I can’t wait to see the last two episodes. Will be sad though that were won’t be any new TMS episodes for a while though.

    Also, I wanted to ask you Eddie…I want to start reading more books and wanted some of your recommendations. And yes, I have already read both of YOUR books Eddie, as well as Sammy Hagar’s book “Red”. Do you have any other books in the “rock and roll genre” that you would recommend reading? Thanks Eddie.

  15. It would have been so much better if it all ended at Shea or The Meadowlands in front of 60,000 in 2000. No impersonators (although talented); no co-headlining tours to half full venues; no stagnant set lists; no “Sonic Boom” or “Monster”; no confusing the younger fans, and maybe both Eric’s, Mark, Vinnie and Bruce would be going into the HOS as well. Maybe if the cover band were performing, they could break out the Black-n-Blue song “Best of the West” and invite Peter to do backup vocals like he did on the album. Better yet, they could perform “Out of this World” and have Ace do the solo. What true KISS fan would want to hear them perform Shock Me?” Talk about throwing salt on the wound. Paul and Gene have no humility and their arrogance is not serving the KISS legacy very well. Of course I am overjoyed that they are being recognized by the anti-hard rock/metal HOS, but Paul and Gene need to respect the fans and end the farce that they continue to perpetrate.

    I am still interested as to who will be presenting the band at the ceremony. You kind of hinted at it Ed, but when can you reveal the presenters identity? You mentioned the Hall liked them, so no Rob Zombie, Sebastian Bach or Nikki Sixx. I don’t think it would be Dave Grohl since he’s being inducted and he presented Rush last year; and he kind of dissed KISS when presenting Rush. I’m thinking maybe Slash or Stone Gossard and Mike McCready. Some other worthwhile candidates would be Rivers from Weezer, Seth Macfarlane, Billy Corgan, even a Scott Weiland. I remember on the first STP tour, they played a show in full KISS attire. Oh yeah, Jerry Cantrell would be a worthwhile presenter. The possible candidates are endless considering the cultural impact that KISS has had and how many diverse musicians they have influenced. Hell, maybe its going to be Lady Gaga. As much of a critic as I am of them; ever since my sister had the single for “Beth” (technically DRC) in 1976 when I was 5, that’s been my band!!!! The snubbing by the HOS, the lack of radio play, the dissing by the critics…KISS did it their way. Like you and many others Ed, I will always love this band.

  16. Must say the RS piece was really excellent, quite revealing, interesting reading about all that Gene went through as a younger person and what he has become today – a guy with hardly a single friend, spending an inordinate amount of time in his Kiss shrine (with dolls and Kiss caskets), mainly seeing people there only for the purposes of doing business. And then Paul’s comments about Gene living in that world of his and his disbelief that that is where he finds happiness. Ace cracked me up in his interview. Ace is Ace, glad he’s happy as a pig in s*it. What about Peter not being comfortable enough to even answer his own door. Glad I’m not a rock star. Not all its cracked up to be I guess.

    1. I think that tidbit about Peter not answering his own door is very telling of a man that has an overinflated yet strangely insecure sense of his self. I’ve thought for years Peter was all there in the head. His book, things like the door, his wife constantly having to defend and correct what he says, continual grasping of the the People’s Choice award…his is getting old.

  17. Congrats on a great season of TMS. I would have to say this was the best season yet. Great variety of guests. Especially enjoyed the shows with Ted Nugent as well as Leslie West and Mick Jones. Being a KISS fan since 1976, also enjoyed seeing Peter Criss. Looking forward to reading the Rolling Stone article. Really hope the HOF induction will be something that us long time KISS fans will be able to look at with pleasure. Really looking forward to the next season of TMS and hopefully many more. Thanks for always presenting info with the fan’s in mind. I think that is why you have been so successful because you are one of us, a rock music fan!!!

  18. Eddie, I just read the Rolling Stone article and I guess its what I expected to read. What I still cant get past the childish statements that Paul makes. “The one satisfaction those two guys should get in life is knowing that every day, we talk about them,” is something I would expect to hear from a teenager who is having a hard time with a break up. Someday Paul and Gene will realize that Ace and Peter played a major role for the band getting over in the first place and they need to acknowledge their contributions.

