That Metal Show season 13 is wrapped! We filmed two shows yesterday in NYC. The first will premiere this Saturday night and feature all three members of The Winery Dogs, Vinnie Paul, and Michael from Volbeat from Denmark via Skype. The season finale that premieres a week from Saturday will feature Joe Satriami and then some laughs with Artie Lange and Jim Breuer. This was a fun show and a hell of a way to wrap our 13th season and longest with 12 total new shows. Yngwie SHREDS on both shows as our guest player. What an honor to have him play for us, still a total beast as you will see. Yngwie is a huge TMS fan and we were grateful he flew up from FL to blow away the crowd. It was great doing our latest season back home in the NYC area. Loved doing a show a week format (only did two this week because I am away next week) and we had a huge variety of guests from Nugent, to Mick Mars, to Peter Criss, to Lamb Of God, to Mick Jones. SO many great artists in a wide variety of rock and metal, many appearing for the first time on TMS. No small feat when you consider we have now done over 110 shows! Want to thank all the guests and all the fans for the support and hope you enjoy these last two weeks of new episodes. Where and when we do more new ones 100% up to VH1 Classic. Hearing likely in the Fall. More news when I know. But enjoy these final two new ones coming of Season 13!


Never thought I’d see the day Kiss would be on the cover of RS. Cool classic photo too! Haven’t read the story yet but have heard all about the quotes from various members. I have said my part about how I feel countless times. No need to keep rehashing here. Enjoying seeing all of your comments posted on this site.The complete story is now online and linked in the news section here on this site. ALL are welcome as long as it is respectfully done. In a matter of a couple weeks this event will be over and likely quickly forgotten. Kiss will go on with what they are doing, Ace and Peter will do what they do. Us as fans will decide what we do and don’t want to support and what we do and don’t like. This has been a crazy process for sure, and it sucks we won’t get one last original performance for a song or two, but at least as fans we will know that one of the HOF’s MANY injustices will be corrected and Kiss will be in the Hall after 15 years of snubs!


Speaking of the HOF, I was interviewed by the NY Post yesterday about it. Apparently there are about 4000 tickets still available for sale. Apparently there are larger issues to deal with than just no Kiss performance. Remember this event is NOT just about Kiss. Several bands are being honored. I suspect since Kiss isn’t playing they may just do their induction early on, but not sure yet on the schedule. I do plan on being there as a guest of Ace and Peter so will let you know more when I do.


Headed to Tampa FL tomorrow. Will be in Largo Friday night hosting the Jake E Lee show, then hosting the MOR Cruise Saturday thru Wednesday next week. Look forward to seeing everyone and please keep an eye on my twitter and the appearances page on this sites home page for info and updates. More dates and cities to come in what will be a busy Spring / Summer on the road!

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  • Ken on

    Joe Satriami is one of my favomite guitam playems!

    • Steve D. on

      Can I get a satriami and provolone on rye? Little mustard please……LOL!

  • XTiN@ on

    Do we have to wait all the way ’til fall for another season? Why not during the summer instead?

    • BinkyD on

      Summer….??? I think its time Ed to revamp the music Scene to the way it was and should be again. You need to do a New Years Eve Show. NOT The Metal Show that I truly love but an official New Years Eve 3-4 hr show. True Rock Metal. All eyes would be on this show. I truly believe this would shake the US into a new older school Rock movement. I along with others wait for this movement that seems to never come. Your guests would line up to roll with this. Rock the music world like we saw in the early 80s. Eddie Trunk You are the Key. Truly try my friend. You are the only one who can pull this off. Our Only Hope.

  • Robert on

    I would love to be a fly on the wall if and/or when you run in to Gene and/or Paul at the ceremony, especially being a guest of Ace and Peter! Keep doing what you do. Love all the stuff!

  • Johnny on

    I did plan on going to see the induction. Once I caught wind that there would be no performance of the original 4, it was easy to decline the air fair and ticket cost.

  • Michael Swithers on

    Your comment about lack of ticket sales doesnt shock me one bit, and yes you are right there are other acts being inducted but lets be honest IF the original four were performing it would already have been sold out. Shame no matter how you look at it, for KISS and as well as the other artists going in.

    • Eddie on

      100% instant sell out if original band was playing even one song, no doubt

    • Dave 21YYZ12 on

      No doubt about it. Honestly, even if the original 4 had performed WITHOUT makeup it would have sold out. I actually thought this may have been a good way to appease all sides as they could have done one or two songs then invite Tommy, Eric, Ringo, or whoever else up on stage to join them for one or two more numbers. The makeup has really been a major stumbling block in the whole discussion IMHO. Eddie your thoughts?

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