    1. I think the RS article was pretty good and showed a real look inside their heads. Also revealing to see the dynamic between Gene and Paul who’s relationship has always seemed to be more based in business than anything. You see that as well with Paul’s comments about Gene in trying to sell his new book. Most bands have very strange inner workings so not surprising really

      1. It is a strange relationship to say the least. I suppose all bands have members who dont always get along, but stay together for the financial rewards. I just think the childish comments are annoying and have become tiresome. Now I just wonder what the relationship with Tommy and Eric is with Paul and Gene. I guess they know they are replaceable so they keep their mouths shut.

  19. It happened! The aging hippies at Rolling Stone finally acknowledged KISS and put them on the cover of their “music” periodical. Somewhere, right now, Gene’s tongue is wagging all over that mag. As far as the major disappointment of the boys not performing at the HOF goes, I think Peter is right. Gene and Paul are worried that playing with Ace and Peter might just bring about that “magic” that happens when all four original members plug in and become the real/original KISS. I often think back to Gene’s statement during the Intrepid press conference announcing the reunion tour. He stated that EVERYTHING else (meaning all other formations and non original members) pales in comparison when you put Ace, Peter, Paul, and Gene in full bombastic makeup and costume on stage being KISS. The original Kiss is a unstoppable force that can’t be denied. Gene and Paul know this fact, yet for some unknown and insane reason they fear it. Go Figure. But hey, like you said Eddie, at least they are finally IN there!!!

  20. I hope this all ends soon. Reading and seeing gene and Paul’s interviews Im so ready for this band to go bye bye. Im actually disappointed in myself for supporting this piece of shit band all these years. Ace and Peter are the real deal. They should of snubbed Paul and Gene to do the reunion. Kiss would of been retired years ago. Only thing that saved that sinking ship was Ace and Peter. Listen to Carnival Of Souls!! Lol. They were a lost band. The reunion saved THIER asses!!!

  21. Eddie,
    The Peter Criss TMS was outstanding, as was Mick Mars and Nugent; congrats on a fun season. Peter’s final few minutes on the show were really emotional and sincere. I feel for the guy. He’s not young and this is a moment that’s being taken away from him in many respects; as he said, “it’s like you’re getting a big cake and can’t have a piece of it.”
    At the risk of sounding redundant, I don’t get Gene’s attitude toward Ace and Peter. Maybe they did make life miserable during their drugging days, but people change and deserve to redeem themselves. If Ace and Peter truly are sober and have been for a while as they say, what more are they supposed to do? The induction is about much more than the guys who own the band name, merchandising rights and currently run the show. Gene and Paul see Kiss as an entity, as a commodity, and honestly, 364 days out of the year that should be their prerogative. But in 2014, there is one day out of the year that doesn’t just belong to Kiss. Is there a band more fan-driven than this one? I challenge you to find one. I saw the current lineup perform in the Boston Garden in 2009 and honestly, it was a blast. The place was filled with guys in their 40s like me with their kids; my son was 12 at the time. Entire families wore makeup and the show was worth every dime from an entertainment standpoint.
    How does a man (yes, you Gene Simmons) understand that experience happens in arenas all over the world without a doubt, and still not give back one night and one relatively short performance? It’s more than greed. It’s arrogance.
    That night is going to be awkward. Here’s hoping that arena in Brooklyn stands and chants endlessly for Peter and Ace and turns its back on Gene and Paul when it’s their time to talk. Ace and Peter are the best two musicians in the band; Ace’s guitar defines the early Kiss sound and like it or not, Peter sang the band’s biggest hit in Beth and is the voice behind its best song, Black Diamond.
    It’s not just your night Gene Simmons–and this is something Axl Rose and the Van Halen brothers couldn’t comprehend either–put your massive ego away for one night and do the right thing. Try it. Just once.

  22. I havent read the rs piece yet but I will but Im sure it will be stuff that I dont know already meaning gene and paul having egos the size of the state of new york get your heads out of your asses and do the right thing for the fans that have been supporting your carcasses for 4 decades plus!..

      1. hey ed do you think Michael Anthony will ever be back in van halen where he belongs? I mean wolfie is really good and I love chickenfoot, but I like many others would still love to see the original VH one more time! did we ever find out why ed & al were so pissed (maybe still are) at Michael about? I mean as far as we know all he did was play with Sammy for a while when VH was on a break, what was so bad about that?

        1. Michael Anthony is right where he belongs, playing in a great band with people he can trust and truly collaborate with, and has the freedom to do what he wants with his own time. He was pushed out of VH by Eddie because he played some shows with Sammy while Ed and Al were sitting on their asses, period. They didn’t even have the decency to let him know that they would tour with Roth but take Wolf on the road, he found out like the rest of us did.

          EVH is a hypocrite, making all kinds of loopholes and excuses for anyone with the last name to do whatever they want. I’m glad the fans got some “new” music from VH, but quit wishing for anything to do with VH including Mike. He has no reason to go back, no desire to go back, and for good reason. Mike is a class act, and to say he “belongs” in VH after the way he was treated is an insult to say he belongs in their company.

          Gene calls Ace and Peter a “Cancer”,

          1. That last line got cut off, I was starting to say that Gene calls Ace and Peter a “Cancer”, and EVH at one point replaced Mike’s face with Wolfie’s on the album art on the VH website, as if he didn’t even exist. I’m glad Sammy and Mike were the only ones who showed up at the HOF induction, they’re the only two with any class who care about the fans anyhow.

  23. The RS article was insightful and was cool to see Ace echoing what Eddie has been saying here. Peter is spot on. Paul is the real power in Kiss right now. Gene has become his parrot. If it were up to Gene I bet they’d play with Ace and Peter at the HOF. That was what he was saying on the day the induction was announced. Then pompous Paul shot it down pretty quick and Gene changed his tune. And Ace is spot on, as Eddie is. 3 songs by the originals on the night of the HOF would make anything that follows pale in comparison. And for Paul to question how Ace and Peter would look in their costumes is laughable. Gene looks like he ate the original Gene. Pete looks great. And just like what happened on the reunion tours, if Ace would play a guitar solo the crowd would go nuts at the HOF. As opposed to the grimacing they do now at how bad Paul’s voice sounds. Such a shame. “You wanted the best. You got it”. What a farce.

  24. I really enjoyed the RS article, but to me the saddest part was that the front page alludes to Kiss’ “40 years”, and yet Kulick, Vincent and Mark St. John’s names do not appear once in the entire article (they mention “several replacement guitarists” at one point only), and Eric Carr, who played a huge, huge role in Kiss, was mentioned once. It’s a tragedy how overlooked those guys are…

  25. With the Gene & Paul egos at an all time high, I have tried to remain a KISS fan for years. The truth is their music has had no bite to it for decades now. Even today after watching TMS with Peter on it I went back and played some of their stuff. For me the end of anything worthy that has come out of that band musically ended after “Creatures of the Night”. I remember listening to every release before then thinking “WOW” this is great. Since then it’s kind of surf through the music looking for something to grab me. It just hasn’t happened and it’s not going to. It makes you think about the members of KISS now and the actual input that goes into the music with them as a group. It WAS the original 4 that always created the best music from that band, since then there isn’t one album that’s had that fire to it. Eric Carr was a true Monster on the drums during his time in the band and at that time he was the only one fitted to replace Peter. Still that didn’t help create anything musically that had the guts to it that jumped at you like their early original 4 guys created. For me if they hung it up no big deal. I have had the pleasure of taking my kids to see them play and told them how great it was seeing them when I grew up. Just like everything, it’s run it’s course. I will never in my life be able to figure out how a band can have the love for playing music, make killer music when they started out. Then let egos take over creativity and now make music nobody cares about. As for substance abuse, is it really any different than one member thinking he’s truly a god ? As for the 2 remaining members of the KISS cover band, you got big because of the 4 of you all wanting the same thing. The additions you made after the other 2 were out came in after the fame was set. Since then what have you done ? As for the RRHOF, Madonna got there first Gene. That’s gotta burn your ass.

  26. Eddie- was just listening to Pat Benatar’s early 80’s stuff, and a lot of it really rocked. I know her husband Neil Giraldo is also the lead guitarist for her band. Was there ever an invite offered to her? I think a lot of TMS fans would love to know if she’s still rocking!!

    Thanks, and enjoy Largo. Take my word, go to OZ in Clearwater. Really fun time!!

  27. Eddie, congrats on perhaps your best season of TMS yet! Now, if you get a chance, please tell Peter that NOW is the time to release that long-awaited “Rock” record he has in the can, while the whole KISS Kontroversy is generating so much press and buzz on the web. Ace is smart for taking advantage of this moment by putting out his record in June, but he STILL hasn’t updated his official website or most of his social media, except Facebook. For a tech-savvy guy, that should not be happening. Peter at least has occasional posts on his site, although he should take control of the Facebook and Twitter pages out there with his name on them.

    1. Aaron, you’re a bit behind the curve, aren’t you? That ship sailed a long time ago. The RRHOF only is inducting the Original 4 of KISS. That’s it. Can’t be changed as of right now.

  28. I just wish the guys in KISS would just sit down and hash everything on the past that’s not right or just grow up and remember who put you on the map and made you super stars and millionaires! If it wasn’t for the KISS Army and other fans you would be nothing!!! I love you guys but remember who this is for the fans not you!!

    1. I like what Peter said about Bill Aucoin did when they were fighting. He would lock the guys in a room and wouldn’t let them out i until they solved it.

  29. Here’s my biggest problem with the way Gene and Paul are treating Ace and Peter over the RRHOF issue:
    Forget about the fact that Peter and Ace were founding members and at least half the reason KISS even exists. Looking past the obvious success of the 70s, it seems to me that Gene and Paul continually ignore the fact that they are both currently multi-millionaires and are able to wear the makeup and perform with stand-in replacements and open restaurants and buy into Football teams almost exclusively based on the hard work and success of Ace and Peter reuniting with KISS and putting the makeup back on in 1996. KISS as a band was dead and gone in the early 90s. The band was in their death throes putting on KISS Konventions for $100 a ticket in order to stay alive and pay some bills. In the early 90s, people just assumed that most of the members in KISS were dead and that the band had broken up in the 70s (the 80s non makeup era doesn’t even register with most people). It took Ace and Peter rejoining the band and putting the makeup back on and busting their asses to perform over 200 shows during the Reunion Tour in damn near every continent and country on the planet. Many cities in many countries were revisited two or three times just during the Reunion Tour. Gene and Paul made like 40 million dollars each for the Reunion Tour, and Ace and Peter: 2 million each. Then, there was the hard work of Ace and Peter during the short lived but still important Psycho Circus Tour. Then they went out for the Farewell Tour which was almost as big and almost as many shows as the Reunion Tour where once again, Ace and Peter showed up, did the work and busted their asses. Again, Gene and Paul made multi-millions and Ace and Peter: 2 million each. Paul and Gene were broke before the 1996-1997 Reunion Tour, so it goes to stand that every single thing that Gene and Paul have and enjoy right now in their lives in 2014 is almost 100% due to Ace and Peter rejoining this band in 1996. That’s not fiction…that’s reality. Paul and Gene constantly belittle and berate Ace and Peter for their supposed lack of talent and work ethic, but how can that be true when Ace and Peter showed up and performed over 400 shows from 1996 thru 2002? Also, Ace intelligently pointed out in the current and only KISS Rolling Stone interview, “Paul’s voice is shot”. He’s absolutely right. Over the last three or four tours, Paul’s voice has deteriorated to the point it sounds like he just shouting the lyrics….it doesn’t even resemble singing. And Gene’s voice has been shot since the 80s. It’s hardly justified for Paul at this point to criticize Ace and Peter’s talents and abilities, when he’s ripping off fans with his shitty singing during concerts, which cost damn near a mortgage payment on a house to attend. Paul and Gene overstayed their welcome and truly should have hung it up like they promised after the Farewell Tour with Ace and Peter. It is a complete crime for Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer to be wearing Catman and Spaceman makeup and costumes. Gene and Paul can take their “brand not a band” and shove it. You two idiots will never get another hard earned cent from me for a concert ticket.

    1. Sean, I have to respectfully disagree with you. Clearly Kiss achieved the height of their success from about 75-78, but to say that Paul Gene were broke before the reunion tour is ridiculous. Yes, the band was far from it’s heyday and needed a shot in the arm by around 95, but they were in better shape at that point then when Ace and Peter left the band the first time (the Unmasked-Elder era). You make it seem like if Ace and Peter had been in the band the whole time then Kiss would’ve ruled the music world the entire time, but every band, outside of maybe the Beatles, has gone through peaks and valleys and one of the lowest points was the end of the 70’s when the band still had the original lineup. Eric Carr and Vinnie Vincent, in particular gave Kiss the shot it needed early in the 80’s, and eventhough in hindsight that era is often overlooked, the sales figures show that the 80’s were a successful period for the band. They had 4 platinum records in the 80’s (vs 5 in the 70’s, not counting the solo records). As I said earlier, by 1995 the band was in need of a shot in the arm, but Paul and Gene were far from poor.

      I agree with the point that it’s a shame how Ace and Peter are being treated now by Paul and Gene, but let’s not get carried away here….Paul and Gene are still, by far, what made Kiss great.

      1. Actually let me rephrase my last sentence- Gene and Paul were the driving force behind Kiss’ success….not necessarily what made them great (since that comes down to one’s opinion).

      2. Valid points Chris, but inaccurate. They did have a good run in the 80’s and Lick It Up, Animalize, Asylum, and Crazy Nights all sold millions, but they were still not the household names of the 70’s and most of the general public just didn’t care about Kiss after 1979. Also, you’re wrong about the early 90’s. Kiss after Alive 3 was dead and gone and poverty ridden. Kiss sold off their publishing rights to their entire back catalog in 1989. They got police to raid a Kiss convention in 1994 to take back memorabilia that others legitimately owned claiming it was stolen, in an attempt to create their own Kiss Konventions which the band ran 1995 thru the beginning of 1996 and they charged $100.00 a ticket to fans to get in. In 1994/95, Kiss was “rock bottom” and once they did the Unplugged (which only happened due to the hard work and persistence of Alex Coletti and Danny Goldberg…through a lot of strong arming and calling in favors at MTV), it became clear to Gene and Paul that it was extremely necessary to reunite with Ace and Peter in full makeup and costumes to save themselves financially and revive the band. Again, Gene and Paul can tour now with imposters, buy arena football teams, buy resteraunt franchises, and enjoy all the benefits of being multi millionaires based on the huge success and notereity the band gained from the massively successful Reunion and Farewell Tours with Ace and Peter.

      3. Chris,
        Ok, I agree the 80’s was fairly successful for Kiss. But by 1994, Kiss had to sell the publishing on their entire back catalog and they had to resort to doing conventions. Kiss had a major cash crunch leading up to Unplugged. The Reunion Tour with Ace and Peter saved Gene and Paul’s asses. Gene owed over a million dollars to the IRS before the Reunion Tour. Kiss would be playing clubs right now with no makeup had it not been for the massive success of the Farewell and Reunion Tours with Ace and Peter. They would have never attempted to put the makeup back on initially without Ace and Peter. Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick would have never attempted wearing the makeup. Eric Singer is only now able to wear the makeup with Tommy Thayer in the band because Ace and Peter made the makeup popular again. Think about…you know I’m right.

    2. Well said. It’s something I have pointed out several times as well. And, to the people who parrot the line about how all of the Grateful Dead members were inducted, etc… the original Alice Cooper group was inducted, not all of the various bandmembers over the years – and Alice had the class to hook up with the surviving members, and Dick Wagner, who played on several of Coopers records after the original band broke up, to perform at the Induction. After that run, the current band came back, and all was well. That’s the better example to emulate.

  30. Totally agree.

    By the way, it is funny to see Mr Trunk all excited for going to the RRHF induction after all the crap he has talked over the years. Maybe the real reason for him going there is to try to kiss Gene´s ass for the tenth time.

    You can erase this post as well Dana… but it is the ugly truth!

    1. I know Eddie can take all the nasty stuff some of you throw out there, but I just don’t get it. He is always a class act with everyone, period. Famous; not famous; he is a nice man to everyone. Because of that fact more than even his knowledge of the metal world, many countless performers clearly have deeply held feelings for him and want to appear on TMS. The minute any of you who indulge in hatred can show us the long list of respected people who want to call you friend, or show all of us the band you’ve been making great music with for 20 or 30 years, we might have to pay you attention, but you can’t so just stop taking up our time.

    2. Yes, that’s quite hypocritical. For all these years, the HOF has been a “joke” and a “sham”. Then why are you going, Trunk? Way to take a stand for what you believe in.

  31. I find it Interesting that the people that Fall for Gene and Paul’s “Brand not Band” come on this site and complain about Eddie! If Eddie wasn’t a KISS fan he’d have said two or three words about KISS and went on to another Musical Act. Then the Gene and Paul worshipers would have No other place to talk about their Idols. If it’s a Brand then Why are Gene and Paul using make up from the 70’s and playing a song List with more 70’s songs on it. I saw them on the Hot in the Shade tour and they played less 70’s songs on that tour than they do now. Face it with out the make up on again they’d be playing to half the audience the are now.

    1. Trunk is a disingenuous hack who should be called out on his BS. Let’s be clear, he’s a fan of only certain line-ups of Kiss, and the current line up isnt one of them.

      1. Yes, we get it, you hate Eddie. The act is getting tiresome, old and boring.

        You are here everyday posting under different names and e-mails. Why don’t you find something more constructive to do with your time?

        You describe others on the site as losers, mock their grammar, say they live in their parent’s basement and do you honestly think you come off any better posting on the site of someone you obviously do not like? What a colossal waste of time, yet you claim that Eddie is a hypocrite? LOL!!!

        Go ahead and tell me to shut my pie hole again, you big brave man-LOL!

        Dana from EddieTrunk.com

        1. Dana….there are a few people that post here that are seriously jealous of Eddie. And this isn’t kissing ass either. I played college & pro football & have been through the same b.s. Eddie’s job/ TMS/website etc: is JUST AS IMPORTANT as music. The rock stars need people like Eddie & we need Eddie to interact with them & so forth. So let idiots act like idiots on here. I laugh when I read their garbage, remember….”you can’t teach stupid”…….P.S. I’m curious (probably won’t get a answer) but I’m curious after that little quake if Ace should really re-think about coming back to New York. I was living there in 1989 (member of the Chargers practice squad) and was planning on not coming back home but after that I will take snow, cold etc over A EARTHQUAKE any day because it us just a matter of a few years & that state will be in total chaos. Believe that—–Joe in The Cuse

  32. A few comments on last nights show. Why is the table now sitting on wooden crates? (Is it more metal?) Congrats on the sponsor, it shows that the show has a large and loyal following. Despite his sausage fingers, Yngwie can still tear it up, I’m not convinced he’s human. I love the older pictures of the guys with big hair. Eddie’s knowledge of rock trivia is frightening. Very good episode.

      1. Oh grow up already, I am getting really tired of your nonsense. You sound like an immature, jealous, whining brat.

        For everyone’s information, I trashed his latest response to me telling me to “shut my pie hole” (again) posted under another pseudonym. He only has about a thousand of them on this site alone (see just a FEW of them listed below).

        I have a great idea, Abner Devereaux/Circus Magazine/Better than you/Dude of Wrath/The Originals/Corey Haim’s ghost/Paul Lynde Halloween Special/Leon Sphinx/Kiss Comic Book/Mike Douglas Show/Crimson Harpoon/Bob Esssrin/Michael Benvenga/H R Puffinstuff/Stretch Armstrong/Gil Faisan/Land of the Lost/George St Geegland/DeweyWebber/@/?/!!!/$/Nutritarian/living in sin/WhatIsItAllAbout?/Kiss Pinball Machine/Bob Cue-lick/etc., if you don’t want to be censored, then please feel free to start your own hate blog where you can trash Eddie and all of his fans. I am sure you will get a ton of traffic. Now shoo fly.

        Dana from EddieTrunk.com

        PS-This exactly why I have asked people to e-mail me directly, so that we can keep the comments section free of all this girly drama.

        1. Well, this “Immature, jealous, whining brat” really knows how to push your buttons, doesn’t he? Throughout history, truth tellers have been censored and oppressed. The year 2014 is no different. For I will continue my quest until justice is done….. (insert patriotic emoticon here)

          1. So, now your Dana’s ex? Let’s add that one to the never ending list folks. LOL!!! Yep, you got me-LOL!!

            I just think your tone is obnoxious, and your utter lack of respect for others when you communicate, completely negates any valid point you are trying to make. You would have much more merit if you expressed yourself like a mature man rather than an angry prepubescent sourpuss who arrogantly thinks he is on some higher mission by devoting all his free time to picking on Eddie Trunk and then complaining about censorship on his site?! Why don’t you do some good in the world by fighting some real injustices like racism, sexism, abuse, poverty?

            This is the last time I will write this, since my computer cannot print symbols for you. Please take whatever further issues you have with me offline and e-mail me directly at DSR822@aol.com. The comments section should be devoted to discussions and questions about music and bands, not petty bickering.

            Dana from ET.com

  33. So sorry Dana. What a complete jerk he is. Don’t know what to call him because he’s such a total ass he doesn’t have the courage to stand by one name. We love you and Eddie…

    1. Thank you so much Beth,

      He also made a disparaging remark either to you, or one of the other ladies posting here. I took it where it belonged, to the trash.

      It’s a rather sad commentary when a person gets their jollies off of belittling others and just looking to create dissension, really says a lot about that individual.

      All my best,
      Dana 🙂

      1. No, you’re right. The disparaging remark I made was about her. I’m sure she probably brought it on herself by posting something not worth reading.

        1. Dana’s Ex?!
          Hilarious for you to even think she’d waste enough time to drive her high heel through your tongue! She already asked nicely for you to move it along.

          p.s. Everything you post is not worth reading!

  34. Eddie – thanks for another great season of TMS! Looking forward to the final episode. Yngwie kicked a$$ this week.
    Have you ever checked out Tyr? Do you think you could get them on the show or on the metal modem?!?

    1. Agreed! Yngwie was INCREDIBLE, especially his very last set. Excellent season TMS, one to hang your hats on for sure. Maybe next year, you’ll have a livin’, breathin’ EVH on the stage.
      Rock on TMS … shove it KISS!

  35. Let’s fast forward and pray.
    Gene Simmons made comments about retirement in a couple years.
    Ace made comments about “getting his identity back” from Kiss in a couple years.
    Paul said Kiss members are like 007 or Batman where it doesn’t matter who wears the suit over the years cause the characters live on.

    I’d like to see this fiction play out. Would all of this, if true, present a potential Kiss trainwreck?

  36. Hey Eddie thanks for another great season. The thing I like about the show is even though you may have some guests that I dont listen to you always make it an interesting show anyway. Anyway I have a ? for you. I heard that Ace and Peter sold the rights to their costumes is this true? If so when did they do this and do you know how much they got? Personally if they did I dont think they have the right to wear those costumes either. Thats like selling off a family heirloom in my opinion. Kind of reminds me of Jake. He`s one of my all-time favorite guitarists but I had to roll my eyes a bit when he complained on the show how he wants writing credits for bark at the moon. Dude you sold those rights away ! You cant sell the rights to something and expect to get them back. Buisness is buisness as we all know. Sure we all feel sorry for you guys for making bad or desperate buisness decisions but cmon.

  37. Speaking of being called out for BS…

    “Yes, that’s quite hypocritical. For all these years, the HOF has been a “joke” and a “sham”. Then why are you going, Trunk? Way to take a stand for what you believe in.”

    “Trunk is a disingenuous hack who should be called out on his BS. Let’s be clear, he’s a fan of only certain line-ups of Kiss, and the current line up isnt one of them.”

    So, Eddie is a hack, as you say, yet while he’s sharing company with music icons, as the personal guest of Peter Criss, where will you be?

  38. I tell you life is just way to short to be so vindictive and petty as are Jean and Paul. Yes, it will soon be over. Too bad for their decision. That night could have been magical and something to be remembered long into the future.. Really too bad.

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